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Adolf, also spelled Adolph and sometimes Latinised to Adolphus, is a given name used in German-speaking countries, in Scandinavia, in the Netherlands
May 14th 2017

Message to Adolf
Adolf, known in Japan as Adolf ni Tsugu (アドルフに告ぐ, Adorufu ni Tsugu?, literally: "Reporting to Adolf") and known in earlier English versions as Adolf,
Jun 21st 2016

Adolf of Germany
Adolf (c. 1255 – 2 July 1298) was Count of Nassau from about 1276 and elected King of Germany (King of the Romans) from 1292 until his deposition by the
Nov 13th 2016

Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden
Gustaf VI Adolf (Oscar Fredrik Wilhelm Olaf Gustaf Adolf; 11 November 1882 – 15 September 1973) was King of Sweden from 29 October 1950 until his death
May 10th 2017

Adolf Frederick, King of Sweden
Adolf Frederick or Adolph Frederick (Swedish: Adolf Fredrik, German: Adolf Friedrich; 14 May 1710 – 12 February 1771) was King of Sweden from 1751 until
May 24th 2017

Adolf Wölfli
Adolf Wolfli (February 29, 1864 – November 6, 1930) (occasionally spelled Adolf Woelfli or Adolf Wolfli) was a Swiss artist who was one of the first artists
Oct 4th 2016

Gustav Adolf
Gustav Adolf or Gustaf Adolf may refer to: People: Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden (1594–1632), or Gustaf II Adolf, King of Sweden 1611–1632 Gustaf IV Adolf of
Mar 22nd 2017

Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Västerbotten
Prince Gustaf Adolf Oscar Fredrik Arthur Edmund, Duke of Vasterbotten (22 April 1906 – 26 January 1947) was a Swedish prince and heir to the Swedish throne
Apr 11th 2017

Adolf Hölzel
Adolf Richard Holzel (13 May 1853, Olmütz - 17 October 1934, Stuttgart) was a German painter. He began as a Realist, but later became an early promoter
Apr 14th 2017

Adolf II of Holstein
Adolf II of Holstein (c. 1128 – 6 July 1164) was the Count of Schauenburg and Holstein from 1130 until his death, though he was briefly out of Holstein
Nov 8th 2016

Adolf Windaus
Adolf Otto Reinhold Windaus (25 December 1876 – 9 June 1959) was a German chemist who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1928 for his work on sterols and
Feb 10th 2016

Adolf Šimperský
Adolf Simpersky (5 August 1909 in Břevnov — 15 February 1964) is a former Czech football player who played mostly for SK Slavia Praha. He played ten matches
Jan 28th 2017

Adolf von Harnack
Carl Gustav Adolf von Harnack (7 May 1851 – 10 June 1930) was a German Lutheran theologian and prominent church historian. He produced many religious
Mar 15th 2017

Adolf Butenandt
Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt (24 March 1903 – 18 January 1995) was a German biochemist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1939 for his
May 21st 2017

Adolf IV of Holstein
Adolf-IVAdolf IV (before 1205 – 8 July 1261), was a Count of Schauenburg (1225–1238) and of Holstein (1227–1238), of the House of Schaumburg. Adolf was the eldest
Oct 4th 2016

Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld
Baron Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiold (18 November 1832, Helsinki, Finland – 12 August 1901, Dalbyo in Sodermanland, Sweden) was a Finnish and Swedish baron
Apr 15th 2017

Prince Adolf of Auersperg
Prince Adolf Wilhelm Daniel von Auersperg (1821, Vlasim - January 5, 1885, Schloss Goldegg, Neidling) was an Austro-Bohemian statesman. He served in
Aug 19th 2016

Adolf Lüderitz
Franz Adolf Eduard Lüderitz (16 July 1834 – end of October 1886) was a German merchant and the founder of German South West Africa, Imperial Germany's
Mar 2nd 2017

List of speeches given by Adolf Hitler
This list of speeches given by Adolf Hitler is an attempt to aggregate all of Adolf Hitler's speeches. Only one known recording exists of Hitler's
May 23rd 2017

Adolf of Osnabrück
Adolf of OsnabrOsnabrück, O.Cist (also known as AdolphusAdolphus, Adolph, Adolf of Tecklenburg), was born in Tecklenburg about 1185, a member of the family of the Counts
Sep 6th 2016

Adolf W. Edelsvärd
Adolf Wilhelm Edelsvard (28 June 1824 – 15 October 1919) was a Swedish architect who served as head architect for Statens Jarnvagar, the Swedish national
Apr 15th 2016

Adolf Furtwängler
Adolf Furtwangler (June 30, 1853 – October 10, 1907) was a famous German archaeologist, teacher, art historian and museum director. He was the father
Apr 8th 2017

Adolf, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp
Adolf of Holstein-Gottorp (25 January 1526 – 1 October 1586) was the first Duke of Holstein-Gottorp from the line of Holstein-Gottorp of the House of
May 24th 2017

List of books by or about Adolf Hitler
This list of books by or about Hitler Adolf Hitler is a non-fiction bibliography. There are thousands of books written about Hitler; therefore, this is not an
May 7th 2017

Adolf, Duke of Guelders
Adolf of Egmond (Grave, February 12, 1438 – Tournai, June 27, 1477) was a Duke of Guelders, Count of Zutphen from 1465–1471 and in 1477. He was the son
Apr 28th 2016

