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Bob Hill
For other people named HillHill Bob Hill, see HillHill Bob Hill (disambiguation). Robert W. Hill (born November 24, 1948) is an American basketball coach. Hill grew
Feb 18th 2017

Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill or Bob Hill may refer to: Bob Hill (footballer) (1867–1938), Scottish footballer Bob Hill (American football) (born 1891), American football
Aug 23rd 2015

Bob Hill (politician)
Frederick John Hill, known as Bob Hill, is a Jersey politician and human rights campaigner. For 18 years he was Deputy for the parish of St Martin in the
May 17th 2016

The Hill (newspaper)
The Hill is an American political journalism newspaper and website published in Washington, D.C. since 1994. It is published by Capitol Hill Publishing
Apr 9th 2017

"Bassy" Bob Brockmann is a music mixer, producer, trumpet and bass player. He has also musically collaborated with many singers and bands, such as The
Jun 2nd 2016

Bob Seger
Robert Clark "Bob" Seger (/ˈsiːɡər/, born May 6, 1945) is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. As a locally successful Detroit-area artist
Apr 24th 2017

Mount Evans Hill Climb
The Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hill Climb or Mount Evans Hill Climb is a bicycle race situated on Mount Evans near Idaho Springs, Colorado. Begun in
Dec 12th 2016

J. R.
J. R. "Bob" Dobbs is the figurehead of the Church of the SubGenius. His image is derived from a piece of 1950s clip art. According to SubGenius dogma,
Aug 28th 2016

Bob Dylan
This article is about the musician. For his debut album, see Bob Dylan (album). Bob Dylan (/ˈdɪlən/; born Robert Allen Zimmerman; May 24, 1941) is an American
Apr 19th 2017

Hill College
Hill College is a comprehensive community college located in Hillsboro, Cleburne, Burleson, Glen Rose and Meridian, Texas. Hill College opened its doors
Nov 19th 2016

Bob Hope
For other uses, see Bob Hope (disambiguation). Bob Hope KBE, KC*SG, KSS (born Leslie Townes Hope, May 29, 1903 – July 27, 2003) was an American comedian
Apr 17th 2017

Bob Maguire
Robert John "Bob" Maguire, AM RFD (born 14 September 1934) is an Australian Roman Catholic priest, community worker and media personality from South Melbourne
Apr 14th 2017

Bob Woodruff
For other people named Bob-WoodruffBob-WoodruffBob Woodruff, see Bob-WoodruffBob-WoodruffBob Woodruff (disambiguation). Robert "Bob" Warren Woodruff (born August 18, 1961) is an American television journalist
Feb 19th 2017

Bob and Margaret
Bob and Margaret is a Canadian/English adult animated television series that is also shown all over the world. The series was produced by Nelvana, a Toronto
Mar 23rd 2017

Bob Evans Restaurants
Bob Evans Restaurants is an American national chain of restaurants formerly operated by Bob Evans Farms, Inc., a food service, processing, and retail company
Apr 18th 2017

Bob Greene (fitness)
Bob Greene (born December 8, 1958) is an American exercise physiologist and certified[vague] personal trainer specializing in fitness, metabolism, and
Aug 19th 2016

Tim & Bob
Tim & BobBob (Tim Kelley and BobBob Robinson), also known as Funktwons, are Grammy Award-winning songwriting musicians and a Hip-hop/R&B production duo. Tim
Feb 6th 2017

Beatle Bob
Beatle Bob (Robert Matonis, born 1953) is a well-known figure in the St. Louis, Missouri music scene. He has been seen doing his characteristic dancing
Apr 24th 2017

Bay Hill Club and Lodge
The-Bay-Hill-ClubThe Bay Hill Club and Lodge is a private golf resort located in Bay Hill, near Orlando, Florida. The first 18 holes at Bay Hill were designed by Dick Wilson
Apr 16th 2017

Lauryn Hill
For other uses, see Lauren Hill. Lauryn Noelle Hill (born May 26, 1975) is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. She is best known
Apr 21st 2017

Sideshow Bob Roberts
"Sideshow Bob Roberts" is the fifth episode of The Simpsons' sixth season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 9, 1994
Apr 18th 2017

Escalator over the Hill
Escalator Over the Hill (or EOTH) is mostly referred to as a jazz opera, but it was released as a "chronotransduction" with "words by Paul Haines, adaptation
Dec 25th 2016

Bob Dole
Not to be confused with Bob-DoldBob Dold. Robert Joseph "Bob" Dole (born July 22, 1923) is an American lawyer and politician who served as a U.S. Senator from
Apr 27th 2017

Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh)
"Squirrel Hill" redirects here. For the neighborhood in Philadelphia, see Squirrel Hill, Philadelphia. For the archaeological site east of Pittsburgh,
Apr 25th 2017

Bob Hiller
merging. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. › Robert 'Bob' Hiller (born 14 October 1942) is a former England international rugby union
Apr 1st 2016

