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English modal verbs
is common to use can't to express confidence that something is not the case (as in It can't be here or, with the perfect, Sue can't have left). Mustn't
May 20th 2017

Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm Sick
"Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm Sick / Ningyo" is Namie Amuro's 30th solo single under the Avex Trax label. It was released on CD and CD&DVD May 17, 2006
Feb 28th 2017

Can't Believe It
Can't Believe It refers to: Can't Believe It (T-Pain song), 2008 Can't Believe It (Flo Rida song), 2013 "Can't Believe It", a song by Manfred Mann from
Nov 28th 2014

You Can't Take It with You
You-Can't-Take-ItYou Can't Take It with You may refer to: You-Can't-Take-ItYou Can't Take It with You (play), comedic play in three acts by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. You Can't Take
Sep 6th 2016

Can't Buy Me Love
"Can't Buy Me Love" is a song composed by McCartney Paul McCartney (credited to LennonMcCartney) and released by the Beatles on the A-side of their sixth British
May 19th 2017

Can't Get Enough
Can't Get Enough may refer to: Can't Get Enough (Barry White album), 1974 Can't Get Enough (Eagle-Eye Cherry album), 2012 Can't Get Enough (Eddy Grant
Apr 29th 2016

Can't Stop Dancin'
Can't Stop Dancin' may refer to: "Can't Stop Dancin'" (Captain & Tennille song), a 1977 song "Can't Stop Dancin'" (Becky G song), a 2014 song Can't Stop
Apr 26th 2016

U Can't Touch This
"U Can't Touch This" is a song co-written, produced and performed by MC Hammer from his 1990 album Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em. The track is considered
May 24th 2017

Can't Love, Can't Hurt
Can't Love, Can't Hurt is the second album by Augustana, a California rock band. The album was released on April 29, 2008, by Epic Records. The album
Jan 10th 2017

You can run, but you can't hide
but you can't hide may refer to: "He can run, but he can't hide", a statement attributed to American boxer Joe Louis You Can Run But You Can't Hide, a
May 10th 2016

I Can't Wait
I Can't Wait may refer to: I Can't Wait (EP), an EP by Yngwie Malmsteen, or the title song I Can't Wait (Sanchez album) "I Can't Wait" (Akon song) "I Can't
Oct 5th 2015

Can't Live with You, Can't Live Without You
"Can't Live with You, Can't Live Without You" is a duet between Billy Newton-Davis and Celine Dion, released as a single in July 1989 in Canada. The song
Apr 4th 2017

Can't Help Falling in Love
"Can't Help Falling in Love" is a pop ballad originally recorded by American singer Elvis Presley and published by Gladys Music, Elvis Presley's publishing
May 24th 2017

Can't Stop
Can't-StopCan't-StopCan't-StopCan't-StopCan't Stop may refer to: "Can't-StopCan't-StopCan't-StopCan't-StopCan't Stop" (After 7 song), 1990 "Can't-StopCan't-StopCan't-StopCan't-StopCan't Stop" (Jacksoul song), 2000 "Can't-StopCan't-StopCan't-StopCan't-StopCan't Stop" (Red Hot Chili Peppers song), 2002 "Can't
Apr 16th 2016

I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)
"I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)" is a song by the American duo Hall & Oates. Written by Daryl Hall and John Oates, and co-written by Sara Allen, the
May 27th 2017

Can't Buy My Love
Can't Buy My Love is the second album of Japanese singer and songwriter Yui. The album was released 4 April 2007 under Sony Music Japan label. The album
Dec 20th 2016

Can't Stop the Feeling!
"Can't Stop the Feeling!" is a song recorded by American singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake for the soundtrack to the film Trolls, for which he serves
May 27th 2017

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" is a song by the English rock band the Rolling Stones, released in 1965. It was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
May 11th 2017

I Can't Say No
Can't-Say-No I Can't Say No or Can't say No may refer to: "Can't Say No", the 2012 debut single of Conor Maynard "I Cain't Say No", song in the stage play Oklahoma
Feb 14th 2016

You Can't Do That
"You Can't Do That" is a song written by Lennon John Lennon (credited to LennonMcCartney) and released by the BeatlesBeatles as the B-side of their sixth British single
May 26th 2017

Can't Stop Won't Stop
Can't Stop Won't Stop may refer to: Can't Stop Won't Stop (book), a book written by Jeff Chang "Can't Stop Won't Stop" (Usher song), a song by Usher Can't
May 3rd 2017

Can't Fight This Feeling
"Can't Fight This Feeling" is a power ballad performed by the American rock band REO Speedwagon, the single remained three consecutive weeks at the number
May 21st 2017

Can't Believe It (T-Pain song)
"American producer/singer-songwriter T-Pain. It was released on July 29, 2008. The song is the first official single
Jan 28th 2017

Can't Let Go
Can't Let Go may refer to: Can't Let Go (album), a 1996 album by Cantopop singer Sammi Cheng "Can't Let Go" (Earth, Wind & Fire song), 1979 "Can't Let
Feb 14th 2017

