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Air assault
 France 4th Airmobile Brigade  Germany Airmobile Operations Division Air Assault Brigade 1  Greece 71st Airmobile Infantry Brigade 5th Airmobile Infantry
May 24th 2017

80th Airmobile Brigade (Ukraine)
The 80th Airmobile Brigade (Ukrainian: 80-та окрема аеромобільна бригада; Military Unit Number A0284) is an airmobile formation of the Ukrainian Ground
Nov 24th 2016

Ukrainian Airmobile Forces
Ukrainian-Airmobile-Forces">The Ukrainian Airmobile Forces or VDV (from "Vysokomobil'ni desantni viyska Ukrayiny", Ukrainian: Високомобільні десантні війська України, ВДВ; High-mobile
May 5th 2017

95th Airmobile Brigade (Ukraine)
The 95th Separate Airmobile Brigade (Ukrainian: 95 окрема десантно-штурмова бригада), the main ground forces component of Ukraine’s rapid reaction force
May 19th 2017

1st Airmobile Division (Ukraine)
The 1st Airmobile Division (Ukrainian: 1 аеромобільна дивізія) was a formation of the Ukrainian Airmobile Forces from January 1, 1993, until it was disbanded
Feb 22nd 2017

Airmobile Operations Division (Germany)
Airmobile Operations Division (Division Luftbewegliche Operationen) was a division of the German Army. The division was founded on 1 July 2002 and reported
Jan 14th 2016

81st Airmobile Brigade (Ukraine)
The 81st Airmobile Brigade is a brigade of the Ukrainian Airmobile Forces. It is currently deployed in Druzhkivka and Kostiantynivka. The brigade fought
Jan 19th 2017

1st Airmobile Brigade (Bundeswehr)
The 1st Airmobile Brigade (German: Luftbewegliche Brigade 1) was a brigade in the German Army with its headquarters at the Fritzlar Air Base in North
Jan 22nd 2016

71st Airmobile Brigade (Greece)
The 71st Airmobile-BrigadeAirmobile Brigade "Pontus" (Greek: 71η Αερομεταφερόμενη Ταξιαρχία «Πόντος», 71 A/M ΤΑΞ) is an airmobile infantry brigade of the Hellenic Army
Apr 12th 2017

11th Airmobile Brigade (Netherlands)
The 11th Airmobile Brigade (Dutch: 11 Luchtmobiele Brigade) is a rapid and light infantry unit within the Dutch and German forces and can be deployed
May 23rd 2017

79th Air Assault Brigade (Ukraine)
The 79th Brigade Air Assault Brigade is a formation of the Ukrainian Airmobile Forces. Brigade is located in Mykolaiv. Soldiers from the Brigade have served as
Nov 9th 2016

4th Airmobile Brigade (France)
The 4th Airmobile Brigade (French: 4e Brigade Aeromobile, 4e BAM) is a helicopter unit of the French Army. It makes up for most of the French Army Light
Jul 29th 2016

45th Air Assault Brigade (Ukraine)
The 45th Air Assault Brigade is a brigade of the Ukrainian Airmobile Forces, formed twice. The brigade was first formed in 1993 from elements of the 299th
Nov 9th 2016

Airmobile Brigade Friuli
about the Friuli Airmobile Brigade Friuli. For the Friuli-DivisionFriuli Division, see 20 Friuli Infantry Division Friuli. The Airmobile Brigade "Friuli" is an airmobile brigade of
Feb 19th 2017

13th Airmobile Battalion (Ukraine)
The 13th Separate Airmobile Battalion is a formation of the Ukrainian Ground Forces. The-BattalionThe Battalion is made up of fully professional soldiers. The main
Dec 5th 2016

12th Light Infantry Brigade (Airmobile)
12th Light Infantry Brigade (Airmobile) - 12ª Bda Inf L (Amv) is a major elite unit of the Brazilian Army. Its headquarters is located in Cacapava in
Dec 29th 2016

Air Assault Badge
been reorganized from parachute to airmobile in mid-1968 in Vietnam and designated the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile). The parenthetical designation
May 15th 2017

5th Airmobile Brigade (Greece)
The 5th Airmobile Brigade "5th Cretan Division" (Greek: 5η Αερομεταφερόμενη Ταξιαρχία Πεζικού «V Μεραρχία Κρητών»), formerly the 5th Infantry Division
May 8th 2017

23rd Airborne Brigade
23rd Separate Airmobile Brigade in the summer of 1992. It transferred to the Border Troops on 1 July 1995 and was renamed the 23rd Airmobile Border Detachment
Mar 31st 2016

Spanish Army Airmobile Force
The Army Airmobile Force (Spanish: Fuerzas Aeromoviles del Ejercito de Tierra, FAMET) is the army aviation branch of the Spanish Army. An Independent
Apr 3rd 2017

Multinational Division Central
Para-Commando Brigade (Eversberg) the German 31 Airmobile Brigade (Oldenburg) the British 24 Airmobile Brigade (Colchester), from 1999: the 16 Air Assault
Jun 15th 2014

Air Mobile Brigade
Air-Mobile-Brigade">Lanka Army Air Mobile Brigade (Sri Lanka) Airmobile-Forces">Ukrainian Airmobile Forces 79th Airmobile-BrigadeAirmobile-BrigadeAirmobile Brigade (Ukraine) 95th Airmobile-BrigadeAirmobile-BrigadeAirmobile Brigade (Ukraine) Air assault
Nov 20th 2016

