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The Bible (from Koine Greek τὰ βιβλία, ta biblia, "the books") is a collection of sacred texts or scriptures that Jews and Christians consider to be a
May 21st 2017

Geneva Bible
Bible The Geneva Bible is one of the most historically significant translations of the Bible into English, preceding the King James Version by 51 years. It
Feb 22nd 2017

Bible translations
Bible has been translated into many languages from the biblical languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. As of September 2016[update] the full Bible has
Mar 26th 2017

Bible errata
Throughout history, printers' errors and peculiar translations have appeared in Bibles published throughout the world. The genealogy of Jesus, in the Gospel
Jan 26th 2017

Bible society
Bible A Bible society is a non-profit organization, usually ecumenical in makeup, devoted to translating, publishing, distributing the Bible at affordable costs
Apr 6th 2017

Hebrew Bible
Hebrew-BibleHebrew Bible or Hebrew-ScripturesHebrew Scriptures (Latin: Biblia Hebraica) is the term used by biblical scholars to refer to the Tanakh (Hebrew: תנ"ך‎‎; Latin: Thanach)
May 26th 2017

Wycliffe's Bible
Bible Wycliffe's Bible is the name now given to a group of Bible translations into Middle English that were made under the direction of John Wycliffe. They
May 16th 2017

Gutenberg Bible
Bible The Gutenberg Bible (also known as the 42-line Bible, the Mazarin Bible or the B42) was the first major book printed using mass-produced movable metal
May 17th 2017

Great Bible
Bible The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church
Dec 29th 2016

Books of the Bible
canons, in varying orders, and sometimes divide or combine books. Christian Bibles range from the 66 books of the Protestant canon to the 81 books of the Ethiopian
Apr 21st 2017

Bible translations into English
Partial Bible translations into languages of the English people can be traced back to the late 7th century, including translations into Old and Middle
May 25th 2017

Bible quiz
Bible Quiz, also known as Bible Bowl, is a competition between teams (often representing individual churches) over knowledge of a pre-determined section
Dec 16th 2016

Chapters and verses of the Bible
The Bible is a compilation of many shorter books written at different times by a variety of authors, and later assembled into the biblical canon. All
May 25th 2017

Bible Student movement
variously referred to themselves as Bible Students, International Bible Students, Associated Bible Students, or Independent Bible Students. The origins of the
Feb 26th 2017

Douay–Rheims Bible
Douay">The Douay–RheimsRheims-BibleRheimsRheims Bible (pronounced /ˌduːeɪ/ or /ˌdaʊ.eɪ ˈriːmz/) (also known as the RheimsRheims–Douai-BibleDouai-BibleDouai Bible or Douai-BibleDouai-BibleDouai Bible, and abbreviated as DR and DV) is
May 19th 2017

Bible Black
Bible Black (バイブルブラック?, Baiburu Burakku) is an eroge PC video game developed by ActiveSoft and published on July 14, 2000. Sei Shoujo is the original
Apr 29th 2017

Luther Bible
Bible The Luther Bible is a German language Bible translation from Hebrew and ancient Greek by Martin Luther. The New Testament was first published in 1522 and
May 15th 2017

Lincoln Bible
Bible The Lincoln Bible is the Bible owned by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln family donated the Bible to the Library of Congress, which includes
Jan 27th 2017

Bible of Kralice
Bible The Bible of Kralice, also called the Kralice Bible (Czech: Bible kralicka), was the first complete translation of the Bible from the original languages
Apr 15th 2017

Bible college
Bible colleges (sometimes referred to as Bible institutes or Theological Institute) are institutions of higher education that prepare students for Church
Jan 15th 2017

Bible translations into Chinese
Bible translations into Chinese include translations of the whole or parts of the Bible into any of the levels and varieties of the Chinese language.
Apr 25th 2017

The Living Bible
Bible The Living Bible (TLB) is an English version of the Bible created by Kenneth N. Taylor and first published in 1971. Unlike most English language versions
Apr 11th 2017

Criticism of the Bible
The view that the Bible should be accepted as historically accurate and as a reliable guide to morality has been questioned by many scholars in the field
May 10th 2017

Bible Belt
The Bible Belt is an informal region in the southeastern and south-central United States in which socially conservative evangelical Protestantism plays
May 10th 2017

Bishops' Bible
Bible The Bishops' Bible is an English translation of the Bible which was produced under the authority of the established Church of England in 1568. It was substantially
Apr 23rd 2017

