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Zambia at the 1992 Summer Olympics
advance) Cephas Lemba Ngozi Mwanamwambwa Felix Bwalya Joseph Chongo Steven Chungu Daniel Fulanse Leyton Mafuta Official Olympic Reports SportsReference
Jan 18th 2017

AIBA African Olympic Boxing Qualifying Tournament 2008 – Flyweight
Chauke (RSA)  Walid Cherif (TUN)  Dave Cesar (SEY)  Molla Getachew (ETH)  Evance Chungu (ZAM)  Makassi Berlin Arthur Mbenguia (CAF)  Abderrahim Mechenouai (ALG)
Sep 30th 2016

Zambia at the 2000 Summer Olympics
competitors from Zambia won medals in the 2000 Olympic games. Men's 1,500m Chungu Chipako Round 1 - 03:49.79 (did not advance) Men's 5,000m Sam Mfula Mwape
Dec 9th 2016

Victoriano Sosa
results were: Defeated by Anand kumar ray (India) 23-14 Defeated Steven Chungu (Namibia) 11-9 Lost to Hocine Soltani (Algeria) 13-4 His career boxing
Mar 17th 2017

1999 IBF World Championships – Women's Doubles
Toyin Adebayo / Prisca Azuine Malin Virta / Marjaana Moilanen - Megan Chungu / Charity Mwape Archana Deodhar / Manjusha Kanwar - Elma Ong / Moira Ong
Apr 13th 2017

Kevin Schon
Coelacanth in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Narrator in State to State, Chungu and Chunga in The Lion Guard, Elderly Peter Pan and In in Disney's Villains'
Apr 29th 2017

Chef 187
Awards Ceremony". Chambwa Moonga. Retrieved 25 March 2016.  "CHEF 187, ABEL CHUNGU SWEEP ZMA AWARDS". Davies M.M Chanda. Retrieved 25 March 2016.  "Nominations
Apr 25th 2017

Prince Gong (peerage)
of a second class fuguo jiangjun from 1765 to 1825 Chungu (純嘏), Mingpei's son Qinglin (慶琳), Chungu's eldest son, held the title of a fengguo jiangjun
Jan 20th 2017

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation
Ndhlovu Paul Monde Shalala ZNBC Kitwe Studios Paul Monde Shalala Queen Chungu Malama Ravizaria Musakanya Chansa Mayani Zambia National Broadcasting
Apr 21st 2017

Zhang Tianxi
(Chinese: 張天錫; 346–406), original courtesy name Gongchungu (公純嘏), later Chungu (純嘏), nickname Duhuo (獨活), formally Duke Dao of Xiping (西平悼公), was the last
Feb 25th 2016

Front notched up two important victories with popular businessman Steve Chungu riding on the party name elected as Lunshya Central M.P whilst outspoken
Mar 23rd 2017

Cheng Pu
Jing (涇), and helped to pacify rebellions in Wu (吳), Lingyang (陵陽) and Chungu (春穀) counties. When Sun Ce was attacking the bandits led by Zu Lang, he
Jan 22nd 2017

Miran (Xinjiang)
Tibetan occupation (mid-8th to mid-9th centuries), the area was known as Nop Chungu (nob chu ngu). In ancient times Miran was a busy trading center on the
Jan 22nd 2017

Frederick Chiluba
February 2003, he was charged along with his former intelligence chief, Xavier Chungu, and several former ministers and senior officials, with 168 counts of theft
Apr 28th 2017

Zhou Tai
was greatly appreciated by Sun Ce, who appointed him as the Chief (長) of Chungu County (春穀縣; northwest of present-day Fanchang County, Anhui). In 199,
Jan 21st 2017

Boxing at the 1992 Summer Olympics
(02:31) Carlos Gerena (PUR) def. Narendar Singh Bisth (IND), 20:11 Steven Chungu (ZAM) def. Paul Griffin (IRL), RSC-2 (00:26) Victoriano Damian (DOM) def
Jan 25th 2017

