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1765 (MDCCLXV) was a common year starting on Tuesday (dominical letter F) of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Saturday (dominical letter
Feb 19th 2017

1765 in Great Britain
Events from the year 1765 in Great Britain. Monarch - George III Prime Minister - George Grenville (Whig) (until 13 July), Marquess of Rockingham (Whig)
Feb 9th 2017

List of state leaders in 1765
This is a list of heads of state, government leaders, and other rulers in the year 1765. Ashanti ConfederacyOsei Kwadwo, Asantehene (1764–1777) Aussa
Sep 12th 2016

Stamp Act 1765
distributor of stamps for Massachusetts who was hanged in effigy on August 14, 1765 "from a giant elm tree at the crossing of Essex and Orange Streets
Apr 24th 2017

Burmese–Siamese War (1765–67)
support for the rebels in the Burmese border regions. The war began in August 1765 when a 20,000-strong northern Burmese army invaded northern Siam, and
Apr 4th 2017

List of shipwrecks in 1765
List (3090). 27 August 1765.  "(untitled)". Lloyd's List (3092). 3 September 1765.  "(untitled)". Lloyd's List (3091). 30 August 1765.  "(untitled)"
Apr 27th 2017

Sergei Saltykov (1726–1765)
Count Sergei Vasilievich Saltykov (Russian: Серге́й Василиевич Салтыков) (c. 1726 – 1765) was a Russian officer (chamberlain) who became the first lover
Mar 24th 2017

1765 in Denmark
Events from the year 1765 in Denmark. MonarchFrederick V Prime minister – Count Johann Hartwig Ernst von Bernstorff 10 JuneCladius Detlev Fritzsch
Nov 6th 2016

1765 Wrubel
Berlin Heidelberg. p. 141. ISBN 978-3-540-29925-7. Retrieved 22 August 2016.  "1765 Wrubel (1957 XB)". JPL Small-Body Database. Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Apr 15th 2017

1765 in Sweden
Events from the year 1765 in Sweden---MonarchSweden Monarch – Adolf-FrederickAdolf Frederick - Sweden form an alliance with Russia and Denmark. October - A new government is formed
Oct 9th 2016

John Stone (1765)
Deacon John Stone (1765–1834) was an early citizen of Middlebury, Connecticut. He owned a saw mill, and was one of the early members of the Middlebury
Dec 29th 2016

Sino-Burmese War (1765–69)
"Sino-Burmese-WarBurmese War" redirects here. For other wars between China and Burma, see Sino-Burmese wars. The Sino-Burmese-WarBurmese War (Chinese: 中緬戰爭 or 清緬戰爭; Burmese:
Apr 28th 2017

John Michel (British Army officer, born 1765)
For other people named John Michel, see John Michel (disambiguation). General John Michel (10 February 1765 – 5 April 1844) was a British Army officer
Aug 8th 2016

1765 English cricket season
The 1765 cricket season was the 168th in England since the earliest known definite reference to cricket in January 1597 (i.e., Old Style – 1598 New Style)
Apr 17th 2017

James Buller (1717-1765)
James Buller (17 June 1717 – 30 April 1765) of Morval in Cornwall and of Downes and King's Nympton in Devon, was a Member of Parliament for East Looe in
Nov 14th 2016

1765 in art
Events from the year 1765 in art. June 12 – The death of General John Guise in London activates his 1760 bequest of a large collection of Old Master
Apr 17th 2017

Resistance, Politics, and the American Struggle for Independence, 1765–1775
Resistance, Politics, and the American Struggle for Independence, 1765–1775 is a book that examines the role of nonviolent struggle in the period before
Nov 13th 2016

Thomas Tyrwhitt Jones
Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt Jones, 1st Baronet (1 September 1765 – 26 November 1811) of Stanley Hall, Shropshire, was a British politician. He was the eldest son
Jan 12th 2017

USS Carib (ID-1765)
For other ships with the same name, see USS Carib. USS Carib (No. 1765), a converted commercial cargo ship, was acquired by the United States Navy for
Oct 9th 2016

Maurice Bocland (British Army officer)
Lieutenant-General Maurice Bocland (c. 1695 – 15 August 1765) was a British soldier and Member of Parliament. He was the second son of Maurice Bocland
Nov 27th 2016

HMS Europa (1765)
For other ships with the same name, see HMS Europa. HMS Europa was a 64-gun third rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched on 21 April 1765 at
Oct 11th 2015

Louis, Dauphin of France (son of Louis XV)
Louis, Dauphin of France (4 September 1729 – 20 December 1765) was the elder and only surviving son of King Louis XV of France and his wife, Queen Marie
Apr 28th 2017

1765 in Scotland
Events from the year 1765 in Scotland. Further information: Politics of Scotland and Order of precedence in Scotland Monarch – George III Lord Advocate
Mar 14th 2017

Simon August, Count of Lippe-Detmold
Simon August, Count of Lippe (12 June 1727, Detmold – 1 May 1782 Detmold), ruled the Principality of Lippe-Detmold from 1734 until 1782. He was the son
Jan 7th 2017

