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Collector's Edition
Collector's Edition Collector's Edition (Antique album) PoisonBox Set (Collector's Edition) Sinatra: Collector's Edition 2009 Collector's Edition No
Jan 9th 2016

Special edition
edition, limited edition, and variants such as deluxe edition, or collector's edition, are used as a marketing incentive for various kinds of products
Jan 11th 2017

Children of the Corn: The Collector's Edition
Children of the Corn-The Collector's Edition is a 2003 compilation album by the Harlem rap group Children of the Corn. Cam'ron and Bloodshed play a big
Jun 3rd 2016

Collector's Edition (Antique album)
Collector's Edition is a box set by Swedish-Greek duo Antique. It Includes three discs: Mera Me Ti Mera, Me Logia Ellinika, and Alli Mia Fora. The collection
Nov 30th 2014

Mike Oldfield Collector's Edition Box
Collector's Edition Box I & II are compilation albums by the English multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield released in 1990. Included in the collector's
Jan 3rd 2015

Limited Collectors' Edition
For the album, see Limited Collector's Edition (Glen Campbell album). For the general concept, see Special edition. Limited Collectors' Edition is an
Oct 24th 2016

Limited Collector's Edition (Glen Campbell album)
Limited Collector's Edition is a compilation of single and album tracks recorded by Glen Campbell between 1962 and 1970. Side 1: "Together Again" (Buck
Jul 15th 2016

Poison – Box Set (Collector's Edition)
the 1988 single, see "Nothin' but a Good Time". Poison - Box Set Collector's Edition is a three disc box set collection of songs from the hard rock band
Oct 24th 2015

Carly Simon Collector's Edition
Carly Simon Collector's Edition is a special edition compilation of 30 of Simon's songs on 3 discs in an attractive tin box. The songs are selections
Jan 16th 2015

List of video game collector and limited editions
of value for collectors. Not all titles released as a "Special/Collector's/Etc. Edition" are necessarily in any substantial way superior to the standard
Mar 30th 2017

The Collector's Series, Volume One
The Collector's Series, Volume One is a compilation album by Canadian singer Celine Dion, released on 20 October 2000. It's her 8th English album and 28th
Apr 1st 2017

Collector's Edition No. 1
Collector's Edition No. 1 is the debut EP by L.A. Guns, recorded with the band's original lineup of guitarist Tracii Guns, vocalist Michael Jagosz, bassist
Jan 22nd 2016

The Print Collector's Quarterly
CollectorThe Print Collector’s Quarterly (initially hyphenated as The Print-Collector’s Quarterly), was a quarterly periodical begun in 1911 and continued under
Feb 13th 2017

Collecter's Edition Slipcase
Collecter's Edition Slipcase (also printed as Collector's Edition Slipcase) is a box set collection of three previous albums and a double live album from
Nov 5th 2016

Ultimate Collector's Edition
Ultimate Collector's Edition is a compilation box set by UK released on 4 November 2016. The set includes 14 CDs, 4 Blu-rays and a 66-page book. It contains
Mar 16th 2017

The Stamp Collector's Record
The-Stamp-Collector's-RecordThe Stamp Collector's Record was the first journal of stamp collecting published on the North American continent. The first edition was issued from Montreal
Dec 4th 2016

In This Skin: Collector's Edition
In This Skin: Collector's Edition is the reissue of American singer-songwriter Jessica Simpson's third studio album In This Skin (2003). It was released
Apr 9th 2017

special edition, limited edition and variants such as deluxe edition, collector's edition and others, fall under the category of manufactured collectable and
Dec 9th 2016

Edition (book)
"First Edition" redirects here. For other uses, see First Edition (disambiguation). The bibliographical definition of an edition includes all copies of
Mar 29th 2017

Dead Space 2 Original Videogame Score
game composed by Jason Graves. A second album entitled Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition Original Soundtrack was also released, with a further 18 compositions
Apr 18th 2013

The Addams Family (pinball)
thousand Collector's Edition units were produced. The Addams Family pinball contains two known Easter eggs—plus a third egg in the Special Collector's Edition—each
Nov 28th 2016

AC/DC Live
Live: 2 CD Collector's Edition. The album is supported by a video, AC/DC: Live at Donington. The double album AC/DC Live: 2 CD Collector's Edition was released
Apr 27th 2017

Diecast Collector
Diecast Collector is a British magazine dedicated to the hobby of collecting diecast metal vehicles. Published monthly, it is a thick, glossy magazine
Nov 14th 2016

G.I. Joe: Masterpiece Edition
G.I. Joe: Masterpiece Edition is an action-figure-and-book set packaged by Chronicle Books. The brainchild of John Michlig, the Masterpiece Edition package
Jan 6th 2017

Ultimate Edition
Crazy Hits, also known as "The Ultimate Edition" Superman-Ultimate-Collector's-EditionSuperman Ultimate Collector's Edition, the Superman film series collection The Ultimate Collection (disambiguation)
Dec 15th 2012

