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Andree or Andree may refer to: Andree (given name) Andree (surname) Andree, Minnesota, unincorporated community in Stanchfield Township, Isanti County
May 19th 2016

Andrée Brunet
Andree Brunet (nee Joly, 16 September 1901 – 30 March 1993) was a French figure skater. Together with her husband Pierre Brunet she won Olympic medals
Mar 17th 2017

Salomon August Andrée
August-AndreeAugust Andree (18 October 1854, Granna, SmalandSmaland – October 1897, Kvitoya, Arctic-NorwayArctic Norway), during his lifetime most often known as S. A. Andree, was a Swedish
Mar 18th 2017

Andree Anderson
Andree Anderson was an American ice dancer born in Chicago, Illinois. She was inducted in the United States Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1997 along with
Nov 17th 2016

Andrée Chedid
Chedid Andree Chedid (Arabic: أندريه شديد‎‎) (20 March-1920March 1920 – 6 February 2011) was an Egyptian-French poet and novelist. Chedid was born in Cairo on 20 March
Apr 4th 2017

Andreé González
Andree Gonzalez, full name Andree Anibal Gonzalez Frustacci (nicknamed Varilla) (born June 30, 1975 in San Cristobal, Venezuela), is a Venezuelan footballer
Jan 28th 2017

Andrée Brendheden
Andree Brendheden (born Andree Persson, January 12, 1983) is a Swedish professional ice hockey forward who currently plays for Rogle BK in the Swedish
Sep 21st 2016

Andrée Champagne
Champagne Andree Champagne, PC (born July 17, 1939) is a Canadian actress, pianist and politician. Born in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Champagne was an accomplished
May 6th 2017

Andrée Putman
Andree Putman (23 December 1925 – 19 January 2013) was a French interior and product designer. She was the mother of Olivia Putman and of Cyrille Putman
Mar 1st 2017

Andrée Land (Greenland)
"Andree Land" redirects here. For the peninsula in Spitsbergen, see Andree Land (Svalbard). Andree Land is a peninsula in King Christian X Land, East
Nov 10th 2016

Andrée Bernard
Andree Bernard (born December 1966) is an English television, film and theatre actress, singer and dancer best known for her major role as "Liz Burton"
Dec 30th 2016

Andrée Jeglertz
Jeglertz Andree Alexander Jeglertz (born 14 February 1972) is a Swedish football manager and former professional player who currently manages Umea FC. Jeglertz
Jan 8th 2017

Andrée Flageolet
Andree Flageolet is a former French racing cyclist. She won the French national road race title in 1961. "Andree Flageolet". Cycling Archives. Retrieved
Jun 4th 2016

Elfrida Andrée
Andree (19 February 1841 – 11 January 1929), was a Swedish organist, composer, and conductor. A 1996 recording on the Caprice label features Andree's
Jul 4th 2016

Andrée Lachapelle
Andree Lachapelle, OC CQ (born November 13, 1931) is a French Canadian actress. Her performances have included roles in the films Leolo, Cap Tourmente
Nov 17th 2016

Andrée Land (Svalbard)
For the peninsula in Greenland, see Andree Land (Greenland). Andree Land is the land area between Wijdefjorden and Woodfjorden on Spitsbergen, Svalbard
Apr 21st 2016

Andrée Watters
Andree Watters-Michaud (born January 25, 1983) is a musician and a two-time Felix Award winner from Quebec--------WattersQuebec Watters was born in Charlesbourg, Quebec
May 10th 2017

Andrée Bonhomme
Andree Marie Clemence Bonhomme (1 December 1905 – 1 March 1982) was a Dutch composer. Andree Bonhomme was born in Maastricht and studied music theory
Apr 13th 2017

S. A. Andrée's Arctic Balloon Expedition of 1897
A. Andree's-ArcticAndree's Arctic balloon expedition of 1897 was an effort to reach the North Pole in which all three expedition members perished. S. A. Andree (1854–97)
May 20th 2017

Andrée Boucher
Andree P. Boucher, (January 31, 1937 – August 24, 2007) was a politician from the province of Quebec, Canada. She was the mayor of Quebec City from November
May 6th 2017

1296 Andrée
1296 Andree, provisional designation 1933 WE, is a stony Nysian asteroid from the inner regions of the asteroid belt, approximately 25 kilometers in diameter
Apr 15th 2017

John Andree
John Andree may refer to: John Andree (physician) (c. 1699–1785), British physician, father of the surgeon John Andree (surgeon) (fl. 1790), English surgeon
May 19th 2016

Leif Andrée
Andree Leif Allan Andree (born Leif Allan Johansson 29 January 1958 in Stockholm) is a Swedish actor. Andree has been engaged at Teater Galeasen, Riksteatern
Nov 15th 2016

Andrée Borrel
Andree Raymonde Borrel (18 November 1919 – 6 July 1944) was a French heroine of World War II. Andree Borrel was born into a working-class family in Louveciennes
May 15th 2017

Équipe Andrée Champoux pour Verdun
Equipe Andree Champoux pour Verdun (EAC) (English: Team Andree Champoux for Verdun) is a municipal political party in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The party
Mar 3rd 2017

