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Ahearn or Ahearne is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Bill Ahearn (1858-1919), American baseball player Blake Ahearn (born 1984), American
Mar 10th 2016

T. Franklin Ahearn
FranklinFranklin "Frank" Ahearn (May 10, 1886 in Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaNovember 7, 1962) was a Canadian businessman and politician. Ahearn is best known as
May 13th 2017

Ahearn Field House
Ahearn Field House is one of the athletic buildings on the campus of KansasKansas-State-UniversityKansasKansas State University in Manhattan, KansasKansas. It is currently home to the K-State
Nov 30th 2016

William Ahearn
William H. Ahearn (1858 – April 28, 1919) was a Major League Baseball catcher, at least for one day, during the 1880 season. He was born in Troy, New York
Apr 3rd 2016

Matt Ahearn
Matthew Ahearn is an American politician, who served in the New Jersey General Assembly, where he represented the 38th legislative district from 2002 to
Sep 9th 2016

Charlie Ahearn
Charlie Ahearn (born 1951 in Binghamton, New York) is an American film director and creative cultural artist living in New York City. Although predominantly
Sep 24th 2016

Dan Ahearn
Dan Ahearn (ne Daniel William Ahearne; April 12, 1888 – December 20, 1942) was an Irish and later American track and field athlete and a member of the
Dec 23rd 2016

Ahearn House and Summer House
The-Ahearn-HouseThe Ahearn House and Summer House are a pair of houses at 450 Pamet Point Road in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. The smaller "summer house" is an early 19th
Nov 26th 2016

Thomas Ahearn
T. Franklin Ahearn. For the member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly, see Thomas Ahearn (Australian politician). Thomas Ahearn, PC (June 24
Sep 26th 2016

Cynthia Ahearn
Cynthia Anne Gust Ahearn (October 17, 1952 – August 31, 2008), was an American Echinodermologist and Museum Specialist at the Smithsonian Institution.
Apr 25th 2017

Blake Ahearn
Blake Ahearn (born May 27, 1984) is an American retired professional basketball player who last played for the Santa Cruz Warriors of the NBA Development
Feb 8th 2017

Ahearn Field
Ahearn Field was the first on-campus athletic field for Kansas-State-UniversityKansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. It was used from 1911 to 1922 by the football team
May 2nd 2017

Mike Ahearn
Michael Francis Ahearn (November 28, 1878 – February 5, 1948) was an American football, basketball, and baseball player, coach, college athletics administrator
May 9th 2017

John F. Ahearn
John F. Ahearn (April 18, 1853 – December 19, 1920) was a New York City political figure who served in the New York State Assembly, the New York State
Feb 16th 2017

Jack Ahearn
Jack Cornelius Ahearn (8 October 1924 – 10 April 2017) was an Australian Grand Prix motorcycle road racer. His best season was in 1964 when he won the
Apr 17th 2017

Rick Ahearn
Frederick L. "Rick" Ahearn (born 1949) is an American political and corporate consultant, currently serving as Executive Vice President of Potomac Communications
Apr 28th 2017

Kevin Ahearn
Kevin Joseph Ahearn (born June 20, 1948) is a retired professional ice hockey player who played 78 games in the World Hockey Association with the New England
Jan 13th 2017

Michael J. Ahearn
Michael J. Ahearn (born 1956/1957) is an American businessman, co-founder and chairman of First Solar, and founder and managing partner of True North Venture
Mar 9th 2017

Thomas Ahearn (Australian politician)
Ahearn Thomas Gipps Ahearn (born 6 August 1929) was a member of the Queensland-Legislative-AssemblyQueensland Legislative Assembly. Ahearn was born at Nanango, Queensland, the son of Leslie
Jun 16th 2016

Isabelle Ahearn O'Neill
Isabelle Ahearn O'Neill (1880–1975) was a stage and screen actor of the silent film era, a suffragist, and the first woman elected to the Rhode Island
Dec 29th 2016

Francis X. Ahearn
Francis X. Ahearn (February 26, 1917–December 12, 2006) was an American politician who served on the Boston City Council from 1952 to 1958. He was the
May 3rd 2017

Theresa Ahearn
Theresa Ahearn (nee Scott; 1 May 1951 – 20 September 2000) was an Irish Fine Gael politician who was elected three times to Dail Eireann and died in office
Dec 29th 2016

Joseph A. Ahearn
Ahearn Joseph August Ahearn (born 1936) is a retired Major General in the United States Air Force. Ahearn was born in Galesburg, Illinois in 1936. He attended
May 4th 2017

Michael Ahearn
Ahearn Michael Ahearn may refer to: Ahearn Mike Ahearn (Michael F. Ahearn), athletic director and football coach at Kansas State University Michael J. Ahearn, CEO of
Apr 16th 2016

Frank M. Ahearn
Frank M. Ahearn is a privacy expert[citation needed] and The New York Times best selling author. He is the author of: How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital
Mar 1st 2017

True North Venture Partners
Phoenix, Arizona. The founder, managing partner and chairman is Michael J. Ahearn, who is also the co-founder and chairman of First Solar. True North was
Jan 3rd 2017

