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ColombianColombian may refer to: Something of, from, or related to the country of Colombia ColombianColombians, persons from Colombia, or of ColombianColombian descent For more information
Feb 21st 2017

Colombian conflict
Colombian-Conflict">The Colombian Conflict began in the mid-1960s and is a low-intensity asymmetric war between Colombian governments, paramilitary groups, crime syndicates
Apr 23rd 2017

Colombia Colombia in Popular Culture Colombian Americans Colombian Canadians Colombian Mexicans Colombians in Spain Colombians in Uruguay Latin Americans
Apr 9th 2017

Colombian Americans
growth of the Colombian-AmericanColombian American population was slow until 1940, when there was an increase in Colombian immigration to New York. Most Colombians who arrived
Apr 18th 2017

Colombian emeralds
are extremely rare. Colombian emeralds over 50 carat can cost much more than diamonds of the same size.[citation needed] The Colombian departments of Boyaca
May 24th 2017

Colombian Navy
Colombian-Navy">The Colombian Navy, officially the Colombian-National-NavyColombian National Navy (Spanish: Armada Nacional de la Republica de Colombia), also known as the "Armada Nacional"
May 19th 2017

Afro-ColombiansColombians refers to Colombian citizens of African descent; this article is about the influence they have had on Colombian culture. Notable Afro-ColombiansColombians
May 20th 2017

Colombian cuisine
Colombian cuisine includes the cooking traditions and practices of Colombia's Caribbean shoreline, Pacific coast, mountains, and ranchlands. Colombian
May 21st 2017

Colombian culture
Colombia Many aspects of Colombian culture can be traced back to the early culture of Spain of the 16th century and its collision with Colombia's
Apr 30th 2017

Music of Colombia
The music of Colombia is an expression of Colombian culture, which contains diverse music genres, both traditional and modern, according with the features
May 13th 2017

Colombian nationality law
ColombianColombian nationality is typically obtained by birth in Colombia when one of the parents is either a ColombianColombian citizen or a ColombianColombian legal resident,
Apr 21st 2017

divided into three branches: the National Army of Colombia; the Colombian Air Force; and the Colombian Navy. The National Police functions as a gendarmerie
May 23rd 2017

Departments of Colombia
of the final federal state of Tolima. Colombian-Constitution">The Colombian Constitution of 1886 converted the states of Colombia into departments, with the state presidents
Apr 11th 2017

Military Forces of Colombia
the Colombian-ConflictColombian Conflict. Colombian">The Colombian armed forces consist of: Military Forces: Colombian-ArmyColombian Army (Spanish: Ejercito Nacional de Colombia) Colombian Navy
Apr 27th 2017

Colombian Mexicans
There is a significant Colombian diaspora in Mexico. According to the 2010 census, there were 13,922 Colombian citizens residing in Mexico, making them
Feb 1st 2017

White Colombians
Colombians">White Colombians are the Colombian descendants of European (overwhelmingly Spanish) and Middle Eastern (primarily Lebanese and Syrian) people, who self
May 23rd 2017

Colombian Australians
portal Colombia portal Afro-Colombians Colombian diaspora Australian Government - Department of Immigration and Border Protection. "Colombian Australians"
Apr 22nd 2017

National Army of Colombia
the Colombian-Naval-InfantryColombian Naval Infantry (Infanteria de Marina) and for protecting the Colombian state against domestic or foreign threats. The modern Colombian Army
May 23rd 2017

Colombian art
the city of Bogota. Colombia portal Muisca art Colombian handicrafts List of Colombian artists Culture of Colombia Colombian architecture Latin American
May 12th 2017

Colombian Canadians
nationalized in Colombia too. According to the 2011 Census there were 76,580 Canadians who claimed full or partial Colombian ancestry. Colombian Canadians are
Mar 15th 2017

Colombian rock
Colombian-RockColombian Rock is rock music from Colombia. The most common styles of Colombian rock are based on Rock en Espanol, indie rock, as well as the traditional
Dec 12th 2016

Coffee production in Colombia
Italy. Most coffee is grown in the Colombian coffee growing axis region. In 2007, the European Union granted Colombian coffee a protected designation of
Apr 13th 2017

Television in Colombia
Television in Colombia or Colombian television (Spanish: Television de Colombia) is a media of Colombia. It is characterized for broadcasting telenovelas
Feb 17th 2017

Colombian Classic
Arturo Calle Colombian Coffee Classic Presentado por Avianca". PGA Tour. Retrieved 7 April 2014.  "2014 Leaderboard - Arturo Calle Colombian Classic presentado
Oct 30th 2016

Colombian Open
Colombian-Open">The Colombian Open, or Abierto de Colombia, is a golf tournament on the Colombian Tour and PGA Tour Latinoamerica that was first played in 1945. It has
Feb 20th 2017