Modern English Bible translations
Many attempts have been made to translate the Bible into modern English, which in this context is defined as the form of English in use after 1800 (different
May 20th 2017

The Bible (miniseries)
Bible The Bible is a television miniseries based on the Bible. It was produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett and was broadcast weekly between March 3 and
May 1st 2017

Dating the Bible
Testament/Hebrew-BibleHebrew Bible, the Deuterocanonical books (included in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox bibles but not in the Hebrew and Protestant bibles), and the
May 26th 2017

Islamic view of the Christian Bible
The Islamic view of the Bible Christian Bible is based on the belief that the Quran says that parts of Bible are a revelation from God, but believe that some
May 20th 2017

Study Bible
A study Bible is an edition of the Bible prepared for use by a serious student of the Bible. It provides scholarly information designed to help the reader
Apr 28th 2017

Outline of Bible-related topics
outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to the Bible: Bible – The Bible can be described as all of the following: ScriptureRevelation
Apr 6th 2017

Matthew Bible
The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the
May 21st 2017

List of Bible translations by language
Bible-Societies">United Bible Societies reported that the Bible, in whole or part, has been translated in more than 2,530 languages, including complete Old or New Testaments
Mar 24th 2017

Easton's Bible Dictionary
The Illustrated Bible Dictionary, better known as Easton's Bible Dictionary, is a reference work on topics related to the Christian Bible compiled by Matthew
Apr 1st 2017

Messianic Bible translations
Messianic-BibleMessianic Bible translations are translations, or editions of translations, in English of the Christian Bible, some of which are widely used within Messianic
May 3rd 2017

Bible translations into Polish
The earliest Bible translations into the Polish language date to the 13th century. The first full ones were completed in the 16th. Presently in Poland
Nov 4th 2016

Bible (screenwriting)
A bible (also known as a story bible, show bible, series bible, or pitch bible)[citation needed] is a reference document used by screenwriters for information
May 21st 2017

Coverdale Bible
Bible The Coverdale Bible, compiled by Myles Coverdale and published in 1535, was the first complete Modern English translation of the Bible (not just the Old
Apr 27th 2017

LDS edition of the Bible
confused with Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible. The LDS edition of the Bible is a version of the Bible published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
May 1st 2017

Wicked Bible
Bible The Wicked Bible, sometimes called Bible Adulterous Bible or Bible Sinners' Bible, is the Bible published in 1631 by Robert Barker and Martin Lucas, the royal printers
May 20th 2017

British and Foreign Bible Society
British and Foreign Bible Society, often known in England and Wales as simply the Bible Society, is a non-denominational Christian Bible society with charity
Apr 7th 2017

Gothic Bible
Gothic-Bible">The Gothic Bible or Wulfila-BibleWulfila Bible is the Christian Bible as translated by Wulfila in the fourth century into the Gothic language spoken by the Eastern
Mar 5th 2017

Jefferson Bible
and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, commonly referred to as the Jefferson Bible, is a collection of scripture constructed by Thomas Jefferson in the later
May 23rd 2017

Bible story
Bible stories, Judeo-Christian retellings of certain portions of the Bible, have long had a place in family religious worship, spiritual instruction, literature
Jan 26th 2017

Historicity of the Bible
The historicity of the Bible is the question of the Bible's "acceptability as a history," in the words of Thomas L. Thompson, a scholar who has written
May 19th 2017

Ostrog Bible
The Ostrog Bible (Ukrainian: Острозька Біблія, translit. Ostroz’ka Bibliya; Russian: Острожская Библия, translit. Ostrozhskaya Bibliya) was one of the
May 19th 2017

Bible study (Christian)
In Christian communities, Bible study is the study of the Bible by ordinary people as a personal religious or spiritual practice. Some denominations may
May 2nd 2017

New American Standard Bible
Bible The New American Standard Bible (NASB), also known as the New American Standard Version, is an English translation of the Bible. The New Testament was first
May 25th 2017

Bible moralisée
The Bible moralisee is a later name for the most important example of the medieval picture bibles, called in general "biblia pauperum", to have survived
Apr 22nd 2017

Jerusalem Bible
translation, see Bible Koren Jerusalem Bible. Bible The Jerusalem Bible (JB or TJB) is an English-language translation of the Bible that was first introduced to the
Apr 21st 2017

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