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Christie's is a British auction house. It was founded in 1766 by James Christie. Its main premises are in Street">King Street, St. James's, in London, and on Rockefeller
Apr 20th 2017

Agatha Christie
Mary Ann (Christie's Agatha Christie's grandmother) to raise her children alone on a meagre income. Under financial strain, she sent Clara (Christie's mother) to live
May 25th 2017

Christie's International Real Estate
Christie's-International-Real-EstateChristie's International Real Estate is the luxury real estate arm of Christie's, the fine art auction house. This wholly owned subsidiary was established
Mar 22nd 2017

Linford Christie
(Hammersmith) Squadron. He did not take up athletics seriously until he was 19. Christie's early track career was not promising. He failed to make the Great Britain
May 16th 2017

Chris Christie
wide margin in 2013. After the start of his second term as governor, Christie's standing was damaged by the Fort Lee lane closure scandal. Since then
May 25th 2017

Agatha Christie's Poirot
Agatha Christie's Poirot is a British mystery drama television series that aired on ITV from 8 January 1989 to 13 November 2013. David Suchet stars as
Apr 18th 2017

Chris Christie presidential campaign, 2016
"Christie's big mouth disgusts even this high-level GOPer | Opinion". Retrieved 2016-02-24.
Apr 30th 2017

Mr. Christie's Book Awards
Mr">The Mr. Christie's-Book-AwardsChristie's Book Awards (French: Prix du livre M. Christie) was a Canadian literary prize awarded by Christie, Brown & Company, a division of Nabisco
Nov 15th 2016

Christie's Education
Christie’s Education is a specialist provider of postgraduate higher education and continuing education in the fields of art history, art business, contemporary
May 18th 2017

Christie can refer to: Christie (given name) Christie (surname) Christie's, the auction house Christie, California, in Contra Costa County Christie, the
Jan 2nd 2017

Agatha Christie's Miss Marple
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple may refer to one of two adaptations of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple series: Miss Marple, the 1984-1992 BBC adaptations
Feb 5th 2010

Perry Christie
appointed Minister of Agriculture, Trade and Industry by the Prime Minister. Christie’s ministerial responsibilities included the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade
May 25th 2017

John Christie (murderer)
arrested and convicted of his wife's murder, for which he was hanged. Two of Christie's victims were Beryl Evans and her baby daughter Geraldine, who, along with
May 17th 2017

Doug Christie (lawyer)
articled for Christie in Victoria, from where he worked on several of Christie's most notorious cases. However, Botting subsequently went to great lengths
Apr 24th 2017

List of Agatha Christie's Poirot episodes
The following is a list of episodes for the British crime drama Agatha Christie's Poirot which first aired on ITV from 8 January 1989 to 13 November 2013
May 14th 2017

Carolyne Christie
songs about her. Her son Harry Waters is also a successful musician. Christie's parents were Hector Lorenzo Christie and Lady Jean Agatha Dundas. Her
Feb 10th 2017

J. Walter Christie
its thinness. The Army purchased several of Christie's tank prototypes for testing purposes and Christie's patent, allowing them to produce prototypes
May 3rd 2017

Julie Christie
Screen Actors Guild Awards, and in 1997 she received the BAFTA Fellowship. Christie's breakthrough film role was in Billy Liar (1963). She came to international
May 18th 2017

Mary Pat Christie
and New Jersey Heroes. She used her fundraising prowess again to assist Christie's campaign for President. Mary Pat accompanied the Governor as he campaigned
May 7th 2017

Agatha Christie's Marple
the title of the Agatha Christie's Poirot series. Main article: List of Agatha Christie's Marple episodes Agatha Christie's Marple follows the adventures
May 8th 2017

Christie suspension
the tracked suspension breaking down before the tank reached action. Christie's first tank design of 1919 could be driven on its wheels to get to the
Apr 28th 2017

Archie Christie
also invited to be a member of the Committee; Neele would later become Christie's mistress and second wife. The committee on which both Agatha and Nancy
May 19th 2017

Governorship of Chris Christie
coverage, US$250 million in funding towards education programs as part of Christie's promise to revamp public school spending in the state. New Jersey had
Mar 31st 2017

James Christie (auctioneer)
(1730–1803) was the founder of auction house Christie'sChristie's. Born 1730 in Perth, Scotland, Christie went on to found Christie'sChristie's auctioneers on 5 December 1766. Situated
Dec 4th 2016

List of Agatha Christie's Marple episodes
Agatha Christie's Marple is a British ITV television series based on the Miss Marple and other murder mystery novels by Agatha Christie. It is also known
Apr 21st 2017

