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American Theater
Theater American Theater or American Theatre may refer to: Theater of the United-StatesUnited States, about stage theater in the U.S. American Theatre in New Orleans, opened
Dec 4th 2016

American Conservatory Theater
American-Conservatory-TheaterAmerican Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) is a large non-profit theater company in San Francisco, California, that offers both classical and contemporary
Apr 22nd 2017

African-American musical theater
African-American musical theater relates to the historic musical theater of the African American community, particularly prominent in New York City during
Oct 30th 2016

Theater of the United States
African-American theater. Frederick O'Neal and Abram Hill founded ANT, or the American Negro Theater, the most renowned African-American theater group of
May 26th 2017

Asian American Theater Company
The Asian American Theater Company (AATC) is a non-profit theatre performance company based in San Francisco. Its stated mission is "To connect people
Jan 25th 2017

American Theater (World War II)
The American Theater describes a series of mostly minor areas of operations during World War II. This was mainly due to both North and South America's
May 27th 2017

American Theater Hall of Fame
The American Theater Hall of Fame in New York City was founded in 1972. Earl Blackwell was the first head of the organization's Executive Committee. In
May 25th 2017

Filipino American theater
Filipino-American-TheaterFilipino American Theater ranges from topics such as Filipino/Filipino-American history to modern Filipino issues. The themes for these works were mostly
May 20th 2017

Movie theater
A movie theater or movie theatre (also called a cinema) is a building that contains an auditorium for viewing films (also called movies or cinemas), for
May 24th 2017

Dream Theater
30, 2014 N/A 5 97 North America Asia Australia Europe South America Dream Theater 30th Anniversary Tour June 25August 2, 2015 N/A 1 25 Europe The
May 23rd 2017

Theater (warfare)
In warfare, a theater or theatre (see spelling differences) is an area or place in which important military events occur or are progressing. A theater
Apr 25th 2017

Prince Music Theater
musical comedy and experimental forms. Founded in 1984 as the American Music Theater Festival by Marjorie Samoff, Eric Salzman and Ron Kaiserman, for
Apr 7th 2017

Orpheum Theater (St. Louis)
movie theater until it closed in the 1960s. It was restored as the American Theater in the 1980s and was listed under that name on the National Register
Nov 28th 2016

Western theater of the American Revolutionary War
The Western theater of the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) was the area of conflict west of the Appalachian Mountains, the region which became the
Apr 16th 2017

Western Theater of the American Civil War
The Western Theater of the American Civil War encompassed major military operations in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina
Apr 23rd 2017

Theater of Colombia
biggest theater festivals in the world, properly called the Ibero-American Theater Festival. As in many other parts of the world, future actors and actresses
Apr 11th 2017

The Public Theater
Coordinates: 40°43′45.18″N 73°59′30.45″W / 40.7292167°N 73.9917917°W / 40.7292167; -73.9917917 The Public Theater is a New York City arts organization
May 5th 2017

American National Theater and Academy
of Minnesota Press (1973) ISBN 0-8166-0675-7 The History of North American Theater: The United States, Canada, and Mexico : From Pre-Columbian Times to
May 25th 2017

Theater District, Manhattan
New York City's Theater District (sometimes spelled Theatre District, and officially zoned as the "Theater Subdistrict") is an area in Midtown Manhattan
Mar 23rd 2017

Vivian Beaumont Theater
The Vivian Beaumont Theater is a theater located in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts complex at 150 West 65th Street on the Upper West Side of
May 15th 2017

Apollo Theater
The Apollo Theater at 253 West 125th Street between Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard (formerly Seventh Avenue) and Frederick Douglass Boulevard (formerly
May 26th 2017

Guthrie Theater
Guthrie's national and international reputation as a first-rate example of American theater and drew critical success with productions of classics such as Peer
May 17th 2017

American Campaign Medal
recognize those military members who had performed military service in the American-TheaterAmerican Theater of Operations during World War II. A similar medal, known as the American
May 14th 2017

Davis Theater
The Davis Theater, originally known as the Pershing Theater, is a first run movie theater located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. Built
Jan 9th 2017

Drive-in theater
A drive-in theater or drive-in cinema is a form of cinema structure consisting of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a concession stand
Apr 28th 2017

Toy theater
Toy theater, also called paper theater and model theater (also spelt theatre, see spelling differences), is a form of miniature theater dating back to
Jan 16th 2017

American Repertory Theater
The-American-Repertory-TheaterThe American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) is a professional not-for-profit theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 1980 by Robert Brustein, the A
Feb 4th 2017

