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AFL may refer to: Arena Football League, an American indoor football league Australian-Football-LeagueAustralian Football League, the top-level Australian rules football league
Apr 21st 2017

AFL (video game series)
AFL The AFL video game series is a series of Australian rules football video games based on the AFL. Released originally by Beam Software, it has since been
Mar 28th 2017

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFLCIO) is a national trade union center and the largest federation of unions
Apr 4th 2017

AFL Women's
AFL Women's (AFLW) is the national professional Australian rules football league for female players. The first season of the league began in February
Apr 4th 2017

2007 AFL season
with the 2007 AFL Grand Final on 29 September 2007, with Geelong defeating Port Adelaide by 119 points, the highest winning-margin in an AFL Grand Final
Mar 23rd 2017

2008 AFL season
2008 AFL-Finals-Series-The-2008AFL Finals Series The 2008 Finals Series was conducted according to the conventions of the AFL's-AmendedAFL's Amended "Final Eight" system that the AFL instituted
Apr 2nd 2017

AFL–NFL merger
The AFLNFL merger was the merger of the two major professional American football leagues in the United States at the time: the National Football League
Feb 20th 2017

League in the 1960s, see NFL on NBC. AFL The AFL on NBC is the branding used for broadcasts of Arena Football League (AFL) games produced by NBC Sports, the sports
Dec 2nd 2016

Tasmanian AFL bid
AFL A Tasmanian AFL team is a proposed team that would join the Australian Football League (AFL). The proposal has the support of the AFL. Main article:
Apr 10th 2017

2009 AFL season
season of the VFL/AFL competition. The season consisted of 22 home and away rounds and four rounds of finals, culminating in the 2009 AFL Grand Final which
Apr 13th 2017

AFL Rising Star
The-NAB-AFL-Rising-StarThe NAB AFL Rising Star award is given annually to a standout young player in the Australian Football League (AFL). The first award was made in 1993.
Jan 10th 2017

AFL Players Association
National Football League Players Association. The AFL Players Association (AFLPA, also referred to as simply AFL Players) is the representative body for all
Apr 15th 2017

AFL (Wii)
AFL (usually referred to as AFL Wii) is an AFL sports game for Wii. It was developed by Wicked Witch Software. It was released on 19 May 2011. Commentating
Dec 29th 2016

The Footy Show (AFL)
affiliates. The show, which is dedicated to the Australian-Football-LeagueAustralian Football League (AFL) and Australian rules football, made its debut on 24 March 1994. It is currently
Apr 14th 2017

2006 AFL draft
The 2006 AFL draft is a recent national draft of the Australian-Football-LeagueAustralian Football League. The AFL draft is the annual draft of talented players by Australian rules
Jan 9th 2017

List of VFL/AFL records
since its inception as the Victorian Football League in 1897. Source: AFL Tables. Last updated: 18 March 2017 All these scores were from the first
Apr 17th 2017

2008 AFL draft
The 2008 AFL draft consisted of four opportunities for player acquisitions during the 2008/09 Australian Football League off-season. These were trade
Jan 10th 2017

Oregon AFL–CIO
Oregon-AFL">The Oregon AFL-CIO is a federation of labor unions in the state of Oregon. It is one of 51 state-level federations which coordinates work among affiliated
Jun 10th 2016

2012 AFL draft
The 2012 AFL draft consisted of five opportunities for player acquisitions during the 2012/13 Australian Football League off-season. These were: 2012
Apr 13th 2017

2016 AFL draft
The 2016 AFL draft consisted of the various periods where the 18 clubs in the Australian Football League (AFL) could trade and recruit players following
Apr 23rd 2017

AFL Grand Final
The AFL Grand Final is an annual Australian rules football match, traditionally held on the final Saturday in September or the first Saturday in October
Mar 29th 2017

2006 AFL season
AFL Finals Series Main article: 2006 AFL Grand Final The Brownlow Medal was awarded 25 September 2006 to Adam Goodes from Sydney, for the AFL's
Apr 14th 2017

AFL Queensland
Other regional leagues include: AFL Cairns AFL Capricornia AFL Darling Downs AFL Mackay AFL Mount Isa AFL Townsville AFL Wide Bay All Regions include their
Sep 30th 2016

2009 AFL draft
The 2009 AFL draft consisted of four opportunities for player acquisitions during the 2009/10 Australian Football League off-season. These were the trade
Apr 12th 2017

Metal Trades Department, AFL–CIO
Department of the AFL-CIO is a trade department of the AFL-CIO. It was founded June 15, 1908, and has a membership of 5 million in 14 AFL-CIO unions. Metal
Nov 2nd 2016

The-Maine-AFL The Maine AFLCIO is a federation of AFL-CIO-affiliated labor unions in the state of Maine. The federation lobbies the state legislature and executive
Apr 11th 2017

