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Apr 19th 2017

Argentine Navy
of the Argentine Republic or Argentine Navy (Spanish: Armada de la Argentina Republica ArgentinaARA, also Armada Argentina) is the navy of Argentina. It is one
Apr 13th 2017

(i/ˌɑːrdʒənˈtiːnə/; Spanish: [aɾxenˈtina]), officially the Argentine Republic (Spanish: Republica Argentina), is a federal republic in the southern half of South
Apr 25th 2017

Argentine Antarctica
(according to Argentine claim). The Argentine exploration of the continent started early in the 20th century. Jose Maria Sobral was the first Argentine to set
Apr 22nd 2017

Cinema of Argentina
and creative movies made within the nation of Argentina or by Argentine filmmakers abroad. The Argentine film industry has historically been one of the
Mar 27th 2017

German Argentine
German-ArgentinesGerman Argentines (German: Deutschargentinier, Spanish: germano-argentinos) are Argentine citizens of German ancestry. The term "German" usually refers
Apr 23rd 2017

Argentine peso
of the 20th century, the Argentine peso was one of the most traded currencies in the world.[citation needed] The Argentine gold coin from 1875 was the
Apr 2nd 2017

Argentine Confederation
The Argentine Confederation (Spanish: Argentina Confederacion Argentina) is one of the official names of Argentina according to the Argentine Constitution, Article
Apr 20th 2017

Argentine Primera División
professional football league in Argentina. It is the country's premier football division and is at the top of the Argentine football league system. Contested
Mar 15th 2017

Scottish Argentine
Scottish-ArgentinesScottish Argentines are Argentine citizens of Scottish descent or Scottish-born people who reside in Argentina. A Scottish Argentine population has existed
Feb 14th 2017

Argentine wine
Argentina is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world. Argentine wine, as with some aspects of Argentine cuisine, has its roots in Spain. During
Apr 19th 2017

English Argentines
ArgentinesArgentines English ArgentinesArgentines (also known as Anglo-ArgentinesArgentines) are citizens of Argentina, or the children of Argentine citizens brought up in Argentina, who can claim
Mar 30th 2017

Culture of Argentina
The culture of Argentina is as varied as the country's geography and is composed of a mix of ethnic groups. Modern Argentine culture has been largely
Mar 28th 2017

the Argentine national census of 2010 the total population was 40,117,096, of whom 149,493 (0.37%) identified as Afro-Argentine. The Afro-Argentine population
Apr 10th 2017

Argentine Football Association
Argentine-Association-Football-LeagueArgentine Association Football League (in English) was founded on 21 February 1893 by Alexander Watson Hutton, considered "the father" of Argentine football
Mar 31st 2017

Argentine rock
regarded as part of the music tradition of Argentina alongside tango and Argentine folk music. The moment when Argentine rock began as a distinct musical style
Apr 23rd 2017

Provinces of Argentina
Provinces by Human Development Index List of Argentine provinces by gross domestic product Comparison between Argentine provinces and countries by GDP (PPP) per
Apr 12th 2017

Football in Argentina
the Netherlands). The Argentine Football Association (AFA) was formed in 1893 and is the eighth oldest in the world. The Argentine national team is one
Apr 5th 2017

Polish Argentine
Polish-ArgentinesPolish Argentines (Spanish: polaco-argentinos) are Argentine citizens of full or partial Polish ancestry or Poland-born people who reside in Argentina. Poland
Oct 26th 2016

Armed Forces of the Argentine Republic
The Armed Forces of the Argentine Republic, in Spanish: Fuerzas Armadas de la Republica Argentina, are controlled by the Commander-in-Chief (the President)
Apr 12th 2017

Argentine Americans
City had 17,363 Argentine-AmericansArgentine Americans and Los Angeles, 15,115. Immigration to New York City was popular because of the existing Argentine and Italian communities
Apr 18th 2017

Argentine irredentism
and poor Argentine diplomacy. This view, disdainful of the neighbour countries, was crafted in the 1880s decade, influenced by the Argentine territorial
Mar 12th 2017

Argentine cuisine
immigratory waves consequently imprinted a large influence in the Argentine cuisine, after all Argentina was the second country in the world with the most immigrants
Apr 26th 2017

List of Argentine films of the 1980s
Films produced in Argentina in the 1980s ordered by year of release on separate pages: List of Argentine films of 1980 List of Argentine films of 1981
Dec 16th 2012

Spanish Argentines
in South America. Argentine The Argentine independence movement would however drastically change Argentine-Spanish relations. Argentine The Argentine movement for independence
Oct 12th 2016

Argentine ant
The Argentine ant, Linepithema humile (formerly Iridomyrmex humilis), is an ant native to northern Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and southern Brazil
Apr 27th 2017

