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stuff in progress, so I put Descendents on hold." With Aukerman in college and Stevenson in Black Flag, the Descendents went on hiatus from 1983 to 1985
May 14th 2017

Everything Sucks (Descendents album)
simultaneously, playing with Aukerman as the Descendents and with Price as All. Everything Sucks was the first Descendents release to chart, reaching #132 on the
Mar 25th 2017

Sessions (Descendents EP)
Singles & EPs". Descendents. Retrieved 2010-02-03.  When I Get Old (CD liner). Descendents. Los Angeles, California: Epitaph Records
Jan 22nd 2017

All (Descendents album)
1995 before reuniting with Aukerman under the Descendents name. Following the Descendents' summer 1986 tour in support of their third album
Feb 16th 2017

I'm the One (Descendents song)
  "F.A.Q.". Descendents. Retrieved 2010-02-01.  Everything Sucks (CD liner). Descendents. Los Angeles, California: Epitaph Records
Apr 17th 2016

Descendents discography
Records, who reissued the Descendents'Descendents' previous material and released their fourth album, All. Aukerman then departed the Descendents to pursue a career in
May 14th 2017

Enjoy! (Descendents album)
song in the Descendents catalog. Following three tours of the United States in support of 1985's I Don't Want to Grow Up, the Descendents prepared to
Feb 16th 2017

The Story of Descendents/All is a 2013 independent documentary film chronicling the history of the American punk rock bands the Descendents and All. It
Jun 10th 2015

Descendents (2008 film)
for Caleuche. It was shot in seven days. Descendents is billed as the first Chilean zombie film. Descendents premiered at the Brussels International Fantastic
Feb 5th 2017

Bill Stevenson (musician)
attention on Descendents and played with them until Milo Aukerman left in 1987. After Milo had left, Bill and the others from Descendents, Karl Alvarez
May 21st 2017

Frank Navetta
the Descendents again on the 1996 album Everything Sucks, and prior to his death in 2008 had been working on new material with original Descendents members
Apr 4th 2017

Heigl and Jeremy London Descendants (2008 film), an animated short film Descendents (2008 film), a Chilean experimental horror film The Descendants, a 2011
May 5th 2017

Tony Lombardo
Story of Descendents/All. Event occurs at 4:10. "The Lombardo Short". Filmage:The Story of Descendents/All. Event occurs at 0:10. "All/Descendents Family
Apr 3rd 2017

Live Plus One
the Descendents. Live Plus One reached #45 on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart, making it the only All release and the second Descendents release
Nov 15th 2016

Milo Aukerman
vocals. Aukerman's first recording with Descendents was the Fat EP, released in 1981. The first full length Descendents album was released in 1982 and was
May 16th 2017

Hypercaffium Spazzinate
Retrieved August 13, 2016. "DescendentsChart history" Billboard-200Billboard 200 for Descendents. Retrieved August 9, 2016. "DescendentsChart history" Billboard
Feb 23rd 2017

working with Aukerman as the Descendents and with Price as All. Both bands signed to Epitaph Records and the Descendents released Everything Sucks in
Apr 5th 2017

Karl Alvarez
for both the Descendents and All, the band that resulted after the Descendents disbanded again in 1987. Alvarez joined the Descendents after the Enjoy
Apr 3rd 2017

Milo Goes to College
Descendents. Retrieved 2010-02-03.  Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All. Event occurs at 24:08 "Bonus Cut". Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All
Mar 21st 2017

I Don't Want to Grow Up
impossible. Flag had all this stuff in progress, so I put Descendents on hold." With the Descendents effectively on hiatus, Navetta, Lombardo, and Cooper tried
Apr 16th 2017

Liveage! (LP sleeve). Descendents. Lawndale, California: SST Records. 1987. SST 163.  "Show Archive". Descendents. Retrieved 2015-03-02
Nov 29th 2016

also released the Descendents live albums LiveageLiveage! (1987) and Hallraker: Live! (1989), both recorded during the final two Descendents tours. Somery was
Feb 16th 2017

Ride the Wild / It's a Hectic World
were later recorded by other artists for Descendents tribute albums. For Homage: Lots of Bands Doing Descendents' Songs (1995), Tru Zero covered "Ride the
Sep 14th 2016

Fat (EP)
EP The Fat EP is an EP by the American punk rock band the Descendents, released in 1981 through New Alliance Records. It was the band's first recording with
Jan 22nd 2017

Cool to Be You
label head Fat Mike, who cited the Descendents as one of his favorite bands. Cool to Be You became the fourth Descendents release to chart, reaching #143
Feb 23rd 2017

Descent: Underground
is an upcoming 3D first-person shooter video game being developed by Descendent Studios. A prequel to the 1994 video game Descent, it was successfully
May 7th 2017

