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architecture Bartini A-57, a 1957 supersonic strategic bomber project A57 road (England), a road connecting Liverpool and Lincoln A57 motorway (France)
Jan 26th 2017

Interstate 57
Interstate-57Interstate 57 (I-57) is an Interstate Highway in Missouri and Illinois that parallels the old Illinois Central rail line for much of its route. It goes
May 12th 2017

List of highways numbered 57
Highway-57Highway 57 (defunct) Manitoba Highway-57Highway 57 Saskatchewan Highway-57Highway 57 I/57 Highway; Czech: Silnice I/57 Mexican Federal Highway-57Highway 57 Highway-57Highway 57 (Israel)
Nov 19th 2016

Martin B-57 Canberra
The Martin B-57 Canberra is an American-built, twinjet tactical bomber and reconnaissance aircraft that entered service with the United States Air Force
May 23rd 2017

AD 57
AD 57 (LVII) was a common year starting on Saturday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year
May 13th 2017

1956–57 Nationalliga A
Statistics of Swiss Super League in the 1956–57 season. It was contested by 14 teams, and BSC Young Boys won the championship. FC Zürich and FC Schaffhausen
Jan 24th 2017

Bundesautobahn 57
Bundesautobahn 57 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 57, short form AutobahnAutobahn 57, abbreviated as BAB 57 or A 57) is a German AutobahnAutobahn that begins
May 16th 2017

Channel 57
Channel 57 refers to several television stations: The following television stations operate on virtual channel 57 in Canada: CIMT-DT-7 in Les Escoumins
Oct 16th 2016

Wisconsin Highway 57
Wisconsin-Highway-57Wisconsin Highway 57 (often called Highway 57, STHSTH-57 or S-57">WIS 57) is a 191.82-mile-long (308.70 km) state highway in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. It runs
May 21st 2017

1956–57 Serie A
Palermo Spal Triestina Udinese This article is about the 1956-57 Serie A season. Source: Almanacco Illustrato del Calcio - La Storia 1898-2004
Mar 4th 2015

Indiana State Road 57
State-Road-57State Road 57 (SRSR 57) in the U.S. state of Indiana is a north–south, largely two-lane road in the southwestern portion of the state. SRSR 57 begins at
Jun 9th 2016

Focke-Wulf Fw 57
The Focke-Wulf Fw 57 was a prototype German fighter-bomber. It was built in 1936 but never saw production. In 1934, the Reich Air Ministry (RLM) declared
Apr 26th 2017

Ohio State Route 57
State-Route-57State Route 57 (SRSR-57SRSR 57) is a north–south state highway in northeast Ohio. SRSR 57 runs from U.S. Route 30 (US 30) in Riceland to US 6 in Lorain, a distance
Jun 6th 2016

Heinz 57
Heinz-57Heinz 57 is a shortened form of a historical advertising slogan "57 Varieties of Pickles" by the H. J. Heinz Company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
May 12th 2017

1956–57 Eredivisie
The 1956/57 season of the Eredivisie was the first in its history. It was the start of a single professional football competition in the Netherlands, represented
Nov 17th 2016

supervision of V.G. Grabin, began the development of a twin 57 mm S-68 automatic anti-aircraft gun based on the 57mm S-60 in the spring of 1947. The first S-68
Apr 24th 2017

Bugatti Type 57
57 and later variants (including the famous Atlantic and Atalante) was an entirely new design created by Jean Bugatti, son of founder Ettore. Type 57s
May 22nd 2017

SM UC-57
UC">SM UC-57 was a German-Type-UC-IIGerman Type UC II minelaying submarine or U-boat in the German-Imperial-NavyGerman Imperial Navy (German: Kaiserliche Marine) during World War I. The U-boat
Sep 4th 2016

Autovía A-57
The Autovia A-57 is a highway in western Spain to the south of Vigo. It connects the Autopista AP-9 and Autovia A-52 with Airport of Vigo.
Feb 27th 2013

Virginia State Route 57
State-Route-57State Route 57 (SR-57SR 57) is a primary state highway in the U.S. state of Virginia. The state highway runs 88.70 miles (142.75 km) from SR 8 near Woolwine
Nov 12th 2016

No. 57 Squadron RAF
No. 57 (Reserve) Squadron-RAFSquadron RAF is a Royal Air Force flying training squadron. 57 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps was formed from on 8 June 1916 at
Oct 18th 2016

Symphony No. 57 (Haydn)
The-Symphony-NoThe Symphony No. 57 in D major, Hoboken I/57, is a symphony by Joseph Haydn. The symphony was composed in 1774. It is scored for two oboes, two horns
Dec 19th 2016

British Rail Class 57
Class 57/3s. From the start of 2007 until 31 October 2009 Colas Rail hired Class 57/3 locos from Virgin Trains. Starting in August 2009, a Class 57/0 was
May 2nd 2017

1956–57 Mexican Primera División season
Statistics of Primera Division de Mexico in season 1956-57. Monterrey was promoted to Primera Division. The season was contested by 13 teams, and Guadalajara
Jun 16th 2016

7.92×57mm Mauser
92×57mm Mauser (designated as the 8mm Mauser or 8×57mm by the I-">SAAMI and 8 × 57 ISIS by the C.I.P.) is a rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridge. The 7.92×57mm
May 11th 2017