Helian Ding
him. Tuxi then defeated Helian Ding, who was then forced to withdraw to Chungu Plains (鶉觚原, in modern Pingliang). Northern Wei forces surrounded him, and
Dec 26th 2016

Niu Xianke
Xianke himself initially served as a minor bureaucrat in his home county of Chungu (鶉觚, in modern Pingliang), and was respected by the county magistrate Fu
Feb 22nd 2017

Bemba people
10) African-EldersAfrican Elders & Labrecque, E. (1949). History of Bena-Ng’oma (Ba Chungu wa Mukulu). London, Macmillan & Co. Ltd. Ethnographic Survey of Africa:
May 23rd 2017

Equatorial Guinea at the 2000 Summer Olympics
athletes, with a time of four minutes and 6.14 seconds. He finished behind Chungu Chipako of Zambia (three minutes and 49.79 seconds) in a heat led by France's
May 21st 2017

Southern Province, Zambia
Shimunenga festival celebrated in Namwala District by Ila tribe during October, Chungu festival celebrated in Kalomo District by Tonga tribe during October, Maanzi
Mar 11th 2017

The Lion Guard
Vargus Mason): An excitable spotted hyena and one of Janja's henchmen. Chungu (voiced by Kevin Schon): An unintelligent spotted hyena with a slightly
May 21st 2017

Huang Gai
everyone in the county. Huang Gai was later reassigned to be the Chief (長) of Chungu County (春穀縣; northwest of present-day Fanchang County, Anhui) and as the
Apr 1st 2017

Patrick Phiri
season, together with other Rokana players Johnston Katowando, Shadreck Chungu, and Bernard 'Tools' Mutale who had moved earlier in July. This caused some
Feb 12th 2017

List of characters in The Lion King
in the Outlands. Bunga goes to get it back but is captured by Cheezi and Chungu (who were going to feed him to their leader Janja) but Kion lets out a loud
May 23rd 2017

Emperor Taiwu of Northern Wei
was trying to relieve Pingliang, defeating him and surrounding him at the Chungu Plains (鶉觚原, in modern Pingliang). Northern Wei forces surrounded him, and
Jan 29th 2017

Zhou Yu
to Niuzhu (牛渚) later before assuming his appointment as the Chief (長) of Chungu County (春穀縣; northwest of present-day Fanchang County, Anhui). When Sun
Apr 22nd 2017

The Lion King (franchise)
Ono   Atticus Shaffer   Janja   Andrew Kishino   Cheezi   Vargus Mason   Chungu   Kevin Schon   Additional Voices Cathy Cavadini Judi M. Durand Daamen
May 21st 2017

1964 Birthday Honours
Paul Timothy Tembo, Technical Assistant, Ministry of Agriculture. Bennett Chungu, Head Chauffeur, Government House. Timothy Musukwa, Head District Messenger
May 3rd 2017

Athletics at the 1998 Commonwealth Games – Men's 1500 metres
 Kenya 3:46.71 Q 6 1 Terrance Armstrong  Bermuda 3:46.80 q 7 1 Chipako Chungu  Zambia 3:47.19 q, PB 8 2 John Mayock  England 3:47.28 Q 9 2 Stephen Agar
Jul 24th 2014

2007 IAAF World Cross Country Championships – Junior men's race
Moussa Karich  Morocco 26:28 43 Prosper Nkunzimana  Burundi 26:31 44 Goodson Chungu  Zambia 26:33 45 Xolisa Tyali  South Africa 26:41 46 Jake Robertson  New
Aug 14th 2016

Athletics at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Men's 1500 metres
 Ukraine 9 3:41.80 11 34 Alexis Sharangabo  Rwanda 8 3:44.06 12 38 Chungu Chipako  Zambia 11 3:49.79 13 40 Jose Luis Ebatela Nvo  Equatorial Guinea
May 19th 2017

