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Albert Dekker
Albert Dekker (December 20, 1905 – May 5, 1968) was an American character actor and politician best known for his roles in Dr. Cyclops, The Killers, Kiss
May 7th 2017

Dekker is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Albert Dekker (1905–1968), American actor and politician Desmond Dekker (1941–2006), Jamaican
Mar 13th 2017

Among the Living (1941 film)
Albert Dekker, Susan Hayward, Harry Carey and Frances Farmer. The film is a mix of social drama, horror film, and suspense thriller. Albert Dekker plays
Feb 12th 2017

Reaching for the Sun
W.L. River. The film stars Joel McCrea, Ellen Drew, Eddie Bracken, Albert Dekker, Billy Gilbert, George Chandler and Bodil Ann Rosing. The film was released
Feb 11th 2017

Blonde Inspiration
written by Marion Parsonnet. The film stars John Shelton, Virginia Grey, Albert Dekker, Charles Butterworth and Donald Meek. The film was released on February
Dec 26th 2016

The Fabulous Texan
The film stars Wild Bill Elliott, John Carroll, Catherine McLeod, Albert Dekker, Andy Devine and Patricia Knight. The film was released on November
Mar 3rd 2017

In Old California (1942 film)
directed by William C. McGann starring John Wayne, Binnie Barnes and Albert Dekker. as a Boston pharmacist who relocates to Sacramento during the Gold
Feb 28th 2017

Tarzan's Magic Fountain
Tarzan and Brenda Joyce as his companion Jane. The film also features Albert Dekker and Evelyn Ankers, was co-written by Curt Siodmak, and directed by Lee
Apr 11th 2017

Buckskin Frontier
Houston and Bernard Schubert. The film stars Richard Dix, Jane Wyatt, Albert Dekker, Lee J. Cobb, Victor Jory, Lola Lane, Max Baer and Joe Sawyer. The film
Mar 3rd 2017

Machete (1958 film)
Neumann and Carroll Young. The film stars Mari Blanchard, Ruth Cains, Albert Dekker, Juano Hernandez, Carlos Rivas and Lee Van Cleef. The film was released
Jul 29th 2015

The Woman of the Town
Archainbaud and written by Aeneas MacKenzie. The film stars Claire Trevor, Albert Dekker, Barry Sullivan, Henry Hull, Porter Hall, Percy Kilbride and Clem Bevans
Jun 18th 2016

Yokel Boy
directed by Joseph Santley and written by Isabel Dawn. The film stars Albert Dekker, Joan Davis, Eddie Foy, Jr., Alan Mowbray, Roscoe Karns and Mikhail
Mar 4th 2017

The French Key
directed by Walter Colmes and written by Frank Gruber. The film stars Albert Dekker, Mike Mazurki, Evelyn Ankers, John Eldredge, Frank Fenton and Selmer
Mar 4th 2017

Rangers of Fortune
Wood. The plot revolves around three heroes, played by Fred MacMurray, Albert Dekker, and Gilbert Roland, as they battle a ruthless land baron who is intent
Sep 19th 2016

You're the One (1941 film)
written by Gene Markey. The film stars Bonnie Baker, Orrin Tucker, Albert Dekker, Edward Everett Horton, Lillian Cornell, Renie Riano and Jerry Colonna
Mar 3rd 2017

The Pretender (film)
is a 1947 crime drama film noir directed by W. Lee Wilder starring Albert Dekker, Catherine Craig, Charles Drake and Alan Carney. The story tells of
Mar 29th 2017

Never Say Die (1939 film)
Hand Conreid at the Internet Movie Database Albert Dekker at the Internet Broadway Database Albert Dekker at the Internet Movie Database IMDB Soundtrack
Feb 14th 2017

Search for Danger
American crime film directed by Jack Bernhard and starring John Calvert, Albert Dekker and Myrna Dell. The film was the last of three made by the low-budget
Apr 7th 2017

She Devil (1957 film)
directed by Kurt Neumann, and starring Mari Blanchard, Jack Kelly and Albert Dekker. It was theatrically released in 1957 on a double bill with Kronos.
Jan 16th 2017

Dr. Cyclops
Victor Kilian, Janice Logan, Charles Halton, Frank Yaconelli, and Albert Dekker. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects
Jan 20th 2017

The Kid from Texas
catch Billy. Audie Murphy as Billy the Kid Gale Storm as Irene Kain Albert Dekker as Alexander Kain Shepperd Strudwick as Jameson Will Geer as O'Fallon
Apr 12th 2017

Buy Me That Town
Kahn and Martin Rackin. The film stars Lloyd Nolan, Constance Moore, Albert Dekker, Sheldon Leonard, Barbara Jo Allen, Edward Brophy and Warren Hymer.
Mar 3rd 2017

The Lone Wolf in Paris
as Grand Duke Gregor de Meyerson Leona Maricle as Baroness Cambrell Albert Dekker as Marquis Louis de Meyerson Maurice Cass as Alfonse Fromont, hotel
Jun 13th 2016

16th Tony Awards
Judith Anderson, Art Carney, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Olivia de Havilland, Albert Dekker, Anita Gillette, Hermione Gingold, Robert Goulet, Helen Hayes, Celeste
May 29th 2016

The Kansan (film)
Kingdom. Richard Dix as John Bonniwell Jane Wyatt as Eleanor Sager Albert Dekker as Steve Barat Eugene Pallette as Tom Waggoner Victor Jory as Jeff Barat
Nov 28th 2016

