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A cone is a three-dimensional geometric shape that tapers smoothly from a flat base (frequently, though not necessarily, circular) to a point called the
May 24th 2017

Volcanic cone
Volcanic cones are among the simplest volcanic landforms. They are built by ejecta from a volcanic vent, piling up around the vent in the shape of a cone with
Apr 27th 2017

Conifer cone
reproductive structures The familiar woody cone is the female cone, which produces seeds. The male cones, which produce pollen, are usually herbaceous
May 28th 2017

Cinder cone
A cinder cone or scoria cone is a steep conical hill of loose pyroclastic fragments, such as either volcanic clinkers, cinders, volcanic ash, or scoria
May 11th 2017

Convex cone
V is a cone (or sometimes called a linear cone) if for each x in C and positive scalars α, the product αx is in C. A cone C is a convex cone if αx +
Jan 4th 2017

Cone sisters
The Cone sisters were Claribel Cone (1864–1929) and Etta Cone (1870–1949) of Baltimore, Maryland. Together they gathered one of the finest collections
Apr 16th 2017

Light cone
In special and general relativity, a light cone is the path that a flash of light, emanating from a single event (localized to a single point in space
May 21st 2017

Cone cell
Cone cells, or cones, are one of three types of photoreceptor cells in the retina of mammalian eyes (e.g. the human eye). They are responsible for color
May 25th 2017

Ice cream cone
cones include wafer (or cake) cones, waffle cones, and sugar cones. Many styles of cones are made, including pretzel cones and chocolate-coated cones
May 18th 2017

Dual cone and polar cone
Dual cone and polar cone are closely related concepts in convex analysis, a branch of mathematics. The dual cone C* of a subset C in a linear space
May 3rd 2017

Traffic cone
Traffic cones, also called pylons, road cones, highway cones, safety cones, or construction cones, are usually cone-shaped markers that are placed on
May 23rd 2017

Tseax Cone
The Tseax Cone (/ˈsiːaks/ SEE-aks), also called the Tseax River Cone or the Aiyansh Volcano, is a young cinder cone and adjacent lava flows associated
Mar 9th 2017

Parasitic cone
A parasitic cone (also adventive cone or satellite cone) is the cone-shaped accumulation of volcanic material not part of the central vent of a volcano
Oct 15th 2016

James H. Cone
James Hal Cone (born August 5, 1938) is an American theologian, best known for his advocacy of Black theology and Black Liberation Theology. His 1969 book
May 24th 2017

Inlet cone
Not to be confused with Shock diamond. Inlet cones (sometimes called shock cones or inlet centerbodies) are a component of some supersonic aircraft
Oct 22nd 2016

Shatter cone
2-30 GPa. Shatter cones have a distinctively conical shape that radiates from the top (apex) of the cones repeating cone-on-cone in large and small scales
May 23rd 2017

Cone snail
Cone snails, cone shells or cones are common names for a large group of small to large-sized predatory sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs. Until fairly
May 25th 2017

Pyrometric cone
Pyrometric cones are pyrometric devices that are used to gauge heatwork during the firing of ceramic materials. The cones, often used in sets of three
Apr 2nd 2017

Southern Cone
Southern Cone (Spanish: Cono Sur, Portuguese: Cone Sul) is a geographic region composed of the southernmost areas of South America, south of and around
May 28th 2017

Cone (category theory)
a branch of mathematics, the cone of a functor is an abstract notion used to define the limit of that functor. Cones make other appearances in category
Mar 29th 2016

David Cone
David Brian Cone (born January 2, 1963) is an American former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher, and current color commentator for the New York Yankees
May 10th 2017

Keda Cone
Keda Cone, sometimes mistakenly spelled Kena Cone, is a cinder cone in northwestern British Columbia, Canada, located in the Snowshoe Lava Field of Mount
Apr 30th 2016

Growth cone
A growth cone is a big actin-supported extension of a developing or regenerating neurite seeking its synaptic target. Their existence was originally proposed
May 18th 2017

Cone (topology)
In topology, especially algebraic topology, the cone X CX of a topological space X is the quotient space: C X =
Sep 15th 2015

Snow cone
about the food snow cone. For the meteorological phenomenon, see snow roller. For the deadmau5 single, see SnowconeSnowcone (song). Snow cones are a variation of
Apr 3rd 2017

Come on a Cone
"Come on a Cone" is a song by American recording artist Nicki Minaj, taken from her sophomore studio album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (2012). It was
Nov 14th 2016

