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Burgess may refer to: Burgess (title), a political official or representative Burgess (surname), a family name Burgess Company, an American airplane manufacturer
Oct 6th 2015

Burgess Shale
The Burgess Shale Formation is a fossil-bearing deposit exposed in the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia, Canada. It is famous for the exceptional
Mar 29th 2017

Anthony Burgess
John Anthony Burgess Wilson, FRSL (/ˈbɜːrdʒəs/; 25 February 1917 – 22 November 1993) – who published under the pen name Anthony Burgess – was an English
May 25th 2017

Burgess (title)
Burgess originally meant a freeman of a borough (England, Wales, Ireland) or burgh (Scotland). It later came to mean an elected or unelected official
Mar 14th 2017

Smoky Burgess
Forrest Harrill "Smoky" Burgess (February 6, 1927 – September 15, 1991) was an American professional baseball player, coach and scout. He played in Major
Apr 15th 2017

Gelett Burgess
Frank Gelett Burgess (January 30, 1866 – September 18, 1951) was an artist, art critic, poet, author and humorist. An important figure in the San Francisco
Jan 8th 2017

Burgess Shale type fauna
character to that of the Burgess Shale. While many are also preserved in a similar fashion to the Burgess Shale, the term "Burgess Shale type fauna" covers
Feb 18th 2017

Frank Burgess
Franklin-DFranklin D. "Frank" Burgess (March 9, 1935 – March 26, 2010) was an American standout college basketball player and, later, a United States District Judge
Apr 25th 2017

Bill Burgess
Thomas William Burgess (15 June 1872 – 2 July 1950) was the second person to successfully complete a swim of the English Channel after Matthew Webb. He
Nov 28th 2016

Ernest Burgess
Ernest Watson Burgess (May 16, 1886 – December 27, 1966) was a Canadian-American urban sociologist born in Tilbury, Ontario. He was educated at Kingfisher
Nov 11th 2016

Burgess (name)
Dominic Burgess (born 1982), British actor Dorothy Burgess (1907–1961), American motion picture actress Keith Burgess, American voice actor Neil Burgess (actor)
Feb 2nd 2017

Burgess Hill Girls
Girls Burgess Hill Girls (previously named "Burgess Hill School for Girls") is an independent, girls-only day and boarding school for girls aged between 2½
Apr 21st 2017

Thornton Burgess
Burgess Thornton Waldo Burgess (January 14, 1874 – June 5, 1965) was a conservationist and author of children's stories. Burgess loved the beauty of nature and
May 8th 2017

Burgess Shale type preservation
The Burgess Shale of British Columbia is famous for its exceptional preservation of mid-Cambrian organisms. Around 40 other sites have been discovered
Feb 18th 2017

John Bagnold Burgess
John Bagnold Burgess RA (London-21London 21 October 1829 – 2 November 1897 London) was an English artist known for his paintings of historical and genre scenes
Nov 1st 2016

Guy Burgess
Guy Francis de Moncy Burgess (16 April 1911 – 30 August 1963) was a British radio producer, intelligence officer and Foreign Office official. He was a
Apr 30th 2017

John Burgess (host)
John Burgess (born 4 June 1943) is an Australian television and radio personality and host, often referred to as "Burgo" and "Baby John Burgess". He is
May 24th 2017

Thomas Burgess
Thomas Burgess or Tom Burgess may refer to: Thomas Burgess (died 1623) (c. 1540–1623), alderman of and probably MP for Truro Thomas Burgess (died 1626)
Oct 21st 2015

John D. Burgess
For other people named John Burgess, see John Burgess. John Davie Burgess MBE (11 March 1934 - 29 June 2005) was an eminent bagpipe player. He was born
Apr 24th 2017

Michael C. Burgess
Michael Clifton Burgess (born December 23, 1950) is a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives representing Texas's 26th congressional
May 11th 2017

Michael Burgess
Michael Burgess may refer to: Michael Burgess (coroner) (born 1946), Coroner of the Queen's Household since 2002 Michael Burgess (cricketer) (born 1994)
Feb 23rd 2017

Richard Burgess
Richard Burgess may refer to: Rick-BurgessRick Burgess (radio personality), comedy/talk radio host in Alabama, part of Rick and Bubba Richard Burgess (murderer) (1829–1866)
Mar 31st 2017

Eveline Burgess
Eveline Allen Burgess (September 19, 1856 – July 10, 1936) of Lamoni, Iowa was the American women's chess champion from 1907 to 1920. She was born as
Feb 7th 2017

Burgess Hill Town F.C.
Burgess Hill Town Football Club is an English football club currently playing in the Premier Division of the Isthmian League, the seventh tier of English
May 20th 2017

Ronald L. Burgess, Jr.
Lieutenant General Ronald Lee Burgess, Jr., USA (born September 16, 1952) is a retired United States Army Lieutenant General. His last military assignment
May 24th 2017

