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Sacred Harp
978-0-521-27457-9. Wallace, James B. (2007) "Stormy Banks and Sweet Rivers: A Sacred Harp Geography" Southern Spaces ISSN 1551-2754 See also the bibliographic
Apr 22nd 2017

considered sacred if used for spiritual purposes, such as the worship or service of gods. The property is often ascribed to objects (a "sacred artifact"
Mar 26th 2017

Sacred Heart
For other uses, see Sacred Heart (disambiguation). The devotion to the Sacred Heart (also known as the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sacratissimi Cordis
Apr 23rd 2017

Sacred grove
For particular sacred groves, and for other meanings, see Sacred grove (disambiguation). A sacred grove or sacred woods are any grove of trees that
Mar 30th 2017

List of Schools of the Sacred Heart
The-SchoolsThe Schools of The-Sacred-Heart-NetworkThe Sacred Heart Network is a network of private, Catholic schools throughout the world. The program revolves around five goals: Educate
Apr 16th 2017

Sacred cow
ritual bull-slaying of Mithraism Red heifer, a sacred sacrifice in Judaism Apis, the Egyptian sacred bull "Sacred-CowSacred Cow", the nickname of the first U.S. presidential
Feb 21st 2015

Sacred Heart University
Sagrado Corazon. Sacred Heart University is a private Roman Catholic university located in Fairfield, Connecticut, United States. Sacred Heart was founded
Mar 24th 2017

Society of the Sacred Heart
Society The Society of the Sacred Heart (Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) is an international Roman Catholic religious congregation for women established
Apr 2nd 2017

Sacred Heart Church
Sacred Heart Church or Sacred Heart Catholic Church or variations may refer to: Sacred Heart Church, Doboj Sacred Heart Cathedral of Guangzhou Sacred
Oct 23rd 2016

Sacred Heart Cathedral
See also: Sacred Heart church (disambiguation) Sacred Heart Cathedral may refer to: in Australia Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Apr 9th 2017

Sacred Mountains of China
The Sacred Mountains of China are divided into several groups. The Five Great Mountains (simplified Chinese: 五岳; traditional Chinese: 五嶽; pinyin: Wǔyue)
Feb 5th 2017

Nothing Sacred
Nothing Sacred or Nothing's Sacred or Nothing Is Sacred may refer to: Nothing Sacred (play), a 1988 Canadian play by George F. Walker later adapted as
Mar 25th 2016

Sacred architecture
Sacred architecture (also known as religious architecture) is a religious architectural practice concerned with the design and construction of places of
Apr 24th 2017

Sacred band
fiction: the Sacred Band of Stepsons is a mythical Sacred Band of ancient cavalry fighters that eventually unites with the survivors of the Sacred Band of
Apr 7th 2017

Sacred Microdistillery
Sacred Microdistillery is a microdistillery located in Highgate, London. It is unusual in that it distills its spirits by use of vacuum distillation, and
Nov 27th 2016

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Sacred-2Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is an action role-playing game. It is the second full game in the Sacred video game series. It is a prequel which takes place 2
Dec 29th 2016

Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart (Houston)
The-CoThe Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart is a place of worship located at 1111 St. Joseph Parkway in downtown Houston. The co-cathedral seats 1,820 people
Jan 19th 2017

Sacred–profane dichotomy
at the expense of non-Christian systems (2005). Any cosmology without a sacred/profane binary was rendered invisible by the field of Religious Studies
Feb 15th 2017

Sacred Valley
valley. For the valley in central Italy, see Rieti Valley. The Sacred Valley of the Incas (Spanish: Valle Sagrado de los Incas; Quechua: Willka
Mar 20th 2017

Sacred dance
Sacred-Dances">For Sacred Dances by Gurdjieff, see Gurdjieff movements. Sacred dance encompasses all movement that expresses or enhances spiritual experiences. It
Sep 13th 2016

Sacred (video game)
Sacred is an action role-playing game for Microsoft Windows and Linux released in 2004. It takes place on the magical continent of Ancaria, with characters
Feb 7th 2017

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
Missionaries">The Missionaries of the SacreSacred-HeartSacreSacred Heart of Jesus (MissionnairesMissionnaires du SacreSacre-CoeurCoeur) (M.S.C.) are a missionary congregation in the Catholic Church. It was founded
Apr 19th 2017

Duke Ellington's Sacred Concerts
Duke Ellington wrote three Sacred Concerts: 1965 - A Concert of Sacred Music 1968 - Second Sacred Concert 1973 - Third Sacred Concert Ellington called these
Jan 26th 2017

African sacred ibis
Play media The African sacred ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus) is a species of ibis. Its sister species is the Australian white ibis. An adult individual
Apr 14th 2017

Sacred Heart Major Seminary
Sacred Heart Major Seminary is a Catholic institution of higher learning associated with the Archdiocese of Detroit. It is located at 2701 West Chicago
Nov 25th 2016

