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Chris Cornell
Chris Cornell (born Christopher John Boyle; July 20, 1964 – May 18, 2017) was an American musician, singer, and songwriter. He was best known as lead vocalist
May 29th 2017

Christopher Boyle
Christopher John Boyle AKC (born 8 November 1951) is an Anglican bishop. He was Bishop of Northern Malawi in the Church of the Province of Central Africa
May 18th 2017

Boyle is an Irish and Scottish surname of Gaelic or Norman origin. In the northwest of Ireland it is one of the most common family names. Notable people
May 9th 2017

Boyle Lectures
The Boyle Lectures were named after Robert Boyle, son of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork, and a prominent natural philosopher of the 17th century. Under
Mar 5th 2017

Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork
Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork (13 October 1566 – 15 September 1643), also known as the Great Earl of Cork, was Lord Treasurer of the Kingdom of Ireland
Mar 30th 2017

Boyle Heights, Los Angeles
Boyle Heights is a working-class, predominantly Mexican American, neighborhood of almost 100,000 residents east of Downtown Los Angeles in the City of
May 6th 2017

Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle (born 20 October 1956) is an English director, producer, screenwriter and theatre director, known for his work on films including Shallow Grave
May 12th 2017

Chris Boyle (footballer)
Christopher-ThomasChristopher Thomas "Chris" Boyle (born 10 June 1982) is a Scottish footballer who played for Kilmarnock, Dumbarton and Albion Rovers. McAllister, Jim
Dec 17th 2016

Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington
Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington and 4th Earl of Cork, KG PC (25 April 1694 – 15 December 1753), born in Yorkshire, England, was the son of the 2nd
Apr 6th 2017

Kevin J. Boyle
Kevin J. Boyle (born February 7, 1980) is a member of the Pennsylvania House of RepresentativesRepresentatives. He is the state Representative from Pennsylvania House
Dec 22nd 2016

Maggie Boyle
Maggie Boyle (24 December 1956 – 6 November 2014) was an English, London-born folk singer, who also played flute, whistle and bodhran. As a youngster she
Feb 20th 2017

David Boyle, 1st Earl of Glasgow
David Boyle, 1st Earl of Glasgow (c. 1666 – 31 October 1733) was a Scottish politician and peer. He was the last Treasurer-depute before the Union with
Mar 14th 2017

Jack Boyle (cricketer)
Jack Boyle (born 24 March 1996) is a New Zealand cricketer. He made his first-class debut for Canterbury on 22 November 2016 in the 2016–17 Plunket Shield
Jan 15th 2017

Invisible College
The Invisible College has been described as a precursor group to the Royal Society of London, consisting of a number of natural philosophers around Robert
Nov 2nd 2016

John Suenson-Taylor, 3rd Baron Grantchester
Christopher John Suenson-Taylor, 3rd Baron Grantchester (known as John Grantchester; born 8 April 1951) is a British peer and Labour politician. He is
May 31st 2016

John Black (merchant)
John Black (c. 1765 – 4 September 1823) was a Scottish merchant and politician in New Brunswick. He represented Northumberland County in the Legislative
Jan 14th 2017

Eleanor Vere Boyle
Eleanor Vere Boyle (1 May 1825 – 29 July 1916) was an English artist and author of the Victorian era. She has been considered the most important female
Dec 30th 2016

Shallow Grave
Shallow Grave is a 1994 British black comedy crime film that marked the cinematic directorial debut of Danny Boyle with an original screenplay by John
Apr 18th 2017

Christopher Eccleston
Christopher Eccleston (/ˈɛkəlstən/; born 16 February 1964) is an English actor. He is known for portraying the Ninth Doctor in the British television series
May 25th 2017

Christopher Wren
Sir-Christopher-Wren-PRSir Christopher Wren PRS (/ˈrɛn/; 30 October-1632October 1632 [O.S. 20 October] – 8 March 1723 [O.S. 25 February]) is one of the most highly acclaimed English architects
May 28th 2017

Strumpet (film)
Strumpet is a 2001 British television movie made by the BBC. It was directed by Danny Boyle, written by Jim Cartwright and stars Christopher Eccleston
Nov 14th 2016

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Edward Nolan (/ˈnoʊlən/; born 30 July 1970) is an English-American film director, screenwriter and producer. He is one of the highest-grossing
May 28th 2017

David Boyle (author)
David Courtney Boyle, born 1958, is a British author and journalist who writes mainly about history and new ideas in economics, money, business, and culture
May 6th 2017

Lord Henry FitzGerald
Lord Henry FitzGerald PC (Ire) (30 July 1761 – 9 July 1829) was the fourth son of the 1st Duke of Leinster and the Duchess of Leinster (nee Lady Emily
Apr 4th 2017

William H. Workman
This article is about the former Mayor of Los Angeles. For the Irish-born Canadian businessman and municipal politician, see William Workman. For the South
Oct 9th 2016

