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Amateur Athletic Association (basketball)
basketball league that was created in 1897. It hosts the annual AAU National Tournament. All players participating have to be amateurs. During the 1960s
Oct 8th 2016

Amateur Athletic Union
The Amateur Athletic Union (AUAU) is an amateur sports organization based in the United States. A multi-sport organization, the AUAU is dedicated exclusively
May 22nd 2017

United States national amateur boxing championships
For the golf championship, see United-States-Amateur-ChampionshipUnited States Amateur Championship (men's golf). United-States-National-Boxing-Championships">The United States National Boxing Championships bestow the title of United
Jan 1st 2016

AAU Men's Basketball All-Americans
The Amateur Athletic Union Men's Basketball All-Americans were players who competed in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) between 1920–21 and 1967–68 and
Feb 26th 2017

List of AAU men's basketball champions
The Athletic Amateur Union Tournament (AAU) is the annual championship series for the AAU teams. It started in 1897 and has continued until present. Most
Apr 16th 2017

Phillips 66ers
1940s, and 1950s. The team won 11 national championships at the AAU-National-TournamentAAU National Tournament between 1940 and 1963, including six consecutive AAU tournament
May 14th 2017

List of United States national amateur boxing super heavyweight champions
Below is a list of National Amateur Boxing Super Heavyweight (AAU) Champions, also known as United States Amateur Champions, along with the state or region
Apr 29th 2017

AAU men's basketball records
This article lists all-time records achieved in the AAU tourney and the local leagues in a few statistical categories. The tournaments organized by the
Mar 13th 2017

Buchan Bakers
The Buchan Bakers was an amateur basketball team located in Seattle, Washington and competed in the National Industrial Basketball League. The Bakers were
Oct 2nd 2016

Joan Crawford (basketball)
later, after helping Clarendon advance to the quarterfinals of the AAU national tournament in 1957. Her performance earned her AAU All-America honors. Crawford
Nov 1st 2015

Akron Wingfoots
its previous glory, it has again started playing in the historic AAU National Tournament. They have since become one of the most famous and successful
May 16th 2017

Namibia national inline hockey team
The-Namibia The Namibia national inline hockey team is the national men's inline hockey team of Namibia. The sport of inline hockey was introduced to Namibia in 1995
Jan 12th 2017

Gerald Tucker
Gerald Tucker (March 14, 1922 – May 29, 1979) was the head coach on the 1956 USA Men's Basketball Gold Medal Olympic Team. He was the coach of Bartlesville
Aug 7th 2016

Omar Browning
Omar "Bud" Browning (October 5, 1911 – September 11, 1978) was an American basketball coach. In 1948, he became the United States' second Olympic men's
Apr 14th 2016

Ross McBurney
McBurney Ross Clayton McBurney (July 29, 1906 – July 4, 1988) was an American basketball player. A 6'5" center, McBurney attended Wichita East High School, where
Dec 6th 2016

Hazel Walker
Hazel Leona Walker (August 8, 1914 – December 18, 1990) was an amateur basketball player in the 1930s and 1940s. She is recognized as one of the greatest
Sep 19th 2016

Jimmy McNatt
National Basketball Association. Though runners up in the 1942 AAU National Tournament with a team featuring McNatt and former Stanford star Hank Luisetti
Apr 15th 2017

Jerry Mullen
Jerry Mullen (November 23, 1933 – September, 1979) was an American basketball player. He was an All-American at the University of San Francisco and a second
Apr 17th 2016

Katherine Washington
Katherine Washington is a former American women's basketball player who played on the first two U.S. women's national teams, earning world championships
Sep 23rd 2016

Red Murrell (basketball)
Phillip "Red" Murrell (born February 23, 1933) is an American former basketball player, best known for his college career at Drake University. A 6'4" forward
Jul 22nd 2016

Golden Cyclones
The Golden Cyclones were a 1930s group of women athletes who played Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) softball, basketball and track-and-field. Based in Dallas
Apr 27th 2017

Fred Pralle
Fred J. Pralle (April 10, 1916 – November 6, 1998) was an American college basketball standout at the University of Kansas from 1935–36 to 1937–38. In
Apr 5th 2017

Bob Doll
Robert W. "Bob" Doll (August 10, 1919 – September 18, 1959) was an American professional basketball player who played in the early days of professional
Nov 15th 2016

Ice hockey at the 1948 Winter Olympics
The men's ice hockey tournament at the 1948 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland, was the 6th Olympic Championship, also serving as the 15th World
May 5th 2017

USA Wrestling
USA Wrestling (formerly known as the United States Wrestling Federation and as the United States Wrestling Association) is the organization that currently
May 21st 2017

