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BrazilianBrazilian may refer to anything of or relating to Brazil and may also refer directly to: BrazilianBrazilian barbecue, known as churrasco BrazilianBrazilian football, see
Jan 1st 2017

Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Barral, Brazilian Oswaldo Fadda, Brazilian Ricardo Liborio, Brazilian Kyra Gracie, Brazilian Claudia Gadelha, Brazilian Andre Galvao, Brazilian Marcelo
May 21st 2017

Brazilian nationality law
diplomats). BrazilianBrazilian law considers as BrazilianBrazilian citizens people born abroad in two cases: a person born outside Brazil of a BrazilianBrazilian parent who is
May 24th 2017

Brazilian Canadians
Brazilian-Canadians Brazilian Canadians (Portuguese: canadense de extracao brasileira, French: bresilien-canadien) are Canadians of Brazilian descent or Brazilians who have
Mar 21st 2017

Brazilian Australians
Brazilian-AustraliansBrazilian Australians (Portuguese: Brasileiro-australiano) refers to Australian citizens of Brazilian birth or descent. According to the 2011 Census,
Mar 10th 2017

Brazilian cuisine
that satisfies dietary restrictions. Brazil portal Food portal List of Brazilian dishes List of Brazilian sweets and desserts Culinary art Brittin
May 11th 2017

Brazilian Americans
brasileira) are Americans who are of full or partial Brazilian ancestry. There were an estimated 371,529 Brazilian Americans as of 2012, according to the United
May 15th 2017

there is no consensus about it in Brazilian society. Brazilians rarely use the American-style phrase "African Brazilian" as a term of ethnic identity, and
May 24th 2017

BraziliansBrazilians (brasileiros in Portuguese, IPA: [bɾaziˈlejɾus]) are citizens of Brazil. A Brazilian can also be a person born abroad to a Brazilian father
May 25th 2017

Brazilian Portuguese
used mostly in Brazil. It is spoken by virtually all of the 200 million inhabitants of Brazil and spoken widely across the Brazilian diaspora, today
May 19th 2017

Brazilian Navy
The Brazilian Navy (Portuguese: Marinha do Brasil) is the naval service branch of the Brazilian Armed Forces, responsible for conducting naval operations
May 20th 2017

Music of Brazil
Brazilian-Music">Shell Brazilian Music prize have each left a very important legacy on Brazilian music and are among the most important representatives of Brazilian popular
Apr 12th 2017

Italian Brazilians
former president of the Brazilian-InstituteBrazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Simon Schwartzman, indicated that 10.5% of Brazilian respondents claimed to
May 11th 2017

Brazilian Armed Forces
comprising the Brazilian Army (including the Brazilian Army Aviation), the Brazilian Navy (including the Brazilian Marine Corps and Brazilian Naval Aviation)
May 20th 2017

Brazilian Army
The Brazilian Army (Portuguese: Exercito Brasileiro) is the land arm of the Brazilian Armed Forces. The Brazilian Army has fought in several international
May 11th 2017

Vale tudo, and BrazilianBrazilian-JiuBrazilianBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In auto racing, three BrazilianBrazilian drivers have won the Formula One world championship eight times. Brazil has hosted several
May 26th 2017

Brazilian Highlands
The Brazilian Highlands or Brazilian Plateau (Portuguese: Planalto Brasileiro) are an extensive geographical region, covering most of the eastern, southern
May 20th 2017

Demographics of Brazil
the IBGE, the Brazilian-StatisticsBrazilian Statistics bureau, there were about 189,953,000 inhabitants in 2008. As of the latest (2010) census, the Brazilian government estimates
May 24th 2017

Brazilian real
The real (/reɪˈɑːl/; Brazilian-PortugueseBrazilian Portuguese: [ʁeˈaw]; pl. reais) is the present-day currency of Brazil. ItsIts sign is R$ and its ISO code is BRL. It is divided
May 18th 2017

German Brazilians
the second most spoken first language in Brazil after Portuguese. A few Brazilian municipalities have Brazilian Hunsrückisch and Germanic Pomeranian as
Mar 15th 2017

Arab Brazilians
Arab-BraziliansArab Brazilians are Brazilian citizens of of Arab ethnic, cultural, linguistic heritage and identity. The majority of Arab-BraziliansArab Brazilians trace their origin
Apr 30th 2017

Brazilian military government
Brazilian">The Brazilian military government was the authoritarian military dictatorship that ruled Brazil from April 1, 1964 to March 15, 1985. It began with the
May 26th 2017

Second Brazilian Republic
Brazilian-Republic Second Brazilian Republic is the period of Brazilian history between 1946 and 1964 also known as the "Republic of 46". It was marked by political instability
Jan 29th 2017

Japanese Brazilians
Brazilians">Japanese Brazilians (日系ブラジル人?, Nikkei Burajiru-jin, nipo-brasileiro, pronounced in Portuguese: [ˌnʲipobɾaziˈlejɾu]) are Brazilian citizens who are nationals
May 3rd 2017

Brazilian literature
BrazilianBrazilian literature is the literature written in the Portuguese language by BrazilianBrazilians or in Brazil, including works written prior to the country’s independence
Mar 4th 2017

