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British English
English British English is the English language as spoken and written in the United Kingdom or, more broadly, throughout the British Isles. Slight regional variations
Apr 15th 2017

Comparison of American and British English
differences between British English and American English, which, for the purposes of these articles, are defined as follows: British English (BrE) is the form
Apr 24th 2017

American and British English spelling differences
varieties of English. Many of the differences between American and British English date back to a time when spelling standards had not yet developed.
Apr 23rd 2017

British and Malaysian English differences
between Malaysian English, Malaysian Colloquial English (Manglish) and British English, which for the purposes of this article is assumed to be the form of
Sep 21st 2016

English people
Guernesiais Jerriais Sercquiais Other BSL ISL NISL Shelta People British Cornish English English Gypsies Irish Irish Travellers Kale Manx Northern Irish
Apr 20th 2017

English language in Europe
is much more similar to dialects in the north of England than to 'British' English, even today. The introduction of King James Version of the Bible into
Mar 8th 2017

English language in England
range of accents and dialects. The dialect forms part of the broader British English, along with other varieties in the United Kingdom. Terms used to refer
Apr 13th 2017

Canadian English
native speakers of Quebec French. Canadian English contains elements of British English and American English, as well as many Canadianisms: elements "distinctively
Apr 23rd 2017

English Channel
referred to it as "Gaulish" (Gallicum in Latin) and the French one as "British" or "English". The name English Channel has been widely used since the early 18th
Apr 8th 2017

British colonization of the Americas
British colonization of the Americas (including colonization by both the English and the Scots) began in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia and reached its peak
Apr 25th 2017

List of words having different meanings in American and British English: A–L
"booty call: definition of booty call in Oxford dictionary (British & World English)". 2014-06-25. Retrieved 2014-06-29. 
Apr 6th 2017

List of words having different meanings in American and British English: M–Z
com/dictionary/mid-Atlantic "mush: definition of mush in Oxford dictionary (British & World English)". Retrieved 2014-01-18.  "mush - Definition
Mar 26th 2017

Lists of words having different meanings in American and British English
List of words having different meanings in American and British English: A–L List of words having different meanings in American and British English: MZ
Mar 23rd 2014

American English
simply deviate away from period British English, but retained certain now-archaic features contemporary British English has since lost. One of these is
Apr 23rd 2017

International English
in 1607 was a major step towards the globalisation of the language. British English was only partially standardised when the American colonies were established
Apr 21st 2017

English and British monarchs' family tree (simple)
The following is a simplified family tree of the English and British monarchs. For a more detailed chart see: English monarchs family tree (from Alfred
Feb 5th 2017

English language
forms are becoming more common (e.g. more polite instead of politer). British English is also undergoing change under the influence of American English,
Apr 20th 2017

English law
system have survived after Independence or otherwise cessation of British rule. "English law" prior to the American Revolutionary Wars (American War of Independence)
Apr 5th 2017

Regional accents of English
names for the mergers and splits that created them. Main article: British English Accents and dialects vary widely across the United Kingdom; as such
Apr 20th 2017

English may refer to: Something of, from, or related to the country of England English people, an ethnic group of people native to England English national
Jan 30th 2017

English Electric
For other uses, see English Electric (disambiguation). The English Electric Company Limited was a British industrial manufacturer formed after the
Apr 13th 2017

Malaysian English
English is generally non-rhotic. Malaysian English originates from British English as a result of British rule in what is now Malaysia. It has components
Apr 19th 2017

English folklore
English folklore is the folk tradition which has developed in England over a number of centuries. Some stories can be traced back to their roots, while
Apr 24th 2017

Britishness">United Kingdom Britishness, the British identity and common culture British English, the English language as spoken and written in Great Britain or, more
Apr 12th 2017

American and British English pronunciation differences
Differences in pronunciation between American English (AmE) and British English (BrE) can be divided into: differences in accent (i.e. phoneme inventory
Apr 19th 2017