Corruption in Colombia
Scandal, caused by declarations of the Colombian ex-representative, Yidis Medina, in which she claims that Colombian government offered her important jobs
Apr 24th 2017

Emigration from Colombia
to the ColombianColombian armed conflict. Emigration from Colombia is one of the largest in volume in Hispanic America. According to the 2005 ColombianColombian census
Apr 21st 2017

National Police of Colombia
Tensions between the two main political parties, the Colombian Liberal Party and the Colombian Conservative Party, escalated to numerous civil wars trying
Mar 25th 2017

Cinema of Colombia
the Colombian congress approved Law 397 of Article 46 or the General Law of Culture with the purpose of supporting the development of the Colombian film
Nov 16th 2016

Military ranks of the Colombian Armed Forces
and rank insignias for the Colombian-ArmyColombian Army personnel. Colombian-Navy">The Colombian Navy (Spanish: 'Armada de la Republica de Colombia') is the maritime service
Mar 15th 2017

Colombian regional elections, 2007
million ColombiansColombians are apt to vote to elect between some 86 thousand candidates to represent 1,098 Colombian municipalities and 32 governors of Colombian Departments
Sep 3rd 2015

President of Colombia
president of the Republic of Colombia is Juan Manuel Santos, who took office on 7 August 2011. According to the Colombian Constitution of 1991, Article
May 6th 2017

Colombian Naval Infantry
The Colombian Naval Infantry and also referred to as Colombian Marines (Spanish: Infanteria de Marina Colombiana) is the marine force of the Colombian National
Nov 27th 2016

Illegal drug trade in Colombia
new social class and influenced several aspects of Colombian culture and politics. The Colombian government efforts to reduce the influence of drug-related
May 21st 2017

Economy of Colombia
industry in the near future. In 2014, the Colombian government released another national campaign to help Colombian companies have a bigger share of the national
May 1st 2017

List of Colombian artists
This is a list of Colombian artists. Colombian art has 3,500 years of history and covers a wide range of media and styles ranging from Quimbaya gold craftwork
Apr 8th 2017

Colombia–India relations
Indo-ColombianColombian relations entails the diplomatic relations between the Republic of Colombia and the Republic of India. Both countries established diplomatic
Apr 5th 2017

Arab Colombians
others surnames. Arab diaspora Race and ethnicity in Palestinian-Colombian-Lebanese">Colombia Lebanese Colombians Palestinian Colombian Lebanese diaspora Palestinian diaspora (Spanish)
Apr 28th 2017

Architecture of Colombia
were born in Colombia. Bruce Graham worked in Colombia.[citation needed] Expats such as Leopold Rother worked in Colombia. Colombian architecture reflects
Mar 7th 2017

Colombia in popular culture
depiction of Colombia in popular culture, especially the portrayal of Colombian people in film and fiction, has been asserted by Colombian organizations
May 18th 2017

Colombians in the United Kingdom
ColombiansColombians in the United Kingdom (Spanish: ColombianosColombianos en el Reino Unido) include British citizens or residents who are of Colombian ancestry. According
May 19th 2017

Senate of Colombia
Senate of Colombia--ColombianColombian Colombia ColombianColombian parliamentary election, 2014 ColombianColombian parliamentary election, 2010 List of Presidents of the Senate of Colombia "Constitucion
Apr 22nd 2017

Foreign relations of Colombia
the Colombian economy is quite open, relying on international trade and following the guidelines given by international law. Since 2008, Colombia's Ministry
Apr 25th 2017

Colombian necktie
a Colombian necktie. In season 3 episode 11 of Z nation (Doc's Angels) Annie mentions that one of her previous husbands was killed by the Colombian necktie
May 21st 2017

Football in Colombia
Colombian national league ranks 9th in the IFFHS's ranking The Strongest National League in the World of 2014 (3rd in South America),. The Colombian national
Dec 19th 2016

Right-wing paramilitarism in Colombia
organized by the ColombianColombian military following recommendations made by U.S. military counterinsurgency advisers who were sent to Colombia during the Cold
May 3rd 2017

Colombian Red Cross
Colombian-Red-Cross">The Colombian Red Cross is a Colombian-based nonprofit private entity member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Society. It has been a member
Aug 24th 2016

Conservatism in Colombia
future parties, including the Colombian-Conservative-PartyColombian Conservative Party movement, principal representative of this ideal. Colombian conservatism, is an old ideal
Nov 23rd 2015

Colombia–Russia relations
over Colombian airspace without previous governmental clearance. The two blackjacks, as code named by the NATO, were escorted out of Colombian airspace
May 2nd 2017

Colombian coffee growing axis
The Colombian coffee Region (Spanish: Cafetero">Eje Cafetero), also known as the Coffee Triangle (Spanish: Triangulo del Cafe) is a part of the Colombian Paisa
May 5th 2017

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