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Cowens is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Al Cowens (1951–2002), American baseball outfielder Dave Cowens (born 1948), American basketball
Feb 27th 2014

Dave Cowens
Donald L. Tucker Center. Despite some critics who felt Cowens was too small to play center, Cowens was selected as the fourth overall pick by the Boston
May 20th 2017

Al Cowens
Cowens Alfred Edward Cowens, Jr. (October 25, 1951 – March 11, 2002) was a right fielder in Major League Baseball. From 1974 through 1986, Cowens played for the
Dec 31st 2016

Robert Cowen
Robert E. Cowen (born September 4, 1930) is a Appeals-Judge">Federal Appeals Judge with the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit based in Philadelphia
Feb 18th 2017

Cowen Group
Cowen Inc. is a diversified financial services firm that provides alternative investment management, investment banking, research, and sales and trading
May 16th 2017

Brian Cowen
Brian Bernard Cowen (born 10 January 1960) is an Irish former politician who served as Taoiseach of Ireland from 7 May 2008 to 9 March 2011. He was head
May 19th 2017

Bernard Cowen
Bernard-FBernard F. "Ber" Cowen (29 January 1932 – 24 January 1984) was an Irish Fianna Fail politician who was elected five times to Dail Eireann. Born in Clara
May 2nd 2016

Scott Cowen
having breakfast with the Cowens, Matalin went shopping for a house. date & year of birth according to LCNAF CIP data Cowen's profile on Internet2 Speakers
Dec 6th 2016

Frederic Hymen Cowen
Cowen Sir Frederic Hymen Cowen (29 January 1852 – 6 October 1935), was a British pianist, conductor and composer. Cowen was born Hymen Frederick Cohen at 90
May 10th 2017

William Cowen
William Cowen (18 June 1791 – 29 January 1864) was an English landscape painter. His work includes views of towns in Yorkshire, Italy, France, Ireland
Feb 19th 2017

Cowen may refer to: Cowen (surname) Cowen, West Virginia, in the United States Cowen Group, the holding company for Cowen and Company, LLC, a U.S. based
Mar 20th 2013

Zelman Cowen
Sir Zelman Cowen, AK, GCMG, GCVO, QC (7 October 1919 – 8 December 2011) was an Australian legal scholar and academic administrator. He was the 19th Governor-General
Apr 2nd 2017

Edward Oscar McCowen
McCowenEdward Oscar McCowen (June 29, 1877 – November 4, 1953) was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio. Edward O. McCowen was born in
Aug 1st 2016

Arnold Wilson Cowen
Arnold Wilson Cowen (December 20, 1905 – October 28, 2007), also known as "Wilson Cowen", was successively a trial commissioner, a trial judge, and the
Apr 28th 2017

Brian Cowen nude portraits controversy
Two oil paintings depicting the then-Taoiseach of Ireland Brian Cowen in the nude were briefly displayed in Dublin art galleries in March 2009. The response
May 7th 2017

John Kissig Cowen
Cowen Kissig Cowen (October 28, 1844 – April 26, 1904) was a U.S. Representative from Maryland and a railroad executive. Born near Millersburg, Ohio, Cowen attended
Mar 18th 2017

Lillie Cowen
Cowen Goldsmith Cowen (often Mrs. Cowen Philip Cowen) (1851 in London, England – 1939 in New Rochelle, New York) was the first woman to translate the Haggadah. Cowen, who
Dec 26th 2016

Cowen, West Virginia
Cowen is a town in Webster County, West Virginia, United States. The population was 541 at the 2010 census. Cowen was named for a president of the Baltimore
Apr 12th 2017

Joshua Lionel Cowen
Joshua Lionel Cowen (August 25, 1877 – September 8, 1965) was an American inventor and the co founder of Lionel Corporation, a manufacturer of model railroads
Apr 27th 2017

Emory L. Cowen
Emory L. Cowen (1926 – November 30, 2000) was an American psychologist who pioneered the promotion of wellness in mental health. Cowen is widely considered
Aug 13th 2016

Tyler Cowen
Tyler Cowen (/ˈkaʊ.ən/; born January 21, 1962) is an American economist, who is an economics professor at George Mason University, where he holds the
May 12th 2017

Barry Cowen
Barry Cowen is an Irish Fianna Fail politician and a Teachta Dala (TD) for the Offaly constituency, upon being elected at the 2011 general election. He
May 18th 2017

Benjamin Cowen
Cowen Benjamin Cowen may refer to: S Benjamin S. Cowen (1793–1860), U.S. Representative from Ohio Benjamin R. Cowen (1831–1908), Union Army general and politician
Feb 3rd 2014

Sam Cowen
Sam Cowen was a South African radio DJ and co-host of the morning show The Breakfast express weekdays on Johannesburg local radio station 94.7 Highveld
Feb 10th 2017

Herbert Cowans
Herbert "Kat" Cowans or Cowens (born May 24, 1904) was an American jazz drummer born in Texas. Cowans worked as a shoeshine boy as a child. His first professional
Dec 1st 2015

Joseph Cowen
Joseph Cowen, Jr., (9 July 1829 – 18 February 1900) was an English radical Liberal politician and journalist. He was a firm friend to Anglo-Jewry, and
Apr 30th 2017