Style of the British sovereign
The precise style of British sovereigns has varied over the years. The present[update] style is officially proclaimed in two languages: in English: Elizabeth
Mar 12th 2017

English overseas possessions
First Second Central African Johor Colonial American Belgian British English Danish Dutch French German Italian Japanese Norwegian Portuguese Spanish
Mar 11th 2017

English-speaking world
Besides the major varieties of English, such as American English, British English, Indian English, Canadian English, Australian English, Irish English
Apr 22nd 2017

English Canadian
alphabet. English Canadian spelling continues to favour most spellings of British English, including 'centre', 'theatre', 'colour' and 'labour', although usage
Apr 22nd 2017

British people
British settlers in Latin America. Over 700,000 Chileans may have British (English, Scottish and Welsh) origin, amounting to 4.5% of Chile's population
Apr 19th 2017

Modern English
throughout the world. This includes American English, Australian English, British English (containing English English, Welsh English and Scottish English), Canadian
Mar 5th 2017

History of English
and the English language adopted foreign words from many countries. British English and North American English, the two major varieties of the language
Apr 21st 2017

Manually coded English
to use signs that would be readily understood by deaf children, British Signed English borrowed signs from British Sign Language and combined them with
Mar 5th 2017

British nobility
The-BritishThe British nobility refers to the noble families of the United Kingdom. The nobility of the four constituent home nations of the United Kingdom has
Apr 2nd 2017

English Argentines
not being a colony. In 1939, 39% of investment in Argentina was British. English culture, or a version of it as perceived from outside, had a noted
Mar 30th 2017

English Americans
at all as compared with 3.6% in 1890. American English differs from British English in a number of ways, the most striking being in terms of pronunciation
Apr 21st 2017

List of English monarchs
(now usually rendered in English rather than Latin) King of Great Britain. The English and Scottish parliaments, however, did not recognise this title until
Apr 21st 2017

Pakistani English
which is very similar to the speech and writing of the speakers of English British Standard English (BSE), acrolect PE, which is used by Pakistanis educated in English-medium
Apr 22nd 2017

Australian English
diverge from British English after the founding of the Colony of New South Wales in 1788 and was recognised as being different from British English by 1820
Apr 22nd 2017

English claims to the French throne
From the 1340s to the 19th century, excluding two brief intervals in the 1360s and the 1420s, the kings and queens of England (and, later, of Great Britain)
Apr 23rd 2017

British Empire
First Second Central African Johor Colonial American Belgian British English Danish Dutch French German Italian Japanese Norwegian Portuguese Spanish
Apr 23rd 2017

British Raj
This article is about the rule of the British Crown from 1858 to 1947 over the Indian subcontinent. For the previous rule of the East India Company which
Apr 22nd 2017

Johnny English Reborn
Johnny English Reborn is a 2011 British action comedy film parodying the James Bond secret agent genre. The film is the sequel to Johnny English (2003)
Apr 5th 2017

English studies
For the journal, see English-StudiesEnglish Studies (journal). English studies is an academic discipline that includes the study of literatures written in the English
Apr 13th 2017

British Nigerian
British-NigerianBritish Nigerian is a term sometimes used to describe British people of Nigerian descent, or Nigerian people of British descent. This article is about
Mar 22nd 2017

Standard English
Further information: American and British English spelling differences Comparison of American and British English International English Internet linguistics
Apr 13th 2017

Early music of the British Isles
Early music of the British Isles, from the earliest recorded times until the beginnings of the Baroque in the 17th century, was a diverse and rich culture
Dec 27th 2016

language is Irish being fluent in English as well. Hiberno-English uses British English spelling and mostly British pronunciation standards, although its various
Apr 19th 2017

Multicultural London English
five times bigger than you innit Mark? Like many other varieties of British English, Multicultural London English is non-rhotic. While older speakers
Apr 24th 2017

English units
This article is about the historical development of measurement in England up to 1826. For the non-metric measurement system used in the UK, see Imperial
Apr 24th 2017

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