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Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido
Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido is a fourteenth-century Korean star map, copies of which were spread nationwide in the Joseon Dynasty. The name is sometimes
Oct 7th 2016

Kim Su-ji
Ulsan, where she graduated from Guyeong Primary School and went on to Cheonsang Middle School. She won a bronze medal along with Cho Eun-Bi in the women's
Feb 21st 2017

Asian fashion doll
Doll by Petworks and Obitsu Sekiguchi Obitsu by Obitsu (ja:オビツボディ) Pullip from Cheonsang Cheonha of South Korea. Manufactured by Groove, formerly by JUN Planning
Mar 29th 2017

Angel's Revenge (TV series)
Angel's Revenge (Hangul: 천상여자; RRCheonsang Yeoja; lit. "A Girl by Nature") is a 2014 South Korean daily drama starring Yoon So-yi, Park Jung-chul, Moon
Jan 23rd 2017

The Promise (2016 TV series)
The Promise (Hangul: 천상의 약속; RRCheonsang-ui Yaksok; lit. Heaven's Promise) is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Lee Yoo-ri (in a twin role)
Apr 10th 2017

The Grace (band)
group in 2016 after her contract expired. The group's Korean name is Cheonsang Jihui (Korean: 천상지희), also known as CSJH. Because their name consists
Mar 5th 2017

Traditional Chinese star names
star chart has 1,565 stars in 283 asterisms, the 14th-century Korean Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido has 1,467 stars in 264 asterisms, and the celestial
Apr 22nd 2017

Timeline of astronomical maps, catalogs, and surveys
1272 — Nasīr al-Dīn al-Tūsī's Zij-i Ilkhani (Ilkhanic Tables) 1395 — Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido star map created at the order of King Taejo c. 1400 —
Jan 7th 2017

Celestial cartography
Star-Atlas-Andrew-Johnson">Hunter Star Atlas Andrew Johnson mag 7 Star chart Astrometry Cosmography Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido History of cartography Planetarium PP3 Warner, D
May 18th 2017

Chinese constellations
star chart has 1,565 stars in 283 asterisms, the 14th-century Korean Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido has 1,467 stars in 264 asterisms, and the celestial
May 10th 2017

Index of Korea-related articles (C)
Gapyeong County. Cheonmin, the lowest social class in the Joseon Dynasty. Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido, a 15th-century Korean star map. Cheongsong County,
Feb 6th 2015

Pullip (Korean: 풀잎) is a fashion doll created by Cheonsang Cheonha of South Korea in 2003. Pullip has a jointed plastic body (1:6 scale) and a relatively
Dec 28th 2016

Taejong of Joseon
science drama Jang Yeong-sil. List of Korea-related topics Rulers of Korea Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido 탐라 성주시대 413년 ~ 탐라 성주시대 464년 《백과사전》 태종 참조 한국역대인물
May 21st 2017

National Treasure (South Korea)
main hall, Jeongjeon, of Jongmyo royal ancestral shrine, Seoul--228Seoul 228. Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido, a stone carved planisphere. Korean Royal Museum, Seoul
Mar 23rd 2017

List of Korean inventions and discoveries
patterns in Korea can be found on dolmens dating back to 3000 BC. The Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido is a planisphere inscribed on black marble that was
May 22nd 2017

South Korean won
the first work of literature written in hangul Globe of Honcheonsigye, Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido C14 star map and reflecting telescope at Bohyeonsan
Apr 29th 2017

List of monarchs of Korea
(T) Hoehyo (P) 헌종 (獻宗, T) 사효 (懷孝, P) 15 Wang Ong 왕옹 (王顒) 1095–1105 CheonsangCheonsang (C) 천상 (天常, C) Sukjong (T) Myeonghyo (P) 숙종 (肅宗, T) 명효 (明孝, P) 16
Apr 26th 2017

Sukjong of Goryeo
later Wang Ong McCuneReischauer Wang Hŭi later Wang Ong Courtesy name Hangul 천상 Hanja 天常 Revised Romanization Cheonsang McCuneReischauer Ch'ŏnsang
Feb 16th 2017

Comic Champ
Surado (수라도) 2008 Present Kim Jeong-uk (김정욱), story; Choe Bo-ha (최보하) Cheonsang Cheonha - Tenjō Tenge (천상천하 - 天上天下) 2000 Present Oh! great Jjang (짱) 1999
May 5th 2016

Chinese star maps
World War II, only pictures left. Reprinted in 1984 by 佐佐木英治 - 天象列次分野之図(Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido) 1395 Korean versions of Star Map in Stone. It was
Mar 20th 2017

List of motifs on banknotes
Chochoongdo KRW 10,000 King Sejong the Great Irworobongdo Yongbieocheonga Honcheonsigye, Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido KRW 50,000 Shin Saimdang Poongjukdo
May 22nd 2017

List of series run in Comic Champ
Present Masashi Kishimoto Weekly Shōnen Tenj Jump Tenjō Tenge (천상천하 - 天上天下, Cheonsang Cheonha - Tenjō Tenge) 2000 Present Oh! great Ultra Jump Itsumo Misora
Jan 18th 2017

Road Fighter (album)
Seung-ho Shin In-soo, Kim Seung-hyun   3:39 7. "Flying Love" (천상비애 (天上飛愛); Cheonsang Bi-ae) Kim Lee Love in Heaven 3:56 8. "Armageddon" (약속된 운명 (아마게돈); Yaksokdoen
Feb 21st 2017

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