Andrée Tainsy
Andree Micheline Ghislaine Tainsy (26 April 1911 – 19 December 2004) was a Belgian actress. She worked with several notable actors like Philippe Noiret
Dec 10th 2016

Andrée de Jongh
Countess Andree Eugenie Adrienne de Jongh (30 November 1916 – 13 October 2007) was a member of the Belgian Resistance during the Second World War. She
May 6th 2017

Andrée Boisson
Andree Boisson (21 October 1900 – 18 July 1973) was a French fencer. She competed in the women's individual foil event at the 1936 Summer Olympics.
Dec 22nd 2015

Andrée & Rosenqvist
Oy Andree & Rosenqvist Ab (shorter form Oy Andros Ab) was a boat building yard and engineering works in Turku, Finland in 1906–1939. The company was known
Jan 31st 2017

Ellen Andrée
Andree Ellen Andree (1857–1925) was a French model for Edgar Degas, and other impressionists, in the 1870s. Andree was born in 1857 in Paris and lived in the
Dec 22nd 2016

Denice Andrée
Denice-AndreeDenice Andree is a Swedish model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss International Sweden in 2011 and Miss Earth Sweden in 2013. In 2011 Denice represented
Sep 14th 2016

Andrée Feix
Andree Feix (15 February 1912 – 15 April 1987) was a French film editor and film director. She directed two films in the mid-1940s, making her debut with
Jul 6th 2016

Marie-Andrée Lessard
Marie-Andree Lessard (born 6 December 1977) is a Canadian female beach volleyball player. As of 2012, she plays with Annie Martin. The pair took part in
Sep 14th 2016

Andrée (given name)
Andree or Andree is a given name. Notable people with the name include: Andree Anderson (fl. 1950s), American ice dancer Andree Belle, French painter
May 19th 2016

Andrée Maillet
Andree Maillet (June 7, 1921 – December 3, 1995), was a Quebec writer. The daughter of Corinne Dupuis and Roger Maillet, she was born in Montreal and began
Mar 28th 2017

Andrée Christensen
Andree Christensen (born April 16, 1952) is a Franco-Ontarian writer and visual artist. She was born in Ottawa and studied at Carleton University and Dalhousie
Mar 28th 2017

Andrée Ruellan
Andree Ruellan (April 6, 1905 – July 15, 2006) was an American artist whose realist work has modernist overtones and commonly depicts everyday scenes in
Feb 20th 2017

Andrée Blouin
Andree Blouin (December 16, 1921-1986) was an activist and writer from the Central African Republic. The daughter of Josephine Wouassimba, a Banziri woman
Nov 9th 2016

Andrée Melly
Andree Melly (born 15 September 1932) is an English actress. Born in Liverpool, Merseyside, she appeared in many British films, including the comedy The
Jan 7th 2017

Andrée Lavieille
Andree Lavieille (Paris-11Paris 11 September 1887 – 14 May 1960 Paris) was a French painter. Daughter and granddaughter of painters (her father, Adrien Lavieille
Oct 26th 2016

Andrée Lescot
Lescot Andree Lescot was a singer, showgirl, soprano and daughter of Haitian president Lescot Elie Lescot. Lescot was educated in Canada, where she studied for eight
Oct 22nd 2016

Andrée Geulen-Herscovici
Andree Geulen-Herscovici (born September 6, 1921) is a Belgian woman who, with others, rescued almost 1000 Jewish children during the Holocaust. In 1942
Dec 22nd 2016

Andree Layton Roaf
Andree Layton Roaf (March 31, 1941 – July 1, 2009) was an Arkansas lawyer and jurist. She was the first African-American woman to serve on the Arkansas
May 20th 2017

Andrée Peel
Andree Peel (February 3, 1905 – March 5, 2010 (105)) was one of a couple of women known as Agent Rose (the other being Eileen Nearne). She worked against
Sep 11th 2016

Andrée Island
Andree Island (64°31′S 61°31′W / 64.517°S 61.517°W / -64.517; -61.517Coordinates: 64°31′S 61°31′W / 64.517°S 61.517°W / -64.517; -61.517) is an island
Nov 21st 2015

Andrée Clair
Andree Clair (May 5, 1916 - 1982) was a writer who was born in France, but is associated with Niger. She was noted for her ethnographic study of Niger
Feb 23rd 2016

Andrée Brunin
Andree Brunin was a French poet (13 February 1937, La Madeleine, Nord, - 1 April 1993, Bavinchove, Dunkirk) Her output includes : Fille du Vent, Poems
May 22nd 2016

Marie-Andrée Bertrand
Marie-Bertrand Andree Bertrand (1925 – March 6, 2011) was a French-Canadian criminologist, a feminist and anti-prohibitionist. Bertrand started her career
May 11th 2016

Andrée Vaurabourg
Andree Vaurabourg (8 September 1894 in Toulouse − 18 July 1980 in Paris) was a French pianist and teacher. She was the wife of Swiss-French composer Arthur
Oct 13th 2016

Andrée Howard
Andree Howard (3 October 1910 – 18 April 1968) was a British ballet dancer and choreographer. She created over 30 ballets, of which almost nothing remains
Dec 22nd 2016

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