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"Canadian" redirects here. For other uses, see Canadian (disambiguation). Canadians (French: Canadiens) are people identified with the country of Canada
Apr 24th 2017

Canadian Armed Forces
Forces The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF; French: Forces armees canadiennes, FAC), or Canadian Forces (CF) (French: Forces canadiennes, FC), are the unified armed
Apr 20th 2017

Canadian dollar
see C$ (disambiguation). The Canadian dollar (symbol: $; code: CAD) (French: Dollar canadien) is the currency of Canada. It is abbreviated with the dollar
Apr 11th 2017

Canadian Army
Army The Canadian Army (French: Armee canadienne) is the ground command within the three branches Canadian Armed Forces. As of September 2013[update] the Army
Apr 18th 2017

Canadian nationalism
Canadian nationalism seeks to promote the unity, independence, and well-being of Canada and Canadians. Canadian nationalism has been a significant political
Apr 17th 2017

Canadian English
v "Canadian-EnglishCanadian English", Avis et al. 1967). Geikie, a Scottish-born Canadian, reflected the Anglocentric attitude that would be prevalent in Canada for
Apr 23rd 2017

Canadian Americans
This article is about AmericansAmericans of Canadian origin. For Canadians of American origin, see American Canadian. Canadian AmericansAmericans are American citizens or
Apr 19th 2017

European Canadian
"Hymne national du Canada". Canadian Heritage. Government of Canada. Retrieved 2008-06-26.  Department of Canadian Heritage. "Canadian HeritageNational
Apr 21st 2017

Canadian Tire
Canadian-Tire-CorporationCanadian Tire Corporation, Limited is a Canadian retail company which sells a wide range of automotive, sports and leisure, and home products. Some stores
Apr 10th 2017

Canadian nationality law
for a fourth time by the 42nd Canadian-ParliamentCanadian Parliament. Main article: History of Canadian nationality law After Canadian Confederation was achieved in
Apr 25th 2017

Royal Canadian Navy
August 1911, the Royal Canadian Navy was amalgamated with the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Army to form the unified Canadian Armed Forces in 1968
Apr 24th 2017

Canadian literature
quarterly academic journal, see Canadian-LiteratureCanadian Literature (journal). Canadian literature is literature originating from Canada. Canadian writers have produced a variety
Apr 25th 2017

Canadian football
Rugby football in Canada originated in the early 1860s, and over time, the game known as Canadian football developed. Both the Canadian Football League
Apr 17th 2017

Royal Canadian Air Force
enforcing the security of Canada's airspace and providing aircraft to support the missions of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Army. The RCAF is a partner
Apr 19th 2017

personnel. The unified Canadian Forces (CF) comprise the Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy, and Royal Canadian Air Force. In 2013, Canada's military expenditure
Apr 25th 2017

Canadian Confederation
Confederation Canadian Confederation (French: Confederation canadienne) was the process by which the British colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were
Apr 23rd 2017

French Canadians
For other uses, see French Canadian (disambiguation). "Canadien", "Canadiens", and "French Canada" redirect here. For the hockey team, see Montreal Canadiens
Apr 24th 2017

Canadian Space Agency
The Canadian Space Agency (CSA; French: Agence Spatiale Canadienne, ASC) was established by the Canadian Space Agency Act which received Royal Assent on
Apr 12th 2017

Monarchy of Canada
jurisdiction. The-Canadian The Canadian sovereign is the personification of the Canadian state and, as a matter of constitutional law, is Canada. The current Canadian monarch
Apr 25th 2017

Canadian Airlines
airlines of Canada and List of defunct airlines of Canada. Not to be confused with Canadian Airways or Canadian Airways Congo. Canadian Airlines International
Apr 16th 2017

Canadian cuisine
is more difficult to define. Canadians">Some Canadians such as the former Canadian prime minister Joe Clark believe that Canadian cuisine is a collage of dishes from
Mar 26th 2017

Canadian art
For the magazine, see Canadian-ArtCanadian Art (magazine). Canadian art refers to the visual (including painting, photography, and printmaking) as well as plastic
Mar 14th 2017

Canadian Pacific Railway
"Canadian Pacific" redirects here. For other uses, see Canadian Pacific (disambiguation). The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), also known formerly
Apr 23rd 2017

Chinese Canadians
of the Canadian population, or about 1.3 million people as of 2006. The Chinese Canadian community is the largest ethnic group of Asian Canadians, consisting
Apr 23rd 2017

Culture of Canada
Canada and Lower Canada. Canadian-Forces">The Canadian Forces and overall civilian participation in the First World War and Second World War helped to foster Canadian
Apr 19th 2017

