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Are, ARE or Are may refer to: United Arab Emirates using ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code The second-person singular and plural forms of the verb "to be"
Apr 26th 2017

We Are the World
"We Are the World" is a song and charity single originally recorded by the supergroup United Support of Artists (USA) for Africa in 1985. It was written
May 20th 2017

Are You Being Served?
Are You Being Served? (originally styled as "Are You Being Served?" in quotation marks) is a British sitcom created and written by Jeremy Lloyd and David
May 22nd 2017

Are You the One?
Are You the One? is an American reality television series on MTV. It follows 20 people who are living together in a tropical destination to find their
May 22nd 2017

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-Are-DeadGuildenstern Are Dead, often referred to as just Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, is an absurdist, existentialist tragicomedy by Tom Stoppard
May 2nd 2017

We Are the Champions
"We Are the Champions" is a song by the British rock band Queen, first released on their 1977 album News of the World. Written by lead singer Freddie
Apr 19th 2017

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! is an American animated mystery comedy television series produced by Hanna-Barbera. Originally produced for CBS, the series
May 2nd 2017

Are We Not Men? We Are Devo!
Q: Are-We-Not-MenAre We Not Men? A: Devo We Are Devo! is the debut studio album by the American new wave band Devo. It was originally released in August 1978, on the labels
May 22nd 2017

Diamonds Are Forever (film)
Diamonds Are Forever (1971) is the seventh spy film in the James Bond series by Eon-ProductionsEon Productions, and the sixth and final Eon film to star Sean Connery
May 19th 2017

Are You Experienced
Are You Experienced is the debut studio album by English-American rock band the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Released in 1967, the LP was an immediate critical
May 12th 2017

All your base are belong to us
"All your base are belong to us" is a popular Internet meme based on a broken English ("Engrish") phrase found in the opening cutscene of the 1992 Mega
May 19th 2017

Are (Swedish pronunciation: [²o:rɛ]) is a locality and one of the leading Scandinavian ski resorts situated in Are Municipality, Jamtland County, Sweden
May 13th 2017

We Are the World 25 for Haiti
"We Are the World 25 for Haiti" is a charity single recorded by the supergroup Artists for Haiti in 2010. It is a remake of the 1985 hit song "We Are the
Apr 17th 2017

The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming
The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming is a 1966 DeLuxe Color American comedy film directed by Norman Jewison in Panavision. It is based on the
May 12th 2017

Roses Are Red
"Roses Are Red" can refer to a specific poem, or a class of poems inspired by that poem. It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 19798. It is most commonly
May 18th 2017

We Are Marshall
We Are Marshall is a 2006 American historical drama biopic film directed by McG. It depicts the aftermath of the 1970 plane crash that killed 37 football
Mar 25th 2017

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" is a song written and performed by the British new wave music duo Eurythmics. The song is the title track of their album
May 20th 2017

You Are Not Alone
"You Are Not Alone" is the second single from Michael Jackson's album HIStory. R The R&B ballad was written by R. Kelly in response to difficult times in
May 20th 2017

These Are the Voyages...
"These-AreThese Are the Voyages..." is the series finale of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Enterprise. The 22nd episode of the fourth
May 19th 2017

These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
"These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" is a hit song written by Lee Hazlewood and recorded by Nancy Sinatra. It was released on February 22, 1966,[citation
May 5th 2017

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Are You Afraid of the DarkDark? is a Canadian horror fantasy-themed anthology television series. The original series was created by D.J. MacHale and Ned Kandel
May 14th 2017

Åre ski resort
Are is a ski resort in Jamtland, Sweden, founded 108 years ago in 1909 and owned by skistar. Are is located in Are Municipality, just outside and above
Feb 16th 2017

We Are Family (song)
"We Are Family" is a song by the American vocal group Sister Sledge. The song was composed by Edwards Bernard Edwards and Rodgers Nile Rodgers. Rodgers and Edwards offered
Apr 30th 2017

Are You Lonesome Tonight? (song)
"Are You Lonesome Tonight?" is a song which was written by Roy Turk and Lou Handman in 1926. It was recorded several times in 1927—first by Charles Hart
May 21st 2017

You Are My Sunshine
"You Are My Sunshine" is a popular song recorded by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell and first recorded in 1939. It has been declared one of the state
May 19th 2017

