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American Hockey League
The American Hockey League (AHL) is a 30-team professional ice hockey league based in the United States and Canada that serves as the primary developmental
May 22nd 2017

Eastern Hockey League (1978–1981)
Northeastern Hockey League” redirects here. For the league the operated 2003–2008, see North Eastern Hockey League. The Eastern Hockey League began operation
Jul 11th 2016

Eastern Hockey League
Not to be confused with Eastern Hockey League (1978–1981). The Eastern Hockey League was a minor professional United States ice hockey league. The league
Mar 2nd 2017

Baltimore Skipjacks
The Baltimore Skipjacks were a minor professional ice hockey team originally beginning play in the Atlantic Coast Hockey League in 1981 and the American
Feb 23rd 2017

Baltimore Clippers
Baltimore-Clippers">The Baltimore Clippers were an American professional ice hockey team. They were the first of three Baltimore franchise team entries into the American Hockey
Mar 19th 2017

Southern Hockey League (1973–77)
The Southern Hockey League was a low-level minor professional ice hockey league that operated from 1973 to 1977. It was formed when the Eastern Hockey
Apr 29th 2017

Atlantic Coast Hockey League
This article is about the league operating from 1981 to 1987. For the later league, see Atlantic Coast Hockey League (2002–03). The Atlantic Coast Hockey
Feb 28th 2017

Baltimore Orioles (ice hockey)
The Baltimore Orioles are a defunct minor league ice hockey team that operated out of Carlin's Iceland from 1932 until 1942. The Orioles started with the
Apr 22nd 2017

Baltimore Clippers Sr. A
Baltimore-Clippers">The Baltimore Clippers are a defunct Canadian Senior ice hockey team based in Baltimore, Ontario, Canada. They play in the Ontario Hockey Association's
Sep 27th 2016

Jim Morrison (ice hockey)
James Stewart Hunter Morrison (born October 11, 1931) is a Canadian retired professional ice hockey defenceman, coach and scout. He played 704 National
Mar 9th 2016

1983–84 AHL season
The-1983The 1983–84 AHL season was the 48th season of the American Hockey League. Thirteen teams played 80 games each in the schedule. The league initiates two
Mar 21st 2015

1982–83 AHL season
The 1982–83 AHL season was the 47th season of the American Hockey League. Thirteen teams played 80 games each in the schedule. The Rochester Americans
Dec 16th 2015

Ice hockey
Ice hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, usually in a rink, in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into
May 22nd 2017

Sports in Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland has a long and storied sporting history encompassing many teams from many different eras. Area fans, such as the late Wild Bill Hagy
Apr 25th 2017

Ice hockey in Australia
Ice hockey in Australia is only a moderately popular sport, with low participation and spectator attendance figures when compared with many other sports
May 1st 2017

1966–67 AHL season
The 1966–67 AHL season was the 31st season of the American Hockey League. Nine teams played 72 games each in the schedule. The Pittsburgh Hornets finished
Apr 19th 2016

American(s) may refer to: American, an adjective for something of, from, or related to the United States Americans, citizens of the United States American
May 19th 2017

1995–96 AHL season
The 1995–96 AHL season was the 60th season of the American Hockey League. The AHL expands by two teams and realigns into two conferences, and four divisions
Dec 26th 2016

Jack Crawford (ice hockey)
John Shea Crawford (October 26, 1916 – January 19, 1973) was a Canadian ice hockey defenceman and coach. He was born in Dublin, Ontario. Despite Crawford's
Sep 20th 2016

Black players in ice hockey
The history of black players in North American ice hockey has roots dating back to the late 19th century. The first black ice hockey star was Herb Carnegie
Apr 25th 2017

Larry Johnston
Larry Stuart Roy Johnston (born July 20, 1943 in Kitchener, Ontario) is a former professional ice hockey defenceman who played for over 14 years in seven
Oct 15th 2016

History of the National Hockey League
The history of the National Hockey League begins with the end of its predecessor league, the National Hockey Association (NHA), in 1917. After unsuccessfully
May 16th 2017

Potential National Hockey League expansion
The National Hockey League (NHL) has undergone several rounds of expansion and other organizational changes during its 100-year history to reach its current
May 9th 2017

Ice hockey in the United States
Ice hockey, usually referred to in the U.S. simply as "hockey", is a popular sport in the United States. In the U.S. the game is most popular in regions
May 21st 2017

Steven King (ice hockey)
King Steven Andrew King (born July 22, 1969 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island) is a former ice hockey forward who played professionally from 1991 to 2000. King
Feb 19th 2016

American Football League
American-Football-League">The American Football League (AFL) was a major professional American football league that operated from 1960 until 1969, when it merged with the National
May 2nd 2017