Agatha Christie bibliography
giving her a working background knowledge of medicines and poisons. Christie's writing career began during the war after she was challenged by her sister
May 25th 2017

Ralph Waldo Christie
hostilities. It would be twenty months before the problems were corrected, over Christie'sChristie's objections. During the 1920s and 1930s, Christie carried out experimental
Apr 7th 2016

Christie Monteiro
the two are together to see Christie's grandfather being released from prison. Because of his incarceration, Christie's grandfather has become a frail
May 19th 2017

Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None
Then There Were None retains most of the basic plot elements of Agatha Christie's novel of the same name; the major differences are the inclusion of the
May 21st 2017

Kitch Christie
to take the reins there. Luyt would go on to play an important role in Christie'sChristie's later career. It was at Transvaal that Christie was to establish himself
May 6th 2017

Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun
Agatha Christie series, developed by AWE Productions, based on Agatha Christie's novel Evil Under the Sun. The PC version was released in 2007, and the
May 21st 2017

James Christie
Christie may refer to: James Christie (auctioneer) (1730–1803), founder of Christie's James Christie (New Zealand) (born 1869), soldier in the Boer War James
Aug 15th 2016

Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime
series with the same title, see Partners in Crime (UK TV series) Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime is a 1983 British television series based on the short
Jan 16th 2017

Ryan Christie
the opening game of the season, in a 2–0 win over Hamilton Academical. Christie's performance against Dundee, Motherwell, Celtic, Kilmarnock and Partick
May 23rd 2017

Christie (Dead or Alive)
Bayman, and then Kasumi. The ninja clan ultimately destroys the rig, and Christie'sChristie's whereabouts are unknown afterward. Christie is officially listed
Apr 28th 2017

Christie Brinkley
1983, Brinkley wrote and illustrated a book on health and beauty, Christie Brinkley's Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Book, which topped the New York Times
May 18th 2017

William Christie (astronomer)
written by or about William Christie at Wikisource Online catalogue of Christie's working papers (part of the Royal Greenwich Observatory Archives held
Feb 17th 2017

Fyffe Christie
decision to become an artist". The Imperial War Museum now owns one of Christie'sChristie's watercolours of Lübeck Station and it might possibly be that Christie
Mar 16th 2017

Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and Marple
Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and MarpleMarple (アガサ·クリスティーの名探偵ポワロとマープル?, Agasa Kurisutī no Meitantei-PowaroMeitantei Powaro to Māpuru) is an anime television series
Apr 16th 2017

John Christie (opera manager)
his achievement at Glyndebourne. He died at Glyndebourne in 1962. After Christie's death, the festival was taken over by his son, Sir George Christie, and
Apr 10th 2017

Poems (Christie collection)
Others is entitled M To M.E.L.M. in Absence. The dedicatee of this poem is Christie's second husband Max Mallowan or Max Edgar Lucien Mallowan to give him his
Sep 20th 2016

Ella Christie
his twelfth year in 1872, and a younger sister, Alice Margaret. In 1865 Christie's father purchased the Castleton estate in the Ochils, renaming it Cowden
Dec 31st 2016

Ned Christie's War
Ned Christie's War is a phrase that has been used when referring to the overall confrontation between American lawmen and the Cherokee renegade Ned Christie
May 8th 2017

Christie Park (Morecambe)
For other uses, see Christie Park (disambiguation). Christie Park was the home of Morecambe FC, located on the corner of Christie Avenue and Lancaster
Jan 9th 2017

William Mellis Christie
bakery, which became Christie, Brown and Company in 1853. By the 1880s, Christie's was considered to be the largest manufacturer of biscuits in Canada. The
Oct 19th 2016

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders (2009 video game)
Retrieved September 29, 2014.  James Newton (November 25, 2009). "Agatha Christie's The ABC Murders (DS) Review". NintendoLife. Retrieved September 29, 2014
May 21st 2017

Christie NHS Foundation Trust
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust is located in Withington, Manchester, and is one of the largest cancer treatment centres in Europe. The Christie became
Apr 27th 2017

Errol Christie
In September 1984 Jose Seys delivered a surprise knockout which shook Christie's confidence. Seven more wins followed, including a win over former Mexican
Mar 5th 2017

Wilhelm Frimann Koren Christie
founding of Bergen Savings Banks, where he was chairman for several years. Christie's private archive in the National Archives contains six packages of correspondence
May 25th 2017

Agatha Christie's fictional universe
In Agatha Christie's novels several characters cross over different sagas, creating a fictional universe in which most of her stories are set. The most
Mar 1st 2017

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