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Anti may refer to: Anti (mythology), the ferryman who carried Isis to Set's island in Egyptian mythology Anti, or Antaeus, half-giant in Greek and Berber
Oct 6th 2016

Anti (album)
Anti is the eighth studio album by Barbadian singer Rihanna. It was released on January 28, 2016, through Westbury Road and Roc Nation. The singer began
May 22nd 2017

List of anti-cultural, anti-national, and anti-ethnic terms
list of anti-cultural, anti-national, and anti-ethnic terms, where "anti-cultural" means sentiments of hostility towards a particular culture, "anti-national"
May 17th 2017

Anti-fascism is opposition to fascist ideologies, groups and individuals. The anti-fascist movement began in a few European countries in the 1920s, and
Apr 28th 2017

Anti-Masonry (alternatively called Anti-Freemasonry) is defined as "avowed opposition to Freemasonry". However, there is no homogeneous anti-Masonic movement
Apr 28th 2017

Anti-Zionism is opposition to Zionism. The term is broadly defined in the modern era as the opposition to the ethnonationalist and political movement of
May 22nd 2017

people and communism in general, see Communism. Anti-communism is opposition to communism. Organized anti-communism developed in reaction to the rise of
May 21st 2017

Anti-Federalism refers to a movement that opposed the creation of a stronger U.S. federal government and which later opposed the ratification of the 1787
May 22nd 2017

"Anti-imperialism" in political science and international relations is a term used in a variety of contexts, usually by nationalist movements, who want
May 3rd 2017

Anti-clericalism is opposition to religious authority, typically in social or political matters. Historical anti-clericalism has mainly been opposed to
May 17th 2017

Anti-tank warfare
Anti-tank warfare arose as a result of the need to develop technology and tactics to destroy tanks during World War I. Since the first tanks were developed
May 15th 2017

communist concept. For other uses, see Revisionism. In the communist lexicon, anti-revisionism is opposition to attempts to revise, modify, or abandon the fundamentals
Mar 6th 2017

Anti-ArabismArabism, Anti-Arab sentiment or Arabophobia is opposition to, or dislike, fear, hatred, and advocacy of genocide of Arab people. Historically, anti-Arab
May 21st 2017

Anti-suffragism was a political movement composed of both men and women that began in the late 19th century in order to campaign against women's suffrage
Apr 16th 2017

Anti-Judaism is the "total or partial opposition to Judaism — and to Jews as adherents of it — by persons who accept a competing system of beliefs and
May 10th 2017

Anti-intellectualism is hostility towards and mistrust of intellect, intellectuals, and intellectual pursuits, usually expressed through the derision of
May 18th 2017

Anti-capitalism encompasses a wide variety of movements, ideas and attitudes that oppose capitalism. Anti-capitalists, in the strict sense of the word
May 15th 2017

For the opposition to communism, see Anti-communism. Anti-SovietismSovietism and Anti-Soviet refer to persons and activities actually or allegedly aimed
Apr 3rd 2017

Anti-AmericanismAmericanism, anti-American sentiment, or sometimes Americanophobia is dislike of or opposition to the United States governmental policies, especially
May 7th 2017

Anti-inflammatory or antiinflammatory refers to the property of a substance or treatment that reduces inflammation or swelling. Anti-inflammatory drugs
May 13th 2017

Anti-tank missile
An anti-tank missile (ATM), anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) or anti-armor guided weapon, is a guided missile primarily
Apr 17th 2017

Anti-Catholicism is hostility towards or opposition to the Catholic Church, its clergy and adherents. After the Protestant Reformation and until at least
May 20th 2017

Anti-Masonic Party
Anti The Anti-Masonic Party (also known as the Anti-Masonic Movement) was the first "third party" in the United States. It strongly opposed Freemasonry as a
May 15th 2017

Anti-statism is a term describing opposition to state intervention into personal, social, and economic affairs. Anti-statism means opposition to the state
Feb 24th 2017

Three-anti and Five-anti Campaigns
The Three-anti Campaign (1951) and Five-anti Campaign (1952) (Chinese: 三反五反; pinyin: sān fǎn wǔ fǎn) were reform movements originally issued by Mao Zedong
Dec 31st 2016