1974–75 AHL season
The 1974–75 AHL season was the 39th season of the American Hockey League. Ten teams were scheduled to play 76 games each in the schedule, but the Baltimore
Feb 23rd 2015

Jack Riley (ice hockey, born 1919)
For other hockey players known as Jack-Riley Jack Riley, see John P. Riley, Jr. and Jack-Riley Jack Riley (ice hockey, born 1908). John Thomas "Jack" Riley (June 14, 1919 –
Jan 7th 2017

List of AHL seasons
The American Hockey League is a minor professional ice hockey league in the United States and Canada. It serves as the top developmental league for the
Apr 29th 2017

Ice Hockey Australia
Australian-Ice-Hockey-Federation">The Australian Ice Hockey Federation, currently trading as Australia Ice Hockey Australia (IHA), is the official national governing body of ice hockey in Australia
May 6th 2017

1968–69 AHL season
The 1968–69 AHL season was the 33rd season of the American Hockey League. Eight teams played 74 games each in the schedule. The Buffalo Bisons finished
Nov 27th 2014

History of the National Hockey League (1942–67)
The Original Six era of the National Hockey League (NHL) began in 1942 with the demise of the Brooklyn Americans, reducing the league to six teams: Boston
Apr 7th 2017

1997–98 AHL season
The 1997–98 AHL season was the 62nd season of the American Hockey League. The AHL shifts teams in their divisions, and the Canadian division reverts to
Jan 22nd 2017

Royal Farms Arena
Coordinates: 39°17′19″N 76°37′8″W / 39.28861°N 76.61889°W / 39.28861; -76.61889 Royal Farms Arena (originally the Baltimore Civic Center and formerly
May 23rd 2017

Basketball Association of America
The Basketball Association of America (BAA) was a professional basketball league in North America, founded in 1946. Following its third season, 1948–49
Mar 25th 2017

Erie Blades
Erie-Blades">The Erie Blades name was used by two professional ice hockey teams in Erie, Pennsylvania. Both teams played their home games in the Erie County Field House
Jun 15th 2016

Bob Craig (ice hockey)
Craig Bob Craig (born July 30, 1952 in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan) is a former professional ice hockey defenceman. Craig played 178 games in the American Hockey
May 5th 2016

1993–94 AHL season
The 1993–94 AHL season was the 58th season of the American Hockey League. Sixteen teams played 80 games each in the schedule. The St. John's Maple Leafs
Aug 1st 2016

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
Polytechnic-Institute">Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, colloquially referred to as BPI, Poly, and The Institute, is a U.S. public high school founded in 1883. Though established
May 19th 2017

Baltimore City College
Baltimore-CityCity-CollegeBaltimore CityCity College, known colloquially as CityCity, CityCity College, B.C.C. is a public magnet high school in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Established
May 21st 2017

Overtime (ice hockey)
Overtime is a method of extending an ice hockey game when the scores are tied after regulation. The two main methods of extending the game are the overtime
May 16th 2017

1967–68 AHL season
The-1967The 1967–68 AHL season was the 32nd season of the American Hockey League. Eight teams played 72 games each in the schedule. The league played a limited
Oct 6th 2015

George Ford (ice hockey)
George Allen Ford (born June 8, 1930) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player who played for the Syracuse Warriors, Baltimore Clippers and
Jul 6th 2016

Paul Gardner (ice hockey)
Paul Malone Gardner (born March 5, 1956) is a Canadian professional ice hockey coach and a retired Canadian ice hockey centre, currently coaching at Lowen
Apr 26th 2017

Mike O'Neill (ice hockey)
O'Neill Michael Anthony O'Neill (born November 3, 1967) is a retired professional ice hockey goaltender. O'Neill played four years at Yale University before
Apr 5th 2017

American Indoor Football
American Indoor Football (AIF) was a professional indoor football league, one of the several regional professional indoor football leagues in North America
Apr 25th 2017

Mid-Atlantic Women's Hockey League
The Mid-Atlantic Women's Hockey League (MAWHL) is the oldest continuously active women's ice hockey league in North America. This League is not a professional
Jan 12th 2017

Major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada
The major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada are the highest professional competitions of team sports in those countries. The
May 21st 2017

1967 NHL expansion
The National Hockey League (NHL) undertook a major expansion for the 1967–68 season. Six new franchises were added to double the size of the league, making
May 19th 2017

Daniel Sullivan
Dan, Danny, or Daniel Sullivan may refer to: Dan Sullivan (New Zealand politician) (1882–1947), New Zealand politician Dan Sullivan (Anchorage mayor)
Oct 30th 2016

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