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Charles G. D. Roberts
greatest Canadian poet is Mr. Charles G.D. Roberts." "Edmund Collins is probably responsible for the early acceptance of Charles G.D. Roberts as Canada’s foremost
May 26th 2017

Charles G. Dawes
York: Facts On File. Charles G. Dawes - Biographical - "Charles G. Dawes Archive" Finding aid for the Charles G. Dawes archival collection
May 19th 2017

Charles G. Curtiss Sr. House
The Charles G. Sr">Curtiss Sr. House is a private home located at 168 S. Union St. in Plymouth, Michigan in the United States. It was listed on the National
May 7th 2017

Charles G. Bennett
Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York. "Charles G. Bennett". The Political Graveyard. Retrieved 29 August 2013.  "Charles G. Bennett". Govtrack US Congress.
Aug 31st 2016

Charles G. Widdén
prominence through his numerous recordings. A native of Stockholm, Charles G. Widden came to the United States in 1888 at the age of fourteen. He settled
Apr 20th 2017

Charles G. Clarke
Charles G. Clarke ASC (19 March 1899 – 1 July 1983) an American cinematographer who worked in Hollywood for over 40 years and was treasurer and president
Mar 29th 2017

Charles G. Washburn
United States Congress. "Charles G. Washburn (id: W000171)". Biographical Directory of the United States CongressCharles G. Washburn at the Library
Aug 1st 2016

Charles Koch
demand.  "Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program". Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University. Retrieved 2010-09-10. The Charles G. Koch Summer
May 10th 2017

Charles Grandison Finney
E. Hambrick-Stowe, Charles G. Finney and the Spirit of American Evangelicalism (1996) p 199 Charles E. Hambrick-Stowe, Charles G. Finney and the Spirit
Apr 26th 2017

Charles G. DeWitt
States Congress,. Retrieved July 31, 2014.  United States Congress. "Charles G. DeWitt (id: D000284)". Biographical Directory of the United States Congress
Jan 31st 2017

Charles G. F. Rees
Charles G.F. Rees (born c. 1855) was a German-born architect, surveyor and estate agent, practicing from Stanmore, Middlesex, England. With Edward Boehmer
Dec 13th 2016

Charles G. Bailey
in Huntington, West Virginia. "Dr. Charles G. Bailey, Marshall University's website". 2002.  "Dr. Charles G. "Chuck" Bailey, WMUL's website". 2002
May 1st 2015

Charles G. Oakman
States Congress. "Charles G. Oakman (id: O000004)". Biographical Directory of the United States Congress.  The Political Graveyard Charles G. Oakman at Find
Jun 13th 2016

Charles F. G. Kuyk
two oak leaf clusters and "V" device. Lewis W. Poe, Petitioner, v. Charles F. G. Kuyk, Jr., et al. The focus of the case is on whether an unhappy plaintiff
May 24th 2016

American Lummis American journalist, poet and historian American Charles Olson American poet Charles G.D. Roberts Canadian poet Charles Webb (author) American author of The
May 5th 2017

Charles Godfrey Leland
the German of Joseph Victor Scheffel and Others by Charles G. Leland at Project Gutenberg Charles G. Leland was late director of the Public Industrial
May 22nd 2017

Charles Greeley Abbot
year 1942. Smithsonian Institution Archives. Retrieved 11 April 2012.  "Charles G. Abbot Retires as Secretary". Annual Report for the Smithsonian Institution
Apr 20th 2017

Charles G. Irion
Charles G. Irion (born July 10, 1951 Ontario, California) is an American entrepreneur, publisher, author, philanthropist and adventurer. Charles G. Irion
May 26th 2017

Charles G. Coffman
Charles G. Coffman (August 30, 1875 – August 15, 1929) was the Republican President of the West Virginia Senate from Harrison County and served from 1925
May 24th 2016

Charles G. Bond
"Charles G. Bond". Roots Web, Retrieved 22 July 2013.  "Charles G. Bond". Govtrack US Congress. Retrieved 22 July 2013.  "Charles G. Bond"
Mar 27th 2017

Charles G. Addison
com/2016/03/charles-g-addison-the-history-of-the-knights-templar-1842.pdf Works by Charles G. Addison at Project Gutenberg Works by or about Charles G. Addison
Dec 11th 2016

Charles G. Dahlgren
Charles G. Dahlgren Born (1811-08-13)August 13, 1811 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Died December 18, 1888(1888-12-18) (aged 77) Brooklyn, New York Place
Dec 3rd 2016

Charles Taylor (Liberian politician)
Scheveningen section of The Hague. The Association for the Legal Defence of Charles G. Taylor was established in June 2006 to assist in his legal defence. When
May 22nd 2017

Charles G. Abrell
Honor recipients "Charles G. Abrell". Claim to Fame: Medal of Honor recipients. Find a Grave. Retrieved 2006-07-29.  "CPL Charles G. Abrell", Marines
Mar 26th 2017

Charles G. Williams
Baltimore, Maryland). Wisconsin Historical Society-Charles G. Williams--United-States-CongressWilliams United States Congress. "Charles G. Williams (id: W000492)". Biographical Directory
Sep 19th 2016

Charles Sibley
fourth cousin. Sibley-AhlquistAhlquist taxonomy AhlquistAhlquist, Jon E. (1999). "Charles G. Sibley: A commentary on 30 years of collaboration". The Auk. 116 (3):
Aug 31st 2016

