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battleship Bismarck, a German World War II battleship Bismarck or Bismark may also refer to: Bismarck, Arkansas Bismarck, Illinois Bismarck Township
Apr 28th 2017

Otto von Bismarck
"von Bismarck" redirects here. For other uses, see Bismarck (disambiguation). Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg (1 April 1815 –
Apr 25th 2017

Last battle of the battleship Bismarck
The last battle of the German battleship Bismarck took place in the Atlantic Ocean approximately 300 nmi (350 mi; 560 km) west of Brest, France, on 26–27
Apr 25th 2017

German battleship Bismarck
Bismarck was the first of two Bismarck-class battleships built for Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine. Named after Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, the primary force
Apr 6th 2017

Bismarck tower
A Bismarck tower (German: Bismarckturm) is a specific type of monument built according to a more or less standard model across the Germany to honour its
Apr 14th 2017

Bismarck monument
particular monuments, see Bismarck-MonumentBismarck-MonumentBismarck Monument (Bad Kissingen) and Bismarck-MonumentBismarck-MonumentBismarck Monument (Hamburg). From 1868 onwards, Bismarck monuments were erected in
Mar 19th 2017

Sink the Bismarck!
film. For other things of the same name, see Sink the Bismarck (disambiguation). Sink the Bismarck! is a 1960 black-and-white CinemaScope British war film
Apr 22nd 2017

Fürst von Bismarck
von Bismarck (1815-1898) received several noble titles during the course of his career. Already born into a noble Junker family, the House of Bismarck, he
Jun 17th 2016

Bismarck, North Dakota
For other uses, see Bismarck. Bismarck (/ˈbɪzˌmɑːrk/) is the capital of the U.S. state of North Dakota and the county seat of Burleigh County. It is the
Apr 18th 2017

Herbert von Bismarck
Nicolaus Heinrich Ferdinand Herbert, Prince von Bismarck (28 December 1849 – 18 September 1904) was a German politician, who served as Foreign Secretary
Mar 1st 2017

BismarckMandan refers to the metropolitan area (known as the "Bismarck, ND Metropolitan Statistical Area") composed of Burleigh, Morton, Oliver, and
Feb 19th 2017

Bismarck-class battleship
"Bismarck class" redirects here. For Bismarck class corvette, see Bismarck-class corvette. The Bismarck class was a pair of battleships built for Nazi
Apr 17th 2017

Bismarck Archipelago
The Bismarck Archipelago is a group of islands off the northeastern coast of New Guinea in the western Pacific Ocean and is part of the Islands Region
Mar 11th 2017

Bismarck Monument (Hamburg)
Bismarck-Monument">The Bismarck Monument (German: Bismarck-Denkmal) in Hamburg is a memorial sculpture located in the St. Pauli quarter dedicated to Otto von Bismarck. It
Jan 15th 2017

House of Bismarck
of Bismarck is a German noble family that rose to prominence in the 19th-century, largely through the achievements of the statesman Otto von Bismarck. He
Mar 25th 2017

Bismarck Event Center
The-Bismarck-Event-CenterThe Bismarck Event Center (formerly Bismarck-Civic-CenterBismarck Civic Center) is a 10,100 seat multi-purpose facility located in Bismarck, North Dakota. The land was purchased
Apr 22nd 2017

SMS Fürst Bismarck
For other ships of the same name, see Fürst Bismarck. SMS Fürst Bismarck (Prince Bismarck) was Germany's first armored cruiser, built for the Kaiserliche
Mar 23rd 2017

Bismarck, Arkansas
Bismarck is an unincorporated community between Hot Springs and Caddo Valley on State HWY 7 and 84 in Hot Spring County, Arkansas, United States. Bismarck
Feb 10th 2017

Carl-Eduard von Bismarck
Wolfgang Jayme Anders Graf von Bismarck-Schonhausen (born February 16, 1961 in Zurich) is a German politician (CDU). Bismarck is the eldest grandson of the
Dec 25th 2016

Fürst Bismarck
Fürst Bismarck may refer to: SMS Fürst Bismarck (1897), German armored cruiser of World War One SMS Fürst Bismarck (1915), German battlecruiser of the
Jan 4th 2016

Otto Christian Archibald von Bismarck
von Bismarck (25 September 1897 in Schonhausen, Brandenburg – 24 December 1975) was a German politician and diplomat, and the Prince of Bismarck from
Jul 3rd 2016

The Bismarck Tribune
Bismarck-Tribune">The Bismarck Tribune is a daily newspaper printed in Bismarck, North Dakota. Founded in 1873, it is the primary daily newspaper for south-central and
Feb 1st 2017

Bismarck Memorial
Bismarck-Memorial">The Bismarck Memorial (German: Bismarck-Nationaldenkmal) in the Tiergarten in Berlin, is a prominent memorial statue dedicated to Prince Otto von Bismarck
Oct 18th 2016

Gottfried von Bismarck
Alexander Leopold Graf von Bismarck-Schonhausen (19 September 1962 – 30 June 2007) was a member of the German House of Bismarck. He died of a cocaine overdose
Dec 11th 2016

Mona Bismarck American Center
multidisciplinary program of exhibitions, events, and educational outreach, the Mona Bismarck American Center's mission is to engage visitors in a dialogue with the
Feb 8th 2017

