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CAV3 may refer to: CAV3 (gene) 100 Mile House Airport's Transport Canada location identifier Third Cavalry (disambiguation)
Feb 9th 2013

Cavendish, British cyclist X-41 Common Aero Vehicle, a classified U.S. military space plane CAV-1 (disambiguation) CAV2, a human gene CAV3 (disambiguation)
Dec 13th 2016

in skeletal muscle cells: Cav1.1 Cav1.2 Cav1.3 Cav1.4 1CAV is the 1st Cavalry Division (United States) CAV3CAV3 (disambiguation) CAV2CAV2 CAV (disambiguation)
Nov 7th 2016

Caveolin 3
Caveolin-3 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CAV3 gene. Alternative splicing has been identified for this locus, with inclusion or exclusion
May 28th 2016

protein which in humans is encoded by the CACNA1H gene. This gene encodes Cav3.2, a T-type member of the α1 subunit family, a protein in the voltage-dependent
Feb 6th 2017

type, alpha 1D subunit (also known as Cav1.3) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CACNA1D gene. Cav1.3 channels belong to the Cav1 family, which
Nov 30th 2016

Cleveland Cavaliers
Cleveland-Cavaliers">The Cleveland Cavaliers, also known as the Cavs, are an American professional basketball team based in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cavs compete in the National
Apr 26th 2017

12th Cavalry Regiment
Cavalry Regiment underwent a major transition as elements from 2/7CAV, 1/9CAV, and 3/8CAV were reflagged and combined with the regiment to create the battalions
Mar 13th 2017

151st Cavalry Regiment
3-153rd Infantry activated for SFOR 9 rotation to Bosnia with the 3-7 CAV, 3rd Infantry Division. 2002, NovemberBravo Company "Killer Bees", 3-153rd
Nov 5th 2016

91st Cavalry Regiment
The 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiment (Airborne) is a light Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron currently serving as the 173rd Airborne Brigade's Reconnaissance
Nov 5th 2016

Cleveland Cavaliers Radio Network
Cleveland-Cavaliers-Radio-Network">The Cleveland Cavaliers Radio Network is an American radio network composed of 27 radio stations which carry English-language coverage of the Cleveland
Apr 15th 2017

Galip Cav
Galip Cav (born 3 November 1912, date of death unknown) was a Turkish cyclist. He competed in the team pursuit and time trial events at the 1928 Summer
Jan 7th 2017

channel, voltage-dependent, T type, alpha 1I subunit, also known as CACNA1I or Cav3.3 is a protein which in humans is encoded by the CACNA1I gene. Voltage-dependent
Feb 6th 2017

Canadian Army Veteran Motorcycle Units
The Canadian Army Veteran Motorcycle Units (CAV MU) is a riding club, or more precisely an organized association of military veteran motorcycle riders
Feb 8th 2017

CAV High School
CAV High School also known as Chandulal Anglo-Vedic High School is a high school located in Hisar city of Haryana, India. It is the oldest school in Hisar
Mar 15th 2017

Caveolin 2
Not to be confused with 2CAV, the 2nd Cavalry (disambiguation) For the ICAO coded Hope (Fraser Canyon Hospital) Heliport, see Hope, British Columbia. Caveolin-2
Jun 6th 2016

Cav1.1 also known as the calcium channel, voltage-dependent, L type, alpha 1S subunit, (CACNA1S), is a protein which in humans is encoded by the CACNA1S
May 19th 2016

The caveolin gene family has three members in vertebrates: CAV1, CAV2, and CAV3, coding for the proteins caveolin-1, caveolin-2, and caveolin-3, respectively
May 24th 2016

(Aug 2014). "The role of L-type voltage-gated calcium channels Cav1.2 and Cav1.3 in normal and pathological brain function". Cell and Tissue Research. 357
Apr 4th 2017

EC50 of 96.9nM at CB1 and 10.5nM at CB2, and an IC50 of 1.84μM for blocking Cav3.2 T-type calcium channels. In animal studies it produces potent analgesic
Apr 2nd 2016

100 Mile House Airport
One Hundred Mile House Airport, (TC LID: CAV3), is a registered aerodrome located adjacent to One Hundred Mile House, British Columbia, Canada. Canada
Dec 4th 2016

Lucas Industries
Lucas Industries plc was a Birmingham-based British manufacturer of motor industry and aerospace industry components. Once prominent, it was listed on
Apr 13th 2017

Antonio José Cavanilles
Antonio Jose Cavanilles (16 January 1745 – 5 May 1804) was a leading Spanish taxonomic botanist of the 18th century. He named many plants, particularly
Mar 26th 2017

3d Armored Cavalry Squadron (South Vietnam)
The 3d Armored Cavalry Squadron (VietnameseVietnamese: Thiết Đoan 3 Thiết giap) a battalion-sized unit of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), the South VietnameseVietnamese
Sep 13th 2016

channel, voltage-dependent, T type, alpha 1G subunit, also known as CACNA1G or Cav3.1 is a protein which in humans is encoded by the CACNA1G gene. Voltage-dependent
Feb 6th 2017