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! is a spread brand produced by Unilever. The J.H. Filbert company, based in Baltimore, Maryland, developed the product
May 11th 2017

Jingle Bells/U Can't Touch This
"Jingle Bells/U Can't Touch This" is a 2005 Crazy Frog cover of the Christmas song "Jingle Bells" and a cover of "U Can't Touch This", (originally MC
Apr 22nd 2017

Can't Happen Here
Can't Happen Here or It Can't Happen Here may refer to: "Can't Happen Here", a song from Atreyu's 2007 album, Lead Sails Paper Anchor "Can't Happen Here"
Feb 2nd 2017

Can't Stop Won't Stop (book)
Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation is a book by Jeff Chang chronicling the early hip hop scene. The book features portraits of
Feb 18th 2017

Can't Pay? Won't Pay!
Can't Pay? Won't Pay! (Italian: Non Si Paga! Non Si Paga!, also translated We Can't Pay? We Won't Pay! and Low Pay? Don't Pay!) is play originally written
Dec 16th 2016

Can't Leave 'em Alone
"Can't Leave 'em Alone" is a R&B song recorded by American singer Ciara and rapper 50 Cent for Ciara's second album, Ciara: The Evolution (2006). Written
Jan 31st 2017

Can't Stop Fallin' into Love
Not to be confused with the Elvis Presley song Can't Help Falling in Love. "Can't Stop Fallin' into Love" is a song recorded by American rock band Cheap
Nov 28th 2016

I Can't Dance
"I Can't Dance" is the fourth track from the Genesis album We Can't Dance and was the second single from the album. The song peaked at number seven on
May 24th 2017

You Can't Win
You Can't Win may refer to: "You Can't Win" (song), a song by Michael Jackson from the film The Wiz You Can't Win (album), an album by Dolorean, or the
Oct 3rd 2015

Can't Feel My Face
"Can't Feel My Face" is a song performed by Canadian singer The-WeekndThe Weeknd from his second studio album Beauty Behind the Madness (2015). The song was released
May 24th 2017

Can't Cook, Won't Cook
Can't Cook, Won't Cook is a British cooking show that was broadcast on BBC1 on weekday mornings usually after the Breakfast News from 20 November 1995
Mar 23rd 2016

I Can't Stand the Rain (song)
"I Can't Stand the Rain" is a song originally recorded by Peebles Ann Peebles in 1973, and written by Peebles, Don Bryant, and Bernard "Bernie" Miller. Other
May 26th 2017

Why Can't We Be Friends?
Why Can't We Be Friends? is the seventh studio album by War. Recorded in 1974 and released by United Artists Records on June 16, 1975. The title song
Dec 8th 2016

Can't Get You Out of My Head
"Can't Get You Out of My Head" is a song recorded by Australian singer Kylie Minogue for her eighth studio album, titled Fever, which she released in
May 24th 2017

Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe
"Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe" is a song written, recorded, and produced by Barry White. Released as the first single from his album Can't Get Enough
Mar 2nd 2017

If I Can't Have You
"If I Can't Have You" is a disco song written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb in 1977. The song initially appeared on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack
May 13th 2017

We Can't Stop
"We Can't Stop" is a song by American recording artist Miley Cyrus, from her fourth studio album Bangerz (2013). It was released on June 3, 2013 by RCA
May 24th 2017

Can't Find My Way Home
"Can't Find My Way Home" is a song written by Steve Winwood which was first released by Blind Faith on their 1969 album Blind Faith. Rolling Stone, in
May 27th 2017

Can't Hold Us
"Can't Hold Us" is a song written and performed by American hip hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and singer Ray Dalton, originally released on August 16
May 2nd 2017

I Can't Make You Love Me
"I Can't Make You Love Me" is a song written by Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin and recorded by American singer Bonnie Raitt for her eleventh studio album
May 25th 2017

Why Can't I?
"Why Can't I?" is a song by American pop rock artist Liz Phair. It was released in September 2003 as the lead single from her self-titled album, Liz Phair
Apr 23rd 2017

Can't Maintain
Can't Maintain is the third studio album by AJJ. All lyrics written by Sean Bonnette; all music composed by AJJ. "Andrew Jackson Jihad-Can't Maintain"
Apr 9th 2017

Can't Slow Down
Can't Slow Down may refer to: Can't Slow Down (Lionel Richie album), 1983 Can't Slow Down (Saves the Day album), 1998 Can't Slow Down (Foreigner album)
Jan 7th 2017

I Can't Stop
I Can't Stop may refer to: "I Can't Stop" (album), a 2003 album by Al Green "I Can't Stop" (Skee-Lo album), a 2000 album by Skee-Lo "I Can't Stop" (The
Feb 5th 2017

Dreams That Money Can't Buy
Dreams That Money Can't Buy is the second solo album by former Frankie Goes to Hollywood singer Holly Johnson. It was released in 1991 by MCA Records
Aug 27th 2016

I Can't Sing!
I Can't Sing! The X Factor Musical was a musical comedy written by Harry Hill, with music and additional lyrics by Steve Brown. Based on the TV series
Apr 18th 2017

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