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African Americans
Afro-American peoples of the Americas. African Americans (also referred to as Black Americans or Afro-Americans) are an ethnic group of Americans with total or partial
Apr 17th 2017

Black Hispanic and Latino Americans
report Hispanic backgrounds and all others who do not. Non-Hispanic Black Americans consists of an ethnically diverse collection of all others who are
Apr 19th 2017

Black Indians in the United States
American ancestry. In the later 20th century, it was difficult for Black Native Americans to establish official ties with Native groups to which they genetically
Apr 18th 2017

Black nationalism
Black nationalism (BN) advocates a racial definition (or redefinition) of national identity for African Americans. There are different indigenous nationalist
Apr 26th 2017

Black Loyalist
Retrieved August 6, 2010.  Selig, Robert A. "The Revolution's Black Soldiers". Retrieved 2007-10-18.  "Lord Dunmore's Proclamation"
Mar 8th 2017

History of African Americans in Chicago
positions in the work force. During this time, Chicago was the capital of Black America. Many African Americans who moved to the Black Belt area of Chicago
Mar 31st 2017

100 Black Men of America
100 Black Men of America is a men's civic organization and service club whose stated goal is to educate and empower African-American children and teens
Apr 13th 2017

Religion in Black America
United States. Historians generally agree that the religious life of Black Americans "forms the foundation of their community life." Before 1775 there was
Apr 6th 2017

Black players in professional American football
Details of the history of black players in professional American football depend on the professional football league considered, which includes the National
Apr 27th 2017

Black church
gospel Black sermonic tradition Black theology General: Religion in Black America ==References== Sutton, Charyn D. (1992). Pass It On: Outreach to Minority
Apr 16th 2017

Black panther
This article is about the animal. For other uses, see Black-PantherBlack Panther (disambiguation). For people associated with the American political party, see Black
Mar 13th 2017

Black people
repatriating black people back to Africa. In 1835, black leaders called upon Black Americans to remove the title of "African" from their institutions and replace
Apr 17th 2017

American black bear
The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is a medium-sized bear native to North America. It is the continent's smallest and most widely distributed bear
Mar 31st 2017

Stereotypes of African Americans
the ladies, and intelligent people", and the images widely portrayed black Americans as living in inner-city areas, very low-income and under-educated than
Apr 19th 2017

Black feminism
white women, and especially Indian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Oriental and Black American women whose oppression is tripled by any of the above-mentioned. But
Apr 25th 2017

Black Power
movement. Soul, a type of "in-group cultural cachet," was closely tied to black America'sAmerica's need for individual and group self-identification. A central expression
Apr 23rd 2017

Black theology
Black theology, or Black liberation theology, refers to a theological perspective which originated in some black churches in the United States and later
Dec 16th 2016

Black Patriot
Speculative 19th-century portrait of, the black American, Patriot martyr, of the 1770 Boston Massacre, Crispus Attucks
Apr 4th 2017

This article is about the color. For other uses, see Black (disambiguation). Black is the darkest color, resulting from the absence or complete absorption
Apr 25th 2017

African Americans in Atlanta
12.3%, and the Asian proportion from 3.1% to 5.3% In Metro Atlanta, Black Americans are the largest racial minority at 32.4% of the population, up from
Feb 26th 2017

African Americans in the United States Congress
"Joseph Hayne Rainey", Black Americans in Congress, Office of the Clerk, US Congress, accessed 30 March 2011 "Black Americans in Congress - John Mercer
Apr 10th 2017

History of African Americans in Detroit
In 2002, within the city of Detroit there were 771,966 black residents, making up 81.2% of the population. That year it was also, out of all of the U.S
Apr 14th 2017

Black Arts Movement
that would shock and awaken audiences to the political concerns of black Americans, which says much about what he was doing with this essay. This piece
Apr 16th 2017

History of the African Americans in Houston
The African American population in Houston, Texas has been a significant part of the cities community since its founding. As of 2010, John B. Strait and
Apr 3rd 2017

Black Hebrew Israelites
accomplishments of Garvey's movement was to strengthen the connection between black Americans and Africa, Ethiopia in particular. When Matthew later learned about
Apr 26th 2017

African-American middle class
24.6 percent of all adult white Americans and 13.3 percent of all black Americans held a bachelor's degree, while 48.9 percent of African immigrants
Mar 26th 2017