1956–57 Scottish Football League
League in season 1956–57. Main article: 1956–57 Scottish First Division Main article: 1956–57 Scottish-Second-Division--1956Scottish Second Division 1956–57 in Scottish football
Feb 6th 2016

1956–57 European Cup
The-1956The 1956–57 European Cup was the second season of the European Cup, Europe's premier club football tournament. The competition was won for the second time
Apr 19th 2017

U.S. Route 57
U.S. Highway 57 (US 57) is a 98.095-mile (157.869 km) north–south United States highway that follows a nearly east–west route in the southwestern part
Dec 22nd 2016

Arkansas Highway 57
Highway-57Highway 57 (AR 57, Ark. 57, and Hwy. 57) is a north–south state highway in Southwest Arkansas. The route of 39.38 miles (63.38 km) begins at US Highway 82
Nov 21st 2016

NASA X-57 Maxwell
NASA-X">The NASA X-57 Maxwell is an experimental aircraft being developed by NASA, intended to demonstrate technology to reduce fuel use, emissions, and noise
Feb 21st 2017

TI The TI-57 was a programmable calculator made by Texas Instruments between 1977 and 1982. There were three machines by this name made by TI, the first was
Nov 12th 2015

Georgia State Route 57
State Route 57 (SR 57) is a 178.5-mile-long (287.3 km) state highway that runs northwest-to-southeast through portions of Bibb, Jones, Twiggs, Wilkinson
Apr 26th 2017

1956–57 Tercera División
sports-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. The 1956–57 Tercera Division season was the 21st since its establishment.
Mar 6th 2015

New York State Route 57
New York State Route 57 (NY 57) was a north–south state highway in the central portion of New York in the United States. It extended for 33.45 miles (53
Mar 30th 2017

1956–57 Danish Cup
The 1956–57 Danish Cup was the 3rd installment of the Danish Cup, the highest football competition in Denmark. AGF v Esbjerg fB "Danish Cup Winners
Sep 12th 2016

Bofors 57 mm gun
working on developing a guided 57 mm round for its Mk 110 guns on the Littoral Combat Ship and other Navy and Coast Guard ships. Bofors-57Bofors 57 mm Mk 1 Bofors developed
Mar 2nd 2017

1956–57 La Liga
La Liga 1956-57 season was the 26th since its establishment. The season started on September 9, 1956, and finished on April 21, 1957. It was composed of
May 8th 2017

New Jersey Route 57
Route 57 is a state highway located in Warren County in the U.S. state of New Jersey. It runs 21.10 mi (33.96 km) from an interchange with U.S. Route 22
Nov 9th 2016

Massachusetts Route 57
Route 57 is an east–west Massachusetts state route that runs from Monterey to Agawam. The eastern 5.0 miles (8.1 km) in Agawam is a freeway that runs from
Feb 16th 2017

1956–57 Yugoslav First League
The 1956–57 Yugoslav First League season was the 11th season of the First Federal League (Serbo-Croatian: 'Prva savezna liga'), the top level association
Jan 3rd 2017

57 (number)
American Mathematical Society. As a semiprime, 57 is a Blum integer since its two prime factors are both Gaussian primes. 57 is a 20-gonal number. It is a
May 15th 2017

1956–57 Scottish Cup
The 1956–57 Scottish Cup was the 72nd staging of Scotland's most prestigious football knockout competition. The Cup was won by Falkirk who defeated Kilmarnock
Feb 4th 2016

Maryland Route 57
Maryland-Route-57Maryland Route 57 (MD 57) is a state highway in the U.S. state of Maryland. Known as St. Paul Road, the state highway runs 4.02 miles (6.47 km) from U
Feb 26th 2017

Texas State Highway 57
State Highway 57 (SH-57SH-57SH 57) is a 1.474-mile (2.372 km) Texas state highway located in Tyler. SH-57SH-57SH 57 begins at an intersection with SH 155 in southwestern
Feb 18th 2017

1956–57 DFB-Pokal
The 1956–57 DFB-Pokal was the 14th season of the annual German football cup competition. It began on 1 April 1957 and ended on 29 December 1957. 4 teams
Jan 7th 2017

1956–57 Eerste Divisie
The-1956The 1956-57 season was the first season in the history of the Eerste Divisie, the second tier of football in the Netherlands. The league had been divided
Sep 13th 2016

57th Wing
wing: 57th Operations Group (57 OG) 57th Adversary Tactics Group (57 ATG) (tail code: WA [the code for the 57th Wing]) Established in July 2005, the 57th
May 22nd 2017

1956–57 Segunda División
The 1956–57 Segunda Division season saw 40 teams participate in the second flight Spanish league. Sporting and Granada were promoted to Primera Division
Mar 6th 2015

1956–57 FA Cup qualifying rounds
The FA Cup 1956–57 is the 76th season of the world's oldest football knockout competition; The Football Association Challenge Cup, or FA Cup for short
Jul 20th 2016

1956–57 FA Cup
The 1956–57 FA-CupFA Cup was the 76th staging of the world's oldest football cup competition, the Football Association Challenge Cup, commonly known as the FA
Sep 13th 2016

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