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Allyne R. Ross
Allyne R. Ross (born 1946) is a Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York. Born in
Apr 28th 2017

Barbara Allyne Bennet
Barbara Allyne Bennet (c. 1939 – January 9, 2016) was an American film, television and theater actress and union executive. Her acting career spanned more
Mar 22nd 2017

John Allyne Gade
John Allyne Gade (10 February 1875 – 16 August 1955) was an American architect, naval officer, diplomat, investment banker and author. John Gade was
Feb 12th 2017

Samuel Allyne Otis
Samuel Allyne Otis (November 24, 1740 – April 22, 1814) was the first Secretary of the United States Senate, serving for its first 17 years. He also served
Dec 14th 2016

Allyne L. Merrill
Allyne L. Merrill (1863 – February 26, 1941) was an American physicist who served as faculty secretary of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Mar 11th 2016

James Otis Sr.
in the Province of Massachusetts Bay. His sons James Otis Jr. and Samuel Allyne Otis also rose to prominence, as did his daughter Mercy Otis Warren. He
Dec 14th 2016

Otis family
of Samuel Allyne Otis. James Otis (1826–1875), Mayor of San Francisco, California 1873–1875. Second cousin twice removed of Samuel Allyne Otis. John
Mar 30th 2017

Samuel Otis
Samuel Otis may refer to: Samuel Allyne Otis (1740–1814), first Secretary of the United States Senate Samuel Shackford Otis (1891–1974), architect from
Mar 18th 2017

Fredrik Herman Gade
Gerhard Gade (1834–1909) and his American-born wife Helen-AllyneHelen Allyne. He was a brother of John Allyne Gade, a nephew of Fredrik Georg Gade, Sr and a first cousin
Jun 15th 2016

Gade (surname)
Norwegian diplomat Herman Gerhard Gade (1870-1953), Norwegian physician John Allyne Gade (1875-1955), American architect, naval officer, diplomat and author
Apr 18th 2017

7th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
disease, for a total of 343 fatalities. Colonel William d'Alton Mann Colonel Allyne C. Litchfield Private Abram Halstead Ellis, Company C - Justice of the
Mar 12th 2017

Margo Kitsy Brodie
Court for the Eastern District of New York that had been vacated by Judge Allyne R. Ross, who took senior status in April 2011. She received a hearing before
Mar 26th 2017

Herman Gerhard Gade
brother-in-law of Anders Lorange, a first cousin of Herman-Gade">Fredrik Herman Gade, John Allyne Gade and Fredrik Barbe Wallem and a nephew of Fredrik Meltzer Wallem. He
Jun 16th 2016

Otis (surname)
Johnny Otis, American rhythm and blues musician and impresario Samuel Allyne Otis, American politician Shuggie Otis, American songwriter, recording artist
Apr 1st 2016

Harrison Gray (Treasurer)
Harrison's daughter, Elizabeth Gray Otis, stayed behind with her husband Samuel Allyne Otis [1740–1814], brother of pamphleteer James Otis, Jr. and author Mercy
Oct 8th 2016

Secretary of the United States Senate
secretaryship has been held by a long line of distinguished individuals. Samuel Allyne Otis, the first secretary of the Senate, had previously been speaker of
Feb 10th 2017

Rancho San Vicente (Escamilla)
District Court (California : Northern District) Land Case 332 W ND John W. Allyne Business Papers Coordinates: 37°04′48″N 122°11′24″W / 37.080°N 122.190°W
Aug 28th 2014

Harrison Gray Otis (politician)
Boston, Massachusetts on October 8, 1765 to Elizabeth (Gray) and Samuel Allyne Otis. His uncle was Revolutionary War leader James Otis, and his father
Apr 7th 2017

Fredrik Georg Gade (businessman)
Through his brother Gerhard he was an uncle of Fredrik Herman Gade and John Allyne Gade, and through his wife he was an uncle of Fredrik Barbe Wallem. Paulson
Jul 31st 2016

3rd United States Congress
William White (Episcopalian) Doorkeeper: James Mathers Secretary: Samuel Allyne Otis Chaplain: Ashbel Green (Presbyterian) Clerk: John J. Beckley Doorkeeper:
Apr 17th 2017

Ajapa japa
way of a pilgrim. San Francisco: HarperSanFranciscoHarperSanFrancisco. ISBN 0-06-063017-5 Allyne Smith, G. E. H. Palmer, Philip Sherrard, & Kallistos Ware (2006). The Philokalia:
Mar 9th 2017

Fredrik Georg Gade
and a first cousin of Fredrik Barbe Wallem, Gade Fredrik Herman Gade and Gade John Allyne Gade. Gade married twice. His first marriage, to Augusta Smith-Petersen
Dec 30th 2016

Ernest H. Buehl, Sr.
United Kingdom: EAM-BooksEAM Books. pp. 35–46, 143–150. ISBN 978-0-9573744-0-9.  Allyne, E.E. (1920). First Round Trip Transcontinental Passenger Flight: July 29th
Jun 4th 2016

GFS Chemicals
perchlorate as a super drying agent. Smith enlisted the help of his brothers Allyne (who studied engineering at Ohio State) and Clarence (who worked for a local
Mar 22nd 2017

William Jackson (secretary)
Horse. He applied to be secretary of the United States Senate, but Samuel Allyne Otis was appointed. He then applied to be personal secretary to George Washington
Dec 13th 2016

Oslo, Norway: Fungiflora. pp. 169–173. ISBN 978-8290724462.  Gomes-Silva, Allyne Christina; Ryvarden, Leif; Gibertoni, Tatiana Baptista (2012). "Resupinate
Oct 13th 2016

