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Chuck Norris
Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris (born March 10, 1940) is an American martial artist, actor, film producer and screenwriter. After serving in the United States
May 20th 2017

Chuck Norris facts
Chuck Norris facts are satirical factoids about martial artist and actor Chuck Norris that have become an Internet phenomenon and as a result have become
Apr 25th 2017

Chuck Norris: Bring On the Pain
Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain is a 2008 mobile game produced by Gameloft, based on the popularity of film actor Chuck Norris. The player takes control
Apr 25th 2017

Karate Kommandos
Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos is an American animated television series that originally aired in 1986 as a syndicated five episode mini-series. It was
Mar 28th 2017

Chuck Norris vs Communism
Chuck Norris vs Communism is a 2015 Romanian-British documentary film written and directed by Ilinca Călugăreanu. The film is about the illegal importation
Jan 20th 2017

Chuck Norris (musician)
Charles Eldridge "Chuck" Norris (August 11, 1921 – August 26, 1989) was an American jazz and blues guitarist. Norris was born in Kansas City, Missouri
Apr 4th 2017

Chuck Norris Superkicks
Chuck Norris Superkicks, is a 1983 video game produced by Xonox where the player takes control of Chuck Norris. It was later sold as Kung Fu Superkicks
Mar 28th 2017

Chuck Norris filmography
Norris Chuck Norris is an American martial artist and actor. The following is a filmography of his work. Norris appeared in a number of action films, such as
May 14th 2017

Charles Gilman Norris
actor and martial artist, see Chuck Norris. For other people, see Charles Norris (disambiguation). Chuck Gilman Norris (April 23, 1881 – July 25, 1945)
Oct 9th 2016

The Chuck Norris Experiment
the actor Chuck-NorrisChuck Norris, but rather to the American blues guitarist Charles "Chuck" Norris. The debut album was the self-titled Chuck-NorrisChuck Norris Experiment
Nov 3rd 2016

Charles Norris
(1881–1945), U.S. novelist Chuck Norris (politician), (1925-2009), Charles Reed Norris, American politician Chuck Norris (born 1940), Carlos Ray Norris
Apr 24th 2015

Michelle Norris
the American journalist, see Michele Norris. Michelle Suzanne Claire "Chuck" Norris MC, RAMC is a British lance corporal and medic noted for heroism in
Dec 15th 2016

Patrick Norris
For the English footballer, see Norris Patrick Norris (footballer). Patrick R. Norris is an American television director. His directing credits include Chuck
Mar 10th 2016

Chuck Norris (politician)
Charles Reed "Chuck" Norris (April 15, 1925 – July 20, 2009) was an American politician in the state of Oregon. Norris was born in Pasadena, California
Feb 6th 2017

Aaron Norris
American film producer, director, and actor. He is the younger brother of Chuck Norris (born March 10, 1940), and Wieland Clyde Norris (1943–1970). During the
May 21st 2017

Chuck Garland
Charles Stedman "Chuck" Garland (October 29, 1898 – January 28, 1971) was an American tennis player who won the 1920 Wimbledon men's doubles title with
Jan 27th 2017

Megyeri Bridge
according to the online poll was the "Chuck Norris hid", named for American action star Chuck Norris. (Chuck Norris facts reached the height of their popularity
May 17th 2017

Norris Dam
Norris Dam is a hydroelectric and flood control structure located on the Clinch River in Anderson County and Campbell County, Tennessee, United States
Mar 22nd 2017

Chuck-MangioneChuck Mangione (born 1940), American flugelhorn player and composer Chuck-NorrisChuck Norris (born 1940), American martial artist, actor and media personality Chuck
May 20th 2017

Mike Norris (actor)
films. He is the son of the more famous actor and martial arts champion Chuck Norris. He starred in the 1986 drama film Born American and the 1991 action
May 4th 2017

Ian Spector
humorist and web developer best known for creating the internet phenomenon Chuck Norris Facts. Spector graduated from the Wheatley School in 2005 and Brown
Jun 14th 2016

Norris (surname)
(disambiguation) Charles Norris (disambiguation) Chuck Norris, American actor and martial artist Chuck Norris (musician), American guitarist Clint Norris,
Jan 30th 2017

Chuck Adamson (ice hockey)
Adamson Chuck Adamson (born August 20, 1938) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey goaltender. Adamson played seven seasons in the International Hockey
Jun 8th 2016

Eric Norris
California, the son of Dianne (nee Holecheck) and Walker, Texas Ranger star Norris Chuck Norris. Norris has lived with his wife, Stephanie, since circa 1993 and they
Mar 3rd 2017

List of Chuck episodes
Chuck is an American spy action-comedy-drama television series created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. It premiered on the terrestrial television network
May 17th 2017

Norris Dam State Park
Norris Dam State Park is a state park in Anderson County and Campbell County, Tennessee, in the southeastern United States. The park is situated along
Apr 8th 2017

