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German Emperor
before 1871, see List of German monarchs. The German Emperor (German: Deutscher Kaiser) was the official title of the head of state and hereditary ruler of
Feb 19th 2017

leadership of Prussia, thereby forming the German Empire.[citation needed] Kaiser Deutscher Kaiser ("German Emperor") was chosen over alternatives such as Kaiser von
Apr 2nd 2017

SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse
For the World War I battleship of the same name, see SMS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse. Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse (Ger. orth. Kaiser Wilhelm der GroSse) was
Mar 31st 2017

Deutscher Journalisten-Verband
The Deutsche Journalisten-Verband (DJV) or German Journalists Association is among the largest journalists' organizations in Europe. The DJV has its headquarters
Sep 14th 2016

Deutscher Werkbund
The Deutscher Werkbund (German-AssociationGerman Association of Craftsmen) is a German association of artists, architects, designers, and industrialists, established in
Feb 21st 2017

Deutscher Wetterdienst
"Dwd" redirects here. For-WisconsinFor Wisconsin, United States state agency, see Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. For other uses, see subarctic climate
Mar 24th 2017

Kaiser Way
German Emperors and Empresses of the Middle Ages in the Harz" (Wege Deutscher Kaiser and Konige des Mittelalters in the Harz) at the Kaiserpfalz Goslar
Jun 23rd 2015

Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis
The Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (German Children´s Literature Award) is an annual award established in 1956 by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs
Apr 17th 2017

German Fountain
inscription on the reservoir, which was written in German, reads "Wilhelm II Deutscher Kaiser Stiftete Diesen Brunnen in Dankbarer Erinnerung An Seinen Besuch Bei
Jan 10th 2017

Heil dir im Siegerkranz
"Heil dir im Siegerkranz" (German for "Hail to Thee in Victor's Crown") was the official national anthem of the German Empire from 1871 to 1918. Before
Feb 16th 2017

Romano-German may refer to: Romano-German emperor (German: Romisch-deutscher Kaiser), a term used by some historians for any emperor of the Holy Roman
Apr 18th 2017

Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser
"Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser" (English: Emperor-Francis">God Save Emperor Francis) is an anthem to Francis II, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and later of Austria.
Mar 27th 2017

White Slave Traffic
White Slave Traffic (German: Madchenhandel - Eine internationale Gefahr) is a 1926 German silent thriller film directed by Jaap Speyer and starring Rudolf
Feb 6th 2016

This article is about the German automobile club. For other uses, see ADAC (disambiguation). The ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club
Feb 16th 2017

The Last Year
The Last Year (German: Die letzte Heuer) is a 1951 East German drama film directed by E.W. Fiedler and Hans Heinrich and starring Inge Keller, Hans Klering
Apr 28th 2017

National Prize of the German Democratic Republic
The National Prize of the German-Democratic-RepublicGerman Democratic Republic (Germany">East Germany) (German: Nationalpreis der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik) was an award of the German
Feb 14th 2017

Holy Roman Emperor
Roman-EmpireRoman Empire. German In German-language historiography, the term Romisch-deutscher Kaiser ("Roman-German emperor") is used to distinguish the title from that
Apr 13th 2017

Monument to Freedom and Unity
The Monument to Freedom and Unity (Denkmal für Freiheit und Einheit) is a planned national German monument in Berlin commemorating the country's peaceful
Dec 12th 2016

Joseph Kürschner
Joseph Kürschner (20 September 1853, in Gotha – 29 July 1902, on a journey to Huben) was a German author and editor most often cited for his critical edition
May 12th 2016

William I, German Emperor
Empire), and the title of Bundesprasidium was amended with the title Deutscher Kaiser (German Emperor). This was decided on by the legislative organs (Reichstag
Apr 16th 2017

Isolde Hausser
Isolde Hausser (nee Ganswindt, December 7, 1889 – October 5, 1951) was a German physicist. She became the head of a department of the Max Planck Institute
Feb 9th 2017

Minister of Intra-German Relations
The Federal Minister of Intra-German-RelationsGerman Relations (German: Bundesminister für innerdeutsche Beziehungen) was a federal cabinet minister of the Federal Republic
Feb 13th 2017

German Emperor's Tributary Monument
Anerkennung dieses riihmlichen Benehmens haben Wir Wilhelm von Gottes Gnaden Deutscher Kaiser, Konig von Preussen, die Aufstellung dieses Denkmals zu bleiben der
Nov 10th 2016

Firedamp whistle
A firedamp whistle (German: Schlagwetterpfeife) is an instrument for the prophylactic indication of firedamp — flammable gases often present in coal mines
Apr 19th 2015

Puhl & Wagner
Puhl & Wagner was the largest German company for the production of glass mosaics and stained glass. Based in Berlin, the company traded from 1889 to 1969
Oct 20th 2014

Duchy of Courland and Semigallia (1918)
1918 (in German):[citation needed] Wir Wilhelm, von Gottes Gnaden Deutscher Kaiser, Konig von PreuSsen etc. beauftragen hiermit Unseren Reichskanzler,
Apr 9th 2017

Alwin Schockemöhle
Alwin Schockemohle (born 29 May 1937) is a former German show-jumper. He was a successful international show jumping equestrian in the 1960s and 1970s
Apr 14th 2017

