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Action may refer to: Action (narrative), a literary mode Action fiction, a type of genre fiction Action game, a genre of video game Action (Canadian
Apr 18th 2017

ACTION is a bus service operator in Canberra, Australia. On 19 July 1926, the Federal Capital Commission commenced operating
Apr 18th 2017

Action (firearms)
called the lock. Actions can be categorized in several ways, including single action versus double action, break action versus bolt action, and others. The
May 15th 2017

Action film
Action film is a film genre in which the protagonist or protagonists end up in a series of challenges that typically include violence, extended fighting
May 26th 2017

Class action
A class action, class suit, or representative action is a type of lawsuit where one of the parties is a group of people who are represented collectively
May 3rd 2017

Pump action
A pump-action or slide-action firearm is one in which a forend can be moved forward and backward in order to eject a spent round of ammunition and to chamber
Apr 24th 2017

Bolt action
Bolt action is a type of firearm action in which the weapon's bolt is operated manually by the opening and closing of the breech (barrel) with a small
May 15th 2017

Lever action
Lever action is a type of firearm action which uses a lever located around the trigger guard area (often including the trigger guard itself) to load fresh
May 24th 2017

Live action
"Live-ActionLive-ActionLive Action" redirects here. For other uses, see Live-ActionLive-ActionLive Action (disambiguation). For live action in role-playing games, see Live action role-playing game
Apr 14th 2017

Affirmative action
Affirmative action (known as reservation in India and Nepal and positive discrimination in the UK; also known in a narrower context as employment equity
May 24th 2017

Action-adventure game
The action-adventure video game genre includes video games that combine core elements from the action and adventure genres. With the decline of the adventure
May 15th 2017

Action fiction
Main article: Genre fiction Action fiction is the literary genre that includes spy novels, adventure stories, tales of terror and intrigue ("cloak and
Apr 1st 2017

Direct action
Direct action occurs when a group takes an action which is intended to reveal an existing problem, highlight an alternative, or demonstrate a possible
Mar 20th 2017

Action figure
An action figure is a poseable character figurine, made of plastic or other materials, and often based upon characters from a film, comic book, video game
May 17th 2017

Action Replay
For the Indian film, see Action Replayy. For the EP Howard Jones EP, see Action Replay (EP). Action Replay is the brand name of a cheating
May 6th 2017

Action research
Action research is either research initiated to solve an immediate problem or a reflective process of progressive problem solving led by individuals working
May 24th 2017

Action hero
focused on female action heroes, see list of female action heroes. The archetypal action hero or heroine is the protagonist of an action film or other
May 4th 2017

Action game
The action game is a video game genre that emphasizes physical challenges, including hand–eye coordination and reaction-time. The genre includes diverse
Mar 30th 2017

Action role-playing game
Action role-playing video games (abbreviated action RPG or ARPG) is a loosely-defined subgenre of role-playing video games which emphasize real-time combat
May 25th 2017

Action (physics)
In physics, action is an attribute of the dynamics of a physical system from which the equations of motion of the system can be derived. It is a mathematical
May 24th 2017

Group action
In mathematics, an action of a group is a way of interpreting the elements of the group as "acting" on some space in a way that preserves the structure
May 13th 2017

Mechanism of action
action (

Action Française
Action francaise (French pronunciation: ​[aksjɔ̃ fʁɑ̃sɛz], AF; English: French Action) is a French far right political movement. The name was also given
May 7th 2017

Lists of action films
is chronological list of action films split by decade. Often there may be considerable overlap particularly between action and other genres (including
May 20th 2017

Action Man
Action-ManAction Man is an action figure launched in Britain in 1966 by Palitoy as a licensed copy of Hasbro's American "movable fighting man": G.I. Joe. Action
May 24th 2017

Action theory (philosophy)
Theory of Action is an area in philosophy concerned with theories about the processes causing willful human bodily movements of a more or less complex
Mar 3rd 2017

