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Decca Records
Decca Records is a British record label established in 1929 by Lewis Edward Lewis. Its U.S. label was established in late 1934 by Lewis along with American Decca's
Apr 28th 2017

The Decca Years
The Decca Years may refer to: The Decca Years (Kingston Trio album) The Decca Years (Kaipa album)
Dec 24th 2015

The Beatles' Decca audition
On 1 January 1962, before they reached international stardom, the Beatles auditioned for Decca Records at Decca Studios in West Hampstead, north London
May 16th 2017

Decca Radar
The Decca Radar company was a British manufacturer of radar systems. The Decca Company, a British gramophone manufacturer that, as Decca Records, released
Apr 13th 2017

The Decca Years (The Kingston Trio album)
The Decca Years is a compilation of The Kingston Trio's four albums recorded for the Decca Records label. Folk Era had previously reissued The Kingston
Oct 7th 2014

Decca Navigator System
The Decca Navigator System was a hyperbolic radio navigation system which allowed ships and aircraft to determine their position by receiving radio signals
Mar 29th 2017

The Decca Years (Kaipa album)
Decca-Years">The Decca Years is a compilation of the three first albums from the Swedish group Kaipa, released under the Decca label during the years of 1975 to 1978
Jun 8th 2015

The Best of the Decca Years
The Best of the Decca Years is a compilation of The Kingston Trio's recordings when the group was on the Decca Records label. Writing for Allmusic,
Oct 7th 2014

Decca Aitkenhead
Aitkenhead Decca Aitkenhead (born Aitkenhead Jessica Aitkenhead, 1971) is an English journalist, writer and broadcaster. Aitkenhead was born in Wiltshire with three elder
May 24th 2017

Decca Broadway
Decca Broadway Records was an American record label specializing in musical theater recordings founded in 1999 by Decca Records and is a unit of Universal
Apr 1st 2017

Edward Lewis (Decca)
Sir Edward Roberts Lewis (19 April 1900 – 29 January 1980) was a British businessman, best known for leading the Decca recording and technology group for
May 22nd 2017

The Deccas
The Deccas are a guitar based band formed in 2007 in the Medway Delta, currently signed to Indie Music label 208 Records The Deccas have played many gigs
Dec 8th 2016

Decca Studios
Decca Studios was a recording facility in Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead, North London, England. From the company's beginnings in 1929, British Decca's
May 18th 2017

Singles Collection: The London Years
Singles-CollectionSingles Collection: The London Years is a compilation album by The Rolling Stones, released in 1989. It was released as a 3-CD and a 4-LP set. Singles
Dec 3rd 2016

Music of Hawaii (album)
Music of Hawaii is a compilation album containing five 78rpm records of Hawaiian music issued by Decca Records. Historically, the term "album" was applied
Jan 20th 2017

Flying: The Early Years 1970 – 1973
compiled to a double disc set. These recording encompass the complete Decca/Nova years from 1972–73 and the albums UFO 1, UFO 2 (a.k.a. Flying) and UFO Live
Feb 26th 2017

Thru the Years
Thru the Years is a compilation album of music by John Mayall released in October 1971 by Decca Records in the U.K. and London Records in the U.S.A. The
Jul 4th 2016

Decca: The Letters of Jessica Mitford
Decca: The-LettersThe Letters of Jessica Mitford is 2006 collection of letters by Jessica Mitford. The book was edited by Peter Y. Sussman and the publisher is Weidenfeld
Feb 21st 2017

In the Summer of His Years (song)
Not to be confused with the song of that title from the Bee Gees' 1968 album "Idea." "In the Summer of His Years" is a 1963 pop song with lyrics written
Nov 26th 2016

Years of Refusal
Years of Refusal is the ninth studio album by English alternative rock singer Morrissey. It was released on 16 February 2009 in the UK by record label
Mar 23rd 2017

Ten Years After
Ten Years After are an English blues rock band, most popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Between 1968 and 1973, Ten Years After scored eight Top
May 20th 2017

What We So Proudly Hail
  "A Bing Crosby Discography - part 1b, Commercial Recordings - The Decca Years". Retrieved March 3, 2017.  "CollectorsFrenzy - BING CROSBY Man Without
Mar 3rd 2017

Selections from The Bells of St. Mary's
Project. Retrieved November 30, 2016.  "Commercial Recordings - The Decca Years". BING magazine. A Bing Crosby Discography - part 1b. Retrieved November
Mar 10th 2017

Tommy Steele
Thomas Steele OBE (born Thomas William Hicks, 17 December 1936) and better known as Tommy Steele is an English entertainer, regarded as Britain's first
Apr 4th 2017

Let's Turn Back the Years
For the album by Ernest Tubb, see Let's Turn Back the Years (album). "Let's Turn Back the Years" is a song written and originally recorded by Hank Williams
Nov 6th 2016

John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
MayallMayall John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers were an English blues rock band, led by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist MayallMayall John Mayall, OBE. Mayall used the
Mar 18th 2017