Jared Cowen
Jared Nelson Cowen (born January 25, 1991) is a Canadian professional ice hockey player, who is currently an unrestricted free agent. His rights were
Apr 11th 2017

Ravenna Park
Ravenna-ParkRavenna Park and Cowen Park comprise a single contiguous recreation and green space in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle, Washington in the United States
Sep 1st 2016

List of Charlotte Hornets head coaches
Bristow – 207 Paul-SilasPaul Silas – 193 Steve Clifford – 124 Dave Cowens – 109 Larry Brown – 88 Dave Cowens – .609 Allan Bristow – .505 Steve Clifford – .504 Paul
May 17th 2017

1970–71 Boston Celtics season
spot Dave Cowens, Rookie NBA Rookie of the Year Award John Havlicek, All-NBA First Team John Havlicek, NBA All-Defensive Second Team Dave Cowens, NBA All-Rookie
May 4th 2017

Alec McCowen
McCowen-CBE">Duncan McCowen CBE (26 May 1925 – 6 February 2017) was an English actor. He was known for his work in numerous film and stage productions. McCowen was born
May 10th 2017

Ed Farmer
pitch thrown in the top of the 5th inning fractured Cowens'Cowens' jaw and broke several teeth; Cowens would miss 21 games. Farmer also hit Royal Frank White
May 12th 2017

Benjamin R. Cowen
Benjamin Rush Cowen (August 15, 1831 – January 29, 1908) was Union Army general during the American Civil War and a Republican politician who was Ohio
Mar 4th 2017

Cowen Park Bridge
the Cowen Park. The bridges acts as a dividing line in the Ravenna-Cowen Park contiguous area, with the smaller area west of the bridge deemed Cowen Park
Mar 11th 2017

1974 NBA Finals
defensive end, Abdul-Jabbar forced Cowens Dave Cowens into shooting 3-of-13 from the floor, including a block of a Cowens shot at the end of regulation to force
May 11th 2017

Elise Cowen
Elise Nada Cowen (July 31, 1933 – February 27, 1962, Washington Heights, Manhattan) was an American poet. She was part of the Beat generation, and was
Apr 28th 2017

Jeff Cowen
Cowen Jeff Cowen (January 9, 1966 in New York City, New York) is an American art photographer known for painterly photo murals and photo collages. Cowen is the
Apr 20th 2017

1980 California Angels season
Aikens and Rance Mulliniks to the Kansas City Royals, in exchange for Al Cowens, Todd Cruz, and a player to be named later. January 11, 1980: Kevin Romine
Mar 11th 2016

McCowen is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Alec McCowen (1925–2017), English actor Christopher McCowen, American criminal Donald McCowen
Feb 7th 2017

Benjamin S. Cowen
Sprague-Cowen Benjamin Sprague Cowen (September-27September-27September 27, 1793 – September-27September-27September 27, 1869) was a U.S. Representative from Ohio. Born in Washington County, New York, Cowen attended the
Sep 11th 2016

Cowen (surname)
Cowen (/kaʊɪn/) is an originally Irish surname. Notable people with the surname include: Bernard Cowen (1932-1984), Irish politician and father of Brian
Mar 21st 2017

Myron M. Cowen
Belgium and Philippines. Cowen was born in Logan, Iowa. His father was Aaron Harry and mother was Dora T. Blala Cowen. Cowen studied in Wofford College
Feb 20th 2017

Derek Cowen
Derek Cowen (born 20 April-1939April 1939) is a former AustralianAustralian rules footballer who played with North Melbourne in the Victorian Football League (VFL). A ruckman
Feb 10th 2017

List of Boston Celtics accomplishments and records
Archibald (1978–1983) Larry Bird (1979–1992) Bob Cousy (1950–1963) Dave Cowens (1970–1980) John Havlicek (1962–1978) Tom Heinsohn (1956–1965) – also inducted
May 18th 2017

Jimmy Cowen
James Ernest Cowen (22 January 1902 – 5 July 1950) was an English professional footballer who played as a centre forward. He played over 100 matches in
Feb 26th 2017

Genii (Stargate)
planning to topple Cowen, and plants a nuclear bomb beneath the warehouse where Cowen has placed his operations. The bomb eliminates Cowen and his personal
Apr 5th 2017

Ronald Cowen
Ronald Cowen (born December 13, 1980 in the USA) is an international-level backstroke swimmer from Bermuda. At the 2003 Pan American Games, he swam to
Jul 27th 2016

1973 NBA All-Star Game
GAME 23: at Chicago, Jan. 23, 1973 MVP: Dave Cowens Coaches: East: Tom Heinsohn, West: Bill Sharman. HalftimeEast, 50-45 Third QuarterEast, 76-65
Oct 9th 2016

Ron Cowen
Ron Cowen is a writer and producer. He is a partner with Daniel Lipman in the television production company Cowlip Productions. Queer as Folk (2000–2005)
Feb 17th 2017

1972–73 Boston Celtics season
mark is still[update] the Celtics franchise best. Third-year forward Dave Cowens won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award ahead of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and
May 11th 2017

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