Action Center
Action Center is a notification center included with Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. It was first introduced with Windows Phone 8
Dec 3rd 2016

!Action Pact!
"Action Pact" redirects here. For the album by Sloan, see Action Pact (album). !Action Pact! were a punk rock band, formed in 1981 as the Bad Samaritans
Mar 6th 2017

Break action
Break action is a type of firearm action in which the barrel or barrels are hinged much like a door and rotate perpendicularly to the bore axis to expose
Mar 3rd 2017

Captain Action
Captain-ActionCaptain Action was an action figure created in 1966, equipped with a wardrobe of costumes allowing him to become Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain
Mar 2nd 2017

Action (philosophy)
In philosophy, an action is something which is done by an agent. In common speech, the term action is often used interchangeably with the term behavior
May 23rd 2017

Last Action Hero
Last Action Hero is a 1993 American comic fantasy action film directed and produced by John McTiernan. It is a satire of the action genre and associated
May 24th 2017

Action Force
Action Force was a brand of European action figures initially based on Action Man in the 1980s. It was also used to introduce G.I. Joe: A Real American
May 1st 2017

Action & Action
Action & Action is the second single from The-Get-Up-Kids'The Get Up Kids' album Something to Write Home About. The single was only released in Europe, and is the first
Jan 7th 2017

Killed in action
Killed in action (KIA) is a casualty classification generally used by militaries to describe the deaths of their own combatants at the hands of hostile
May 5th 2017

Action painting
Action painting, sometimes called "gestural abstraction", is a style of painting in which paint is spontaneously dribbled, splashed or smeared onto the
May 24th 2017

Wounded in action
article is about combatant's state. For other uses, see WIA. Wounded in action (WIA) describes combatants who have been wounded while fighting in a combat
Apr 25th 2017

SAS (Action Force)
by Palitoy as part of their Action Force range of 3 3/4 inch action figures and vehicles; similar to the G.I. Joe action figures and featured in a comic
Aug 25th 2016

Action League Now!
Action League Now! (also known as Action League Now!: The Series when spun-off into its own television series) is an American stop motion animated children's
May 22nd 2017

Z Force (Action Force)
This article is about the fictional military unit in the Action Force universe. For other uses, see Z Force (disambiguation). Z Force is a fictional infantry
Mar 21st 2017

Action Man (1993–2006 toyline)
Action Man Is a line of action figures produced by the toy company Hasbro from 1993 to 2006. The line began as a relaunch of the original Palitoy action
May 24th 2017

Social actions
In sociology, social action, also known as "Weberian social action", refers to an act which takes into account the actions and reactions of individuals
Jan 26th 2017

Action Comics
Action Comics is an American comic book series that introduced Superman, one of the first major superhero characters as the term is popularly defined.
May 24th 2017

Cowboy action shooting
Cowboy action shooting (CAS, also known as western action shooting, single action shooting, or cowboy 3-gun) is a competitive shooting sport that originated
May 12th 2017

AXN Action Awards
Action-Awards">AXN Action Awards, has tied up with Thums Up to create a platform to give ‘Action’ stars their much-deserved credit through the first on-air Action Award
Oct 1st 2016

Action potential
Play media In physiology, an action potential occurs when the membrane potential of a specific axon location rapidly rises and falls: this depolarisation
May 24th 2017

Action item
the band, see Action-ItemAction Item. In management, an action item is a documented event, task, activity, or action that needs to take place. Action items are discrete
Dec 23rd 2016

Action Theater
The Action Theater (spelled Action Theatre at Canada's Wonderland), is a motion simulator ride that debuted in 1993. It is found at several Cedar Fair
Sep 4th 2016

Action (comics)
Action was a controversial weekly British anthology comic that was published by IPC Magazines, starting on 14 February 1976. Concerns over the comic's
May 24th 2017

Principle of least action
history of the principle of least action. For the application, please refer to action (physics). The principle of least action – or, more accurately, the principle
Apr 17th 2017

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