1760s in archaeology
The decade of the 1760s in archaeology involved some significant events. 1764: First systematic mapping of the Antonine Wall by William Roy. Formal
Mar 22nd 2017

Robert Plumer Ward
Robert Ward or from 1828 Robert Plumer Ward (19 March 1765 – 13 August 1846), was an English barrister, politician, and novelist. George Canning said that
Oct 20th 2016

August Ludwig Hülsen
August Ludwig Hülsen (pseudonym: Hegekern; March 3, 1765 – September 24, 1809) was a philosopher, writer and pedagogue of early German romanticism. His
Dec 2nd 2016

August Friedrich Ferdinand von der Goltz
August Friedrich Ferdinand Graf von der Goltz (July 20, 1765 – January 17, 1832) was Minister for Foreign Affairs of Prussia between 1808 and 1814, the
Mar 25th 2016

USS Bonhomme Richard (1765)
For other ships with the same name, see USS Bonhomme Richard. Bonhomme Richard, formerly Duc de Duras, was a warship in the Continental Navy. She was originally
Mar 30th 2017

August 23
For places named 23 August, see 23 August (disambiguation). August 23 is the 235th day of the year (236th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There
Apr 23rd 2017

Joseph Kerr
For other people named Joseph Kerr, see Joseph Kerr (disambiguation). Joseph Kerr (1765 – August 22, 1837) was a Democratic-Republican politician from
Mar 25th 2017

August Ludwig von Schlözer
August Ludwig von Schlozer (5 July 1735, Gaggstatt – 9 September 1809, Gottingen) was a German historian who laid foundations for the critical study of
Mar 10th 2017

Victor Frederick, Prince of Anhalt-Bernburg
Victor Frederick of Anhalt-Bernburg (20 September 1700–18 May 1765), was a German prince of the House of Ascania. He was Reigning prince of the principality
Apr 13th 2016

Anne, Duchess of Cumberland and Strathearn
Christopher Horton (sometimes spelled Houghton) of Catton Hall, on 4 August 1765. She later married Prince Henry, Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn, the
Apr 26th 2017

George Brodrick, 3rd Viscount Midleton
Brodrick. George Brodrick, 3rd Viscount Midleton (3 October 1730 – 22 August 1765) was a British nobleman. Brodrick was the first and only surviving
Feb 5th 2017

Stanisław August Poniatowski
Stanisław II Augustus (also Stanisław August Poniatowski; born Stanisław Antoni Poniatowski; 17 January 1732 – 12 February 1798) was the last King of Poland
Apr 27th 2017

Sir Henry Erskine, 5th Baronet
(disambiguation). Henry-Erskine">Sir Henry Erskine, 5th Baronet (ca. 1710 – 7 August 1765) was a Scottish soldier and politician. He was a younger son of Sir John
Jun 10th 2016

Charles Cobbe
Charles Cobbe (Swarraton, 1686–1765) was Archbishop of Dublin from 1743 to 1765, and as such was Primate of Ireland. He was the second son of Thomas
Jul 8th 2016

Anthony Mooyart
in Ceylon. He was appointed on 13 May 1765 and was Governor until 7 August 1765. He was succeeded by Iman Willem Falck. Mooyart was the son of Nicolaas
Mar 22nd 2016

Braintree Instructions
Braintree-Instructions">The Braintree Instructions was a document sent on September 24, 1765 by the town meeting of Braintree, Massachusetts to the town's representative at the
Sep 21st 2016

August 18
August 18 is the 230th day of the year (231st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 135 days remaining until the end of the year. This date
Apr 28th 2017

Monitor (Polish newspaper)
The Monitor was one of the first newspapers in Poland, printed from 1765 to 1785, during the Polish Enlightenment. It was founded in March 1765 by Ignacy
Jun 18th 2015

Frank Sotheron
Frank Sotheron (1765–1839) was Member of Parliament for Nottinghamshire in the Parliament of the United Kingdom in the early 1800s. Marshall, John (1823)
Mar 23rd 2017

Herbert Mackworth
Herbert-MackworthHerbert Mackworth (7 September 1687 – 20 August 1765) was a Welsh landowner, coal owner and MP. He was the son of Sir Humphrey Mackworth of Gnoll
Nov 19th 2016

William Ely
Ely (August 14, 1765 – October 9, 1817) was a U.S. Representative from Massachusetts. Ely was born in Longmeadow, Massachusetts on August 14, 1765. He
Jun 6th 2016

Timothy Cutler
Cutler Timothy Cutler (May 31, 1684 – August 17, 1765) was an American Episcopal clergyman and rector of Yale College. Cutler was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts
Oct 8th 2016

The Plays of William Shakespeare
In June, Johnson advertised that his edition would be published on 1 August-1765August 1765. However, he was unable to work on the Preface until August and it was
Apr 3rd 2016

Timeline of major famines in India during British rule
This is a timeline of major famines on the Indian subcontinent during British rule from 1765 to 1947. The famines included here occurred both in the princely
Apr 17th 2017

August 6
August 6 is the 218th day of the year (219th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 147 days remaining until the end of the year. This date
Apr 17th 2017

August 12
August 12 is the 224th day of the year (225th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 141 days remaining until the end of the year. This date
Apr 28th 2017

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