Chuck (season 5)
The fifth and final season of the American action-comedy television series Chuck was announced on May 13, 2011. It included 13 episodes. The season premiered
May 10th 2017

R. Norris Williams
RichardRichard "Dick" Norris Williams II (January 29, 1891 – June 2, 1968), generally known as R. Norris Williams, was an American tennis player and RMS Titanic
Mar 25th 2017

Chuck (season 4)
The fourth season of Chuck was announced on May 13, 2010. Having initially ordered 13 episodes, NBC ordered an additional 11 on October 19, 2010 for a
May 10th 2017

Hero and the Terror
Hero and the Terror is a 1988 action film starring martial arts star Chuck Norris, directed by William Tannen. Produced by Menahem Golan, written by Michael
Feb 16th 2017

United Fighting Arts Federation
martial arts organization founded by Chuck Norris in 1979. UFAF is the governing and sanctioning body for the Chuck Norris System - a martial art evolved from
Apr 25th 2017

Duel Chuck Norris Superkicks Ghost Manor Motocross Racer Robin Hood Sir Lancelot Spike's Peak Tomarc The Barbarian Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Superkicks
Apr 29th 2016

Braddock: Missing in Action III
Chuck Norris, who co-wrote the screenplay with James Bruner. The film was directed by Norris' brother, Aaron Norris. Colonel James Braddock (Chuck Norris)
Apr 15th 2017

Sidekicks (1992 film)
Sidekicks is a 1992 action film starring Jonathan Brandis and Chuck Norris. Barry Gabrewski is an asthmatic boy who lives with his widowed father, Jerry
May 20th 2017

Chun Kuk Do
martial art style. Chun Kuk Do was founded in 1990 by Carlos Ray ¨Chuck¨ Norris , CKD evolved from Tang Soo Do and combines elements from several different
May 14th 2017

Pat E. Johnson
of the National Tang Soo Do Congress, which was originally created by Chuck Norris in 1973. Johnson is famous for the martial arts choreography in the Karate
Dec 19th 2016

Walter Norris
Norris Walter Norris (December 27, 1931 – October 29, 2011) was an American pianist and composer. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, on December 27, 1931, Norris
Feb 23rd 2017

Hellbound (film)
Hellbound is a 1994 supernatural thriller film starring Chuck Norris, Calvin Levels and Christopher Neame. It was directed by Aaron Norris and written
May 4th 2017

Forest Warrior
Forest Warrior is a 1996 American adventure film starring Chuck Norris and directed by Norris's brother Aaron Norris. The film was released on direct-to-video
Mar 1st 2017

Chuck Versus the Alma Mater
"Chuck-VersusChuck Versus the Alma Mater" is the seventh episode of the first season of Chuck. It aired on November 5, 2007, and finds Chuck returning to Stanford
Feb 11th 2017

The Hitman
starring Chuck Norris. It was directed by Aaron Norris and written by Don Carmody, Robert Geoffrion and Galen Thompson. Seattle cop Cliff Garret (Chuck Norris)
May 20th 2017

Logan's War: Bound by Honor
film directed by Michael Preece. It was written by Chuck Norris and his brother Aaron. Chuck Norris also starred in the film, with Eddie Cibrian and Joe
Mar 13th 2017

Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection
Operation Stranglehold) is a 1990 action film, and a sequel to the 1986 Norris Chuck Norris film The Delta Force, also starring Norris as Major Scott McCoy. In this
Apr 14th 2017

Missing in Action (film)
is a 1984 American action film directed by Joseph Zito and starring Chuck Norris. It is set in the context of the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue. Colonel Braddock
Apr 24th 2017

Good Guys Wear Black
Good Guys Wear Black is a 1978 American action film starring Norris Chuck Norris and directed by Ted Post. This was the second film to feature Norris as the star
Apr 1st 2017

The President's Man: A Line in the Sand
in the Sand is a made-for-TV action film released in 2002, starring Chuck Norris and Judson Mills. It is a sequel to The President's Man. It was first
Mar 25th 2017

The Cutter
a 2005 American action film directed by William Tannen, and starring Chuck Norris, Joanna Pacuła, Daniel Bernhardt, Bernie Kopell and Marshall R. Teague
Mar 23rd 2017

James Norris Memorial Trophy (IHL)
The James Norris Memorial Trophy was awarded annually by the International Hockey League to the goaltender(s), with the fewest goals allowed during the
Apr 21st 2014

Code of Silence (film)
is a 1985 American action film directed by Andrew Davis, and starring Chuck Norris, Henry Silva, Dennis Farina and Molly Hagan. The film was released in
Feb 6th 2017

Walker, Texas Ranger
film Lone Wolf McQuade, with both this series and that film starring Chuck Norris as a member of the Texas Ranger Division. The show aired on CBS in the
May 18th 2017

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