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1865 (MDCCCLXV) was a common year starting on Sunday (dominical letter A) of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Friday (dominical letter
May 16th 2017

August Anheuser Busch Sr.
Anheuser-Busch-Sr">August Anheuser Busch Sr. (December 29, 1865 – February 10, 1934) was an American brewing magnate who served as the President and CEO of Anheuser-Busch
Feb 14th 2017

Powder River Expedition (1865)
Indian scouts, and teamsters left Fort Laramie, Dakota Territory, on August 2, 1865, to unite with the column's of Colonel's Nelson D. Cole, and Samuel
Mar 22nd 2017

Cowper ministry (1865–66)
MLA 3 February 1865 20 June 1865 137 days Hon. John Plunkett MLA 25 August 1865 21 January 1866 149 days Solicitor-General Representative of the Government
Sep 13th 2016

August Busch
Busch August Busch may refer to: BuschAugust Anheuser Busch, Sr. (1865–1934), 2nd generation brewing magnate Gussie-BuschGussie Busch, August A. "Gussie" Busch, Jr., (1899–1989)
Mar 16th 2013

1865 Atlantic hurricane season
The-1865The 1865 Atlantic hurricane season included two landfalling hurricanes, with one that caused over 325 deaths. The first storm was reported on May 30 by
Jan 23rd 2017

USS Squando (1865)
USS Squando was a Casco class light draft monitor built during the American Civil War for operation in the shallow inland waters of the Confederacy. She
Oct 10th 2016

Liverpool Town Council election, 1865
Elections to Liverpool Town Council were held on Wednesday 1 November 1865. One third of the council seats were up for election, the term of office of
May 3rd 2017

1865 in the United Kingdom
Events from the year 1865 in the United Kingdom. MonarchVictoria Prime MinisterThe Viscount Palmerston (Liberal) (until 18 October), Lord John
Feb 11th 2017

Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, 1865–1869
This is a list of members of the South Australian Legislative Council from 1865 to 1869. This was the third Legislative Council to be elected under the
Apr 30th 2017

Friedrich August Stüler
Friedrich August Stüler (28 January 1800 – 18 March 1865) was an influential Prussian architect and builder. His masterpiece is the Neues Museum in Berlin
Mar 17th 2016

George Moffatt (1787–1865)
For other people named George Moffatt, see George Moffatt (disambiguation). George Moffatt (August 13, 1787 – February 25, 1865) was a businessman and
Jul 3rd 2016

Stephen Spring Rice (1814–1865)
Stephen Edmund Spring Rice (31 August 1814 – 9 May 1865), styled The Honourable from 1839 until his death, was an Anglo-Irish civil servant and philanthropist
Apr 30th 2017

Members of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, 1864–1865
the Assembly, not necessarily for that electorate. Vale resigned in August 1865, re-elected in September 1865. Francis Murphy was Speaker. "Elections
Dec 27th 2016

August Kekulé
Friedrich August Kekule, later Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz (German: [ˈfriːdrɪc ˈaʊɡʊst ˈkekuːle fɔn ʃtraˈdoːnɪts]; 7 September 1829 – 13 July
Apr 22nd 2017

1865 Memphis earthquake
1865 Memphis earthquake Memphis Date August 17, 1865 (1865-08-17) Origin time 15:00 UTC Magnitude 5.0 Mfa Epicenter 36°00′N 89°30′W /
Mar 18th 2017

Powder River Massacre
Powder River Massacre, part of the Powder River Expedition, occurred on August 16, 1865, and was carried out by United States soldiers and Pawnee scouts against
Mar 22nd 2017

August Dillmann
Christian Friedrich August Dillmann (25 April 1823 – 7 July 1894) was a German orientalist and biblical scholar. The son of a Württemberg schoolmaster
Apr 22nd 2017

Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, 1861–1865
This is a list of members of the South Australian Legislative Council from 1861 to 1865. This was the second Legislative Council to be elected under the
Dec 27th 2016

African-American Civil Rights Movement (1865–1896)
The African-American Civil Rights Movement (1865–1896) refers to the post-Civil War reform movements in the United States aimed at eliminating racial discrimination
May 24th 2017

August Kiss
Kiss August Karl Eduard Kiss (October 11, 1802 – March 24, 1865) was a German sculptor. Kiss was born in Paprotzan (now Paprocany, part of Tychy in Poland)
Oct 21st 2016

TSV 1865 Dachau
Turn- und Dachau-1865">Sportverein Dachau 1865 e.V., commonly known as TSV 1865 Dachau, is a German sports club based in Dachau, Bavaria. TSV 1865 Dachau is best known
Jun 1st 2016

August Kautz
August Valentine Kautz (January 5, 1828 – September 4, 1895) was a German-American soldier and Union Army cavalry officer during the American Civil War
Mar 16th 2017

1865 in Sweden
Events from the year 1865 in Sweden MonarchCharles XV Inauguration of the Botaniska tradgarden (Lund) The first issue of the Jonkopings-Posten. The
Aug 27th 2016

Chascomús railway station (1865)
Chascomus is a railway station in the homonymous city of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. The station, built and opened in 1865 by the Buenos Aires Great
Apr 1st 2017