Black Lives Matter
65% of black American adults supported Black Lives Matter and 40% of white American adults support it. Fifty-nine percent of black Americans thought
Apr 26th 2017

Black Hills
This article is about the region in South Dakota. For other places, see Black Hills (disambiguation). The Black Hills (Lakota: Ȟe Sapa, Cheyenne:
Apr 17th 2017

African-American upper class
African The African-American upper class consists of African-American engineers, lawyers, accountants, doctors, politicians, business executives, venture capitalists
Apr 24th 2017

Black American princess
Black American Princess (BAP) is a (sometimes) pejorative term that refers to black women of upper and upper middle class background, who possess (or are
Apr 11th 2017

Afro-Latin Americans
see Black Hispanic and Latino Americans. Afro-Latin Americans or Black Latin Americans refers to Latin American people of significant African ancestry
Apr 19th 2017

Military history of African Americans
were down with malaria or yellow fever.[citation needed] The first black American to fight in the Marines was John Martin, also known as Keto, the slave
Apr 22nd 2017

African-American literature
American-Literature">Kenneth Warren's What Was African American Literature? argues that black American writing, as a literature, began with the institution of Jim Crow legislation
Feb 22nd 2017

African-American history
later, the priest Absalom Jones established a school for black youth. Black Americans regarded education as the surest path to economic success, moral improvement
Apr 25th 2017

African-American leftism
For Leftism among African-CaribbeansCaribbeans, see African-Caribbean leftism African-American leftism refers to left-wing political currents that have developed
Mar 29th 2017

African-American neighborhood
"Jacob Lawrence Is Dead at 82; Vivid Painter Who Chronicled Odyssey of Black Americans", New York Times, June 10, 2000. Zenou, Yves; Boccard, Nicolas (February
Apr 15th 2017

Black conductors
male and Caucasian. Charles-Richard Lambert (died in 1862) was a black American conductor for the Philharmonic Society, the first non-theatrical orchestra
Feb 14th 2017

American black swift
The American black swift, or more simply black swift (Cypseloides niger), is a name given to birds that are found from northern British Columbia in Canada
Mar 8th 2017

Black Hawk (Sauk leader)
Black Hawk, born Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak, (1767 – October 3, 1838) was a band leader and warrior of the Sauk American Indian tribe in what is now the
Apr 8th 2017

Criminal stereotype of African Americans
number of studies have concluded that the news systematically portrays black americans as criminals and whites as victims of the crime. For example, a study
Apr 28th 2017

Black Hawk War
For other uses, see Black Hawk War (disambiguation). The Black Hawk War was a brief 1832 conflict between the United States and Native Americans led
Apr 15th 2017

Lists of African Americans
This is a list of lists of African-AmericansAfrican Americans. For people from current African countries, see lists for individual countries (e.g., List of Nigerian Americans)
Apr 16th 2017

Black pride
citizens and full human beings, the Black Pride movement encouraged black Americans to look to Africa for their cultural origins.  Wayne C. Glasker (1
Mar 29th 2017

Black separatism
Black separatism is a separatist political movement that seeks separate economic and cultural development for those of African descent in societies, particularly
Mar 22nd 2017

Black capitalism
historical and current examples of neighborhoods of prominent and affluent blacks in American history. Some include the historical Highland Beach, Maryland and
Jan 6th 2017

African-American newspapers
 120–123. ISBN 0-253-21350-9.  Nina Mjagkij, ed. (2001), Organizing Black America: an Encyclopedia of African American Associations, Garland, ISBN 9780815323099 
Apr 20th 2017

Black conservatism
Black conservatism is a political and social philosophy rooted in communities of African descent that aligns largely with the conservative ideology around
Apr 5th 2017

Military history of African Americans in the American Civil War
129-31 Official Record Ser. III-VolIII Vol. III p. 1126 "Black Dispatches: Black American Contributions to Union Intelligence During the Civil War".
Apr 11th 2017

Black vulture
For the Old World black vulture, see Cinereous vulture. For the Indian black vulture, see Red-headed vulture. The black vulture (Coragyps atratus) also
Apr 13th 2017

Afrikaners of Southern Africa. Americans African Americans (also referred to as Americans Black Americans or Afro-Americans, and formerly as American Negroes) are citizens or
Apr 27th 2017

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