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Compact disc
"CD" redirects here. For other uses, see CD (disambiguation). Compact disc (CD) is a digital optical disc data storage format released in 1982 and co-developed
Apr 17th 2017

Candela (disambiguation). The candela (/kanˈdɛlə/ or /kanˈdiːlə/; symbol: cd) is the SI base unit of luminous intensity; that is, luminous power per unit
Apr 27th 2017

Computers can read CD-ROMs, but cannot write to CD-ROMs which are not writable or erasable. From the mid-1990s until the mid-2000s, CD-ROMs were popularly
Mar 26th 2017

Sega CD
CD The Sega CD, released as the Mega-CD in most regions outside North America, is a CD-ROM accessory for the Sega Genesis video game console designed and
Apr 23rd 2017

the CD-WO, CD-MO (Magneto-Optic), and CD-RWRW (ReWritableReWritable). The latest editions have abandoned the use of the term "CD-WO" in favor of "CD-R", while "CD-MO"
Apr 27th 2017

CD-RW (Compact Disc-ReWritable) is a digital optical disc storage format. A CD-RW disc is a compact disc that can be written, read arbitrarily many times
Jan 13th 2017

CD single
written standard in the Red Book for the term "CD single", and what the term refers to in some countries. A CD single (sometimes abbreviated to CDS) is
Jan 19th 2017

Mini CD
CD, and 210 MB (24 mins), with the same data density as a 700 MB full sized CD, used for "Pocket" data storage. (see also miniDVD) Business card CD (or
Feb 9th 2017

CD player
electronic device. For the Windows-Software">Microsoft Windows Software, see CD Player (Windows). A CD player is an electronic device that plays audio compact discs
Apr 25th 2017

Philips CD-i
CDICDI (disambiguation). CD The Philips CD-i (an abbreviation of Compact Disc Interactive) is an interactive multimedia CD player developed and marketed by Royal
Apr 23rd 2017

Live CD
Lider album, see CD Live CD (album). "CD Boot CD" redirects here. For media required to start a computer, see boot disk. A live CD, live DVD, or live disc
Jan 16th 2017

CD Video
about CD video, a hybrid analogue/digital format. For the more successful all-digital format, see Video CD. CD Video (also known as CDV, CD-V, or CD+V) is
Apr 23rd 2017

CD+G (also known as CD-G, CD+Graphics and TV-Graphics) is an extension of the compact disc standard that can present low-resolution graphics alongside
Jul 4th 2016

Enhanced CD
CD Enhanced CD certification mark. For the CD Enhanced Music CD format (also known as CD+Extra/CD+Plus), see Blue Book (CD standard). CD Enhanced CD is
Nov 16th 2016

CD-Text is an extension of the Red Book Compact Disc specifications standard for audio CDs. It allows for storage of additional information (e.g. album
Apr 11th 2017

Sonic the Hedgehog CD
Sonic the Hedgehog CD, more commonly known as Sonic CD, is a platform video game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega originally for the Sega
Apr 22nd 2017

WEPA-CD is a Class A television station located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. An affiliate of Movies!, the station is owned and operated by OTA Broadcasting
Nov 18th 2016

Video CD
about the all-digital Video CD format. For the earlier analog/digital hybrid, see CD Video. See also: Videodisc Video CD (abbreviated as VCD, and also
Apr 22nd 2017

CD Projekt
CD Projekt S.A. (Polish pronunciation: [ˌt̻͡s̪ɛˈdɛ ˈprɔjɛkt̪], formerly CD Projekt Sp. z.o.o.) is a Polish video game developer, publisher and distributor
Apr 9th 2017

Cd (command)
redirects here. For functions of programming languages and APIs, see chdir. The cd command, also known as chdir (change directory), is a command-line OS shell
Mar 15th 2017

Except for reserved names like,, and others, any person in the world can register a .cd domain for a fee. The ccTLD is popular
Nov 18th 2016

CD ripper
CD A CD ripper, CD grabber, or CD extractor is software that convert tracks on a Compact Disc to standard computer sound files, such as WAV, MP3, or Ogg Vorbis
Aug 31st 2016

Photo CD
be confused with CD Picture CD. CD Photo CD is a system designed by Kodak for digitizing and saving photos in a CD. Launched in 1992, the discs
Nov 29th 2016

Neo Geo CD
D CD Neo Geo D CD (Japanese: ネオジオD CD, Hepburn: Neo Jio Shī Dī?) is the second home video game console of SNK Corporation's Neo Geo family, released in September
Mar 12th 2017

CD Logroñés
List of CD Logrones managers Javier Irureta Miguel Angel Lotina Victor Munoz Juande Ramos Quique Setien Blagoje Paunović See also: Category:CD Logrones
Apr 13th 2017