Anti-corporate activism
Anti-corporate activism holds that the influence of big business corporations is a detriment to the public good and to the democratic process. Activists[who
Nov 16th 2016

Anti-racism includes beliefs, actions, movements, and policies adopted or developed to oppose racism. By its nature, anti-racism tends to promote the
May 20th 2017

Spatial anti-aliasing
In digital signal processing, spatial anti-aliasing is the technique of minimising the distortion artifacts known as aliasing when representing a high-resolution
Nov 10th 2016

Anti-consumerism is a sociopolitical ideology that is opposed to consumerism, the continual buying and consuming of material possessions. Anti-consumerism
Apr 7th 2017

World Anti-Doping Agency
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA; French: Agence mondiale antidopage, AMA) is a foundation initiated by the International Olympic Committee based in
May 6th 2017

Anti-Hinduism is a negative perception or religious intolerance against the practice and practitioners of Hinduism. Individuals in the Indian diaspora
May 21st 2017

Anti-materiel rifle
An anti-materiel rifle (AMR) is a rifle that is designed for use against military equipment (materiel), rather than against other combatants ("anti-personnel")
May 4th 2017

topics in anti-aliasing include: Anti-aliasing filter, a filter used before a signal sampler, to restrict the bandwidth of a signal Spatial anti-aliasing
Aug 19th 2016

Anti-ItalianismItalianism or Italophobia is a negative attitude regarding Italian people or people with Italian ancestry, often expressed through the use of prejudice
Apr 23rd 2017

Anti-war movement
An anti-war movement (also antiwar) is a social movement, usually in opposition to a particular nation's decision to start or carry on an armed conflict
May 1st 2017

Anti-tank rifle
An anti-tank rifle is a rifle designed to penetrate the armor of vehicles, particularly tanks. The usefulness of rifles for this purpose ran from the introduction
May 21st 2017

Anti- (record label)
anti-record ANTI- is an American record label founded in 1999 as a sister label to Epitaph. While Epitaph's focus has mostly been on punk rock, ANTI-'s
Apr 15th 2017

Anti-folk (sometimes antifolk or unfolk) is a music genre that seeks to subvert the earnestness of politically charged 1960s folk music. The defining characteristics
Apr 27th 2017

Anti-authoritarianism is opposition to authoritarianism, which is defined as "a form of social organisation characterised by submission to authority",
Feb 25th 2017

Anti-aircraft warfare
see Flak (disambiguation). "Anti-aircraft" redirects here. For the arcade game, see Anti-Aircraft (arcade game). Anti-aircraft warfare or counter-air
May 6th 2017

Anti-globalization movement
The anti-globalization movement, or counter-globalisation movement, is a social movement critical of economic globalization. The movement is also commonly
May 10th 2017

Anti-Defamation League
Anti The Anti-Defamation League (ADL; formerly known as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith) is an international Jewish non-governmental organization
May 15th 2017

Anti-submarine weapon
An anti-submarine weapon (ASW) is any one of a number of devices that are intended to act against a submarine and its crew, to destroy (sink) the vessel
May 8th 2017

Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia (French: Capitalisme et schizophrenie. L'anti-Œdipe) is a 1972 book by French authors Gilles Deleuze and Felix
May 20th 2017

Anti-nuclear movement
The anti-nuclear movement is a social movement that opposes various nuclear technologies. Some direct action groups, environmental groups, and professional
Apr 12th 2017

Anti-German sentiment
Anti-German sentiment (or Germanophobia) is defined as an opposition to or fear of Germany, its inhabitants, its culture and the German language. Its opposite
May 11th 2017

Anti-Racist Action
The Anti-Racist Action Network (ARA) is a decentralized network of anti-fascists and anti-racists in North America. ARA activists organize actions, including
Feb 26th 2017

Anti-gravity also known as non gravitational field is an idea of creating a place or object that is free from the force of gravity. It does not refer to
May 21st 2017

The Anti-Atlas (Arabic: الأطلس الصغير‎‎), Lesser Atlas or Little Atlas is a mountain range in Morocco, a part of the Atlas Mountains in the northwest of
Apr 11th 2017

Anti-Mormonism is discrimination, persecution, hostility or prejudice directed at members of the Latter Day Saint movement, particularly The Church of
Mar 28th 2017

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