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first came to inhabit it Creationism, the belief that the universe was created in specific divine acts and the social movement affiliated with it Genesis
May 14th 2017

Runs created
all of these things? Runs created attempts to answer this bedrock question. The conceptual framework of the "runs created" stat is:
Apr 23rd 2017

refer to: Creativity, phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created Create (TV network), an American public television network consisting of lifestyle
Apr 5th 2017

Cardinals created by Pius XII
Pope Pius XII (r. 1939–1958) created 56 cardinals in two consistories. In his Christmas Message 1945, Pope Pius XII announced his
May 23rd 2017

Promethean: The Created
Promethean: The-CreatedThe Created is a role-playing game published by White Wolf, set in the Chronicles of Darkness setting. The game is inspired by the classic
Mar 28th 2017

All men are created equal
The quotation "All men are created equal" has been called an "immortal declaration," and "perhaps [the] single phrase" of the American Revolutionary period
May 23rd 2017

And God Created Woman
And God Created Woman may refer to: And God Created Woman (1956 film), directed by Roger Vadim, starring Brigitte Bardot And God Created Woman (1988 film)
Jan 29th 2013

God Created the Integers
God Created the Integers: The Mathematical Breakthroughs That Changed History is an anthology, edited by Stephen Hawking, of "excerpts from thirty-one
Jan 11th 2017

Is This the World We Created...?
"Is This the World We Created...?" is a song by the British rock band Queen, which was originally released on their eleventh studio album The Works in
Nov 14th 2016

Create (TV network)
Create is an American digital broadcast television network owned by American Public Television (APT). The network, broadcasts how-to, DIY and other lifestyle-oriented
Apr 13th 2017

Cardinals created by Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI (r. 2005–2013) created 90 cardinals in five consistories. Main article: March 2006 Consistory William Levada (1936–) –
Apr 30th 2017

Cardinals created by John Paul II
of seven more on 28 January. The 44 cardinals created at this consistory was the largest ever created at a consistory. It increased the number of cardinals
Apr 23rd 2017

Cardinals created by Francis
was held on 19 November 2016. In these three consistories, Pope Francis created a total of 56 cardinals from 39 countries, 11 of which had never before
May 23rd 2017

Cardinals created by Nicholas V
Pope Nicholas V (r. 1447–1455) created 8 new cardinals in three consistories, including former Antipope Felix V (1439–1449). He also confirmed the three
Sep 10th 2016

List of peerages created for women
peerages created for women in the peerages of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, or the United Kingdom. It does not include peerages created for men
May 3rd 2017

Remotely created check
In the United States, remotely created checks are orders of payment created by the payee and authorized by the customer remotely, using a telephone or
Jan 30th 2017

Jobs created during U.S. presidential terms
Risk blog also reported the number of jobs created by Presidential term. Over 10 million jobs were created in each of President Bill Clinton's two terms
Mar 10th 2017

List of animated television series created for syndication
This is a list of American animated television series created to be first-run on television in broadcast syndication. This television-related list
May 15th 2017

Cardinals created by Paul VI
Pope Paul VI (r. 1963–1978) created 143 cardinals in six consistories. Maximos IV Sayegh (1878–1967) Paul Peter Meouchi (1894–1975) Stephanos
Jan 5th 2017

Cardinals created by Pius XI
Pope Pius XI (r. 1922–1939) created 76 cardinals in 17 consistories. Achille Locatelli (1856–1935) Giovanni Bonzano (1867–1927) Enrique Reig
May 21st 2017

Cardinals created by Callixtus III
Pope Callixtus III (r. 1455–1458) created nine cardinals in two consistories. All nominations were made in pectore and published on 17 September 1456;
Sep 10th 2016

Create, read, update and delete
"CRUD" redirects here. For other uses, see Crud. In computer programming, create, read, update, and delete (as an acronym CRUD) are the four basic functions
Apr 8th 2017

...And God Created Them
  "Festival de Cannes: ...And God Created Them". Retrieved 2009-06-06.  ...And God Created Them at the Internet Movie Database
Jul 16th 2016

Cardinals created by Pius VI
Pope Pius VI (r. 1775–1799) created 73 cardinals in 23 consistories. Leonardo Antonelli Bernardino de' Vecchi Giovanni Carlo Bandi Francesco
Dec 2nd 2015

Cardinals created by Alexander VI
Pope Alexander VI (r. 1492–1503) created 43 new cardinals in 9 consistories: Juan de Borja-Llanzol(Llancol) de Romani, papal nephew, archbishop
Jul 28th 2016

Cardinals created by Paul III
Pope Paul III (r. 1534–1549) created 71 cardinals in twelve consistories. Alessandro Farnese, iuniore Guido Ascanio Sforza di Santa Fiora
Nov 10th 2015

Cardinals created by John XXIII
Pope John XXIII (r. 1958–1963) created 52 cardinals in five consistories. Giovanni Battista Montini (1897–1978) (Pope Paul VI 1963–1978)
May 21st 2017

Cardinals created by Leo XIII
Pope Leo XIII (r. 1878–1903) created 147 cardinals in 23 consistories. Friedrich-EgonFriedrich Egon von Fürstenberg (1813–1892) Florian-Jules Desprez (1807–1895)
Nov 10th 2015

