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Bourse (/bʊərs/; French: [buʁs]) may refer to: exchange (organized market) stock exchange Bourse (Paris-MetroParis Metro): metro station, Paris, France Bourse de
Jan 8th 2015

Bourse du Travail
The Bourse du Travail (French for "labour exchanges"), a French form of the labour council, were working class organizations that encouraged mutual aid
Apr 2nd 2017

Bourse de commerce (Paris)
The Bourse de commerce (Commodities Exchange) is a building in Paris, France, originally used as a place to negotiate the trade of grain and other commodities
Nov 23rd 2016

Paris Bourse
For the commodities exchange, see Bourse de commerce (Paris). The Paris Bourse (French: Bourse de Paris) is the historical Paris stock exchange, known
Feb 27th 2017

Iranian oil bourse
The Iranian Oil Bourse (Persian: بورس نفت ایران‎‎), International Oil Bourse, Kish-Exchange">Iran Petroleum Exchange Kish Exchange or Oil Bourse in Kish (IOB; the official
Apr 14th 2017

Bourse (Paris Métro)
Bourse (pronounced: [buʁs]) is a station on Paris Metro Line 3. It opened on 19 October 1904 as part of the first section of the line opened between Pere
Nov 17th 2016

Palais de la Bourse, Lyon
Palais The Palais de la Bourse or Palais du Commerce is a building located in the quarter Les Cordeliers, in 2nd arrondissement of Lyon. It currently houses the
Feb 10th 2016

Bourse (Gothenburg)
Not to be confused with Gothenburg city hall. The Bourse (Swedish: Borsen) is a municipal building in Gothenburg, western Sweden. It is located on
Aug 26th 2015

Philadelphia Bourse
Bourse Philadelphia Bourse was a commodities exchange founded in 1891 by George E. Bartol, a grain and commodities exporter, who modeled it after the Bourse in Hamburg
Apr 2nd 2017

Bourse premetro station
The Bourse/Beurs premetro station is an underground tram station in Brussels, Belgium located in the city center under the Boulevard Anspach next to the
Nov 12th 2015

La Bourse
For other uses, see Bourse (disambiguation). La Bourse (The Purse) is a short story by the French novelist Honore de Balzac. It was published in 1832 by
Feb 28th 2015

Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange and Rostral Columns
Petersburg Stock Exchange. The Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange (also Bourse) and Rostral Columns, located in Saint Petersburg in the Russian Federation
Feb 17th 2016

Bourse de Tunis
Bourse The Bourse des Valeurs Mobilieres de Tunis (BVMT) or Bourse de Tunis (Arabic: بورصة تونس‎‎) is a stock exchange based in Tunis, Tunisia. It was founded
Feb 20th 2017

Oil bourse
An oil bourse is a commodities exchange where energy commodities such as crude oil and natural gas are traded. Examples include the New York Mercantile
Mar 19th 2013

Bharat Diamond Bourse
Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) is the world's largest diamond bourse (exchange) and is located in Mumbai, India. Spread over a 20-acre plot, the Complex is
Nov 22nd 2016

Casablanca Stock Exchange
Casablanca-Stock-Exchange">The Casablanca Stock Exchange (Arabic: بورصة الدار البيضاء‎‎; French: La Bourse de Casablanca) is a stock exchange in Casablanca, Morocco. The Casablanca
Dec 26th 2016

Tour de la Bourse
La Tour de la Bourse (English: Stock Exchange Tower) is a 48-storey skyscraper in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is located at the intersection of Victoria
Apr 1st 2017

Brussels Stock Exchange
Brussels-Stock-Exchange">The Brussels Stock Exchange (French: Bourse de Bruxelles, Dutch: Beurs van Brussel), abbreviated to BSE, was founded in Brussels, Belgium, by decree of
Feb 20th 2017

Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Luxembourg-Stock-Exchange">The Luxembourg Stock Exchange, LuxSE (French: Bourse de Luxembourg) is based in Luxembourg City at 35A boulevard Joseph II. The Chairman of the Board is
Mar 8th 2017

Les Ventes-de-Bourse
Les Ventes-de-Bourse is a commune in the Orne department in north-western France. Communes of the Orne department Parc naturel regional Normandie-Maine
Feb 3rd 2017

The Bourse Regionale des Valeurs Mobilieres SA ("Regional Securities Exchange SA") or BRVM, is a regional stock exchange serving the following west African
Dec 4th 2016

Station Place de la Bourse (Tram de Bordeaux)
la Bourse station is located on line of the tramway de Bordeaux. The station is located on the quay of Marechal Lyautey, at place de la Bourse in Bordeaux
Aug 6th 2016

Place de la Bourse
Place de la Bourse is one of the most recognizable sights of Bordeaux. ItsIts architect was Ange-Jacques Gabriel. It was built from 1730 to 1775 In the original
Apr 15th 2017

World Federation of Diamond Bourses
The World Federation of Diamond Bourses, founded in 1947, was created to provide bourses trading in rough and polished diamonds and precious stones with
Nov 23rd 2016

Bahrain Bourse
Directors, chaired by the Governor of the Central Bank of Bahrain. Bahrain Bourse (BHB) was established as a shareholding company by Law No. 60 for 2010 to
Jan 17th 2017