2006 AFL finals series
eight ladder positions in the 2006 AFL season. It began on the weekend of 8 September 2006 and ended with the 110th AFL Grand Final at the Melbourne Cricket
Oct 31st 2016

Rhode Island AFL–CIO
AFL The Rhode Island AFLCIO is the statewide affiliate of the AFL-CIO in Rhode Island. Its members include about 250 state and local affiliates of other
Apr 10th 2017

AFL Challenge
AFL-ChallengeAFL Challenge is a sports game for the PlayStation Portable, based on the AFL. The game was developed by Australian games developer Wicked Witch Software
Dec 29th 2016

List of AFL debuts in 2006
statistics". AFL Tables. Retrieved 20 September 2009.  "Bernie Vince statistics". AFL Tables. Retrieved 20 September 2009.  "Ivan Maric statistics". AFL Tables
Nov 25th 2016

2004 AFL draft
The 2004 AFL draft, concerning player acquisitions in the 2004/05 Australian Football League off-season, consisted of a trade period, a national draft
Nov 18th 2016

AFL–CIO Employees Federal Credit Union
The-AFLThe AFL–CIO-Employees-Federal-Credit-UnionCIO Employees Federal Credit Union is a multiple common bond, federally chartered credit union headquartered in Washington, D.C. The credit union
Feb 21st 2016

AFL Under 18 Championships
For the most recent tournament, see 2016 AFL Under 18 Championships. The NAB AFL Under 18 Championships are the annual national Australian rules football
Apr 23rd 2017

Maritime Trades Department, AFL–CIO
The Maritime Trades Department, AFLCIO (MTD) is one of seven constitutionally-mandated departments of the AFL-CIO. Formed on August 19, 1946 by the American
Nov 2nd 2016

AFL Premiership 2005
AFL-Premiership-2005AFL Premiership 2005 is a simulation game for PlayStation 2 based on the AFL. It is the ninth game in the AFL video game series. The game includes,
Mar 15th 2017

Australian Football League
Football League (AFL) is the pre-eminent professional competition in the sport of Australian rules football. Through the AFL Commission, the AFL also serves
Apr 20th 2017

2014 AFL season
Etihad Stadium in Melbourne. The season concluded on 27 September with the AFL Grand Final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, with Hawthorn successfully defending
Mar 23rd 2017

2000 AFL draft
The 2000 AFL draft was the annual draft of talented Australian rules football players by teams that participate in the Australian Football League. It
Apr 19th 2017

AFL Premiership 2006
AFL-Premiership-2006AFL Premiership 2006 is a simulation game only for the PlayStation 2 based on the AFL. The game was developed by Australian games developer IR Gurus and
Mar 15th 2017

Florida AFL–CIO
Florida-AFLFlorida AFLCIO is a statewide federation of labor unions in the state of Florida affiliated with the AFL-CIO. The federation's membership consists of
Apr 7th 2017

2014 AFL draft
The 2014 AFL draft consists of the various periods where the 18 clubs in the Australian Football League (AFL) can trade and recruit players following
Apr 8th 2017

2007 AFL draft
were allowed to trade picks without the trade involving a player. The 2007 AFL season is notable for the unusually large number of players who retired,
Nov 10th 2016

Massachusetts AFL–CIO
Massachusetts-AFLMassachusetts AFLCIO is the Massachusetts state affiliate of the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). It was founded
Apr 8th 2017

2017 AFL season
Arena Football League season. For the 2017 season of the AFL Women's competition, see 2017 AFL Women's season. The 2017 Australian Football League season
Apr 23rd 2017

AFL pre-season draft
conducted after the national AFL draft and before the start of the next AFL season. It is conducted at the same time as the AFL rookie draft. The pre-season
Dec 20th 2016

2005 AFL draft
The 2005 AFL draft was the 2005 instance of the AFL draft, the annual draft of talented players by Australian rules football teams that participate in
Jul 18th 2016

Pennsylvania AFL–CIO
Pennsylvania-AFLPennsylvania AFL-CIO is a federation of labor unions in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania in the United States. It is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO. It was
Apr 7th 2017

2010 AFL Grand Final
The 2010 AFL Grand Final is a series of two Australian rules football contests between the Collingwood Football Club and the St Kilda Football Club. Together
Mar 30th 2017

2007 AFL Grand Final
The 2007 AFL Grand Final was an Australian rules football game contested between the Geelong Football Club and the Port Adelaide Football Club, held at
Feb 13th 2017

West Virginia AFL–CIO
AFLWest Virginia AFLCIO is the West Virginia state affiliate of the AFL-CIO. The West Virginia Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, was created in 1957. It has about
Nov 30th 2015

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