2006 African Championships in Athletics – Men's 1500 metres
Pretorius  South Africa 3:50.93 11 Adugna Kumsa  Ethiopia 3:50.93 12 Goodson Chungu  Zambia 3:53.99 13 Barae Hhera  Tanzania 3:56.37 14 Onalenna Oabona  Botswana
Mar 11th 2014

2006 African Championships in Athletics – Men's 800 metres
 Morocco 1:50.32 12 1 Manoa Andrianjafy  Madagascar 1:51.10 13 1 Goodson Chungu  Zambia 1:51.65 14 1 Dominique Para  Mauritius 1:56.07 15 1 Abdulla Mohamed
Mar 11th 2014

1999 IAAF World Indoor Championships – Men's 1500 metres
Sato  Japan 3:49.26 17 2 Alexis Sharangabo  Rwanda 3:49.81 18 2 Chipako Chungu  Zambia 3:53.46 19 2 Sampa Dendup  Bhutan 9:99.98 !DNF 20 1 Ali Saidi-Sief
Jun 29th 2014

Athletics at the 1999 All-Africa Games – Men's 800 metres
 Benin 9:99.99 !DNS 27 1 Adem Hecini  Algeria 9:99.99 !DNS 27 1 Chipako Chungu  Zambia 9:99.99 !DNS 27 2 Moses Kondowe  Malawi 9:99.99 !DNS 27 4 Faissoil
Nov 14th 2016

Athletics at the 1999 All-Africa Games – Men's 1500 metres
9:99.98 !DNF 20 2 Jean-Marc Leandro  Gabon 9:99.98 !DNF 21 1 Chipako Chungu  Zambia 9:99.99 !DNS 21 1 Kondeabalo Pakpessan  Togo 9:99.99 !DNS 21 1
Nov 13th 2016

Athletics at the 1998 Commonwealth Games – Men's 800 metres
Ireland 1:49.38 21 5 Subramaniam Vasu  Malaysia 1:49.76 22 5 Chipako Chungu  Zambia 1:49.80 23 3 Dale Jones  Antigua and Barbuda 1:50.54 SB 24 3 Isireli
Jul 9th 2014

Wema Sepetu
Riyama Ally,Aunty Ezekiel and Hemedi Suleiman Saa Mbovu with Aunty Ezekiel Chungu Cha Tatu with Jacob Steven 2016 Family with Aunty Ezekiel and Hemed Suleiman
Apr 16th 2017

2016 Africa Futsal Cup of Nations
 9' Flavio Boavida Chauque  15', 24' Ricardo Lenio Mendes Muendane  27' Report Adrian Chama  7', 36' Chanda Brian Chungu  14' Boniface Ndhlovu  37'
May 14th 2017

2015 African U-17 Championship squads
Museba (1998-11-12)12 November 1998 (aged 16) Premium Sports 6 3MF Victor Chungu (1998-12-01)1 December 1998 (aged 16) Lysa 7 3MF Edwin Chipile (1998-06-17)17
May 13th 2017

Chagongwe     Mkobwe     Lufikiri Mihimbo     Mkobwe     Lufikiri Chungu     Mkobwe Misheni     Chandwa Unjeluni     Mkobwe Nhjiapanda     Kidongo chekundu
Sep 14th 2016

Directed by Juan Rodriguez-Briso Produced by Juan Rodriguez-Briso Ngosa Chungu (co-producer) Written by Juan Rodriguez-Briso Starring Kalusha Bwalya Music
Dec 27th 2016

Thomas Damgaard
Sakabunda UD 8 30 Sep 2005 Vesthallen, Slagelse, Denmark 36 Win 36–0 Stephen Chungu UD 8 17 Jun 2005 SAS Radisson, Aarhus, Denmark 35 Win 35–0 Rocky Martinez
May 14th 2017

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