List of Sega CD games
D CD The Sega D CD, originally released as the Mega-D CD (メガD CD, Mega-Shī Dī?) in most regions outside of North America, is an add-on device for the Sega Genesis
Mar 5th 2017

For the floppy disk drive, see SuperDisk. CD The Super NES CD-ROM System (also known as SNES-CD or Super Disc) refers to an unreleased video game media format
Feb 23rd 2017

CD (disambiguation)
CD A CD or compact disc is a thin plastic silvery disc for audio recordings. CD or cd may also refer to: Cordoba Durchmusterung, a star catalog of the
Oct 24th 2016

(Hagelin) CD-57 was a portable, mechanical cipher machine manufactured by Crypto AG, first produced in 1957. It was derived from the earlier CD-55, and
Nov 13th 2016

Amiga CD32
CD32 The Amiga CD32, styled "CD32" and code-named "Spellbound", is the first 32-bit home video game console released in western Europe, Australia, Canada and
Mar 12th 2017

Mini CD single
mini CD single (also 3-inch CD or CD3 in the US, in relation to the CD5, or the 5-inch CD single; commonly known as "snap-pack"; also known as "CD Single")
Mar 18th 2017

WTMO-CD is a digital class A low-power television station serving the Orlando, Florida television market. The station is owned by ZGS Communications, and
Apr 26th 2017

Super Audio CD
Super Audio CD (SACD) is a read-only optical disc for audio storage, introduced in 1999. It was developed jointly by Sony and Philips Electronics, and
Mar 8th 2017

CD Universe
CD is an e-commerce site that sells music CDs, mp3 downloads, movies, and video games worldwide. CD Universe also offers a wide selection
Feb 18th 2017

here. For the AM radio station formerly known as WOHO, see WLQR (AM). WXSP-CD, UHF digital channel 15, is a MyNetworkTV-affiliated television station located
Mar 20th 2017

CD Baby
CD Baby, Inc. is an online music store specializing in the sale of CDs, vinyl records and music downloads from independent musicians to consumers. The
Apr 25th 2017

CD Málaga
1971–72 season and the 1973–74 season, finishing both in seventh position. CD Malaga folded after the 1991–92 campaign, spent in the second division - being
Apr 24th 2017

CD Bupolsa
name to Club Deportivo Bupolsa. CD Estructuras Tino 2006–2010 CD Burgos CF 2011–2014 CD Beroil Bupolsa 2014–2016 CD Bupolsa 2016–present 5 seasons in
Apr 11th 2017

defunct CD OpenCD project aimed to introduce users of Microsoft Windows to the benefits of free and open source software (FOSS). It is a CD image that can
Aug 18th 2016

KFDF-CD is a Class A low power television station in Fort Smith, Arkansas, broadcasting digitally on UHF channel 44 as an affiliate of Me-TV. The station
Jan 13th 2017

What.CD was a private, invite-only music BitTorrent tracker and community launched in 2007. The site was shut down on 17 November 2016 after a report that
Apr 19th 2017

CD AppleCD is a range of early SCSI-based CD-ROM drives for Apple Macintosh personal computers, manufactured and sold by Apple Computer. Earlier CD AppleCD drives
Dec 21st 2016

El Torito (CD-ROM standard)
CD-Specification">Torito Bootable CD Specification is an extension to the ISO 9660 CD-ROM specification. It is designed to allow a computer to boot from a CD-ROM. It was announced
Aug 20th 2016

For other uses, see CD-4 (disambiguation). In molecular biology, CD4 (cluster of differentiation 4) is a glycoprotein found on the surface of immune
Mar 17th 2017

Atari Jaguar CD
Atari-Jaguar-CD The Atari-JaguarAtari Jaguar CD or CD Jag CD is a CD-ROM peripheral for the Atari-JaguarAtari Jaguar video game console. Atari announced a CD-ROM drive for the Jaguar before the
Dec 10th 2016

WAGT-CD is a low-power television station in Augusta, Georgia (United States), broadcasting locally on UHF channel 16 as an affiliate of Youtoo America
Apr 13th 2017

White Book (CD standard)
through CD-ROM drives, while CD-i players can use the CD-i program to read bridge discs as well (hence the "bridge" status between CD-ROMs and CD-i discs)
May 22nd 2013

WVUA-CD, virtual channel 7 (UHF digital channel 23), is a This TV-affiliated television station serving Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States that is licensed
Apr 19th 2017

Portable CD player
A portable D CD player is a portable audio player used to play Compact discs. The first audio player released was the D-50 by Sony. The basic features
Feb 16th 2017

For the album by Throbbing Gristle, see CD1 (album). CD1 (cluster of differentiation 1) is a family of glycoproteins expressed on the surface of various
Jul 29th 2016

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