Cardinals created by Pius IX
Pope Pius IX (r. 1846–1878) created 123 cardinals in 23 consistories. Gaetano Baluffi Raffaele Fornari Pietro Marini Giuseppe Bofondi Pierre Giraud
Mar 8th 2016

Cardinals created by Pius X
Pope Pius X (r. 1903–1914) created 50 cardinals in seven consistories. Rafael Merry del Val (1865–1930) Giuseppe Callegari (1841–1906) Jozsef
Nov 10th 2015

Cardinals created by Paul II
Pope Paul II (r. 1464–1471) created ten cardinals in two consistories. Thomas Bourchier, archbishop of Canterbury — cardinal-priest of S.
Sep 5th 2016

Cardinals created by Pius VII
Pope Pius VII (r. 1800–1823) created 99 cardinals in 19 consistories. Diego Innico Caracciolo Ercole Consalvi Luis Maria de Borbon y Vallabriga
Nov 10th 2015

Cardinals created by Sixtus IV
Pope Sixtus IV (r. 1471–1484) created 34 new cardinals in eight consistories: The new cardinals received their titular churches on 22 December
Nov 10th 2015

Cardinals created by Alexander VIII
Pope Alexander VIII (r. 1689–1691) created 14 cardinals in three consistories. Pietro Ottoboni Bandino Panciatici Giacomo Cantelmo Ferdinando
Nov 10th 2015

Cardinals created by Urban VIII
Pope-Urban-VIIIPope Urban VIII (r. 1623–1644) created seventy four new cardinals in eight consistories: Francesco Barberini, nephew of the Pope – cardinal-deacon
Feb 1st 2017

Cardinals created by Clement VIII
Pope Clement VIII (r. 1592–1605) created 53 cardinals in six consistories. Sassi">Lucio Sassi - Cardinal-Priest-FranciscoCardinal Priest Francisco de Toledo Herrera, S.J. - Cardinal
May 6th 2016

Cardinals created by Innocent XII
Pope Innocent XII (r. 1691–1700) created 30 cardinals in four consistories. Giacomo Antonio Morigia Sebastiano Antonio Tanara Giacomo Boncompagni Giovanni
Nov 10th 2015

Cardinals created by Benedict XIV
Pope Benedict XIV (r. 1740-58) created 64 cardinals in seven consistories. John Theodore of Bavaria Joaquin Fernandez de Portocarrero Camillo
Dec 1st 2016

Cardinals created by Benedict XV
Pope Benedict XV (r. 1914–1922) created 32 cardinals in five consistories. Giulio Tonti (1844–1918) Alfonso Mistrangelo (1852–1930) Giovanni Cagliero
Nov 10th 2015

Dan TDM Creates A Big Scene
Creates A Big Scene, mostly grammared on the web as DanTDM-Creates-ADanTDM Creates A/a Big Scene, is a British YouTube Red series created by DanTDM. Dan TDM Creates A
May 22nd 2017

Cardinals created by Clement XIV
Pope Clement XIV (r. 1769–1774) created 16 cardinals in twelve consistories. Paulo de Carvalho de Mendoca Mario Marefoschi Joao Cosme da Cunha Scipione
Feb 18th 2017

Cardinals created by Julius II
Pope Julius II (r. 1503–1513) created 27 cardinals in 6 consistories. Clemente Grosso della Rovere Galeotto Franciotti della Rovere Francois Guillaume
Nov 10th 2015

Cardinals created by Clement X
Pope Clement X (r. 1670–1676) created 20 cardinals in six consistories. Federico Borromeo, iuniore Camillo Massimo Gasparo Carpegna
Nov 10th 2015

Cardinals created by Paul V
Pope Paul V (r. 1605–1621) created 60 cardinals in ten consistories. Scipione Borghese Ludovico de Torres Orazio Spinola Maffeo Barberini Giovanni
Jul 2nd 2016

Cardinals created by Gregory XIII
Pope Gregory XIII (r. 1572–1585) created 34 cardinals in eight consistories. Filippo Boncompagni Filippo Guastavillani Andrew of Austria Albert
Oct 9th 2016

Cardinals created by Clement XII
Pope Clement XII (r. 1730–1740) created 35 cardinals in 15 consistories. Neri Maria Corsini Alessandro Aldobrandini Girolamo Grimaldi Bartolomeo Massei
Nov 10th 2015

Cardinals created by Pius V
Pope Pius V (r. 1566–1572) created 21 cardinals in three consistories. Michele Bonelli Diego de Espinosa Jerome Souchier Gianpaolo Della Chiesa Antonio
Nov 10th 2015

Cardinals created by Pius II
Pope Pius II (r. 1458–1464) created thirteen new cardinals in three consistories: Angelo Capranica, bishop of Rieti – cardinal priest of S
Sep 5th 2016

Cardinals created by Leo X
Pope Leo X (r. 1513–1521) created 42 new cardinals in eight consistories. All the new cardinals received their titles on 29 September 1513.
May 12th 2017

Cardinals created by Clement XIII
Pope Clement XIII (r. 1758–1769) created 52 cardinals in seven consistories. Carlo Rezzonico Antonio Marino Priuli Francois-Joachim de Pierre
Feb 9th 2016

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