California Historical Society
Society also holds the papers of influential persons, including the Burr-Allyne Family, San Francisco Mayor James Rolph, Jr, Asbury Harpending, and Isaias
Mar 11th 2017

James Otis Jr.
Mercy Otis Warren, his brother Joseph Otis, and his youngest brother Samuel Allyne Otis became leaders of the American Revolution, as did his nephew Harrison
Apr 27th 2017

Ronald Adam (actor)
firstly Tanzi Cutava Barozzi; the marriage was dissolved. His second wife was Allyne Dorothy Franks. He had two children, Jane and David. After the Second World
Mar 17th 2017

Frogner Manor
his son Gerhard Gade (1839–1909). He was married to an American, Hellen Allyne, and was the United-StatesUnited States consul in Oslo. The former U.S. president and
Sep 21st 2016

Mortal sin
declarations by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith). According to Fr. Allyne Smith, "While the Roman Catholic tradition has identified particular acts
Apr 8th 2017

Mercy Otis Warren
James Otis (1702–1778) and Mary Allyne Otis (1702–1774). The family lived in West Barnstable, Massachusetts. Mary Allyne was a descendant of Mayflower passenger
Apr 26th 2017

ISBN 978-1-4411-2547-7.  Cook (2011), pp. 10. Palmer, G. E. H.; Ware, Kallistos; Allyne Smith; Sherrard, Philip (2006). The Philokalia: The Eastern Christian Spiritual
Apr 26th 2017

Mac and Me
Michael Cruise Katrina Caspary as Courtney Lauren Stanley as Debbie Barbara Allyne Bennet as Scientist Martin West as Wickett Danny Cooksey as Jack, Jr. Squire
Mar 22nd 2017

List of Case Western Reserve University people
Norton AntiVirus) Steve Wood – sixth employee at Microsoft Barbara Allyne Bennet – actress and member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) national board
Apr 12th 2017

Bock (Luxembourg)
La Ville - The City", Editions-Guy-BinsfeldEditions Guy Binsfeld. ISBN 3-88957-068-2. John-Allyne-GadeJohn Allyne Gade, "Luxembourg in the Middle Ages", Luxembourg: E. J. Brill, 1951, 251
Dec 7th 2016

Massachusetts Democratic Party
Co-Chairs: Lee Harrison, Lisa Mosczynski Senior Outreach Co-Chairs: Russ Ashton, Allyne Pecevich Site Selection Co-Chairs: Sally Rizzo, Ron Valerio Veterans & Military
Apr 21st 2017

Lufthansa Flight 592
District of New York in Brooklyn. He was arraigned on February 12, 1993; Judge Allyne Ross ordered him held without bail until his trial. Demeke remained convinced
Mar 5th 2017

Lisa the Iconoclast
Hurlbut mentions the American revolutionaries William Dawes and Samuel Allyne Otis as equals to Jebediah Springfield. When Lisa passes out the "Wanted
Mar 19th 2017

Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia
and the King’s daughter the Lady Elizabeth..., London: Thomas Creede  Allyne, Robert (1613), Tears of joy shed at the happy departure from Great Britaine
Mar 27th 2017

Samuel (name)
basketball player Samuel Ogeh (born 1968), Rivers State politician Samuel Allyne Otis (1740–1814), Secretary of the United States Senate Samuel Hartt Pook
Apr 8th 2017

Samuel Cate Prescott
Institute of Technology (MIT, then known as Boston Tech). It was there he met Allyne L. Merrill, an 1885 MIT graduate who helped Prescott enroll there in the
Jan 24th 2017

Golden Gate University School of Law
quarters and moved to its present location, a 1924 warehouse known as the "Allyne Building" at 536 Street Mission Street, near 1st Street in the South of Market
Feb 26th 2017

Ida Pollock
Jillaroo / Fires of Toretta / The Keys of the Castle (1985) (with Kerry Allyne and Iris Danbury) A Nightingale in the Sycamore, 1957 Dangerous Lover
Apr 28th 2017

Charles Harding Loring
when he was sent to a private school on Chambers street, taught by Miss Allyne. Afterwards he attended the primary school in the Phillips Church of South
Feb 9th 2017

Golden Gate University
continued to share the YMCA's building until June 1968, when it moved into the Allyne Building, a warehouse at 536 Mission Street originally built in 1924 as
Apr 12th 2017

Oral cancer
Kaustubh C; Dahodwala, Nabila; De Leo, Diego; Degenhardt, Louisa; Delossantos, Allyne; Denenberg, Julie; Des Jarlais, Don C; Dharmaratne, Samath D; Dorsey, E
Mar 25th 2017

Boston Brahmin
revolutionary Mercy Otis Warren (1728–1814): playwright, revolutionary Samuel-Allyne-OtisSamuel Allyne Otis (1740–1814): politician Harrison Gray Otis (1765–1848): U.S. senator
Apr 22nd 2017

Controversies surrounding Mortal Kombat
Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Mileena, Raiden, Scorpion, Shang Tsung and Sub-Zero. Allyne Mills, publicist for Acclaim Entertainment, answered: "This is a fantasy
Apr 5th 2017

Index of physics articles (A)
Mackintosh Allan McLeod Cormack Allan V. Cox Allen Shenstone Allyn Vine Allyne L. Alpha Merrill Aloyzas Sakalas Alpha-particle spectroscopy Alpha & Omega (book)
Nov 24th 2016

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