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Indigenous peoples of the Americas
corn, beans and plantains as the main crops. In Cuba the population of Amerindians includes 0.1 of the population and 0.2 part Native which is also part
Apr 24th 2017

Amerindian Heritage Month (Guyana)
September 2011). "Amerindian Month 2011". Guyana Chronicle Online. Retrieved 8 July 2012Knews (2 September 2011). "Amerindians usher in Heritage Month
Nov 5th 2016

Indigenous peoples in Argentina
self-ascription, around 600,000 Argentines declared to be Amerindian or first-generation descendants of Amerindians, that is, 1.49% of the population. The most populous
Apr 10th 2017

Couple in The Cage: Two Undiscovered Amerindians Visit the West
The Couple in a Cage: Two Amerindians Visit the West was a 1992-1993 performance art piece by artists Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Coco Fusco for their exhibition
Apr 17th 2017

The Mexican Dream, or, The Interrupted Thought of Amerindian Civilizations
Mexican-Dream">The Mexican Dream, Or, The Interrupted Thought of Amerindian Civilizations is an English translation of an essay written in French by J. M. G. Le Clezio
Feb 5th 2017

Campbelltown, Guyana
This community has a population of 219 persons, being AmerindiansAmerindians and mixed people of part Amerindian descent. The residents of this village are members
Jun 3rd 2014

El Paso, Guyana
households in this village. Its inhabitants are Amerindians and people of mixed race. The Amerindians are members of the Macchusi, Akaweyo and Wapishana
Mar 15th 2013

Princeville, Guyana
River. It has a population of 180 persons consisting only of Amerindians. Most of the Amerindians found here are from the Patamona and Wapishana tribes. There
Apr 8th 2013

Race and ethnicity in Colombia
Race and ethnicity in Colombia descends mainly from three racial groups—Amerindians, Africans, and Caucasians—that have mingled throughout the last 500 years
Mar 13th 2017

Amerindian ancestry (the analogous English term, considered a slur, is sambo). Historically, the racial cross between African slaves and Amerindians was
Apr 24th 2017

people) and caboclo (brown people originally of EuropeanAmerindian admixture or assimilated Amerindians), in which mesticos can be also fully white, black
Apr 24th 2017

Indigenous peoples in Colombia
religiously convert the Amerindians. The most important institution that regulated the lives and welfare of the highland Amerindians was the resguardo, a
Apr 10th 2017

Genetic history of indigenous peoples of the Americas
they overlap significantly. The genetic pattern indicates Indigenous Amerindians experienced two very distinctive genetic episodes; first with the initial
Apr 26th 2017

mixture of EuropeansEuropeans, AfricansAfricans and AmerindiansAmerindians. 51.6% of the population are Mestizos of mixed European, African and Amerindian ancestry and 43.6% of Venezuelans
Apr 22nd 2017

Demographics of Peru
amalgamation of different cultures and ethnicities over thousands of years. Amerindians inhabited the land for over ten millennia before the Spanish conquest
Mar 28th 2017

Diego de Rebolledo
distribution of gifts to the Amerindians as this was a tradition in Florida and also because, if he left to make the deal, the Amerindians could rebel against
Feb 2nd 2017

Spanish missions in Trinidad
Mayo). The mission of Santa Rosa de Arima was established in 1789 when Amerindians from the former encomiendas of Tacarigua and Arauca (Arouca) were relocated
Jan 14th 2016

Arouca, Trinidad and Tobago
corruption of Arauca, an Amerindian tribe. During most of the Spanish rule, Arouca was a settlement reserved for Amerindians. However, when the French
Jul 26th 2016

East Asians), and indigena ("indigene" or "indigenous person", meaning Amerindians). The term is still popular in Brazil. According to IBGE (Brazilian Institute
Mar 22nd 2017

Santa Rosa Carib Community
The Caribs of Arima are descended from the original Amerindian inhabitants of Trinidad; Amerindians from the former encomiendas of Tacarigua and Arauca
Aug 30th 2016

Carolyn Rodrigues
an Amerindian, was born in Moruca, Barima-Waini Region. After attending a private school in Georgetown, she received a scholarship for Amerindians and
Nov 22nd 2016

Mixed-race Brazilian
while the group known as pardos, likely contains non-mixed acculturated Amerindians. According to the 2010 census, "pardos" make up 82.277 million people
Dec 3rd 2016

The United Force
received 16.4% of the vote, winning four seats, of which two were taken by Amerindians (Campbell and Teddy Melville). However, the following years saw increasing
Oct 21st 2016

St. Cuthbert's Mission, Guyana
Cuthbert's is regarded by many people in Guyana as the "cultural capital" for Amerindians. St Cuthbert's Mission was founded in the late 1800s by Joseph Ferguson
Mar 24th 2017