Art Collector (magazine)
Art Collector (formerly Australian Art Collector) is a quarterly art magazine. It primarily covers Australian contemporary and Indigenous art and also
Dec 30th 2016

List of Trivial Pursuit editions
Fourth Edition (1996)[citation needed] Star Wars Classic Trilogy Collector's Edition (1997) Star Wars Episode I (1998)[not in citation given] Millennium
Oct 22nd 2016

Gold Box
This article is about the computer game series. For the phreaking device, see Gold box (phreaking). Gold Box is the name for a series of role-playing video
Apr 11th 2017

Private Party Collectors Edition
Private Party Collectors Edition is the debut compilation album of Canadian DJ group, Baby Blue Soundcrew, released on December 5, 2000. The album features
Jan 15th 2013

The Collector
For other uses, see The Collector (disambiguation). The Collector is the 1963 debut novel by English author John Fowles. It was adapted as a feature film
Apr 9th 2017

Solar thermal collector
A solar thermal collector collects heat by absorbing sunlight. A collector is a device for capturing solar radiation. Solar radiation is energy in the
Apr 20th 2017

The Stamp-Collector's Review and Monthly Advertiser
The Stamp-Collector's Review and Monthly Advertiser (originally the Monthly Advertiser then The Stamp-Collector's Monthly Advertiser) was one of the earliest
Oct 16th 2016

Photoplay edition
Photoplay edition refers to movie tie-in books of the silent film and early sound era at a time when motion pictures were known as "photoplays". Typically
Feb 16th 2016

Book collecting
Book collecting is the collecting of books, including seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever
Mar 25th 2017

Edition (printmaking)
In printmaking, an edition is a number of prints struck from one plate, usually at the same time. This is the meaning covered by this article. This may
Dec 6th 2016

Record Collector
Record Collector is a British monthly music magazine. It distributes both within the UK and worldwide. It started in 1979. The first standalone issue
Apr 21st 2017

Madden NFL 2005
football video game that was released from August to November 2004. A "Collector's Edition" of the game was also released exclusively for PlayStation 2 on August
Mar 17th 2017

The Stamp-Collector's Magazine
The Stamp-Collector's Magazine was one of the earliest philatelic journals. It was published in twelve volumes between February 1863 and 1874. Among
Nov 19th 2016

Universal Combat
Universal Combat (sometimes abbreviated to UC) is the second video game series by the developer 3000AD Inc. and is the successor of the Battlecruiser series
Apr 13th 2017

Hairspray (2007 soundtrack)
2007, the same day as the film's DVD/Blu-Ray release. The 2-disc Collector's edition soundtrack includes the one-disc soundtrack, as well as a second
Jan 8th 2017

English-language editions of The Hobbit
Main article: The Hobbit This list contains only complete, printed English-language editions of The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. It is not for derived or
Nov 23rd 2016

Collectors, Forgers — And A Writer: A Memoir
Collectors, Forgers — And-A-WriterAnd A Writer: A-MemoirA Memoir (1983) is a memoir written by AmericanAmerican author Michener. A discussion of Mr. Michener's college years
Feb 1st 2014

List of Trinity Blood episodes
"secret voice" CDs in addition to the extras. The final volume's collector's edition also includes a jigsaw puzzle and postcards designed by Shibamoto
Sep 9th 2016

Kenny Rogers and The First Edition
Rogers">Kenny Rogers and The First Edition, previously named The First Edition, was a rock and roll-based band, who also performed R&B, folk music, and country
Mar 15th 2017

Marvel Treasury Edition
The Marvelous Land of Oz by Roy Thomas and Alfredo Alcala. Special Collector's Edition #1 (1975) "Savage Fists of Kung Fu" Reprints stories from Deadly
Apr 17th 2017

Kind of Blue
artistry or experimentation. Upon the release of the 50th anniversary collector's edition of the album, a columnist for All About Jazz stated "Kind of Blue
Apr 24th 2017

Magic: The Gathering core sets, 1993–2007
The collectible card game Magic: The Gathering published nine core sets from 1993–2007, also referred to as basic sets and base sets. These sets consisted
Mar 22nd 2017

Java Platform, Standard Edition
Java Platform, Standard Edition or Java SE is a widely used computing platform for development and deployment of portable code for desktop and server environments
Apr 4th 2017

The Bone Collector (novel)
The-Bone-CollectorThe Bone Collector is a 1997 novel by Jeffery Deaver. The book introduces the character of Lincoln Rhyme, a quadriplegic forensic criminalist. It was adapted
Mar 4th 2017

The Forgotten Realms Archives
The Forgotten Realms Archives is a compilation of the AD&D Forgotten Realms series from the beginning of the series in 1988 through 1996, including 12
Jan 25th 2017

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