1st Airborne
Division (United Kingdom) 1st Airborne Task Force (United States) 1st Airmobile Division (Ukraine) 1st Airborne Corps (Soviet Union) 1st Airborne Brigade
Feb 5th 2016

Ukrainian Ground Forces
45th Airmobile Brigade (Ukraine) 79th Airmobile Brigade (Ukraine) 80th Airmobile Brigade (Ukraine) 81st Airmobile Brigade (Ukraine) 95th Airmobile Brigade
May 23rd 2017

24th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
part of the 2nd Infantry-DivisionInfantry Division. It had the war role of putting an airmobile anti-tank barrier in the face of any Soviet breakthrough of I (BR) Corps
May 5th 2017

Battle of Bong Son
Bồng Sơn was the second major battle for the US 1st Cavalry Division, an airmobile unit of divisional strength, during the Vietnam War. The battle was part
Mar 13th 2017

25th Airborne Brigade (Ukraine)
taken an active role in the fighting in Eastern Ukraine. It is the only airmobile unit of Ukrainian Airborne Forces which has BMD-1 and BMD-2 airborne infantry
Feb 1st 2017

Ivan Zubkov
Іванович Зубков ; November 1, 1973 – January 20, 2015) was a Ukrainian Airmobile Forces senior lieutenant and a posthumous HeroHero of Ukraine. He fought in
Feb 16th 2017

French Army Light Aviation
War can drop troops into enemy territory gave birth to the tactics of airmobile warfare continues today. The machines of the nascent ALAT were the ones
Nov 30th 2016

German Army Aviation Corps
Airmobile Operations Division, the division's headquarters being in Veitshochheim: The following units were part of Airmobile Brigade 1 of Airmobile Operations
May 8th 2017

Intervention forces
Division and Airmobile Operations Division, which enhance the flexibility of the intervention forces as a result of their ability to execute airmobile operations
Oct 20th 2014

Grenadiers' and Rifles Guard Regiment
regiment's single battalion currently serves in the airmobile role as part of 11 Luchtmobiele (Airmobile) Brigade. It is organised with an HQ Company (Stafcompagnie)
Nov 13th 2016

ordering in mathematics Airmobile Operations Division, aka Division Luftbewegliche Operationen, the German Army's Airmobile Operations Division Diploma
Oct 18th 2016

Jäger Regiment 1 (Bundeswehr)
air assault formation, established in 2006. The regiment was part of Airmobile Operations Division, and became subordinate to 21st Armoured Brigade on
Jan 22nd 2016

Allen James Lynch
specialist four in Company D, 1st Battalion (Airmobile), 12th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). During a firefight on that day, near My
Feb 24th 2017

Vitaly Raevsky
the reserves, who formerly formed and commanded all of the Ukrainian Airmobile Forces and before then was in the Soviet Airborne Troops. Vitaliy Anatoliovich
Apr 29th 2017

Operational Command West
Separate Mechanized Brigade 55th Separate Communications Regiment 80th Airmobile Regiment 146th Reconnaissance and Command Center 59th Artillery Regiment
Feb 17th 2017

Operation Delaware
Cavalry Division (Airmobile) to move north from the Central Highlands to support the Marines. The 1st Cavalry Division, an airmobile division with 20,000
Mar 13th 2017

Aerial Rocket Artillery
that was part of the artillery component of the United States Army's two airmobile divisions during the Vietnam War. Controlled by division artillery and
Mar 28th 2017

Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan
a dual structure (general-purpose forces and air defense forces). The Airmobile Forces were created, the transition to the new military-territorial structure
May 3rd 2017

Rapid Forces Division
(1. Luftlandedivision) in 1956 and reflagged twice in 1994 and 2001 as Airmobile Forces Command/4th Division (Kommando Luftbewegliche Krafte/4. Division)
May 23rd 2017

36th Air Assault Brigade (Kazakhstan)
The 36th Air Assault Brigade is an air assault brigade of the Kazakh Airmobile Forces. It is based in Astana. In 2002, the brigade was formed in Astana
Sep 15th 2016

4th Panzergrenadier Division (Bundeswehr)
was disbanded in 1994 with some of its forces being used to form the Airmobile Forces Command /4th Division. The division was constituted from federal
May 22nd 2017

John Galvin (general)
commanded the 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). For his actions as the battalion's commander he was awarded the Silver
Apr 24th 2017

Blue beret
Turkey. Hellenic Force in Cyprus, Greek regiment in Cyprus Kazakhstani Airmobile Troops Moldovan Ground Forces New Zealand Defence Force Military Police
Apr 25th 2017

1st Cavalry Division (United States)
division had become an air assault division as the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), commonly referred to as the 1st Air Cavalry Division. The use of helicopters
May 24th 2017

List of Airborne Artillery Units
Parachutiste Germany Light Air Defence Battery (Airborne) 100 Greece 116th Airmobile Artillery Squadron 71st Light Air Defence Battery India 9 Para Field
May 14th 2016

Military ranks of Ukraine
possibly, the new post will be introduced in three or four years. In airmobile units there are also posts of chief sergeant of the division and chief
May 22nd 2017

158th Aviation Regiment (United States)
Division (airmobile) when the division, already in Vietnam, was transitioning from a parachute unit to a helicopter-transported airmobile unit. The
May 8th 2017

Harry Kinnard
an American general officer who, during the Vietnam War, pioneered the airmobile concept of sending troops into battle using helicopters. Kinnard retired
Apr 10th 2017

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