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English also Courtrai or Courtray; official name in Dutch: Kortrijk, pronounced [ˈkɔrtrɛi̯k]; West Flemish: Kortryk or Kortrik, French: Courtrai, pronounced: [kuʁtʁɛ];
Mar 29th 2017

Battle of Courtrai
Battle The Battle of Courtrai may refer to: Battle of Courtrai (1302), better known as the Battle of the Golden Spurs, in which the French king fought Flemish
Feb 25th 2017

Battle of Courtrai (1794)
other battles by the same name, see Battle of Courtrai (disambiguation). The 2nd Battle of Courtrai (10–12 May 1794) saw a Republican French army
Mar 11th 2017

Courtrai Newfoundland Memorial
The Courtrai Memorial is a Dominion of Newfoundland war memorial that commemorates the actions of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during the 1918 Battle
May 1st 2015

Courtrai Chest
The-Chest The Chest of Courtrai (French for Kortrijk), also known as the Chest of Oxford, is an oak chest dating to the Middle Ages. The chest was discovered around
Mar 11th 2017

Battle of Courtrai (1793)
other battles by the same name, see Battle of Courtrai (disambiguation). The 1st Battle of Courtrai took place on 15 September 1793, two days after
Mar 15th 2017

Battle of Courtrai (1918)
For other battles by the same name, see Battle of Courtrai (disambiguation). The Battle of Courtrai (also known as the Second Battle of Belgium (French:
Mar 24th 2017

Battle of the Golden Spurs
known as the Battle of Courtrai, was a battle fought between the Kingdom of France and the County of Flanders at Kortrijk (Courtrai in French) in modern-day
Apr 5th 2017

Battle of Courtrai (1814)
The Battle of Courtrai (31 March 1814) saw Johann von Thielmann's Kingdom of Saxony troops and a few Prussians encounter an Imperial French force under
Mar 11th 2017

Arrondissement of Kortrijk
of Kortrijk (Dutch: Arrondissement Kortrijk; French: Arrondissement de Courtrai) is one of the eight administrative arrondissements in the Province of
Mar 11th 2017

Battle of Kortrijk
Kortrijk, a Flemish town in Belgium, called Courtrai in French : Battle of the Golden Spurs Battle of Kortrijk (1794) Battle of Courtrai (disambiguation)
Mar 4th 2017

against the French knights at the Battle of the Golden Spurs near Kortrijk (Courtrai) on 11 July 1302. The goedendag is frequently seen in the hands of Flemish
Apr 15th 2017

Désiré de Haerne
Seminary of Ghent, he taught during 1824-25 school year at the College of Courtrai. He was ordained a deacon in 1827, and then a priest in 1828. After which
Apr 5th 2017

1942–43 in Belgian football
to be replaced by RFC Liegeois, Stade Nivellois, Sint-Niklaas SK and R Courtrai Sports. Main article: 1942–43 Belgian First Division http://www.footbel
Feb 21st 2015

and "Birth" (Drawings) – Harmagedon Gallery Courtrai 1985 – "The Five Seasons" – Harmagedon Gallery Courtrai 1987 – "Genesis I" (inspiration: the Book of
Apr 13th 2017

Jan Baptiste de Jonghe
January 1785 – 14 October 1844) was a Belgian landscape painter, born at Courtrai in 1785. He studied under Balthasar Paul Ommeganck, and travelled in Holland
Apr 27th 2017

Regi Van Acker
He is known for his career as a football technician. He has coached KV Courtrai, Royal Antwerp FC twice, Casino SW Bregenz (Austrian Football Bundesliga)
Jan 31st 2017

Petronella of Coutrai
was a daughter of a woman named Sarah and her husband, lord Roger I of Courtrai. Petronella was a wife of Zeger-II">Lord Zeger II and with him, mother of: Zeger
Jan 11th 2017

Bossuit–Kortrijk Canal
KortrijkBossuit-CanalBossuit Canal (Dutch: Kanaal Kortrijk-Bossuit, French: Canal Bossuit-Courtrai) is a canal in westhern Belgium, which connects the city of Kortrijk to
Aug 8th 2016

Gare de Tourcoing
northern France. SNCB/Belgian-Railways">NMBS Belgian Railways trains also run from here to: Courtrai/Kortrijk for example on Belgian railway line 75. Timetables TER Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Jun 6th 2016

1926–27 in Belgian football
Promotion and played in 3 leagues of 14 clubs. The leagues were won by Courtrai Sports, CS Tongrois and Fleron FC. All 3 clubs promoted to the Division
Mar 9th 2015

Battle of Furnes
during the battle. J. F. Verbruggen, The-BattleThe Battle of the Golden Spurs (Courtrai, 11 July 1302), ed. Kelly DeVries, transl. David Richard Ferguson, (The
Mar 11th 2017

John II of Brienne, Count of Eu
the Golden Spurs. J. F. Verbruggen, The Battle of the Golden Spurs (Courtrai, 11 July 1302), transl. David Richard Ferguson, ed. Kelly Devries, (Boydell
Feb 17th 2016

Battle of Tourcoing
the French army holding an awkward bulge at Menen (Menin) and Kortrijk (Courtrai). The French were able to hold off Francois Sebastien Charles Joseph de
Mar 15th 2017

Willem van Saeftinghe
displayed in Courtrai, which was destroyed in the bombing of 1944. A preliminary study can still be seen in the Stedelijk Museum in Courtrai. During the
Feb 16th 2017