Willy Stöwer
Willy Stower (22 May 1864 – 31 May 1931) was a German artist, illustrator and author during the Imperial Period. He is best known for nautical paintings
Dec 10th 2016

Guntram the Rich
Guntram the Rich (Latin: Guntramnus Dives, German: Guntram der Reiche, French: Gontran le Riche; c. 920 – March 26, 973) was a count in Breisgau, member
Oct 1st 2016

Hermann Oncken
Hermann-OnckenHermann Oncken (12 November 1869, Oldenburg, GermanyGermany – 28 December 1945, Gottingen, GermanyGermany) was a German historian and political writer. He was one of
Mar 13th 2017

Franz Betz
Franz Betz (19 March 1835 – 11 August 1900) was a German bass-baritone opera singer who sang at the Berlin State Opera from 1859 to 1897. He was particularly
Apr 25th 2016

Kinder, Küche, Kirche
KinderKinder, Küche, Kirche (German pronun­cia­tion: [ˈkɪndɐ ˈkʏcə ˈkɪʁcə]), or the 3 Ks, is a German slogan translated as “children, kitchen, church”. It now
Apr 11th 2017

Oscar Kreuzer
Kreuzer Oscar Kreuzer (German pronun­cia­tion: [ˈɔskaːɐ̯ ˈkʀɔɪ̯ʦɐ]; 14 June 1887 – 3 May 1968) was a male tennis and rugby player from Germany. Kreuzer was born
Feb 17th 2017

Baroness Sigrid von Laffert
Baroness Sigrid von Laffert (born January 18, 1918) was a relative of Viktoria von Dirksen, the widow of Willibald von Dirksen, secret legations counsel
Jun 27th 2016

Goldene Stimmgabel
The-Goldene-StimmgabelThe Goldene Stimmgabel (English: Golden Tuning Fork) is an annual prize awarded within the German music scene. The prizes are awarded according to the
Mar 21st 2017

Mirjam Wiesemann
Mirjam Wiesemann (born 1964) is a German actress and author. She is a co-founder of Cybele Records, and the artistic director and speaker of its audiobooks
Dec 31st 2016

Heinrich von Rustige
Heinrich Franz Gaudenz von Rustige (12 April 1810, Werl - 15 January 1900, Stuttgart) was a German painter specializing in historical subjects and genres
Oct 27th 2016

Frederick III, German Emperor
see Frederick the Great. Frederick III (German: Friedrich III., Deutscher Kaiser und Konig von PreuSsen; 18 October 1831 – 15 June 1888) was German Emperor
Apr 24th 2017

Gustav Heinrich Johann Apollon Tammann
Not to be confused with Gustav Andreas Tammann. Gustav Heinrich Johann Apollon Tammann (9 June [O.S. 28 May] 1861 – 17 December 1938) was a prominent chemist-physicist
Nov 4th 2016

Wilhelm Külz
Wilhelm Külz (18 February 1875 – 10 April 1948) was a German liberal politician of the National Liberal Party, the German Democratic Party (DDP) and later
Jul 7th 2016

AG Vulcan Stettin
Aktien-Gesellschaft Vulcan Stettin (short AG Vulcan Stettin) was a German shipbuilding and locomotive building company. Founded in 1851, it was located
Mar 4th 2017

Otto Roelen
Roelen Otto Roelen (22 March-1897March 1897 – 30 January 1993) was a German chemist. Roelen was born in Mülheim, Germany and studied chemistry and graduated in 1922 from
Jun 4th 2016

Otto Armster
Otto Armster (July 11, 1891 in Preetz – 21 September 1957) was a German military intelligence-officer and a member of the German resistance, involved in
May 10th 2016

2015–16 2. Bundesliga
The 2015–16 2. Bundesliga was the 42nd season of the 2. Bundesliga. 1860 München Bielefeld Bochum Braunschweig Duisburg Düsseldorf
Nov 28th 2016

Walter Leistikow
Walter Rudolf Leistikow (1865-1908) was a German landscape painter, graphic artist, designer and art critic. His father was a pharmacist who owned a
Apr 13th 2017

German Figure Skating Championships
For the competition held by the German Democratic Republic between 1949 and 1990, see East German Figure Skating Championships. The German Figure Skating
Mar 31st 2017

Battle of Gdów
K.Infanterie-Regimentes Nr. 34 für immerwahrende Zeiten Wilhelm I. Deutscher Kaiser und Konig von Preussen, 1733-1900, Kosice 1900 Austrian Poland Revolutions
Mar 31st 2017

Thomas Blaschek
Thomas Blaschek (born 5 April 1981 in Gera) is a German hurdler. His personal best time is 13.31 seconds, achieved in July 2005 in Cuxhaven. This ranks
Aug 19th 2016

Karin Magnussen
Karin Magnussen (9 February 1908 – 19 February 1997) was a German biologist, teacher and researcher at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human
Mar 14th 2017

Karl Wirtz
Karl Eugen Julius Wirtz (24 April 1910 – 12 February 1994) was a German nuclear physicist, born in Cologne. He was arrested by the allied British and American
Dec 18th 2016

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