Charles G. Bickham
Journal. 1909-02-17.  "Charles G. Bickham". Claim to Fame: Medal of Honor recipients. Find a Grave. Retrieved 2007-11-21.  "Charles G. Bickham, Medal of
Mar 31st 2017

Charles B. G. Murphy
Charles B. G. Murphy was a pioneer and philanthropist in psychiatry who was born in 1906 in Suffolk County, Massachusetts. He attended and graduated
Mar 17th 2017

Charles G. Myers
Charles G. Myers (born 1810) was an American lawyer and politician. Myers was born in 1810 in Madrid, St. Lawrence County, New York. He attended St.
Oct 27th 2016

Charles Ross
(journalist) (1885–1950), American journalist and Charles-G">White House Press Secretary Charles G. Ross (aviator) (1892–?), South African World War I flying ace Charles
Jan 7th 2017

Charles G. Bohannan
Charles G. Bohannan was a two-term Democratic mayor of South Norwalk, Connecticut from 1897 to 1898 and from 1899 to 1901. Dr. Charles G. Bohannan was
Dec 8th 2016

Charles G. Atherton
The son of Atherton Charles Humphrey Atherton and Mary Ann Toppan-Atherton, Charles G. Atherton was born in Amherst, New Hampshire on 4 July 1804. He was tutored
Apr 15th 2017

Charles Galton Darwin
Sir Charles Galton Darwin, KBE, MC, FRS (18 December 1887 – 31 December 1962) was an English physicist who served as director of the National Physical
Apr 24th 2017

Charles XII of Sweden
Charles XII, also Carl (SwedishSwedish: Karl XII; 17 June 1682 – 30 November 1718 O.S.), Latinized to Carolus Rex, was the King of Sweden from 1697 to 1718. He
May 20th 2017

Charles G. Shanks
Charles G. Shanks. One of the Best Known of the Newspaper-WorkersNewspaper Workers of New-York State". New York Times. July 25, 1895. Retrieved 2012-11-06. Charles G.
Mar 1st 2017

Charles G. Maurice
years at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry, Dr. Charles G. Maurice (1911–1997) began in the old Department of Applied Materia Medica
Mar 3rd 2016

J. G. Taylor Spink
John George Taylor Spink (November 6, 1888 – December 7, 1962), or Taylor Spink, was the publisher of The Sporting News from 1914 until his death in 1962
Jan 1st 2017

Charles G. Finney
Main Library Special Collections, Collection Number: AZ 024, Papers of Charles G. Finney, 1959-1966. The archive includes typed manuscripts of "A Sermon
Feb 14th 2017

Charles Goodman Tebbutt
Charles Goodman Tebbutt (1860–1944) was an English speed skater and bandy player from Bluntisham, England, in the FensFens of Cambridgeshire where Fen skating
Apr 21st 2017

Charles Rebozo
Nixon's friend Rebozo Bebe RebozoCharles G. Rebozo, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2003, Internet resource. "Charles G. Rebozo", Federal Bureau of Investigation
May 1st 2017

Charles G. Overberger
"Overberger Charles Overberger". University of Michigan. Retrieved 2015-02-25. Charles G. Overberger, professor emeritus of chemistry and vice president emeritus
Nov 19th 2016

Charles G. Nicholson
people named NicholsonNicholson Charles Nicholson, see NicholsonNicholson Charles Nicholson (disambiguation). Charles G. Nicholson (October 13, 1919 – April 13, 2003) is a former Republican
May 4th 2016

Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris-CharlesParis Charles de Gaulle-AirportGaulle Airport (French: Aeroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, IATA: CDGICAO: LFPG), also known as Roissy Airport (name of the local district)
May 25th 2017

Charles G. Keenan
GazetteOffice, by Wm. H. Cushney. 1849. pp. 4–5. Retrieved 2007-01-14.  Charles G. Keenan from the Handbook of Texas Online Kountz, Leonard (2001-09-20)
May 7th 2016

Charles Treat
memorial, Charles G. Treat, 1882, accessed May 28, 2013 Military Times, Hall of Valor, Distinguished Service Medal citation, Charles G. Treat, accessed
Apr 21st 2017

Ray Charles
Ray Charles Robinson (September 23, 1930 – June 10, 2004), known professionally as Ray Charles, was an American singer-songwriter, musician, and composer
May 27th 2017

Charles Bernstein
Bernstein Charles Bernstein (born April 4, 1950) is an American poet, essayist, editor, and literary scholar. Bernstein holds the Donald T. Regan Chair in the Department
Mar 6th 2017

Charles George Harper
Trübner and co., 1903), pp 47–48. WebsterWebster, N. W. The English traveller: Charles G. Harper, 1863-1943 (Antiquarian Book Monthly Review, issue 16, 1974).
Dec 6th 2016

Charles G. Conn
States Congress. "Charles G. Conn (id: C000683)". Biographical Directory of the United States CongressRetrieved on 2009-03-31 "Charles G. Conn". Find a
Mar 4th 2017

Charles the Bald
Charles the Bald (13 June 823 – 6 October 877) was the King of West Francia (843–77), King of Italy (875–77) and Holy Roman Emperor (875–77, as Charles II)
May 22nd 2017

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