Diamond Research and Mercantile City
Diamond Bourse, will operate from DREAM City. Its major roles will be trading unpolished diamonds and manufacturing polished diamonds. The Diamond Bourse is
Sep 10th 2016

Palais de la Bourse
Palais de la Bourse may refer to the Palais de la Bourse in: Paris Brussels Lyon Marseille Nantes
Mar 9th 2013

London Diamond Bourse
The London Diamond Bourse is a diamond exchange based in London's Hatton Garden area. As of 2016, it had been trading for 76 years. With rising property
Nov 22nd 2016

Iran Fara Bourse
Iran-Fara-Bourse-CoIran Fara Bourse Co. (IFB) also known as Farabourse is an over-the-counter market for securities and other financial instruments in Tehran, Iran which
May 9th 2015

Paris Bourse crash of 1882
The-Paris-BourseThe Paris Bourse crash of 1882 was a stock market crash in France, and was the worst crisis in the French economy in the nineteenth century. The crash
May 23rd 2016

Théâtre des Nouveautés
March 1827 in the Salle de la Bourse (capacity 1250) located on the rue Vivienne, (Paris 2nd arr.) across from the Paris Bourse. The founder was Cyprien Berard
Jan 16th 2017

Rue de la Bourse
The Rue de la Bourse is a street located mainly in the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon, and also in the 1st arrondissement. It starts on the Place des Cordeliers
Dec 1st 2016

Palais de la Bourse (Nantes)
The Palais de la Bourse is a building on place du Commerce in Nantes, France, begun at the end of the 18th century and completed in the 19th century. It
Oct 18th 2014

Palais de la Bourse (Marseille)
The Palais de la Bourse is a building on the Canebiere in Marseille, France. It houses the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie Marseille-Provence, as well
Oct 19th 2016

Montreal Exchange
Montreal-Exchange">The Montreal Exchange or MX (Bourse de Montreal, formerly Montreal Stock Exchange (MSE)) is a derivatives exchange, located in Montreal, that trades futures
Apr 7th 2017

Bourse des Valeurs d'Abidjan
Abidjan-Stock-Exchange">The Abidjan Stock Exchange (Bourse des Valeurs d'Abidjan), Cote d'Ivoire, was the only stock exchange in the francophone West African countries until the
Mar 15th 2016

Davoud Danesh-Jafari
7th term. Since 2006 he was involved in plans to create the Iranian Oil Bourse, a commodity exchange for oil and oil byproducts, which would trade mostly
Mar 7th 2017

Autorité des marchés financiers (France)
2003. It was formed from the merger of the Commission des operations de bourse (COB), the Conseil des marches financiers (CMF) and the Conseil de discipline
Feb 7th 2017

List of African stock exchanges
regional stock exchanges: the Bourse Regionale des Valeurs Mobilieres, or BRVM, located in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire; and the Bourse Regionale des Valeurs Mobilieres
Apr 22nd 2017

World Money Fair
The World Money Fair is an international bourse of coins. A bourse is where dealers, collectors and the public buy, sell and trade coins. In 1970 Albert
Jan 13th 2017

Paris Chamber of Commerce
prefecture, before transferring to the building now occupied by the Paris Bourse, and then to the Hotel Potocki. On 1 January 2013 the Paris Ile-de-France
Jun 11th 2016

Fernand Pelloutier
leader of the Bourses du Travail, a major French trade union, from 1895 until his death in 1901. He was succeeded by Yvetot. In 1902, the Bourses du Travail
Apr 22nd 2016

Latvian Museum of Foreign Art
Museum-RIGA-BOURSE">The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE (in LatvianLatvian: 'Mākslas muzejs RĪGAS BIRZA') is a museum in Riga, Latvia. It was established in 1920 and contains the most extensive
Feb 10th 2017

Exchange (organized market)
An exchange, or bourse /bʊərs/, is an organized market where (especially) tradable securities, commodities, foreign exchange, futures, and options contracts
Mar 16th 2017

Calcutta Stock Exchange
It was incorporated in 1908 and is the second largest bourse in India. In 1830, the bourse activities in Kolkata were conducted under a neem tree.
Dec 26th 2016

Attijariwafa Bank "Bourse de Casablanca ::. Societes cotees > ATTIJARIWAFA BANK". Bourse de Casablanca
Mar 17th 2017

Commodity trading in China
than half of the transactions took place on the Dalian bourse, while turnover on the Shanghai bourse amounted to 23 trillion yuan, accounting for half of
Dec 7th 2016

2nd arrondissement of Lyon
Charlemagne Cours de Verdun Cours Suchet Passage de l'Argue Palais de la Bourse Place Ampere Place Bellecour Place Antonin Poncet Place Carnot Place de
Mar 9th 2017

Jacques Molinos
Blondel. The Halle aux bles (Corn Exchange), on the site of the present Bourse de commerce was designed by Nicolas Le Camus de Mezieres with a circular
May 19th 2016

Beirut Stock Exchange
the operation and trade in securities listed on the BSE according to the Bourse trading system and also lists the issuing companies (called "Listed companies")
Nov 16th 2016

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