Canadian comics
Canadian comics refers to comics and cartooning by citizens of Canada or permanent residents of Canada regardless of residence. Canada has two official
Mar 30th 2017

Canadian Championship
Open Canada Cup. For the Soccer Canada Cup, see Canada Cup (soccer). The Canadian Championship—known as the Amway Canadian Championship for sponsorship reasons—is
Mar 24th 2017

Canadian Prairies
which the Prairies">Canadian Prairies belong, see Great Plains. "Prairies">The Prairies" redirects here. For other uses, see Prairie (disambiguation). The Prairies">Canadian Prairies
Apr 9th 2017

affluent. 54% of South Asians in Canada have household incomes greater than $60,000, compared to the 46% Canadian average. Canadian adults of East Indian origin
Apr 19th 2017

American Canadian
Americans">For Americans of Canadian origin, see Canadian Americans. American Canadians are Canadian citizens of American descent, or Canadians who identify to some
Apr 19th 2017

Canadian whisky
Canadian whisky is a type of whisky produced in Canada. Most Canadian whiskies are blended multi-grain liquors containing a large percentage of corn spirits
Mar 7th 2017

Canadian passport
assistance from Canadian consular officials abroad, if necessary; and requests protection for the bearer while abroad. All Canadian passports are issued
Apr 25th 2017

Black Canadians
heritage, the term "Canadian Black Canadian" is accepted in the Canadian context. Canadian Black Canadians have contributed to many areas of Canadian culture. Many of the first
Apr 23rd 2017

Canadian wine
growing regions of the world. Canadian wines have a less than 50 percent share of the Canadian wine market, making Canada one of the few wine-producing
Jan 5th 2017

List of Canadian monarchs
Consort. Canadian politics portal History of monarchy in Canada History of Canada Timeline of Canadian history Constitutional history of Canada List of
Apr 9th 2017

Provinces and territories of Canada
"Canadian Province" redirects here. For "Canadian Province" as used in biology, see Circumboreal Region. Canada's geography is divided into administrative
Apr 19th 2017

List of Canadian films
produced in Canada ordered by year and date of release. For an alphabetical list of Canadian films see Category:Canadian films List of Canadian films of
Apr 24th 2017

3rd Canadian Division
The 3rd Canadian Division is a formation of the Canadian Army. It was first created as a formation of the Canadian Corps during the First World War. It
Dec 10th 2016

Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery
Regiment of Canadian Artillery (French: Le Regiment royal de l'Artillerie canadienne) is the artillery personnel branch of the Canadian Army. Many
Nov 28th 2016

Canadian Alliance
Alliance The Canadian Alliance (French: Alliance canadienne), formally the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance (French: Alliance reformiste-conservatrice canadienne)
Mar 30th 2017

Canadian Vickers
Canada in 1911 to establish a Canadian division to manufacture vessels for the nascent Royal Canadian Navy. Vickers Sons & Maxim established Canadian
Apr 15th 2017

Haitian Canadian
HaitianHaitian-CanadiansHaitianHaitian Canadians are Canadian citizens of HaitianHaitian descent or Haiti-born people who reside in Canada. Citizens from the Francophone Caribbean island nation
Apr 18th 2017

English Canadian
term English-speaking Canadian is sometimes used interchangeably with English Canadian. Although many English-speaking Canadians have strong historical
Apr 22nd 2017

Law of Canada
rights in Canada-ThereCanada There are currently four key mechanisms in Canada to protect human rights: the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human
Apr 18th 2017

Canadian federal election, 2015
The 2015 Canadian federal election (formally the 42nd Canadian general election) was held on October 19, 2015, to elect members to the House of Commons
Apr 4th 2017

The Canadian Press
a vehicle to permit Canadian newspapers of the day to exchange their news and information. For most of its history, The Canadian Press has been a private
Feb 10th 2017

Canadian National Railway
The Canadian National Railway Company (reporting mark CN) is a Canadian Class I railway headquartered in Montreal, Quebec that serves Canada and the Midwestern
Apr 13th 2017

Canadian (train)
"The Canadian" redirects here. For the film, see The Canadian (film). For the Lower Canadian newspaper (1806–1810) and the current "The Canadian National
Apr 2nd 2017

4th Canadian Division
The 4th Canadian Division is a formation of the Canadian Army. The division was first created as a formation of the Canadian Corps during the First World
Apr 8th 2017

Royal Canadian Mint
699282 The-Royal-Canadian-MintThe Royal Canadian Mint (French: Monnaie royale canadienne) is a Crown corporation of Canada, operating under the Royal Canadian Mint Act. The shares
Apr 18th 2017

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