Bob Spitz
Bob Spitz is an American journalist and author best known for his celebrity biographies, including the New York Times best seller The Beatles: The Biography
Feb 23rd 2017

Bob Munden
Bob Munden (February 8, 1942 – December 10, 2012), was a world-renowned exhibition shooter with handguns, rifles and shotguns, but is most well known for
Nov 24th 2016

Robert Hill
American politician, U.S. Representative from Illinois and Hill Oklahoma Bob Hill (born 1948), American basketball coach, also referred to as Robert W. Hill
Mar 11th 2017

Bob Newhart
George Robert "Bob" Newhart (born September 5, 1929) is an American stand-up comedian and actor. Noted for his deadpan and slightly stammering delivery
Apr 24th 2017

Bob Wills
James Robert "Bob" Wills (March 6, 1905 – May 13, 1975) was an American Western swing musician, songwriter, and bandleader. Considered by music authorities
Mar 27th 2017

Bob Graham Round
The Bob Graham Round is a fell running challenge in the English Lake District. It is named after Bob Graham (1889–1966), a Keswick guest-house owner, who
Apr 6th 2017

Benny Hill
Alfred Hawthorne "Benny" Hill (21 January 1924 – 20 April 1992) was an English comedian and actor, best remembered for his long-running internationally
Apr 22nd 2017

Bob's Burgers
Bob's-BurgersBob's Burgers is an American animated sitcom created by Loren Bouchard for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series centers on the Belchers – parents Bob
Apr 27th 2017

Billy Hill (band)
For the group which performs at Disneyland, see Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. Billy Hill was an American country music group founded by singer/songwriter/guitarists
Oct 23rd 2016

Take Me as I Am (Faith Hill song)
"Take Me as I Am" is a song written by Bob DiPiero and Karen Staley, and recorded by American country music artist Faith Hill. It was released in September
Sep 21st 2016

Bob Holden (racing driver)
Robin John "Bob" Holden (born 1 December 1932 in Notting Hill, Victoria) is an Australian racing driver. Holden raced small-engined touring cars throughout
Nov 26th 2016

McKinley Hill Stadium
McKinley Hill Stadium is an all-weather football pitch in the Philippines made of artificial turf. Developed by real estate developer Megaworld Corporation
Jan 30th 2017

Tim Hill (director)
TimothyTimothy "Tim" Hill is an American film director and screenwriter. Hill began his career in the 1990s as a television writer, director and storyboard
Mar 16th 2017

Bob Kane
Bob Kane (born Robert Kahn; October 24, 1915 – November 3, 1998) was an American comic book writer and artist who co-created, with Bill Finger, the DC
Apr 3rd 2017

Bob Latta
For other people with the same name, see Latta Robert Latta. Robert Edward "Bob" Latta /ˈlatə/ (born April 18, 1956) is the U.S. Representative for Ohio's 5th
Mar 13th 2017

Bob Jane
Robert Frederick "Bob" Jane (born 1929) is an AustralianAustralian former race car driver and prominent businessman. A four-time winner of the Armstrong 500, the
Apr 6th 2017

Bob Burns (humorist)
For other people named Bob-BurnsBob-BurnsBob Burns, see Bob-BurnsBob-BurnsBob Burns (disambiguation). Robin "Bob" Burns (August 2, 1890 – February 2, 1956) was an American musical comedian
Jan 1st 2017

Bob Goodlatte
Robert William "Bob" Goodlatte /ˈɡʊdˌlat/ (born September 22, 1952) is an American politician and lawyer. He is currently the Chairman of the House Judiciary
Apr 14th 2017

Bob Franklin (comedian)
Robert "Bob" Andrew Franklin (born 1965), is a Hillingdon, London-born, Welsh raised, comedian who has lived in Australia since 1989. On Australian
Feb 27th 2016

Bob Dylan (album)
Bob Dylan is the debut studio album by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, released on March 19, 1962 by Columbia Records. Produced by Columbia's legendary
Apr 18th 2017

Bob Greenberg
For other people named Bob Greenberg, see Bob Greenberg (disambiguation). Bob Greenberg (May 8, 1934 – September 11, 2009) was an American record executive
Aug 14th 2016

Bob Vila
Robert Joseph "Bob" Vila (born June 20, 1946) is an American home improvement television show host known for This Old House (1979–1989), Bob Vila's Home
Mar 23rd 2017

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, released on May 27, 1963 by Columbia Records. Whereas his
Apr 26th 2017

Bob Nolan
Bob Nolan (April 13, 1908 – June 16, 1980) was a Canadian-born American singer, songwriter, and actor. He was a founding member of the Sons of the Pioneers
Mar 26th 2017

A Nod to Bob: An Artists' Tribute to Bob Dylan on His 60th Birthday
A Nod to Bob: An Artists' Tribute to Bob Dylan on His 60th Birthday is a 2001 tribute to Bob Dylan by artists on the Red House Records label. Red House
Mar 28th 2017

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