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Decca Records
Decca Records is a British record label established in 1929 by Lewis Edward Lewis. Its U.S. label was established in late 1934 by Lewis along with American
Apr 28th 2017

Group, a classical music record label, owned by Universal Music Group Decca Records or Decca Music Group, a record label Decca Studios, a recording facility
Jun 8th 2016

The Beatles' Decca audition
before they reached international stardom, the Beatles auditioned for Decca Records at Decca Studios in West Hampstead, north London. In what is considered
May 16th 2017

List of Decca Records artists
Decca Records is a recording label. A division of Universal Classics, it is also known as Decca Music Group. Roberto Alagna Ada Alsop Elly Ameling
Apr 25th 2017

Decca Radar
systems. Decca-Company">The Decca Company, a British gramophone manufacturer that, as Decca-RecordsDecca Records, released records under the Decca label, contributed to the British
Apr 13th 2017

Decca Navigator System
1939. OBrien'sBrien's friend, Harvey F. Schwarz, was chief engineer of the Decca Record company in England. In 1939 OBrien sent him details of the system so
Mar 29th 2017

Decca Label Group
Not to be confused with Decca Records. Decca Label Group is Universal Music Group's classical music record label group based in the United States - in
Dec 19th 2016

MCA Records
recorded music business in 1962 with the purchase of the New York-based US Decca Records (established in 1934), including Coral Records and Brunswick Records
May 19th 2017

London Records
between the British and American branches of Decca-RecordsDecca Records. The American branch released British Decca records in the U.S. since it could not use the "Decca"
Apr 20th 2017

Decca Broadway
Decca Broadway Records was an American record label specializing in musical theater recordings founded in 1999 by Decca Records and is a unit of Universal
Apr 1st 2017

Songs Bing Crosby recorded multiple times
This is a list of Bing-CrosbyBing Crosby songs he recorded twice or more during his career, excluding all of the 1954 re-recordings for Bing: A Musical Autobiography
Jun 11th 2016

Christmas Music (album)
album of phonograph records put together for the Christmas season by Decca Records in late 1940. The album features the most popular artists recording
Jan 20th 2017

Deram Records
Deram (disambiguation). Deram Records was a subsidiary record label of Decca-RecordsDecca Records established in the United-KingdomUnited Kingdom in 1966. At this time U.K. Decca was
Oct 29th 2016

Hawaii Calls (album)
Calls is an compilation album of phonograph records put together by Decca Records in 1941 featuring Decca's best Hawaiian music. These previously issued
Jan 20th 2017

Brunswick Records
Brunswick-Records Brunswick Records is an American record label founded in 1916. Records under the Brunswick label were first produced by the Brunswick-Balke-Collender
Mar 17th 2017

The Decca Years (The Kingston Trio album)
is a compilation of The Kingston Trio's four albums recorded for the Decca Records label. Folk Era had previously reissued The Kingston Trio (Nick Bob
Oct 7th 2014

Edward Lewis (Decca)
formed by the merger of HMV and Columbia. He cut the retail price of Decca records to less than half that of EMI's and secured the resignation of Decca's
May 22nd 2017

Blue Skies (Decca album)
Blue Skies is a studio album of phonograph records by Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire released in 1946 featuring songs that were presented in the American
Mar 1st 2017

Uni Records
to 1970. In 1971 Uni was merged with Kapp and the co-owned American Decca Records, to form MCA Records. The Decca, Kapp, and Uni labels continued to be
Feb 25th 2017

Kapp Records
Kapp (who had set up American Decca Records in 1934). David Kapp founded his own label after stints with Decca Records and RCA Victor Records. Kapp licensed
Oct 22nd 2016

Universal Music Group Nashville
predecessor companies acquired over the years including ABC Records, Decca Records, Dot Records, DreamWorks Records, Kapp Records, MGM Records and Polydor
Mar 30th 2017

Decca Studios
acoustic quality. Famously, The Beatles failed their audition with Decca Records at the location on 1 January 1962, and subsequently signed with Parlophone
May 18th 2017

Don't Fence Me In (Decca album)
Don't Fence Me In is a compilation album of phonograph records by Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters released in 1946 featuring Country and Western songs
Mar 3rd 2017

Coral Records
Coral Records was a subsidiary of Decca Records formed in 1949. It recorded pop artists the McGuire Sisters and Teresa Brewer, in addition to Buddy Holly
Feb 15th 2017

Apex Records (Canada)
Francophone communities. After Compo began a distribution arrangement with Decca Records (USA) in 1935, the Apex name was dropped. Apex was revived in 1942 to
Aug 16th 2016

