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fourth-largest by total area, depending on the method of measurement. China's landscape is vast and diverse, ranging from forest steppes and the Gobi
Apr 28th 2017

Save China's Tigers
Save China's Tigers (SCT) is an international charitable foundation based in Hong Kong, the United States, and the United Kingdom (Office in London) which
Apr 27th 2017

Economy of China
Transitions and Growth. For other uses, see Economy of China (disambiguation). China's socialist market economy is the world's second largest economy by nominal
Apr 27th 2017

Military budget of China
billion. The Chinese government's published budget at that time was less than US$25 billion. A RAND Corporation study for year 2003 estimated China's defense
Mar 5th 2017

Judicial system of China
Academy of Social Sciences Legal system of China Reforming China's Judiciary by Wong Kai Shing. China's Adjudicative Committees China's Judiciary Framework
Apr 28th 2017

Chinese Century
Rise and Fall of the Great Powers Potential superpowers Economy of China China's peaceful rise Chinese economic reform Pax Sinica Adoption of Chinese
Apr 4th 2017

Demographics of China
which was partially a result of China's one-child policy. China's population reached the billion mark in 1982. China's population is over 1.381 billion
Apr 13th 2017

Politics of China
granting the individual de jure and de facto power over the country. China's population, geographical vastness, and social diversity frustrate attempts
Apr 28th 2017

People's Bank of China
Foreign-exchange reserves from 2004: Rapoza, Kenneth (October 15, 2011). "China's Cash Position Swells To Record High". BEIJING: Forbes. Retrieved October
Apr 14th 2017

China's Wings
China's Wings: War, Intrigue, Romance and Adventure in the Middle Kingdom during the Golden Age of Flight is a 2012 book by Gregory Crouch, published
Jan 4th 2017

Historical GDP of China
This article includes a list of China's historical gross domestic product (GDP) values, the market value of all final goods and services produced by a
Apr 20th 2017

Chinese space program
started China's own crewed space program. China's first spacecraft designed for human occupancy was named Shuguang-1 (曙光一号) in January 1968. China's Space
Apr 4th 2017

China–United States relations
China the second largest. The International Monetary Fund estimates that China's economy has overtaken that of United States in terms of GDP (PPP) in 2014
Apr 22nd 2017

Foreign relations of China
are to preserve China's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, create a favorable international environment for China's reform and opening
Apr 23rd 2017

Energy policy of China
emitter of greenhouse gases according to a Dutch research agency. However, China's per capita emissions are still far behind the developed countries. In addition
Apr 1st 2017

Transport in China
resulting in a rapid increase of motor vehicle use throughout China. Although China's transport system comprises a vast network of transport nodes across its
Apr 24th 2017

Chinese economic reform
controlled the economy after 2005, reversing some reforms. The success of China's economic policies and the manner of their implementation has resulted in
Apr 29th 2017

Geography of China
consists of fertile lowlands and foothills, and is the location of most of China's agricultural output and human population. The west and north of the country
Apr 27th 2017

China's Super Consumers
China's Super Consumers: What 1 Billion Customers Want and How to Sell It to Them is a 2014 nonfiction book by Savio S. Chan (陳少宏, Pinyin: Chen Shaohong)
Sep 28th 2016

Coal in China
China's coal plants work more efficiently than those in the United States, due to their relative youth. In September 2011, the Chinese government's Ministry
Apr 23rd 2017

Women's health in China
clinics for mothers and children increased, causing a marked improvement in China's health indicators. Life expectancy increased from 39 in 1949 to 68 in 1978;
Feb 18th 2017

China and weapons of mass destruction
mass destruction, including chemical and nuclear weapons. The first of China's nuclear weapons tests took place in 1964, and its first hydrogen bomb test
Apr 15th 2017

Censorship in China
information via an internal document system. Reporters Without Borders ranks China's press situation as "very serious", the worst ranking on their five-point
Mar 22nd 2017

Agriculture in China
the world's population. The development of farming over the course of China's history has played a key role in supporting the growth of what is now the
Apr 18th 2017

Television in China
program production, transmission and coverage. China Central Television is China's largest and most powerful national television station. By the 1980s, two-thirds
Apr 26th 2017

Nuclear power in China
capacity by 2020. China's-National-DevelopmentChina's National Development and Reform Commission has indicated the intention to raise the percentage of China's electricity produced
Mar 30th 2017