B'nai Moshe
History of the Jews in Peru Amazonian Jews Jewish ethnic divisions Mestizos Amerindians Incas Converting Inca Indians in Peru Kulanu organisation [1]
Dec 26th 2016

Algonquian–Basque pidgin
Forkel, Robert; Haspelmath, Martin; Bank, Sebastian, eds. (2016). "Basque-Amerindian Pidgin". Glottolog 2.7. Jena: Max Planck Institute for the Science of
Sep 22nd 2016

Île aux Basques
Turgeon, Laurier (October 1998). "French Fishers, Fur Traders, and Amerindians during the Sixteenth Century: History and Archaeology". The William &
Feb 16th 2017

Fernando de Villanueva
and enslaving the Christianized Amerindians. The puebloans and Apaches killed five soldiers and six Christian Amerindians in the mountains of Magdalena
Oct 14th 2016

inhabited by Amerindians. The first European settlers founded a village called Sao Silvano, but that was destroyed by the local Amerindians. The first permanent
May 2nd 2016

Kalina people
Population and territory of AmerindiansAmerindians of the Amazon. APFT Pilot Report. (retrieved 23 March 2011) List of Amerindian populations of the Amazon Courtz
Mar 13th 2017

Caribbean people
of CaribbeanCaribbean descent. The CaribbeanCaribbean region was initially populated by Amerindians from several different Carib and Arawak groups. These groups were decimated
Feb 28th 2017

Demographics of Honduras
Mestizos (European mixed with Amerindian) make up more than 90% of the population of Honduras. Amerindians are 6% of the population and AfroHondurans
Jan 30th 2017

a population of approximately 500 residents which consists of mostly amerindians and a very small number of east indians and negroes. Coordinates: 7°29′18″N
Sep 17th 2015

John R. Bell
estimate of the number of Amerindians living in Florida. He reported about 22,000 Amerindians, and 5,000 slaves held by Amerindians. He estimated that two-thirds
Apr 25th 2017

Mexican Indian Wars
conflicts fought between Spanish, and later Mexican, forces against Amerindians in what is now called Mexico. The period begins with Spanish conquest
Apr 11th 2017

Immigration to Uruguay
nation formed by the combination of different groups over five centuries. Amerindians inhabited Uruguayan territory for several millennia before Spanish Conquest
Apr 10th 2017

Immigration to Peru
nation formed by the combination of different groups over five centuries. Amerindians inhabited Peruvian territory for several millennia before Spanish Conquest
Dec 2nd 2016

62 "free" blacks, 28 French settlers and 155 Amerindians who supposedly lived on the missions. Amerindians (Caribs) also lived in other areas of Toco and
Apr 17th 2017

Afro-Costa Ricans
ancestry. Costa Rica has four small minority groups: Mulattoes, Blacks, Amerindians and Asians. About 8% of the population is of Black African descent or
Jan 26th 2017

São Paulo dos Campos de Piratininga
the Jesuit goal of evangelising the Amerindians was opposed by many settlers, who used enslaved the Amerindians as labourers and profited also from the
Mar 15th 2017

Demographics of Guatemala
diverse, the 16,548,168 people (June 2016) consist primarily of Mestizos, Amerindians, and people of European descent. The population is divided almost evenly
Apr 23rd 2017

fertile soils, it is the earliest known site of cassava cultivation by Amerindians in Guyana, dating back some 3,850 years. Coordinates: 8°10′N 59°48′W
Mar 14th 2013

held by AmerindiansAmerindians whenever they gather to celebrate a special event. This event he said was like "Muster Many" (or Mashirimehi in Amerindian) and sounded
Mar 3rd 2017

Amerind may refer to: Amerind peoples, also Amerindians, the indigenous peoples of the Americas Amerind languages, a putative language family Amerind
Jan 10th 2016

Paraná (state)
originated in the area. Initially settled by the Guarani and Kaingang Amerindians, until the 17th century, virtually no European presence existed in Parana
Apr 19th 2017

nationality as a citizenship rather than an ethnicity.[citation needed] Amerindians inhabited Peruvian territory for several millennia before Spanish Conquest
Apr 1st 2017

systems of the Tupi-Guarani Amerindian groups they conquered on the Brazilian coastline, and the inexperience of these Amerindians with systematic peasant
Apr 18th 2017

Pardo Brazilians
included on its own. Amerindians were counted as "pardos". ^6 The 1960 Census adopted a similar system, again explicitly including Amerindians as "pardos".
Mar 20th 2017

Nova Almeida
Jesuit priests who wanted to spread the Christian faith amongst native Amerindians. First founded under the name "Reis Magos" (now the name of the river
Aug 28th 2016

San Marcos de Caiquín
the descendants of Amerindians are about 80% of population, the rest is represented by the cross-breed of Spanish and Amerindians. For the year 2001 the
Mar 6th 2017

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