Lists of Brazilian films
Category:Brazilian films Brazilian films: 1908–1919 Brazilian films of the 1920s Brazilian films of the 1930s Brazilian films of the 1940s Brazilian films of the
Dec 31st 2015

Elections in Brazil
Federal District. BrazilianBrazilian legislative elections (Chamber of Deputies), 1982–2014 Source: [1] Source: [2] Brazil has held three national referendums
Mar 27th 2017

Independence of Brazil
by the Brazilian Empire. It is celebrated on September 7, the anniversary of the September 7, 1822 date regent Prince Dom Pedro declared Brazil's independence
May 17th 2017

History of Brazil
to sources of BrazilianBrazilian history. (English) BrazilArticle on Brazil from the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia. (English) Timeline BrazilianBrazilian History – The
May 26th 2017

Flag of Brazil
branches of the Brazilian military also have their own flags. The flag of the Brazilian Army The flag of the Brazilian Navy The
May 11th 2017

Ukrainian Brazilians
Ukrainian-BraziliansUkrainian Brazilians (Portuguese: Ucraino-brasileiro, Ucraniano-brasileiro; Ukrainian: Українські бразильці, Ukrayins'ki Brazyltsi) are Brazilian citizens
Jan 7th 2017

Brazilians in the United Kingdom
recorded 9,301 Brazilian born people in the UK, and the 2001 Census recorded 15,215. In 2004, the Brazilian Consulate in London had 13,000 Brazilians registered
May 1st 2017

Football in Brazil
the style of Brazilian football. Football is broadcast in television in the following channels: Rede GloboBrazilian Serie A, Brazilian Serie B, Copa
Apr 7th 2017

Brazil national football team
football. Brazil is administered by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), the governing body for football in Brazil. They have been a member of the FIFA
May 25th 2017

Scottish Brazilians
article is about Brazilian people of Scottish descent. For Scottish people of Brazilian descent, see Brazilian British. Scottish Brazilians (Portuguese: Escoto-brasileiro)
Jan 16th 2017

Brazilian rock
BrazilianBrazilian rock refers to rock music produced in Brazil and usually sung in Portuguese. Rock entered the BrazilianBrazilian music scene in 1956, with the screening
May 17th 2017

Brazilian Integralism
Brazilian-IntegralismBrazilian Integralism (Portuguese: Integralismo) was a fascist political movement in Brazil, created in October 1932. Founded and led by Plinio Salgado
Apr 27th 2017

Portuguese Brazilians
confused with the Portuguese dialect, Brazilian Portuguese. Portuguese Brazilians (Portuguese: Luso-brasileiros) are Brazilian citizens whose ancestry originates
May 8th 2017

Brazilian Social Democracy Party
Party The Brazilian Social Democracy Party (Portuguese: Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira, PSDB, also translated as "Party of Brazilian Social Democracy"
May 23rd 2017

Empire of Brazil
brother Miguel. Unable to deal with both Brazilian and Portuguese affairs, Pedro I abdicated his Brazilian throne on 7 April 1831 and immediately departed
May 15th 2017

Culture of Brazil
1–30.  BrazilianBrazilian ministry of culture (Portuguese) Consulate General of Brazil in San Francisco Eyes On BrazilBrazilianBrazilian Cultural Site BrazilianBrazilian Culture
May 24th 2017

Indigenous peoples in Brazil
cultures, and rights of the Brazilian indigenous populations. Some tribes have become significantly integrated into Brazilian society. The unacculturated
May 4th 2017

Constitution of Brazil
underlying the existence of Brazil and the federal government of Brazil. It provides the framework for the organization of the Brazilian government and for the
May 21st 2017

Scandinavian Brazilians
known Swede to arrive in Brazil. The relations between Brazil and Sweden were rooted in the family ties between the Brazilian and Swedish royal families
Apr 25th 2017

Law of Brazil
Judiciary of Brazil Order of Attorneys of Brazil Crime in Brazil Brazilian Constitution in Portuguese Brazilian Constitution in English Brazilian Traffic
May 21st 2017

Brazilian imperial family
Imperial of Brazil (1848–1850) Princess-Dona-Maria-AmeliaPrincess Dona Maria Amelia of Brazil (1831–1853) History of Brazil Line of succession to the former Brazilian throne Prince
May 17th 2017

Brazilian jiu-jitsu ranking system
Federation (SJJIF) and Brazilian-Jiu">International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. White belt is the first belt within Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The rank is held by any
May 22nd 2017

Brazilian Mexicans
has been a Brazilian presence in Mexico since at least 1895, when the National Census counted 91 residents. As a result of the 1964 Brazilian coup d'etat
Mar 15th 2017

White Brazilians
Brazilians">White Brazilians (Portuguese: brasileiros brancos [bɾɐziˈle(j)ɾuz ˈbɾɐ̃kus]) refers to Brazilian citizens of European or Levantine descent. According to
May 17th 2017

Brazilian wine
Brazil has a relatively large number of vineyards, a large part of them produce table grapes, and only some produce Brazilian wine. As much of Brazil
Oct 8th 2016

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