1865 in science
The year 1865 in science and technology involved some significant events, listed below. John Lubbock publishes Pre-historic Times, as Illustrated by
Feb 24th 2017

1865 English cricket season
The 1865 English cricket season saw the first-class debuts of WG Grace and Lancashire CCC, who were both to play very important roles in the development
May 23rd 2017

Bruce by-election, July 1865
Retrieved 19 January 2017.  "Bruce Election". Otago Daily Times (1127). 1 August 1865. p. 5. Retrieved 20 January 2017 – via Papers PastCyclopedia Company
Apr 7th 2017

USS Nausett (1865)
South Boston, MA, and launched on 26 April 1865, and commissioned on 10 August 1865, Acting Master Win. U. Grozier in command. Soon after her commissioning
Oct 8th 2016

Bruce by-election, April 1865
2017 – via Papers Past.  "Bruce Election". Otago Daily Times (1127). 1 August 1865. p. 5. Retrieved 20 January 2017 – via Papers Past.  "The Elections"
Apr 7th 2017

August Förster (physician)
August Forster (8 July 1822, WeimarWeimar – 15 March 1865, Würzburg) was a German anatomist. He was born at WeimarWeimar, and educated at the University of Jena
May 27th 2016

1865 in India
Events in the year 1866 in India. Sir John Lawrence, Governor-General of India, 12 January 1864 – 12 January 1869 Colonel Edmund Haythorne, Adjutant-General
May 6th 2017

History of Texas (1865–99)
Following the defeat of the Confederate States in the American-Civil-WarAmerican Civil War, Texas was mandated to rejoin the United States of America. Union Army soldiers
Jan 31st 2017

Peruvian presidential referendum, 1865
A referendum on Prado Mariano Ignacio Prado becoming provisional President was held in Peru on 28 November 1865. Prado had come to power in April 1865 after
Jun 17th 2013

Members of the South Australian House of Assembly, 1865–1868
This is a list of members of the fourth parliament of the South Australian House of Assembly, which sat from 31 March 1865 until 26 March 1868. The members
Dec 27th 2016

1865 in Ireland
Events from the year 1865 in Ireland. 23 July – the SS Great Eastern sets out from Valentia Island on the first attempt to lay the transatlantic telegraph
May 11th 2017

1865 in Canada
Events from the year 1865 in Canada. Head of state (monarch) – Queen Victoria (consort – Vacant) Governor General of the Province of CanadaCharles
May 12th 2015

August, Prince of Hohenlohe-Öhringen
Frederick August Charles, Prince of Hohenlohe-Ohringen (27 November 1784 in Breslau – 15 February 1853 at Slawentzitz Castle) was a German general of the
Sep 15th 2016

August Krogh
Schack August Steenberg Krogh ForMemRS (November 15, 1874 – September 13, 1949) was a Danish professor at the department of zoophysiology at the University
Apr 25th 2017

1865 in Australian literature
This article presents a list of the historical events and publications of Australian literature during 1865. For an overview of world literature see 1865
Jun 21st 2016

August Tholuck
Tholuck Friedrich August Gottreu Tholuck (30 March 1799 – 10 June 1877), known as Tholuck August Tholuck, was a German Protestant theologian and church leader. Tholuck
Apr 6th 2017

USS Trefoil (1865)
returned north to the Boston Navy Yard where she was decommissioned on 30 August 1865. Placed in ordinary in 1866, the steamer was sold at auction on 28 May
Nov 15th 2015

USS Grosbeak (1865)
the war ended, Grosbeak returned to Mound City and was sold there 17 August 1865. This article incorporates text from the public domain Dictionary of
Oct 31st 2015

August Böckh
August Bockh or Boeckh (German: [bœk]; 24 November 1785 – 3 August 1867) was a German classical scholar and antiquarian. He was born at Karlsruhe, and
Jan 30th 2017

1865 Open Championship
The 1865 Open Championship was the sixth Open Championship and was held on 14 September at Prestwick Golf Club. Andrew Strath won the championship by two
Dec 28th 2016

Black Hawk War (1865–72)
The Black Hawk War, or Black Hawk's War, from 1865 to 1872, is the name of the estimated 150 battles, skirmishes, raids, and military engagements between
Jan 6th 2017

USS Tennessee (1865)
USS Tennessee, originally Madawaska USS Madawaska, was a screw frigate built of wood at the New York Navy Yard in Brooklyn, New York, and launched as Madawaska on
Nov 29th 2015

Friedrich August Theodor Winnecke
Winnecke Friedrich August Theodor Winnecke (February 5, 1835 in GroSs-Heere, near HannoverDecember 3, 1897 in Bonn) was a German astronomer. Winnecke worked at
Feb 7th 2016

August Krönig
August Karl Kronig (20 September 1822 – 5 June 1879) was a German chemist and physicist who published an account of the kinetic theory of gases in 1856
Feb 6th 2016

Capture of Chihuahua (1865)
The Capture of Chihuahua took place on 15 August, 1865, during the French-InterventionFrench Intervention in Mexico. General Augustin Brincourt Henri, with French troops
Feb 11th 2017

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