Sacred Cod
Not to be confused with Sacred Cow. The Sacred Cod is a four-foot eleven-inch carved-wood effigy of an Atlantic codfish, "painted to the life", hanging
Feb 12th 2017

Sacred Ground
Sacred-GroundSacred Ground may refer to: Sacred ground (religion), an area considered sacred or holy Sacred-GroundSacred Ground (David Murray album), or the title song, 2007 Sacred
Oct 28th 2014

Sacred Heart school
Sacred Heart school may refer to any of numerous educational institutions, including: Sacred Heart University, Puerto Rico Sacred Heart University,
Apr 7th 2017

Sacred kingfisher
The sacred kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus) is a medium-sized woodland kingfisher that occurs in mangroves, woodlands, forests, and river valleys in Australia
Mar 5th 2017

Internet Sacred Text Archive
The Internet Sacred Text Archive (ISTA) is a Santa Cruz, California based website dedicated to the preservation of electronic public domain texts, specifically
Feb 18th 2017

Licentiate of Sacred Theology
used in Commonwealth nations, see LicentiateLicentiate of TheologyTheology. LicentiateLicentiate of Sacred TheologyTheology (S.T.L.) is the second cycle of studies of a Faculty of TheologyTheology
Jan 14th 2017

Australian Aboriginal sacred sites
Aboriginal sacred sites are areas or places in the Australian landscape of significant Aboriginal Australian meaning within the context of the localised
Feb 3rd 2017

Sacred geometry
of Prehistory. Pantheon Books New York 1983 ISBN 0-394-51812-8 Mann, A. T. Sacred Architecture, Element Books, 1993, ISBN 1-84333-355-4. Michell,John.
Apr 24th 2017

Sacred space
Sacred space may refer to: Sacred architecture or religious architecture; also hierotopy, the creation of sacred spaces Sacred space in Ganachakra or various
Jul 28th 2013

Sacred Band of Thebes
For other uses, see Sacred band. The Sacred Band of Thebes (Ancient Greek: Ἱερὸς Λόχος, Hieros Lokhos) was a troop of select soldiers, consisting of 150
Apr 17th 2017

Sacred Heart, Oklahoma
Sacred Heart is a small unincorporated community in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, United States. Established in 1879 by Father Isidore Robot as a Catholic
Mar 5th 2017

Sacred Heart College (Adelaide)
in Somerton Park. For the all-boys middle school, see Sacred Heart College Middle School. Sacred Heart College is an Australian Catholic school teaching
Apr 22nd 2017

Sacred Oak
The Sacred Oak is a more-than-500-year-old Chinkapin Oak located in the Oley Valley, Pennsylvania. It sits in a grove of trees just off Friedensburg Road
Aug 7th 2016

Sacred Heart Pioneers
The Sacred Heart Pioneers are the 32 sports teams (14 men, 18 women) representing Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut in intercollegiate
Feb 27th 2017

Sacred Evil – A True Story
Sacred Evil is an Indian supernatural/surreal film directed by Abhigyan Jha and Abhiyan Rajhans. It was released in 2006. Sacred Evil is about duality
Dec 29th 2016

Sacred Heart College Middle School
Sacred Heart College Middle School is an all-boys school founded in 1967 in Mitchell Park, Adelaide, South Australia that serves boys in Years 6 to 9.
Sep 23rd 2015

Scapular of the Sacred Heart
The Scapular of the Sacred Heart is a Roman Catholic devotional scapular bearing an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the front panel, and an image
Oct 25th 2016

The Sacred Flame
The Sacred Flame may refer to: The Sacred Flame (play), 1928 play The Sacred Flame (1929 film), an American film The Sacred Flame (1931 film), a German-language
Aug 23rd 2016

Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Not to be confused with Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and of the Perpetual Adoration
Dec 18th 2016

Sacred mountains
during times of political shift. This connection with the mountain as a sacred space is paramount. There would be no other place that would be sufficient
Jan 1st 2017

Convent of the Sacred Heart (Connecticut)
experience at Sacred Heart, Greenwich and allows students to experience, firsthand, the breadth of a Sacred Heart education. The Society of the Sacred Heart operates
Jan 29th 2017

Sacred Heart Cathedral (Davenport, Iowa)
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Davenport, Iowa, United States, is a Catholic cathedral and a parish church in the Diocese of Davenport. The cathedral is located
Apr 19th 2017

Basilica of the Sacred Heart
See also: Sacred Heart Cathedral (disambiguation) and Sacred Heart church (disambiguation) Basilica of the Sacred Heart may refer to one of several basilicas:
Sep 27th 2016

Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart (Nebraska)
Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart, located at 3601 Burt Street in the Midtown area of Omaha, Nebraska is a Catholic, college-preparatory high school
Dec 19th 2016

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Wellington
light and the candle-lit procession before the Easter Vigil Mass. For a period Sacred Heart looked even more palladian when it had twin bell towers topped
Apr 18th 2017

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