Jessica Mitford
Jessica Lucy 'Decca' Freeman-Mitford (11 September 1917 – 22 July 1996) was an English author, journalist, civil rights activist and political campaigner
Apr 21st 2017

Guy Lombardo
Gaetano Alberto "Guy" Lombardo (June 19, 1902 – November 5, 1977) was a Canadian-American bandleader and violinist of Italian descent. Forming The Royal
Apr 2nd 2017

Looking Back (John Mayall album)
Looking Back is the seventh album released by John Mayall in August 1969 by Decca Records. The album features songs by both John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
Dec 1st 2016

St. Valentine's Day (album)
St. Valentine's Day is a Decca Records compilation album of recordings by Bing Crosby. Bing Crosby had enjoyed unprecedented success during the 1940s
Feb 27th 2017

Sy Oliver
Oliver arranged and conducted many songs for Ella Fitzgerald from her Decca years. As a composer, one of his most famous songs was "T'ain't What You Do
Feb 12th 2017

Two Hound Dogs
collection From the Original Master Tapes on MCA/Geffen, the 1991 box set The Decca Years & More on Bear Family Records, and the 1999 Universal album The Very
Aug 2nd 2016

Strictly Instrumental (album)
of conjecture until research for the Bear Family Records box set The Decca Years and More in the early 1990s confirmed his presence. Recording session
Oct 26th 2015

Bing Crosby Sings Songs by George Gershwin
Bing Crosby Sings Songs by George-GershwinGeorge Gershwin is a compilation album of phonograph records by Bing Crosby released in 1949 featuring songs written by George
Feb 25th 2017

Caterina Valente
Caterina Valente (born 14 January 1931 in Paris, France) is an Italian singer, guitarist, dancer, and actress. She was born into an Italian artist family
May 5th 2017

Lenny Dee
Leonard George DeStoppelaire (January 5, 1923 – February 12, 2006), better known as Lenny Dee, was a virtuoso organist who played many styles of music
Jul 23rd 2016

Ballad for Americans (album)
Ballad for Americans is a studio album of phonograph records by Crosby Bing Crosby released in 1940 featuring the popular "Ballad for Americans" sung by Crosby
Mar 12th 2017

Selections from George Gershwin's Folk Opera Porgy and Bess
Decca Presents Selections from George Gershwin's folk opera Porgy and Bess consists of two volumes of records, the first from 1940, and the next from 1942
Feb 8th 2017

Bing Crosby Sings with Lionel Hampton, Eddie Heywood, Louis Jordan
Bing Crosby Sings with Lionel Hampton, Eddie Heywood, Louis Jordan is a Decca Records compilation album of phonograph records by Bing Crosby, Lionel Hampton
Mar 7th 2017

Jack Pleis
Jack K. Pleis (May 11, 1917 – December 5, 1990) was an American jazz pianist, arranger, conductor, composer and producer. He recorded on London and Decca
May 13th 2017

The Tornados
The Tornados were an English instrumental group of the 1960s that acted as backing group for many of record producer Joe Meek's productions and also for
May 17th 2017

Jacques Loussier
Jacques Loussier (born 26 October 1934) is a French pianist and composer. He is well known for his jazz interpretations in trio formation of many of Johann
Apr 30th 2017

Burl Ives
Burl Icle Ivanhoe Ives (June 14, 1909 – April 14, 1995) was an American singer and actor of stage, screen, radio and television. He began as an itinerant
May 2nd 2017

John Mayall
John Mayall, OBE (born 29 November 1933) is an English blues singer, guitarist, organist and songwriter, whose musical career spans over fifty years. In
May 16th 2017

John Culshaw
For the English comedian and impressionist, see Jon Culshaw. John Royds Culshaw OBE (28 May 1924 – 27 April 1980) was a pioneering English classical
Apr 24th 2017

Jeri Southern
Breeze/Coffee Cigarettes and Memories (1998, EMI) The Very Thought of You: the Decca Years 1951–1957 (1999, Decca Jazz) You Better Go Now (1997, Universal Japan)
Apr 4th 2017

Billie Davis
Simon Goddard, January 2005 (notes for The Decca Years, 2005) Billie Davis, quoted in notes for The Decca Years (2005) Tobler, John (1992). NME-RockNME Rock 'N'
Feb 11th 2017

Bing Crosby – Stephen Foster
Bing CrosbyStephen Foster is a compilation album of phonograph records by Bing Crosby of songs by Stephen Foster released in 1946. Bing Crosby had
Mar 3rd 2017

Ken Colyer
Orleans (Lake, 1955/57) This is Jazz (Columbia, 1959) Sensation - The Decca Years (Lake, 1955–59) The Classic Years 1957) Upbeat Profile,
Oct 27th 2016

Cock Sparrer (album)
called it Diamonds & Pearls. Then, in 2006, Captain Oi! released The Decca Years, which featured the album with 5 more tracks recorded during the same
May 19th 2016

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