75th Cavalry Regiment
The 75th Cavalry Regiment is a United States Army cavalry regiment established in 1941. Currently, only 1st Squadron (1-75 CAV), assigned to the 101st
Nov 27th 2016

homologous genes of caveolin expressed in mammalian cells: Cav1, Cav2 and Cav3. These proteins have a common topology: cytoplasmic N-terminus with scaffolding
Mar 4th 2017

Beausejour/AV-Ranch Airpark
Arborg Airport, (TC LID: CAV6), is located 3.0 nautical miles (5.6 km; 3.5 mi) west southwest of Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada. Canada Flight Supplement
Dec 4th 2016

Zone bit recording
In computer storage, zone bit recording (ZBR) is a method used by disk drives to store more sectors per track on outer tracks than on inner tracks. It
Jun 28th 2016

Reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (United States)
Cavalry-Regiment-4Cavalry Regiment 4-3d Cav, 3d SCR, Fort Hood, Texas 4th Cavalry 1–4th Cav, 4th IBCT, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley 3–4th Cav, 3d IBCT, 25th ID, Schofield
Feb 20th 2017

The Cav2.1 P/Q voltage-dependent calcium channel is encoded by the CACNA1A gene. Voltage-dependent calcium channels mediate the entry of calcium ions
Jun 8th 2016

Shawnigan Lake Water Aerodrome
Shawnigan Lake Water Aerodrome, (TC LID: CAV8), is located on Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada. Nav Canada's Water Aerodrome Supplement. Effective
Dec 4th 2016

2015 NBA Playoffs
The-2015The 2015 NBA Playoffs were the postseason tournament of the National Basketball Association's 2014–15 season. The tournament concluded with the Western
Apr 13th 2017

Mansons Landing Water Aerodrome
Mansons Landing Water Aerodrome, (IATA: YMUTC LID: CAV7), is located adjacent to Mansons Landing on Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada. Nav Canada's
Dec 4th 2016

2015–16 Cleveland Cavaliers season
The 2015–16 Cleveland Cavaliers season was the 46th season of the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Cavaliers
Apr 20th 2017

Clarion Municipal Airport
Clarion Municipal Airport (ICAO: CAV KCAVFAA LID: CAV) is a city owned public use airport located one nautical mile (1.85 km) northwest of the central business
Feb 11th 2017

2009–10 Cleveland Cavaliers season
Cleveland Cavaliers, until reach these Milestones. On December 30, the Cavs reached 3,200 regular seasons games, against the Atlanta Hawks. On February 4
Apr 26th 2017

Sullivan Bay Water Aerodrome
Sullivan Bay Water Aerodrome, (IATA: YTGTC LID: CAV5), is located adjacent to Sullivan Bay in British Columbia, Canada. Nav Canada's Water Aerodrome
Dec 4th 2016

Infectious canine hepatitis
Infectious canine hepatitis is an acute liver infection in dogs caused by canine adenovirus type-1 (CAV-1). CAV-1 also causes disease in wolves, coyotes
Feb 10th 2017

Caveolin 1
Caveolin-1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CAV1 gene. The scaffolding protein encoded by this gene is the main component of the caveolae
Jun 6th 2016

Cav1.4 also known as the calcium channel, voltage-dependent, L type, alpha 1F subunit (CACNA1F), is a human gene. This gene encodes a member of the alpha-1
May 22nd 2016

T-type calcium channel
events depending on where in the body the cell is found. As a member of the Cav3 subfamily of voltage-gated calcium channels, the function of the T-type channel
Apr 24th 2017

L-type calcium channel
the length of activation. This channel has four subunits (Cav1.1, Cav1.2, Cav1.3, Cav1.4). L-type calcium channels are responsible for the excitation-contraction
Apr 24th 2017

Battle of Dennewitz
The Battle of Dennewitz (German: Schlacht von Dennewitz) took place on 6 September 1813 between the forces of the First French Empire and an army of Prussians
Feb 3rd 2017

Thakral Corporation
Thakral Corporation Ltd. (Chinese: 德加拉集团) is a diversified company listed on the Singapore stock exchange (SGX: T04) involved in manufacturing, logistics
Feb 13th 2017

Hysterocrates gigas. It acts as a high-affinity blocker of R-type Ca2+ (Cav2.3) channels, but at higher concentrations it can also block other Ca2+ channels
Jul 30th 2016

Computer Aided Verification
Computer Aided Verification (CAV) is an annual academic conference on the theory and practice of computer aided formal analysis of software and hardware
Apr 29th 2015

ziconotide, TROX-1 is not so selective, and also blocks the Cav2.1 and Cav2.3 calcium channel subtypes, but it has the great advantage of being orally
Jun 5th 2016

Austin Carr
For the English cricketer or the American football player, see Austin Carr (cricketer) and Austin Carr (American football). Austin George Carr (born March
Mar 16th 2017

Communes of the Allier department
The following is a list of the 317 communes of the Allier department of France. The Allier department has 3 agglomeration communities (communautes d'agglomeration):
Mar 30th 2017

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