Lord John Hay (Scottish Army officer)
enjoyed by the regiment. Hay died on campaign from a lingering fever at Courtrai, 15 Aug. 1706, ‘to the regret of the whole army.’ Hay married twice; first
Apr 10th 2016

1927–28 in Belgian football
12th, 13th and 14th placed teams in the Division I, i.e. respectively Courtrai Sports, Oude God Sport and Fleron FC. * Belgium score given first Key
Mar 8th 2015

Baptiste Martin
FuSsball-Datenbank Retrieved 14 March 2010. "Officiel : Baptiste Martin debarque a Courtrai". 17 May 2010. Archived from the original on 20 May 2010. Retrieved 17
Nov 16th 2016

Jan Anton Garemyn
Visch. He painted numerous altar-pieces for the churches at Bruges and Courtrai; and others for private persons at Brussels and Ghent. His pictures are
Apr 27th 2017

Gare de Lille Flandres
St-Quentin SNCB/Belgian-Railways">NMBS Belgian Railways trains also run from here to: Courtrai/Kortrijk for example on Belgian railway line 75. Gare de Lille Europe
Dec 17th 2016

Pieter Maessins
Pieter Maessins (Ghent, 1505-1562) was choirmaster of Notre Dame de Courtrai, and a composer at the Habsburg court of Ferdinand II and Maximilian II.
Jun 18th 2016

Kortrijk Formation
KortrijkKortrijk-FormationKortrijkKortrijk Formation (Dutch: Formatie van KortrijkKortrijk; French: Formation de Courtrai; abbreviation: Ko; named after the West-Flemish city of KortrijkKortrijk) is a
Aug 9th 2015

Hervé Kage Herve Kage evolue avec Waalwiijk Kage prete par le RSCA a l’Union Officiel :
Jan 16th 2017

Jagdstaffel 10
Leffincourt: Unknown – 1 May 1917 Bersee, Douai: 2 May 1917 – 24 May 1917 Heul, Courtrai: 25 May 1917 – 2 July 1917 Marckebeke: 2 July 1917 – 21 November 1917 Iwuy:
Mar 4th 2017

Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle (1668)
keep Armentieres (Armentiers), Bergues (Sint-Winoksbergen), Charleroi, Courtrai (Kortrijk), Douai (Dowaai), Furnes (Veurne), Lille (Rijsel), Oudenarde
Mar 20th 2017

Istvan Bakx
pre-selection for Jong Oranje for the match against Estonia. Bakx signe a Courtrai Officiel: Bakx rejoint le RC Genk Na Google-spits Bakx hebben we nu ook
Aug 20th 2016

of the niche spandrels. Dobbelaere L. & Caullet G., Guide illustre de Courtrai Catholicism portal christian architecture portal West Flanders portal
Dec 31st 2016

Nicolas Joseph Maison
Allied forces and defeated Johann von Thielmann's Saxons at the Battle of Courtrai. After the abdication of the emperor, Maison rallied to Louis XVIII of
Oct 14th 2016

Mohamed Messoudi
later, he signed for Zulte Waregem. Playerhistory Profile Messoudi : « Courtrai n'est pas un pas en avant »
Mar 29th 2017

Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra
in Belgium, the BPhO gives concerts in towns such as Beringen, Bruges, Courtrai, Coxijde, Hasselt, Namur, Ostende, and Tournai. The BPhO has made a point
Jan 2nd 2017

Battle of Mouscron
initial advance, the French began the Siege of Menin and captured Kortrijk (Courtrai). With Habsburg Austrian reinforcements, Clerfayt counterattacked on the
Feb 19th 2017

Quirijn Jansz Damast
by Frans Hals. Quirijn Damast was the son of Jan Damast Crijnsz from Courtrai. He became a damask weaver like his father, who had come to Haarlem about
May 31st 2016

John III, Count of Soissons
son of Eustache III de Conflans Raoul de Nesle (killed in the battle of Courtrai, 11 July 1302) Auchier de Nesle. John was succeeded as Count of Soissons
Mar 12th 2017

de modis significandi seu grammatica speculativa (before 1310) Siger of Courtrai, Summa modorum significandi (1320). Roger Bacon's Summa Grammatica Dante's
Feb 12th 2017

between Rekkem with Lauwe. The Dronckaertstraat (the former road between Courtrai and Lille) and the A14 motorway (European route E17) pass between the centre
Dec 23rd 2016

Louis Dupré (philosopher)
European Romanticism". In 2010, he left the United States and he has lived in Courtrai in Belgium since.
Oct 3rd 2016

Matins of Bruges
p. 40. Omond-1908Omond 1908, p. 46. Omond, George William Thomson (1908). Belgium. A. & C. BlackMedia related to Chest of Courtrai at Wikimedia Commons
Mar 11th 2017

Battle of Menin (1793)
Deinze. Two days later, the French were beaten by Beaulieu in the Battle of Courtrai and abandoned Menen. Despite his recent successes, Houchard was charged
Mar 16th 2017

Georg von Düring
Campaign. The Hesse Darmstadt contingent saw action at the Battles of Courtrai and Tourcoing, and numerous actions during the retreat from Belgium. In
Sep 14th 2016

Guy, Count of Flanders
1980), pp. 54-56. J. F. Verbruggen, The Battle of the Golden Spurs (Courtrai, 11 July 1302), ed. Kelly DeVries, transl. David Richard Ferguson, (Boydell
Feb 21st 2017

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