Argentine Mexicans
There is a significant Argentine diaspora in Mexico. According to the 2010 census, there were 13,696 registered Argentine citizens living in Mexico, an
Jan 17th 2017

List of Argentine films of the 1930s
of Argentine films of 1930 List of Argentine films of 1931 List of Argentine films of 1932 List of Argentine films of 1933 List of Argentine films
Mar 16th 2013

Argentine Senate
The Argentine Senate (Spanish: Honorable Senado de la Nacion Argentina) is the upper house of the Argentine National Congress. The National Senate was
Mar 26th 2017

List of Argentine films of the 1990s
Argentina by year in the 1990s in the List of Argentine films List of Argentine films of 1990 List of Argentine films of 1991 List of Argentine films
Dec 16th 2012

National Congress of Argentina
building, see Palace of the Argentine National Congress. The Congress of the Argentine Nation (Spanish: Congreso de la Nacion Argentina) is the legislative branch
Nov 8th 2016

Foreign relations of Argentina
confederation of Argentine Provinces (the so-called Argentine Confederation). Juan Manuel de Rosas made it his mission to stabilize Argentina in a confederacy
Mar 14th 2017

History of the Jews in Argentina
an Argentine law that allowed Argentine citizens in prison to emigrate if another country was willing to take them in. Israeli diplomats in Argentina helped
Apr 3rd 2017

Argentine humour
and pronunciation games, jokes about ArgentinesArgentines themselves, etc. There are and have been many humorous Argentine television shows, of many genres and
Nov 26th 2016

Argentine Brazilians
predominantly Argentine ancestry, or an Argentine-born person residing in Brazil. After gaining its independence from Spain in the early 19th century, Argentina adopted
Jan 30th 2017

Politics of Argentina
of Argentina is both Head of State and Head of Government. Legislative power is vested in both the President and the two chambers of the Argentine National
Mar 3rd 2017

Irish Argentine
Irish-ArgentinesIrish Argentines are Argentine citizens who are fully or partially of Irish descent. Irish emigrants from the Midlands, Wexford and many counties of Ireland
Apr 15th 2017

List of Argentine films of the 2000s
produced in Argentina in the 2000s decade ordered by year of release on separate pages: List of Argentine films of 2000 List of Argentine films of 2001
Dec 16th 2012

Outline of Argentina
Law enforcement in Argentina National law enforcement agencies Argentine Federal Police Argentine National Gendarmerie Argentine Naval Prefecture Airport
Jan 12th 2017

Argentine Australians
Argentine-AustraliansArgentine Australians are Australian citizens of Argentine descent or birth. According to the 2011 Census there were 9,879 Australians who claimed full
Nov 6th 2016

Ukrainian Argentines
Ukrainian-ArgentinesUkrainian Argentines (Ukrainian: Українці Аргентини, Ukraintsi Argentini, Spanish: Ucranio-argentinos) are Argentine citizens of Ukrainian descent or Ukraine-born
Dec 6th 2016

Argentine comics
comics. The Argentine comic had its golden age between the mid-1940s and the 1960s, the so-called Golden Age of Argentine Comics (la "Epoca de
Apr 18th 2017

2004–05 in Argentine football
remains in the Argentine First Division Instituto wins 3-1 and remains in the Argentine First Division This section covers Argentina's games from August
Sep 17th 2016

History of Argentina
territory that are not shown on the map. Main articles: Argentine Civil War and Argentine Confederation The defeat of the Spanish was followed
Apr 23rd 2017

2005–06 in Argentine football
promoted to Argentine First Division. Olimpo de Bahia Blanca is relegated to the Argentine Nacional B. This section covers Argentina's matches from
Jan 9th 2017

Argentine Chamber of Deputies
led by the Socialist Party. List of current Argentine deputies Argentine Senate Politics of Argentina List of legislatures by country Bloques e interbloques
Mar 28th 2017

Argentine Air Force
military officers were amongst the pioneers of Argentine aviation, including Jorge Newbery, a retired Argentine Navy officer. The school began to turn out
Apr 25th 2017

Argentine Naval Prefecture
The Argentine Naval Prefecture (Spanish: Prefectura Naval Argentina or PNA) is a service of the Argentine Security Ministry charged with protecting the
Dec 21st 2016

Asian Argentines
The small Asian-Argentine population has generally kept a low profile, and is accepted by greater Argentine society. Asian-Argentines primarily migrated
Mar 13th 2017

Argentine nationality law
Argentine nationality law has a dual system accepting Jus soli and Jus sanguinis. Any person born in Argentine territory acquires Argentine citizenship
Jan 25th 2017

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