Chinese financial system
China's financial system has recently begun to expand rapidly as monetary policy becomes integral to its overall economic policy. As a result, banks are
Apr 10th 2017

Telecommunications industry in China
licenses and engaged fixed-line and mobile business in China. As a result of China’s entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, a new regulatory regime
Apr 6th 2017

China's Best Actor: Wen Jiabao
China's Best Actor: Wen Jiabao (Chinese: 中国影帝温家宝) is a book published by Chinese dissident author Yu Jie on August 16 in Hong Kong. The book is "a scathing
Feb 23rd 2017

Education in China
the next year. International students are increasingly studying in China. China's economy is improving more quickly than had been predicted, i.e. sizable
Apr 25th 2017

China at the Olympics
record for any Chinese athlete. Chinese women's volleyball team defeated USA women's team in the final and won China'sChina's first ball-game gold medal. China
Jan 22nd 2017

Urbanization in China
increase from 26% in 1990.[1] Main article: Ancient Chinese urban planning China's increase in urbanization was one of the several functions of the surpluses
Mar 5th 2017

Sport in China
include table tennis, badminton, martial arts, and various forms of pool. China's professional sports are in its developmental stages. They also may consist
Apr 8th 2017

Health in China
in Macau. Taiwan For Taiwan, see Health in Taiwan. See also Healthcare in China. China's health indicators include the nation’s fertility rate of 1.8 children
Apr 20th 2017

Energy security of the People's Republic of China
China's dependence on foreign sources of energy is not a threat to China's energy security, since the world energy market is not opposed to China's pursuit
Mar 19th 2017

China–Kenya relations
decade. General Liu Jingsong, commander of the Lanzhou Military Region, led China's first military delegation to Kenya in December 1996; Major General Nick
Mar 2nd 2017

China's Got Talent
For the most recent series, see China's Got Talent (series 5). China's Got Talent (Chinese: 中国达人秀; literally: "China's Talent Show") is a Chinese reality
Apr 3rd 2017

Mobile phone industry in China
Telecommunications in China and Telecommunications industry in China China's mobile phone industry of cell phone industry has high growth
Apr 20th 2017

China–Germany relations
compared with 22% which view it negatively, while only 10% of Germans view China's influence positively, with 76% expressing a negative view, making Germany
Mar 27th 2017

History of the People's Republic of China
total overhaul of the land ownership system, and extensive land reforms. China's old system of landlord ownership of farmland and tenant peasants was replaced
Apr 27th 2017

Civil aviation in China
and operator General Administration of Civil Aviation of China. In 1987, China's government separated the airline operations of General Administration of
Feb 23rd 2017

China–Uganda relations
reports. These projects range from a 350 million USD concessional loan from China's Exim Bank for the construction of a toll road from Entebbe Airport to the
Feb 28th 2016

Video gaming in China
shaped by China's average income level, rampant software piracy, and governmental measures to control game content and playing times. In 2011, China's PC game
Mar 11th 2017

China–Lesotho relations
J. Tierney, Andreas Fuchs, Axel Dreher, and Vijaya Ramachandran. 2013. China’s Development Finance to Africa: A Media-Based Approach to Data Collection
Mar 22nd 2015

China–Seychelles relations
J. Tierney, Andreas Fuchs, Axel Dreher, and Vijaya Ramachandran. 2013. China’s Development Finance to Africa: A Media-Based Approach to Data Collection
Jul 12th 2013

Telecommunications in China
relatively low at just under 32%. See Internet in the People's Republic of China China’s 2.7 million kilometers of optical fiber telecommunication cables by
Jan 18th 2017

Chad–China relations
when Chad ended its relationship with Taiwan and pledged adherence to China's-One-China-Policy">PR China's One China Policy. Since resuming diplomatic ties with China in 2006, Chad
Feb 21st 2017

Villages of the People's Republic of China
have defined boundaries and designated heads (one per area). In 2000, China's densely populated villages (>100 persons/square km) had a population greater
Sep 25th 2016

Special economic zones of China
Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Zhanjiang and Beihai. Since 1988, mainland China's opening to the outside world has been extended to its border areas, areas
Mar 20th 2017

China's peaceful rise
"China's peaceful rise" (simplified Chinese: 中国和平崛起; traditional Chinese: 中國和平崛起; pinyin: Zhōngguo heping jueqǐ) or sometimes referred to as China's "peaceful
Nov 10th 2016

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