Cone of Silence
Cone of silence may refer to: Cone of Silence (device), a fictional device from the 1960s American television comedy series Get Smart Cone of silence (Dune)
Jan 9th 2017

Fred P. Cone
Preston Cone (September 28, 1871 – July 28, 1948) was an American politician who served as the 27th Governor of Florida. Frederick Preston Cone was born
Feb 8th 2017

Cone (disambiguation)
A cone is a basic geometrical shape. Cone may also refer to: Cone (category theory) Cone (formal languages) Cone (graph theory), a graph in which one
Sep 20th 2016

Three-cone drill
The three-cone drill, or 3-cone drill is a test performed by American football athletes at the NFL combine. It is primarily run to evaluate the agility
May 1st 2017

Cinder Cone and the Fantastic Lava Beds
Cinder Cone is a cinder cone volcano in Lassen Volcanic National Park (located in Northern California in the United States). It is located about 10 miles
May 16th 2017

Cone top
A cone top (also called a cap-sealed can, cone-top, or conetop) is a type of can, especially a type of beverage can, introduced in 1935. Cone tops were
Jun 29th 2016

Spinning cone
Spinning cone columns are used in a form of low temperature vacuum steam distillation to gently extract volatile chemicals from liquid foodstuffs while
Dec 12th 2016

Moses H. Cone
Moses Herman Cone (June 29, 1857 – December 8, 1908) was an American textile entrepreneur, conservationist, and philanthropist of the Gilded Age who was
May 13th 2017

Cinder Cone (British Columbia)
Cone is a cinder cone with a small crater on the west side of the Helm Glacier in Garibaldi Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. Cinder Cone is
Apr 30th 2016

Cone Health
Greensboro. Cone Bertha Cone established it in honor of her husband, Moses H. Cone. Moses Cone was a textile magnate and founder of Cone Mills. Cone Health is active
Jan 8th 2015

Cone Mills Corporation
Cone Mills Corporation was a world leader in textile manufacturing of corduroy, flannel, denim and other cotton fabrics for most of the 20th century. The
May 25th 2017

USS Cone (DD-866)
USS Cone (DD-866) was a Gearing-class destroyer of the United States Navy, named for Rear Admiral Hutch Ingham Cone USN (1871–1941). She was laid down
May 12th 2017

Honey Cone
Honey Cone was an American R&B and soul all–girl vocal group, who are best remembered for their Billboard #1 hit single, "Want Ads". They were the premier
Apr 4th 2017

Normal cone
For normal cones in real vector spaces, see convex cone. In algebraic geometry, the normal cone XY CXY of a subscheme X of a scheme Y is a scheme analogous
Nov 13th 2016

Cone, Texas
Cone is an unincorporated community in Crosby County, Texas, United-StatesUnited States. It lies on U.S. Route 62, thirty-four miles northeast of Lubbock, has an estimated
Mar 15th 2017

Double cone
Double cone may refer to: Double cone (geometry) Double cone (biology) The Remarkables Mountain
Dec 19th 2015

Cone penetration test
The cone penetration or cone penetrometer test (CPT) is a method used to determine the geotechnical engineering properties of soils and delineating soil
Feb 5th 2017

Niles Cone
recharge of the Niles Cone. (Niles Cone, 2007) The Alameda County Water District is responsible for management of the Niles Cone aquifer and has developed
Aug 17th 2016

Cone dystrophy
A cone dystrophy is an inherited ocular disorder characterized by the loss of cone cells, the photoreceptors responsible for both central and color vision
May 22nd 2017

Cone Nebula
The Cone Nebula is an H II region in the constellation of Monoceros. It was discovered by William Herschel on December 26, 1785, at which time he designated
Sep 30th 2016

Urban Cone
Urban Cone is a Swedish indie pop band from Stockholm, formed in 2010 by current members Emil Gustafsson, Rasmus Flyckt, Tim Formgren and Jacob William
Apr 14th 2017

Machmell River Cone
Machmell River Cone Machmell River Cone is a cinder cone in the Silverthrone Caldera complex in the Pacific Ranges section of the Coast Mountains
Apr 10th 2014

Avanton Gold Cone
Avanton-Gold-Cone The Avanton Gold Cone or Avanton-Cone Avanton Cone (French: Cone d'Or d'Avanton or Cone d'Avanton) is a late Bronze Age artefact, belonging to the group of Golden
May 27th 2017

Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital
The-Moses-HThe Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, also known as Moses Cone Hospital, is a 535 bed tertiary care facility located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The
Mar 4th 2015

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