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A country is a region that is identified as a distinct national entity in political geography. A country may be an independent sovereign state or one that
May 24th 2017

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May 12th 2017

Country music
Country music (frequently referred to as just country) is a genre of United States popular music that originated in the southern United States in the
May 26th 2017

Country pop
Country pop is a subgenre of country music and pop music that was developed by members of the Country genre out of a desire to reach a larger, mainstream
May 8th 2017

Country code
Country codes are short alphabetic or numeric geographical codes (geocodes) developed to represent countries and dependent areas, for use in data processing
Apr 11th 2017

Developing country
A developing country, also called a less developed country or an underdeveloped country, is a nation or a sovereign state with a less developed industrial
May 26th 2017

Alternative country
Alternative country (sometimes alt-country, insurgent country, or Americana) is a loosely defined subgenre of country music, which includes acts that
May 25th 2017

Developed country
A developed country, industrialized country, more developed country, or "more economically developed country" (MEDC), is a sovereign state that has a highly
May 26th 2017

Country rock
Country rock is a subgenre of popular music, formed from the fusion of rock and country. It was developed by rock musicians who began to record country-flavored
May 25th 2017

English country house
English An English country house is a large house or mansion in the English countryside. Such houses were often owned by individuals who also owned a town house
May 19th 2017

Country rap
Country rap is a subgenre of popular music blending country music with hip hop-style rapping, also known as hick-hop or rural rap. Country rap began to
Mar 13th 2017

Landlocked country
landlocked country is a sovereign state entirely enclosed by land, or whose only coastlines lie on closed seas. There are currently 49 such countries, including
May 28th 2017

Christian country music
Christian country music (sometimes marketed as country gospel, gospel country, positive country or inspirational country) is music that is written to express
Dec 5th 2016

Cross country running
Cross country running is a sport in which teams and individuals run a race on open-air courses over natural terrain such as dirt or grass. Sometimes the
May 3rd 2017

Fictional country
A fictional country is a country that is made up for fictional stories, and does not exist in real life, or one that people believe in without proof. Sailors
May 9th 2017

Country dance
A country dance is any of a large number of social dances of the British Isles in which couples dance together in a figure or "set", each dancer dancing
Apr 26th 2017

Cross country
Cross country or cross-country may refer to: Cross Country, Baltimore, a neighborhood in northwest Baltimore, Maryland Cross County Parkway, an east-west
Oct 20th 2016

City vs Country Origin
City vs Country-OriginCountry Origin was an annual Australian rugby league football match that took place in New South Wales between City and Country representative
May 27th 2017

Neotraditional country
Neotraditional country, also known as "new traditional" country, is a country music style that emphasizes the instrumental background and a "traditional" country vocal
May 20th 2017

Hot Country Songs
Hot Country Songs is a chart published weekly by Billboard magazine in the United States. This 50-position chart lists the most popular country music
May 22nd 2017

Country park
A country park is an area designated for people to visit and enjoy recreation in a countryside environment. In the United Kingdom the term 'country
Jun 10th 2016

List of country calling codes
Country calling codes or country dial in codes are telephone dialing prefixes for the member countries or regions of the International Telecommunication
May 21st 2017

Buddhism by country
representing 9% to 10% of the world's total population. China is the country with the largest population of Buddhists, approximately 244 million or
May 21st 2017

Country code top-level domain
A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is an Internet top-level domain generally used or reserved for a country, sovereign state, or dependent territory
Apr 17th 2017

Black Country
Coordinates: 52°32′N 2°2′W / 52.533°N 2.033°W / 52.533; -2.033 The Black Country is an area of the English Midlands in England, West of Birmingham, including
May 24th 2017

Catholic Church by country
tables below represent statistics with regard to the Catholic Church by country. Most of the figures are taken from the CIA Factbook or PEW Research
May 11th 2017

Religions by country
Buddhism by country Christianity by country (Roman Catholicism by country, Protestantism by country and Orthodoxy by country) Hinduism by country Islam by
May 7th 2017

Cross-country skiing
Cross-country skiing is a form of skiing where skiers rely on their own locomotion to move across snow-covered terrain, rather than using ski lifts or
Apr 13th 2017

Canadian Country Music Association
Canadian-Country-Music-Association">The Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) was founded in 1976 as the Academy of Country Music Entertainment to organize, promote and develop a Canadian
Jan 22nd 2016

Library of Congress Country Studies
The Country Studies are works published by the Federal Research Division of the United States Library of Congress, freely available for use by researchers
Feb 8th 2017

Classic country
Classic country is a music radio format that specializes in playing mainstream country and western music hits from past decades. The classic country format
Apr 18th 2017

List of FIFA country codes
assigns a three-letter country code (more properly termed a trigramme or trigram) to each of its member and non-member countries. These are the official
May 23rd 2017

Country club
A country club is a privately owned club, often with a membership quota and admittance by invitation or sponsorship, that generally offers both a variety
May 21st 2017

The Country Network
The Country Network is an American digital broadcast television network that specializes in broadcasting country music videos and original music based
May 17th 2017

West Country
The-West-CountryThe West Country is a loosely defined area of south western England. The term usually encompasses the historic counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset
May 10th 2017

Gold Country
For the Chuck Ragan album, see Gold Country (album). The Gold Country (also Mother Lode Country) is a historic region in the northern portion of the
May 1st 2017

Cross-country cycling
Cross-country (XC) cycling is the most common discipline of mountain biking. Cross-country cycling became an Olympic sport in 1996 and is the only form
May 21st 2017

Country (disambiguation)
country in the modern usage is a geo-political region, often synonymous with a state. Country or countries may also refer to: Rural area, the country
Apr 18th 2017

Texas Hill Country
The Texas Hill Country is a geographical region located in the Edwards Plateau at the crossroads of West Texas, Central Texas, and South Texas. Given
May 26th 2017

Country Financial
COUNTRY Financial is a group of US insurance and financial services companies serving customers in 19 states. Its corporate headquarters are in Bloomington
Apr 19th 2017

Newly industrialized country
The category of newly industrialized country (NIC) is a socioeconomic classification applied to several countries around the world by political scientists
May 18th 2017

Least Developed Countries
The Least Developed Countries (LDC) is a list of the countries that, according to the United Nations, exhibit the lowest indicators of socioeconomic development
May 25th 2017

Country of origin
Country of origin (COO), is the country of manufacture, production, or growth where an article or product comes from. There are differing rules of origin
May 5th 2017

In Country
article is about the film. For the Kikki Danielsson album, see In Country (album). In Country is a 1989 American drama film produced and directed by Norman
Feb 8th 2017

Lists of countries and territories
many lists of countries and territories by various definitions, including

List of administrative divisions by country
divisions used by countries and their major dependent territories. It is ordered alphabetically by country name in English. Country subdivision ISO
May 22nd 2017

Lists by country
This is a series of lists by country. The lists generally cover topics related to sovereign countries; however, states with limited recognition are also
Apr 29th 2017

Country New South Wales rugby league team
clubs of the Country-Rugby-LeagueCountry Rugby League, one of two federations in the state of New South Wales. Country annually played in the City vs Country Origin competition
May 11th 2017

Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country
Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country are protocols sometimes used in Australia at the opening of meetings, launches, special events and official
Apr 14th 2017

Scottish country dance
A Scottish Country dance (SCD) is a form of social dance involving groups of couples of dancers tracing progressive patterns according to a predetermined
May 24th 2017

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