Once Upon a Honeymoon
and O'Toole go to have new passports made. They meet Gaston Le Blanc (Albert Dekker), an American counterintelligence agent posing as a photographer. LeBlanc
Feb 16th 2017

As Young as You Feel
experienced older employees, causing company president Louis McKinley (Albert Dekker) to promise to rescind the retirement policy and rehire all those affected
Jan 2nd 2016

CBS Television Workshop
Sidney Lumet. Grace Kelly made an appearance as Dulcinea. James Dean Albert Dekker Geraldine Fitzgerald Audrey Hepburn Conrad Janis Boris Karloff Grace
May 19th 2015

Strange Cargo (1940 film)
Julie is fired for consorting with a prisoner. At the prison, Moll (Albert Dekker) has masterminded a jailbreak and takes Cambreau (Ian Hunter), Telez
Apr 29th 2016

She Married an Artist
Helen Westley as Martha Moriarty Alexander D'Arcy as Phillip Corval Albert Dekker as Whitney Holton Marek Windheim as Jacques Franklin Pangborn as Paul
Apr 26th 2017

Night in New Orleans
Jonathan Latimer. The film stars Preston Foster, Patricia Morison, Albert Dekker, Charles Butterworth, Dooley Wilson and Paul Hurst. The film was released
Apr 17th 2017

Bride of Vengeance
Alfonso I d'Este, Duke of Ferrara Macdonald Carey as Cesare Borgia Albert Dekker as Vanetti John Sutton as Prince Bisceglie Raymond Burr as Michelotto
Dec 3rd 2016

A showdown is a duel. The term may also refer to: Showdown-Ski-AreaShowdown Ski Area, in Montana, Showdown United States Showdown (1942 film), a Superman animated short Showdown
May 9th 2017

Honky Tonk (1941 film)
supporting cast features Claire Trevor, Frank Morgan, Marjorie Main, Albert Dekker and Chill Wills. Con man "Candy" Johnson (Clark Gable) and his friend
Mar 1st 2017

Wyoming (1947 film)
John Carroll as Glenn Forrester George 'Gabby' Hayes as Windy Gibson Albert Dekker as Duke Lassiter Virginia Grey as Maria-Ouspenskaya">Lila Regan Maria Ouspenskaya as Maria
Oct 30th 2016

Old Fortunatus
The Pleasant Comedie of Fortunatus Old Fortunatus (1599) is a play in a mixture of prose and verse by Thomas Dekker, based on the German legend of Fortunatus and
Oct 22nd 2016

Suspense (1946 film)
most expensive film put out by Monogram Pictures. Frank Leonard (Albert Dekker), the proprietor of an ice-skating revue, promotes a strong-arming peanut-vendor
Feb 12th 2017

Pieter Winsemius
Pieter Winsemius, professor emeritus (born 7 March 1942 in Voorburg) is a Dutch scientist on Sustainable Development. As a politician for the VVD, he has
Apr 11th 2016

Illegal (1955 film)
up defending an associate of the city's crime boss, Frank Garland (Albert Dekker), a man he refused to work for earlier because "no one would testify
Mar 14th 2017

Seven Sinners (1940 film)
her. Marlene Dietrich as Bijou Blanche John Wayne as Lt. Dan Brent Albert Dekker as Dr. Martin Broderick Crawford as Edward Patrick 'Little Ned' Finnegan
Feb 12th 2017

The Forest Rangers (film)
Stuart Susan Hayward as Tana 'Butch' Mason Lynne Overman as Jammer Jones Albert Dekker as Twig Dawson Eugene Pallette as Howard Huston Regis Toomey as Frank
May 18th 2017

Experiment Perilous
Bederaux George Brent as Dr. Huntington Bailey Paul Lukas as Nick Bederaux Albert Dekker as Clag Carl Esmond as Maitland Olive Blakeney as Cissie George N. Neise
Feb 7th 2017

Middle Frisian language
Frisian Middle Frisian evolved from Frisian Old Frisian from the 16th century and was spoken until c. 1820, considered the beginning of the Modern period of the Frisian
Aug 22nd 2016

In Old Oklahoma
Wayne as Daniel F. Somers Martha Scott as Catherine Elizabeth Allen Albert Dekker as Jim "Hunk" Gardner George "Gabby" Hayes as Despirit Dean Marjorie
May 17th 2017

Hotel Imperial (1939 film)
Carrol Naish as Kuprin Curt Bois as Anton Henry Victor as Sultanov Albert Dekker as Sergeant Ernő Verebes as Ivan Robert Middlemass as General Von Schwartzberg
Mar 15th 2017

Lawman (film)
Lawman is a 1971 American Western film starring Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, Lee J. Cobb, and Robert Duvall. The film is about the quest of a lone peace
Apr 7th 2017

Wait till the Sun Shines, Nellie (film)
as Nellie Harper David Wayne as Ben Halper Hugh Marlowe as Ed Jordan Albert Dekker as Lloyd Slocum Helene Stanley as Eadie Jordan Tommy Morton as Benny
Jan 8th 2016

The Killers (1946 film)
the Swede gets mixed up with a bad crowd, including "Big Jim" Colfax (Albert Dekker). He drops his girlfriend Lily (Virginia Christine) for the more glamorous
Mar 18th 2017

Medium Rare (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones album)
Medium Rare is a compilation album by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, released on December 18, 2007 on Big Rig Records. It contains three new songs, nine
Feb 21st 2017

These Thousand Hills
causing Lat to lose his balance and fall from his horse. Marshal Conrad (Albert Dekker), the town's upstanding banker, intervenes, however, and declares Lat
Feb 13th 2017

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