That's What Friends Are For
"That's What Friends Are For" is a song written by Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager. It was first recorded in 1982 by Rod Stewart for the soundtrack
Apr 19th 2017

We Are Young
"We Are Young" is a song recorded by American band Fun featuring Janelle Monae, for their second studio album, Some Nights (2012). It was released on
May 10th 2017

We Are Scientists
We Are Scientists is a New York City-based indie rock band that formed in Berkeley, California, in 2000. It consists of guitarist and vocalist Keith Murray
Mar 15th 2017

The Saints Are Coming
"The-SaintsThe Saints are Coming" was the third single by the Scottish punk rock band Skids, featured on their 1979 debut album, Scared to Dance. The song became
Mar 9th 2017

The Kids Are All Right (film)
Not to be confused with The Kids Are Alright (film). The Kids Are All Right is a 2010 American comedy-drama film directed by Lisa Cholodenko and written
Apr 27th 2017

Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars song)
"Just the Way You Are" is the debut solo single recorded by American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars. It is the lead single from his debut studio album,
May 16th 2017

Thunderbirds Are Go
Thunderbirds-Are-GoThunderbirds Are Go is a 1966 British science-fiction adventure film based on Thunderbirds, a 1960s television series starring marionette puppets and
May 17th 2017

Where the Wild Things Are
Where the Wild Things Are is a 1963 children's picture book by American writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak, originally published by Harper & Row. The
May 16th 2017

All the Things You Are
"All the Things You Are" is a song composed by Jerome Kern, with lyrics written by Oscar Hammerstein II. The song was written for the musical Very Warm
Jan 27th 2017

People Are Strange
the Doors' song. For the Stina Nordenstam album, see People Are Strange (album). "People Are Strange" is a single released by the American rock band the
Mar 28th 2017

Lips Are Movin
"Lips Are Movin" is a song recorded by American singer Trainor Meghan Trainor. Trainor co-wrote it with Kevin Kadish, who produced it as well. Epic Records released
May 16th 2017

Who Are You
Who Are You is the eighth studio album by English rock band The Who, released on 18 August 1978 by Polydor Records in the United Kingdom and MCA Records
Mar 21st 2017

You Are So Beautiful
"You Are So Beautiful" is a song written by Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher, and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys as an uncredited writer, having contributed
May 6th 2017

Car 54, Where Are You?
Car 54, Where Are You? is an American sitcom that ran on NBC from 1961 to 1963, and was about two New York city police officers based at the fictional
May 21st 2017

All men are created equal
The quotation "All men are created equal" has been called an "immortal declaration," and "perhaps [the] single phrase" of the American Revolutionary period
Feb 22nd 2017

People Are People
"People Are People" is Depeche Mode's 10th UK single, and was recorded at Hansa Mischraum in West Berlin, and released on 12 March 1984. It was their
May 15th 2017

"Are 'Friends' Electric?" is a 1979 song by the English band Tubeway Army. Taken from their album Replicas, it was released as a single in May 1979 and
May 12th 2017

We are the 99%
We are the 99% is a political slogan widely used and coined by the Occupy movement. It was the name of a Tumblr blog page launched in late August 2011
May 22nd 2017

We Are... Robin
We Are... Robin is an ongoing comic book series currently published by DC Comics written by Lee Bermejo and drawn by Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph. The
Mar 31st 2017

And you are lynching Negroes
"And you are lynching Negroes" (Russian: "А у вас негров линчуют", A u vas negrov linchuyut) and the later "And you are hanging blacks" (Russian: "А у
Apr 17th 2017

Where the Boys Are
Where the Boys Are (1960) is a Metrocolor and CinemaScope American coming-of-age comedy film, written by George Wells based on the novel of the same name
May 16th 2017

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? is a game show franchise based on the television game show of the same name. The television show began broadcast on
May 15th 2017

Where Are We Now?
"Where Are We Now?" is the first single from Bowie's David Bowie's 24th studio album, The-Next-DayThe Next Day. The single was released on iTunes on 8 January 2013, Bowie's
Feb 8th 2017

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (film)
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead is a 1990 comedy-drama film written and directed by Tom Stoppard based on his play of the same name. Like the play
Apr 28th 2017

The Boys Are Back in Town
"The-Boys-Are-BackThe Boys Are Back in Town" is a single from Irish hard rock band Thin Lizzy. The song was originally released in 1976 on their album Jailbreak. It
May 21st 2017

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