1987–88 Kansas State Wildcats men's basketball team
team played its home games in Ahearn Field House in Manhattan, Kansas. It was the last season the team played in Ahearn Field House before moving into
May 2nd 2017

Hydro Ottawa
continued in competition with private suppliers, chiefly those of Thomas Ahearn and his companies, until the 1950s. In 1882, Electric lighting in Ottawa
Feb 24th 2017

Ottawa Electric Railway
heated water". Ahearn formed a partnership with Warren Y. Soper, and for years the office of Ahearn and Soper was on Sparks Street. Ahearn merged existing
Apr 22nd 2017

Jacques d'Amboise (dancer)
American danseur and choreographer. D'Amboise was born as Joseph Jacques Ahearn in Dedham, Massachusetts. He was a principal dancer with the New York City
Apr 17th 2017

Reto Capadrutt
romantic relationship with Elizabeth "Betty" Hood, daughter of Ahearn John Ahearn. Ahearn was involved in New York City's Tammany Hall politics during the 1920s
Dec 17th 2016

Green Party of New Jersey
Board of Education of the Rutherford School District. In January 2003, Matt Ahearn, a New Jersey state legislator who had been elected to the New Jersey General
Jan 30th 2017

X-linked spinal muscular atrophy type 2
extend lifespan. Spinal muscular atrophies Arthrogryposis Ramser, J.; Ahearn, M. E.; Lenski, C.; Yariz, K. O.; HellebrandHellebrand, H.; Von Rhein, M.; Clark,
May 6th 2017

Nan A. Talese
Talese Nan Talese (nee Ahearn; born December 19, 1933) is an American editor, and a veteran of the New York publishing industry. Talese is the Senior Vice President
May 11th 2017

1924–25 Ottawa Senators season
business. Ahearn Frank Ahearn and Tommy Gorman reached an impasse in the management of the team. Both attempted to buy out the other. In December, Ahearn accepted Gorman's
Jan 26th 2017

1908 Kansas State Aggies football team
1908 college football season. In their fourth year under head coach Mike Ahearn, the Aggies compiled a 6–2 record, and outscored their opponents by a combined
Dec 20th 2015

Wild Style
(disambiguation). Wild Style is an American 1983 hip hop film produced by Charlie Ahearn. Released theatrically in September 1982 by First Run Features and later
Apr 28th 2017

1909 Kansas State Aggies football team
1909 college football season. In their fifth year under head coach Mike Ahearn, the Aggies compiled a 7–2 record, and outscored their opponents by a combined
Mar 1st 2017

Aftershock: Earthquake in New York
the electricity is still on in the evacuated building, Fire Chief Thomas Ahearn (Tom Skerritt) sends his crew inside. The building explodes, killing several
Mar 31st 2017

Joan Voss
mate Robert M. Gordon unseated the incumbents, Green Party candidate Matt Ahearn and Heck Republican Rose Marie Heck. (Heck did not run for reelection, instead
Apr 22nd 2017

7 Rideau Gate
interiors. The last private owner was Thomas Franklin Ahearn (son of the inventor Thomas Ahearn), who further altered the structure by removing the roof
Apr 27th 2016

Athletics at the 1920 Summer Olympics – Men's triple jump
Olympic records (in metres) prior to the 1920 Summer Olympics. (*) Dan Ahearn set his world record while being a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great
Jul 15th 2015

1910 Kansas State Aggies football team
college football season. In their sixth and final year under head coach Mike Ahearn, the Aggies compiled a 10–1 record, and outscored their opponents by a combined
May 8th 2017

James A. Herne
James A. Herne (February 1, 1839 – June 2, 1901), born James Ahearn, was an American playwright and actor. Considered by some critics to be the "American
Feb 9th 2017

Anderson Glacier
"Glaciers and Climate Change". National Park Service. Retrieved 2012-10-06.  Ahearn, Ashley (December 2, 2015). "Facing Rising Waters, A Native Tribe Takes
Dec 10th 2016

of Herne Auckland Herne (surname) Herne the Hunter, an English mythological figure said to haunt Windsor Forest Hernes Ahearn Aherne Hearn (disambiguation)
Nov 4th 2015

Rigoberto Torres
he created of his neighbors in the Bronx, together with his partner John Ahearn. Between the years 1981 and 1985, they collaborated on four murals. These
Feb 18th 2017

Michael Ahern
anchor), WISH-TV news anchor Mick Ahern (1905–1946), Irish hurler Mick Aherne, Gaelic football and hurling Mike Ahearn, former Kansas State football coach
Aug 6th 2015

Tom Hayes (politician)
the seat for Fine Gael in a by-election following the death of Theresa Ahearn. He was re-elected at the 2002, 2007 and 2011 general elections. Hayes served
Dec 12th 2016

Rolland Romero
was 49 ft  10 1⁄4 in (15.20 m), the best jump by an American since Dan Ahearn in 1913. At the 1932 United States Olympic Trials he was second behind Sidney
Mar 28th 2017

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