Nera White
2016) was an American basketball player. White played in the AAU national tournaments for the Nashville Business College team while completing her education
Mar 2nd 2017

Caterpillar Diesels
McCabe Marcus Freiberger Warren Womble Al Kelley Howie Crittenden AAU National Tournament: 5 (1952, 1953, 1954, 1958, 1960) National Industrial Basketball
Jan 25th 2017

1898 in basketball
The following are the basketball events of the year 1898 throughout the world. April 23 – The 23rd Street YMCA of New York City wins the first national
Jun 9th 2014

Mythical national championship
A mythical national championship (sometimes abbreviated MNC) is national championship recognition that is not explicitly competitive. This phrase has often
Mar 2nd 2017

Forrest DeBernardi
Forrest S. "Red" DeBernardi (February 3, 1899 – April 29, 1970) was an American college basketball player in the 1920s. Standing 6 ft. 1 inches tall, DeBernardi
Dec 18th 2016

Junior roller derby
Junior roller derby is the sport of roller derby, modified for children and adolescents. The first junior league, The Tucson Derby Brats, was established
Apr 29th 2017

Tusten Ackerman
Tusten">Arthur Tusten "Tus" Ackerman (October 7, 1901 – May 17, 1997) was an American basketball player in the early days of college and semi-professional basketball
Apr 5th 2017

John Stanich
John Stanich (born January 18, 1925) is a retired American basketball player. He was an All-American college player at UCLA and represented the United
Aug 11th 2016

USA Track & Field
USA Track & Field (USATF) is the United States national governing body for the sports of track and field, cross country running, road running and racewalking
May 16th 2017

Amateur baseball in the United States
Amateur baseball is a form of baseball in which the players either are not paid for playing, or (as in Town Team Baseball) receive only a modest stipend
May 22nd 2017

USA National Karate-do Federation
USA National Karate-do Federation is the national governing body (NGB) of karate for the United States Olympic Committee and as such is the official Member
Nov 7th 2016

Lloyd Sharrar
Lloyd Sharrar (February 27, 1936 – January 30, 1984) was an American basketball player who was a college All-American at West Virginia University (WVU)
Feb 10th 2017

Jersey Shore Wildcats
The Jersey Shore Wildcats are a Tier III Junior "A" ice hockey team from Wall Township, New Jersey. They are a member of the North American 3 Hockey League
Apr 21st 2017

Georges Niang
Georges Niang (born June 17, 1993) is a professional basketball player for the Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was an All-American
Apr 23rd 2017

1960 United States men's Olympic basketball team
The-1960The 1960 United States men's Olympic basketball team competed in the Games of the XVII Olympiad, representing the United States of America. The team, coached
Mar 9th 2017

The Apprentice Builders
The-Apprentice-BuildersThe Apprentice Builders are the athletic teams of the SchoolNewport News Apprentice School, located in Newport News, in the U.S. state of Virginia. The school
Nov 30th 2016

Taekwondo at the Summer Olympics
Taekwondo at the Summer Olympics made its first appearance as a demonstration sport at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. The opening ceremony
Apr 3rd 2017

Dutch Lonborg
Arthur C. "Dutch" Lonborg (March 16, 1898 – January 31, 1985) was an American football, basketball, and baseball player, coach, and college athletics administrator
Feb 21st 2017

Sue Gunter
Sue Gunter (May 22, 1939 – August 4, 2005) was an American women's college basketball coach. She is best known as the head coach of the Louisiana State
Nov 29th 2016

United Hockey Union
The United Hockey Union (UHU), founded in 2012, is a group of ice hockey leagues in North America. The UHU is overseen and insured by the Amateur Athletic
May 18th 2017

Denver Nuggets (1948–50)
basketball court, capacity 6,841), playing there from 1967 to 1975. AAU National Tournament: 3 (1937, 1939, 1942) Runners-up: 6 (1938, 1940, 1943, 1944, 1945
Apr 8th 2017

Michael Dokes
Michael Marshall Doakes (August 10, 1958 – August 11, 2012), best known as Michael Dokes, was an American professional boxer who competed from 1976 to
Apr 30th 2017

Junior Olympics
Olympics Junior Olympics and Jr. Olympics can refer to any one of many different sporting events and organizations around the world dedicated to youth sporting
Aug 9th 2016

Buffalo Germans
only ten teams to be elected as a whole. In 1904 the team won the AAU national tournament, which served as a demonstration sport at the St. Louis Olympics
Nov 10th 2016

Henry Wittenberg
Henry-WittenbergHenry Wittenberg (September 18, 1918 – March 9, 2010) was an outstanding American wrestler and Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling. He won two Olympic
Feb 24th 2017

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