Attack Records
In 2007, Sanctuary was sold to Universal, with Morrissey shifting to Decca Records. His last record under Attack was a partnership with Lost Highway Records
Apr 17th 2017

Music of Hawaii (album)
compilation album containing five 78rpm records of Hawaiian music issued by Decca Records. Historically, the term "album" was applied to a collection of various
Jan 20th 2017

The Deccas
The Deccas are a guitar based band formed in 2007 in the Medway Delta, currently signed to Indie Music label 208 Records The Deccas have played many gigs
Dec 8th 2016

Decca Sports Ground
Decca Sports Ground is a cricket ground in Tolworth, London (formerly Surrey). The first recorded professional match on the ground was in 1973, when Surrey
Apr 22nd 2017

Catalog numbering systems for single records
November 2011. Decca Records discography, numbers 100 to 499. (2011-01-11). Retrieved on 20 November 2011. Decca Records discography,
Sep 19th 2016

Vocalion Records
For Decca's Vocalion label, see Disques Vogue Vocalion Records is an American record company and label active for many years in the U.S. and the U.K.
May 9th 2017

Threshold Records
their 1969 album On the Threshold of a Dream. It was a UK subsidiary of Decca Records and a US subsidiary of London Records. The band formed this label to
Jun 2nd 2015

Deutsche Grammophon
into the US market in 1969 (DGG had distribution deals in the US with Decca Records and MGM Records beforehand) came at a time when the big US classical
May 17th 2017

Ichabod – The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
premiered in October 1949 and he recorded the story separately for Decca Records on June 23, 1949. The songs were written by Don Raye and Gene De Paul
Feb 24th 2017

The Best of the Decca Years
compilation of The Kingston Trio's recordings when the group was on the Decca Records label. Writing for Allmusic, music critic Cub Koda wrote of the album;
Oct 7th 2014

Parrot Records
in 1964. The label usually licensed (or leased) recordings made by Decca Records, England, for release in the USA and Canada, most notably by the Zombies
Feb 26th 2016

Ace of Hearts Records
Decca Records sublabel. For the Boston independent label, see Ace of Hearts-RecordsHearts Records (US). Ace of Hearts was a record label founded by British Decca Records
Aug 6th 2016

Decca tree
Wallace, and later refined by engineer Kenneth Wilkinson, and his team at Decca Records, to provide a strong stereo image. A Decca Tree setup uses five omnidirectional
Nov 24th 2016

The Complete Commodore & Decca Masters
compiling all the master takes released as 78rpm singles by Commodore and Decca Records. It includes an essay by Ashley Kahn. In 1939, Columbia Records refused
Mar 22nd 2017

UK Records
UK stands for "United King". The label was distributed at first by Decca-RecordsDecca Records and, after 1976, by PolyGram (which later bought out Decca in 1980)
Nov 3rd 2016

Felsted Records
name of two record labels. The UK version began as a subsidiary of Decca Records in July 1954, with music mainly in the jazz and dance band genres and
Jul 8th 2016

Scepter Records
$4000 she received after she sold Tiara Records and The Shirelles to Decca-RecordsDecca Records. When The Shirelles didn't produce any hits for Decca, they were given
Jan 17th 2017

The Original American Decca Recordings
The Original American Decca Recordings (also released as The Complete Decca Recordings) is a 1992 compilation 3-CD set of sessions led by jazz bandleader
Feb 26th 2017

Philips Classics Records
Compact Mozart Edition. Parent Universal Music merged the label into Decca Records. The name Philips Classics still exists but appears on no new recordings
Sep 8th 2016

South Pacific (Decca album)
South Pacific is a compilation album of phonograph records by Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Ella Fitzgerald and Evelyn Knight released in 1949 featuring songs
Feb 25th 2017

List of Decca albums
The following is a list of albums Decca-RecordsDecca Records has produced. "Decca 78rpm album listing".  "78Discography".
Mar 31st 2017

Broadway Records
(unsuccessful) labels they produced was Champion and Broadway. The few Broadway/Decca records were an L-1200 series and masters came from Champion (Gennett Records)
Jul 28th 2016

Argo Records (UK)
Founded 1951 (1951) Founder Harley Usill Cyril Clarke Distributor(s) Decca Records Genre Classical, jazz, folk, world, spoken word Country of origin UK
Aug 11th 2016

the film & television division of Universal Music Group. In 1929, Decca Records (London) licensed record shop owner H.W. Van Zoelen as a distributor
May 25th 2017

FFRR Records
improved high-fidelity recording technique and marketing slogan used by Decca Records on its singles and albums, and especially its Western classical albums
May 11th 2017

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