Bonus Fat
"Descendents-BiographyDescendents Biography". Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on 2008-08-21. Retrieved 2010-02-14.  Christgau, Robert. "Review: DescendentsBonus
Sep 9th 2016

Hallraker: Live!
2010-02-10.  Liveage! (LP sleeve). Descendents. Lawndale, California: SST Records. 1987. SST 163All (CD liner). Descendents. Lawndale, California: SST Records
Jun 7th 2016

Two Things at Once
contemporaries of the Descendents. Following Boon's death in 1985, Alliance">New Alliance was sold to SST-RecordsSST Records in 1987. SST released the Descendents' 1987 albums All
Feb 16th 2017

Doug Carrion
Story of Descendents/All. Event occurs at 7:20. Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All. Event occurs at 35:37. Enjoy! (CD liner). Descendents. Lawndale
Apr 4th 2017

Stephen Egerton (guitarist)
producer, mixer, and engineer, who is best known for his work playing in Descendents and All. Egerton was raised in UtahUtah, United-StatesUnited States (U.S.) and explained
Apr 3rd 2017

All (band)
from Los Angeles, currently based in Fort Collins, Colorado, formed by Descendents members Bill Stevenson, Karl Alvarez, and Stephen Egerton. All formed
Apr 9th 2017

Melodic hardcore
three members of the now disbanded Descendents. The band made music in a broadly similar vein to the Descendents, and were initially fronted by Dave
May 17th 2017

Allroy Sez
by Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson and his friend Pat McCuistion during a fishing trip on Stevenson's boat Orca in 1980. According to Descendents singer
Apr 7th 2017

When I Get Old
"When I Get Old" is a song by the American punk rock band the Descendents, released as the second single from their 1996 album Everything Sucks. The single
Feb 25th 2015

All discography
following the departure of singer Milo Aukerman from the Descendents. The remaining Descendents members—guitarist Stephen Egerton, bassist Karl Alvarez
Jul 17th 2016

rock band All (All album), a 1999 album by All All (Descendents album), a 1987 album by Descendents, or the title track All (Horace Silver album), a 1972
Jan 2nd 2017

ud-din. His descendents are many in Fuvahmulah. Mulaku Mohamed Manikfan: Son of Sultan Ibrahim Mudzhiruddine of Isdhoo dynasty. His descendents too live
May 1st 2017

New Girl, Old Story
Story of Descendents/All (DVD). Manchester: Rogue Elephant Pictures. Event occurs at 11:35.  "The Lombardo Short". Filmage:The Story of Descendents/All.
Jan 10th 2017

Misery (Soul Asylum song)
the Descendents' first album Milo Goes to College (1982). "Misery" - 4:24 "Hope" (The Descendents) - 2:05 "Misery" - 4:24 "Hope" (The Descendents) -
Nov 11th 2016

Spot (producer)
bands as Black Flag, Minutemen, Meat Puppets, Hüsker Dü, Saint Vitus, Descendents, Minor Threat, Misfits, Big Boys and The Dicks. Spot has also produced
Oct 13th 2016

his cousin Henry II of England. The chateau is still lived in by the descendents of its early owners, the comte and comtesse de Olliamson. Communes
May 16th 2017

Allroy's Revenge
Descendents bassist Tony Lombardo's post-Descendents bands Boxer Rebellion, Nuclear Bob, and Three Care Pileup, briefly touring with the Descendents when
May 16th 2016

San Basile
de Janeiro and developed commercial activities and small industries. Some of these Brazilian descendents have maintained connections with San Basile.
Mar 4th 2017

Wuzi of Han (Spring and Autumn)
bestowed Han-WanHan Wan the land of Han. Han-WanHan Wan's descendents later adopted Han as the clan name. Han-WanHan Wan's descendents became high-ranking officials in Jin. The
Mar 27th 2017

very few descendents of the Guarani people in the original territory commanded by Chief Nhecu. However, the area is well populated by descendents of European
Mar 27th 2016

Newark Union Burial Ground
Edward Beeson descendents of William-ForwoodWilliam Forwood descendents of John Grubb descendents of Richard G. Hanby relatives of John F. Sharpley descendents of William
Feb 24th 2017

Punk-O-Rama 2001, Vol. 6
Millencolin (US only), "We're Desperate" by Pennywise, "Original Me" by Descendents, "Let Me In" by Beatsteaks and "Bath of Least Resistance" by NOFX. Pennywise
Sep 18th 2016

John Phillips (educator)
did not." -- John Phillips The Descendents of White William White, Hon. White Daniel Appleton White, 1889 White, Descendents Paul Monroe, ed. (1913), "John Phillips"
Jul 26th 2016

Zhong (surname)
in China. People surnamed Zhong are the descendents of Tang of Shang. During the Zhou Dynasty, a descendent of Tang of Shang, Wei Zi Qi was made the
Jan 28th 2017

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