William Starling Burgess
William Starling Burgess (December 25, 1878 – March 19, 1947) was an American yacht designer, aviation pioneer, and naval architect. He was awarded the
Apr 14th 2017

Burgess Hill
Burgess Hill is a civil parish and a town located in the Mid Sussex district of West Sussex, England, close to the border with East Sussex, on the edge
Apr 28th 2017

Warren Randolph Burgess
Burgess Randolph Burgess (May 7, 1889 – September 16, 1978) was an American banker and diplomat who served as ambassador to NATO from 1957 to 1961. Burgess was born
Jul 23rd 2016

Romelle Burgess
Burgess Romelle Burgess (born March 14, 1982) is a Barbadian international footballer who plays for Paradise SC. Born in Saint Michael, Burgess moved to the
Mar 3rd 2017

David Burgess
David or Dave Burgess may refer to: David Burgess (footballer), New Zealand international association football player David Burgess (lawyer) (1947–2010)
May 19th 2017

John Burgess
John Burgess may refer to: John Burgess (actor) (1933–2010), actor John Bagnold Burgess (1829–1897), English painter John Burgess (1563–1635), English
Jan 17th 2017

Jim Burgess
Burges(s) may refer to: James Burgess (archaeologist) (1832-1916), British archaeologist active in India James Burgess (American football) (born 1974)
Jan 15th 2015

Melvin Burgess
Melvin Burgess (born 25 April 1954) is a British writer of children's fiction. He became famous in 1998 with the publication of Junk, about heroin-addicted
May 22nd 2017

Joe Burgess
Joe Burgess (born 14 October 1994) is an English rugby league player. He currently plays for Wigan Warriors, having previously had an earlier spell for
Apr 27th 2017

Burgess Hill railway station
Burgess Hill railway station serves Burgess Hill in West Sussex, England. Located on the Brighton Main Line and Thameslink 9 1⁄4 miles (14.9 km) north
Mar 26th 2017

Mark Burgess (children's author)
Mark Burgess (born 26 April 1957; pen name Simon Goswell for two books) is best known as an English author and illustrator of children's literature. He
May 23rd 2017

Mark Burgess
Mark Burgess may refer to: Mark Burgess (cricketer) (born 1944), New Zealand cricketer Mark Burgess (children's author) (b. 1957), English writer and illustrator
Apr 13th 2016

Christian Burgess
Burgess Albert Elliot Burgess (born 7 October 1991) is an English professional footballer who plays as a central defender for Portsmouth. Burgess began his career
May 21st 2017

Burgess v. United States
Burgess v. United-StatesUnited States, 553 U.S. 124 (2008), was a United-StatesUnited States Supreme Court case concerning the interpretation of the words "federal drug offense"
Mar 11th 2017

William Burgess
William-BurgessWilliam-BurgessWilliam-BurgessWilliam Burgess may refer to: William-BurgessWilliam-BurgessWilliam-BurgessWilliam Burgess (cricketer) (1888–1970), English cricketer William-BurgessWilliam-BurgessWilliam-BurgessWilliam Burgess (painter) (died 1812), English painter William
May 18th 2017

Tim Burgess (musician)
Timothy Allan Burgess (born 30 May 1967) is an English singer-songwriter and record label owner, best known as the lead singer of the alternative rock
May 22nd 2017

Tom Burgess (rugby league)
brother Burgess George Burgess and older brother Burgess Sam Burgess. Burgess is also the younger brother of Catalans Dragons player Luke Burgess. Burgess previously played
May 22nd 2017

Tim Burgess
Tim Burgess is the name of: Tim Burgess (musician) (born 1967), lead singer of British rock band The Charlatans Tim Burgess (politician), member of the
Jul 27th 2014

Paul Burgess (musician)
Paul Burgess (born 28 September 1950 in Manchester, England) is an English rock drummer, notable for his association with a wide range of British rock
Apr 7th 2017

Wilma Burgess
Wilma Burgess (born Wilma Charlene Burgess; June 11, 1939 – August 26, 2003) was an American country music singer. She rose to fame in the mid-1960s and
Jan 14th 2017

Paul Burgess
Burgess may refer to: Paul Burgess (musician) (born 1950), English musician Paul Burgess (athlete) (born 1979), Australian pole-vaulter Paul Burgess (speechwriter)
Mar 17th 2013

George Burgess
George Burgess may refer to: George Burgess (bishop) (1809—1866), American clergyman and religious leader, first bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Maine George
May 11th 2016

Sharna Burgess
Sharna May Burgess (born June 21, 1985) is an Australian ballroom dancer who is best known for being a professional partner and troupe member on the ABC
May 23rd 2017

David Burgess (lawyer)
Burgess Sonia Burgess (25 September 1947 – 25 October 2010) was a leading British immigration lawyer. Burgess obtained a number of landmark decisions from British
Apr 19th 2017

Neil Burgess
actor of the same name; also known as Barry Scott, see Cillit Bang. Neil Burgess (1846, Boston, Massachusetts – 1910) was an American Vaudevillian comedian
Dec 14th 2016

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