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Alemannic German
Alemannic (German:  Alemannisch (help·info)) is a group of dialects of the Upper German branch of the Germanic language family. The name derives from
May 17th 2017

Alemannic Wikipedia
SwitzerlandSwitzerland) (German) D’alemannisch Wikipedia (Südkurier, Germany, 24 January 2007) (German) "Que voulez-vous savoir sur „Wikipedia uff Alemannisch“?" (Land un Sproch
Feb 9th 2017

This region is home to the German dialect known as Alemannisch. The most famous writer of Alemannisch literature is Johann Peter Hebel. Markgraflerland
Jul 17th 2016

Colonia Tovar dialect (German) Report on the village of Colonia Tovar. People speak there a special german slang "alemannisch" (Spanish) Website of Colonia Tovar
Sep 21st 2016

anthologies of poetry. They produce the popular sticker "Bi uns cha me au alemannisch schwatze" (engl. Here you can speak Alemannic too). In 1982 they collected
Dec 27th 2016

Upper German
especially the western dialects of Erzgebirgisch. Alemannic (German: Alemannisch, spoken in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, in the Bavarian region
Feb 13th 2017

Winterhalder & Hofmeier (clocks)
Bueb: Winterhalder & Hofmeier. Prazisionsuhre usem SchwarzwaldSchwarzwald. In: Alemannisch dunkt üs guet, Heft 2/2011, S. 58 (de) Winterhalder & Hofmeier on
Apr 24th 2017

language spoken in Altschweier is German, the dialect is Alemanic German or Alemannisch, a Germanic language which is shared with the Alsace in France and Switzerland
Apr 12th 2017

Efringen-Kirchen, near the French and Swiss borders. He is a native speaker of Alemannisch and the son of a brass and woodwind player. As a child he had access
Apr 26th 2017

National Groups. Greenwood Publishing Group, Ltd. ISBN 978-0313309847.  D'alemannisch Wikipedia "Swabian-Resources">Danube Swabian Resources".  Texts on Wikisource: "Swabia"
Feb 24th 2017

Colonia Tovar
Venezuela is Castilian, a minor number of people in Colonia Tovar can speak alemannisch: Alemannic, Aleman Coloniero precisely. It is a variant language that
Apr 6th 2017

Eifeler Regel
akzentsprachliche Züge in germanischen Sprachen und im AlemannischenAlemannischen", Alemannisch im Sprachvergleich, Elvira Glaser et al., pp. 281-320, Stuttgart: Steiner
Feb 5th 2017

Pennsylvania German language
the Swabian and Alemannic dialects of these regions. Alemannic (German-AlemannischGerman Alemannisch) is very much alive in the Swiss form of German. Much of Pennsylvania
May 22nd 2017

Names of Germany
Greek origin) but is a corruption of "Almain furnace". In modern German, Alemannisch (Alemannic German) is a group of dialects of the Upper German branch
May 9th 2017

German language
Frisian (Alt-Friesisch)   Old Saxon (Alt-Sachsisch)   Old Franconian (Alt-Frankisch)   Old Alemannic (Alt-Alemannisch)   Old Bavarian (Alt-Bairisch)
May 20th 2017

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ISO 639:g
Griechische Zeichensprache gsw gsw I/L Indo-European Schwyzerdütsch, Alemannisch, Elsassisch Swiss German, Alemannic, Alsatian suisse alemanique, alemanique
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