John Webster (minister)
John Webster (1610–1682), also known as Johannes Hyphastes, was an English cleric, physician and chemist with occult interests, a proponent of astrology
Apr 25th 2017

Peter Boyle (film editor)
For other people named Peter Boyle, see Peter Boyle (disambiguation) Peter Boyle (born 27 May 1946, in Formby) is an English film editor with more than
Nov 5th 2016

National Register of Historic Places listings in Boyle County, Kentucky
This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Boyle County, Kentucky. This is intended to be a complete list of the properties
Jun 4th 2016

List of Fellows of the Royal Society elected in 1663
This is a complete list of Fellows of the Royal Society elected in its fourth year, 1663. Robert Boyle (1627–1691) Alexander Bruce, 2nd Earl of Kincardine
Jan 14th 2017

Cafe Society (1995 film)
Cafe Society is a 1995 American mystery film directed and written by Raymond De Felitta and starring Frank Whaley, Peter Gallagher, Lara Flynn Boyle and
Jan 10th 2017

Assistant Bishop of Leicester
Anglicanism portal The Assistant Bishop of Leicester is an episcopal title used by the sole stipendiary assistant bishop (effectively suffragan bishop)
May 4th 2017

Chris Carson (American football)
Christopher Dewayne Carson (born September 16, 1994) is an American football running back for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL)
May 20th 2017

Katherine Jones, Viscountess Ranelagh
Katherine Jones, Viscountess Ranelagh (22 March 1615 – 3 December 1691) was a female scientist in seventeenth century Britain. She was also a political
Dec 1st 2016

Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library
The Harvey Cushing and John Hay Whitney Medical Library is the central library of the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut. Previously known
May 25th 2017

1660 in science
The year 1660 in science and technology involved some significant events. November 28At Gresham College in London, twelve men, including Christopher
Oct 4th 2016

Side by Side (2012 film)
Side by Side is a 2012 American documentary film directed by Christopher Kenneally. It was produced by Justin Szlasa and Keanu Reeves. It premiered at
Apr 14th 2016

28 Days Later
28 Days Later is a 2002 British post-apocalyptic horror film directed by Danny Boyle, written by Alex Garland, and starring Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris
May 20th 2017

John Dury
John Dury (1596 in Edinburgh – 1680 in Kassel) was a Scottish Calvinist minister and a significant intellectual of the English Civil War period. He made
Apr 24th 2017

John Francis Donoghue
John Francis Donoghue (August 9, 1928 – November 11, 2011) served as the second Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte and then as the fifth
Sep 28th 2016

List of Founder Fellows of the Royal Society
This is a complete list of the Founder Fellows of the Society Royal Society. Founder Fellows are defined as those present at the inaugural meeting of the Society
Jan 21st 2017

Chris Barnes (actor)
Christopher-JChristopher J. "Chris" Barnes (born June 24, 1965) is an American former child actor. Beginning his professional film career at the age of ten, Barnes
May 18th 2017

Online Film Critics Society Awards 2010
14th Online Film Critics Society Awards January 3, 2011 Best Picture: The Social Network The 14th Online Film Critics Society Awards, honoring the
Feb 11th 2017

Lord High Treasurer of Ireland
The Lord High Treasurer of Ireland was the chief financial officer of that kingdom until the treasuries of Great Britain and Ireland were united in 1817
Nov 18th 2016

Custos Rotulorum of the East Riding of Yorkshire
This is a list of people who have served as Custos Rotulorum of the East Riding of Yorkshire. Sir William Babthorpe bef. 1544–1555 Christopher Estoft bef
Jun 6th 2015

Evidently Chickentown
"Evidently Chickentown" is a poem by the English performance poet John Cooper Clarke. The poem uses repeated profanity to convey a sense of futility and
Nov 5th 2016

1669 in England
Events from the year 1669 in England. MonarchCharles II 31 May – citing poor eyesight, Samuel Pepys records the last entry in his diary, one
Apr 2nd 2017

List of Original Fellows of the Royal Society
This is a list of the Original Fellows of the Royal Society, defined as those fellows, excepting the Founder Fellows, who were elected prior to July 1663
Jan 21st 2017

T2 Trainspotting
T2 Trainspotting is a 2017 British comedy drama film, set in and around Edinburgh, Scotland. The film is directed by Danny Boyle and written by John Hodge
May 26th 2017

The Dream Team (film)
The Dream Team is a 1989 comedy film directed by Howard Zieff and produced by Christopher W. Knight for Imagine Entertainment and Universal Pictures. It
Mar 12th 2017

Constitution Square Historic Site
Constitution Square Historic Site is a 3-acre (0.012 km2) park and open-air museum in Danville, Kentucky. From 1937 to 2012, it was a part of the Kentucky
May 11th 2017

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