Adolf Eichmann
Otto Adolf Eichmann (pronounced [ˈɔto ˈaːdɔlf ˈaɪ̯cman]; 19 March 1906 – 1 June 1962) was a German Nazi SS-Obersturmbannführer (lieutenant colonel) and
May 26th 2017

Personal standard of Adolf Hitler
The personal standard of Adolf Hitler was designed after Reichsprasident-PaulReichsprasident Paul von Hindenburg died on 2 August 1934. Adolf Hitler abolished the title "Reichsprasident"
Mar 22nd 2017

Adolf of Altena
Adolf of Altena, Adolf of Berg or Adolf of Cologne, (c. 1157 – 15 April 1220 in Neuss) was Archbishop of Cologne from 1193 to 1205. Adolf was born about
Feb 18th 2016

Duke Adolf Friedrich of Mecklenburg
Adolf Friedrich Albrecht Heinrich, Duke of Mecklenburg (German: Adolf Friedrich Albrecht Heinrich, Herzog zu Mecklenburg; 10 October 1873 – 5 August 1969)
Feb 21st 2017

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler (German: [ˈadɔlf ˈhɪtlɐ] ( listen); 20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party (Nationalsozialistische
May 25th 2017

Adolf Eugen Fick
Fick Adolf Eugen Fick (3 September 1829 – 21 August 1901) was a German-born physician and physiologist. Fick began his work in the formal study of mathematics
Oct 3rd 2016

Adolf I, Count of the Mark
Adolf I, Count de la Mark (German: Adolf I. Graf von der Mark und Krickenbeck) (c. 1182? – 28 June 1249), until 1226 also known as Adolf I, Count of Altena-Mark
Nov 14th 2016

Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden
Gustav-IV-AdolfGustav IV Adolf or Gustav-IV-AdolphGustav IV Adolph (1 November 1778 – 7 February 1837) was King of Sweden from 1792 until his abdication in 1809. He was the son of Gustav
Mar 23rd 2017

Adolf von Baeyer
Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf von Baeyer (German: [ˈbaɪɐ]; 31 October 1835 – 20 August 1917) was a German chemist who synthesised indigo, developed a
May 11th 2017

Adolf Fredrik Church
Adolf Fredrik Church (Swedish: Adolf Fredriks kyrka) is a church in central Stockholm, Sweden, named after Adolf Frederick. It was built in 1768-1774,
Feb 3rd 2016

Adolf Frederick I, Duke of Mecklenburg
Adolf Frederick I (15 December 1588 – 27 February 1658) was the reigning Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin from his father's death in 1592 until 1628 and again
Jul 27th 2016

Adolf Meyer
Adolf Meyer may refer to: Adolf Bernhard Meyer (1840–1911), German anthropologist and ornithologist Adolf Meyer (psychiatrist) (1866–1950), Swiss psychiatrist
Feb 26th 2013

Adolf Hitler and vegetarianism
Towards the end of his life Adolf Hitler followed a vegetarian diet. It is not clear when he adopted it, since some accounts of his dietary habits prior
May 24th 2017

Adolf Oberländer
Adam Adolf Oberlander (1 October 1845, Regensburg – 29 May 1923, Munich) was a German caricaturist. He was born at Regensburg, but after 1847 lived
Oct 1st 2016

Adolf of Nassau (1540–1568)
Adolf of Nassau (Dillenburg, 11 July 1540HeiligerleeHeiligerlee, 23 May 1568) was a count of Nassau, also known as Adolphus of Nassau. He was the fourth son and
May 7th 2016

Black Fox: The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler
Black Fox: The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler is a 1962 documentary directed by Louis Clyde Stoumen, depicting the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. It won
Mar 6th 2017

Adolf Fredrik's Music School
Adolf Fredrik's Music School (Swedish: Adolf Fredriks Musikklasser) is a general municipal junior high school (Swedish: grundskola) in Stockholm, Sweden
Apr 26th 2017

Adolf Dassler
Adolf "Adi" Dassler (3 November 1900 – 6 September 1978) was the founder of the German sportswear company Adidas, and the younger brother of Rudolf Dassler
May 24th 2017

Adolf Köster
Adolf Koster (8 March 1883 – 18 February 1930) was a German politician of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and diplomat. He served as Foreign
Feb 2nd 2017

Gustav Adolf Church
Adolf Church may refer to: Gustav Adolf Church, Boras Gustav Adolf Church, Habo Municipality Gustav Adolf Church, Hagfors Municipality Gustav Adolf Church
Aug 24th 2015

Adolf VII of Berg
Adolf VII of Berg (also referred to as Adolf IV, especially in the Netherlands and in Germany) (c. 1220 – 22 April 1259) was the eldest son of Henry IV
Oct 4th 2016

Prince Frederick Adolf of Sweden
Prince Frederick Adolf of Sweden (Swedish: Fredrik Adolf; 18 July 1750 in Drottningholm – 12 December 1803 in Montpellier, France) was a Swedish Prince
Sep 15th 2016

Adolf I of Holstein
Adolf I (died 13 November 1130) was the first Count of Schauenburg from 1106 and the second Count of Holstein from 1111. He made an important contribution
Mar 26th 2016

Adolf A. Berle
Adolf Augustus Berle, Jr. (/ˈbɜːrli/; January 27, 1895 – February 17, 1971) was a lawyer, educator, author, and U.S. diplomat. He was the author of The
May 24th 2017

Adolf Schärf
 Adolf Scharf (help·info) (20 April 1890 – 28 February 1965) was an Austrian politician of the Social Democratic Party (SPO). He served as Vice-Chancellor
Apr 20th 2017

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