American Theatre Organ Society
Retrieved 23 August 2013.  "Allen Organs". Retrieved 23 August 2013American Theater Organ Society Organ Historical Society The Theatre Organ Home Page
Mar 2nd 2017

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (AAADT) is a modern dance company based in New York, New York. It was founded in 1958 by choreographer and dancer
May 20th 2017

Theater in Kentucky
Theatre in Kentucky-TheaterKentucky Theater venues in Kentucky include: Paramount Arts Center, a Kentucky landmark on the Historic Register, opened in 1931. Stephen
Sep 21st 2016

Mediterranean Theater of Operations
This page deals with the United States Army's Mediterranean Theater of Operations. See Mediterranean and Middle East theatre of World War II for more details
May 3rd 2017

Harris Theater (Chicago)
The Joan W. and Irving B. Harris-TheaterHarris-TheaterHarris Theater for Music and Dance (also known as the Harris-TheaterHarris-TheaterHarris Theater for Music and Dance, the Harris & Harris-TheaterHarris-TheaterHarris Theater or, most
May 4th 2017

Avenue Theater
Coordinates: 39°44′36″N 104°58′54″W / 39.74333°N 104.98167°W / 39.74333; -104.98167 Avenue-Theater">The Avenue Theater, located at 417 E. 17th Avenue in Downtown Denver
Mar 2nd 2017

Garden Theater
Not to be confused with Garden Theatre (New York). The Garden Theater (or Garden Theatre) is a 1,000-seat theater that was built in 1915 at 12 West North
Oct 10th 2016

Northern theater of the American Revolutionary War after Saratoga
Philadelphia in 1778, and made New York City the headquarters for the North American theater of war. They then embarked on a southern strategy, in which they sought
Jan 30th 2017

American Blues Theater
American-Blues-TheaterAmerican Blues Theater is an American theater. Winner of American Theatre Wing’s prestigious 2016 National Theatre Company Award, American-Blues-TheaterAmerican Blues Theater
Jan 12th 2017

David H. Koch Theater
The David H. Koch Theater is a theater for ballet, modern and other forms of dance, part of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts located at the intersection
May 15th 2017

European Theater of Operations, United States Army
For other uses, see European theatre (disambiguation). The European Theater of Operations, United States Army (ETOUSA) was a United States Army formation
May 6th 2017

Regional theater in the United States
A regional theatre, or resident theatre, in the United States is a professional or semi-professional theatre company that produces its own seasons. The
Mar 5th 2017

Fitzgerald Theater
The Fitzgerald Theater is the oldest active theatre in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and the home of American Public Media's A Prairie Home Companion. It was
May 10th 2017

Theater (structure)
A theater, theatre or playhouse, is a structure where theatrical works or plays are performed, or other performances such as musical concerts may be produced
Feb 17th 2017

Eastern Theater of the American Civil War
The Eastern Theater of the American Civil War consists of the major military and naval operations in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and
May 21st 2017

American Musical Theatre of San Jose
The American Musical Theatre of San Jose (AMTSJ), previously known as the San Jose Civic Light Opera (SJCLO), was a major professional nonprofit musical
Apr 8th 2017

Asian-American theatre
Los Angeles, Asian American Theatre Workshop (later renamed Asian American Theater Company) in San Francisco, Theatrical Ensemble of Asians (later renamed
May 19th 2017

Leaf Theater
The Leaf Theater is a historical theater in Quincy, Florida, run by the non-profit group Quincy Music Theater. The Leaf Theater was built in 1949 and named
May 12th 2017

Microsoft Theater
Coordinates: 34°02′40″N 118°16′00″W / 34.04444°N 118.26667°W / 34.04444; -118.26667 The Microsoft Theater (formerly Nokia Theatre L.A. Live) is a music
Apr 22nd 2017

Contemporary American Theater Festival
American-Theater-Festival">The Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF) is an American annual professional theatre festival held at Shepherd University, located in Shepherdstown
May 20th 2017

American Airlines Theatre
The American Airlines Theatre, originally the Selwyn Theatre, is a historic Italian Renaissance style Broadway theatre in New York City built in 1918.
May 25th 2017

List of songs recorded by Dream Theater
This is a complete list of songs by American progressive metal band Dream Theater. Dream Theater was formed in 1985 by guitarist John Petrucci, bassist
Feb 17th 2017

Broadway Theater District (Los Angeles)
The Broadway Theater District in Downtown Los Angeles is the first and largest historic theater district listed on the National Register of Historic Places
Apr 18th 2017

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