Bismarck (film)
Bismarck is a 1940 German historical film directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner and starring Paul Hartmann, Friedrich KaySsler and Lil Dagover. The film depicts
Jan 5th 2017

Bismarck, Missouri
76875; -90.625165 Bismarck is a city in St. Francois County, Missouri, United States. The population was 1,472 at the 2016. Bismarck, situated in the
Apr 26th 2017

Bismarck brown
Bismarck brown may refer to: Bismarck brown R, basic brown 4 Bismarck brown Y, basic brown 1
Mar 9th 2010

Bismarck crow
The Bismarck crow (Corvus insularis) is a species of crow found in the Bismarck Archipelago. It was considered by many authorities to be a subspecies
Jan 20th 2017

Bismarck hanging parrot
The Bismarck hanging parrot or green-fronted hanging parrot (Loriculus tener) is a small species of parrot in the family Psittaculidae. It is endemic to
Apr 5th 2017

Szczecin Bismarck Tower
One of the many Bismarck towers built in the former German Empire (Kaiserreich) is located in Szczecin (Gocław), now in north-western Poland (known as
Jan 7th 2017

Mona von Bismarck
Mona von Bismarck (February 5, 1897 – July 10, 1983), known as Mona Bismarck, was an American socialite, fashion icon, and famed beauty. Her five husbands
Feb 10th 2017

USNS City of Bismarck (T-EPF-9)
originally announced as Bismarck. It will be the first ship in naval service named after Bismarck, North Dakota’s capital city. City of Bismarck is under construction
Mar 26th 2017

Ferdinand von Bismarck
Ferdinand Herbord Ivar, Prince von Bismarck (German: Ferdinand Herbord Ivar Fürst von Bismarck; born November 22, 1930 in London) is a German landowner
Aug 28th 2016

Bismarck Barreto Faria
Bismarck-Barreto-FariaBismarck Barreto Faria, better known as Bismarck (born 11 November 1969 in Sao Goncalo, Rio de Janeiro State) is a Brazilian former footballer who played
Apr 19th 2017

Bismarck Churchills
Bismarck The Bismarck team was an integrated semi-professional baseball team based in Bismarck, North Dakota in the 1930s. Led by Satchel Paige, Vernon "Moose"
Nov 1st 2016

Roman Catholic Diocese of Bismarck
The-Roman-Catholic-DioceseThe Roman Catholic Diocese of Bismarck (Latin: Dioecesis Bismarckiensis) is a Roman Catholic diocese in North Dakota. The current bishop of the diocese
Nov 8th 2016

SS Fürst Bismarck (1905)
For other ships with the same name, see Fürst Bismarck. The second Fürst Bismarck was an ocean liner of 8,332 gross tons built in Glasgow by the Fairfield
Feb 12th 2017

Gottfried Graf von Bismarck-Schönhausen
Count Gottfried von Bismarck-Schonhausen (9 March 1901 – 14 September 1949) was a German politician and German Resistance figure. Born in Berlin, he was
Mar 21st 2017

Bismarck Lepe
Bismarck-LepeBismarck Lepe is an information technology CEO and product manager. Currently, Bismarck is founder of Wizeline. Prior to founding Ooyala with Sean Knapp
Feb 26th 2017

Bismarck, Illinois
Bismarck is a village in Newell Township, Vermilion County, Illinois, United States. It is part of the Danville, Illinois Metropolitan Statistical Area
Feb 18th 2017

Bismarck Range
The-Bismarck-RangeThe Bismarck Range is a mountain range in the central highlands of Papua New Guinea. The range is named after the German Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck. From
Apr 16th 2017

Bismarck 1862-1898
Bismarck or Bismarck 1862-1898 is a 1927 German silent historical film directed by Kurt Blachy and starring Franz Ludwig, Robert Leffler and Erna Morena
Dec 21st 2016

Bismarck Tower (Kallstadt)
The Bismarck Tower (German: Bismarckturm) on the 497-metre-high Peterskopf in the Haardt mountains on the eastern edge of the Palatine Forest stands within
May 5th 2015

Bismarck, West Virginia
Bismarck is an unincorporated community in Grant County, West Virginia, United States. It lies on West Virginia Route 93 near Mount Storm Lake. Bismarck
Apr 6th 2017

Bismarck du Plessis
for merging. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. › Bismarck Wilhelm du Plessis (born 22 May 1984) is a South African rugby union player
Mar 22nd 2017

SMS Bismarck
Bismarck SMS Bismarck was a Bismarck-class corvette built for the German Imperial Navy (Kaiserliche Marine) in the late 1870s. Gardiner, Robert; Chesneau, Roger;
Dec 9th 2016

Bismarck kingfisher
The Bismarck kingfisher (Ceyx websteri) is a species of bird in the family Alcedinidae that is endemic to Papua New Guinea. Its natural habitats are subtropical
Dec 3rd 2016

Sink the Bismarck (disambiguation)
Bismarck The Bismarck was a battleship of the German navy during World War II, named after Otto von Bismarck. Sink the Bismarck! is a 1960 war film about the sinking
Feb 24th 2017

Bismarck Sea
The Bismarck Sea lies in the southwestern Pacific Ocean within the nation of Papua New Guinea. It is located northeast of the island of New Guinea and
Apr 21st 2017

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